47 Clever Things That Make Doing House Work So Much Easier

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A change in seasons is always a good opportunity to take stock of your home and belongings. The start of fall is a great time to take a hard look at your cleaning habits and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Maybe you’ve been neglecting dusting, or perhaps you’ve realized that your laundry room could use a serious makeover. Whatever the case, there are tons of solutions for whatever housekeeping problem you’re facing. In no time, you’ll be set up with the latest cleaning and organization products to make cleaning day a breeze.

Just by making a few key changes, you can revamp your cleaning and organization systems and set yourself up for success. Like, for example, this laundry sorting hamper with three sections for separating your colored, light, and dark clothes will save you some precious minutes on laundry day and requires minimal upkeep. And this stylish sofa slipcover will protect one of the most expensive pieces in your home and prevent the damage that kids, pets, or a rogue glass of wine can cause. Even if you’ve already got a cleaning routine on lock, it doesn’t hurt to make some changes every once in a while. Keep reading for 47 of the cleverest things that will make your life easier and take your cleaning routine to the next level.


This Microfiber Mop Picks Up Dusty Floors Like A Champ

Hardwood floors — or really anything besides carpet — can be tough and tedious to keep clean. Make it a little easier on yourself with this microfiber mop, which can tidy up any hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, and vinyl surfaces. Three reusable microfiber cloths are included along with the mop itself, so just click a cloth into place and start mopping. The cloths are double-sided, so they’re suitable for wet or dry mopping, and they’ll always leave your floor spotless.


An Extendable Feather Duster For Reaching Every Last Hard-To-Reach Corner

And for those harder-to-reach spots, try this telescoping microfiber feather duster. It extends up to 100 inches, so you can easily reach high ceilings, the ceiling fan, the top of your cabinets, light fixtures, and more. You can even bend the duster itself at any angle necessary to sweep dust, lint, and cobwebs off of hard-to-reach surfaces.


A Small Shelving Unit For Organizing Everyday Kitchen Supplies

If you frequently find yourself digging through your pantry or drawers looking for what you need, then try using this box organizer shelving unit to organize smaller boxes. It’s perfect for commonly used items like plastic bags and aluminum foil or food packages like pasta. Choose from the three sizes that would best fit your space and assemble the shelf in less than five minutes.


This Sink Strainer Prevents Food From Clogging The Drain

Those who aren’t blessed with a garbage disposal in their home need this OXO silicone sink strainer. It might not look like much, but it’ll effectively trap food and other debris, preventing it from clogging your drain. Simply invert the silicone cup over the trash can to dump it, and stick it in the dishwasher to wash it out with ease.


This Popular Pet Hair Remover Is A Must-Have For Cat & Dog Owners

Fido loves to nap on the couch but leaves behind a pile of hair every time he does — you need to invest in this pet hair remover. It works similarly to a lint roller, but uses a patented brush system to remove hair, and can be used again and again. Use short back-and-forth strokes on your couch, blanket, bed, or comforter to quickly and effectively pick up all the hair and lint residing there, then empty the dust receptacle when you’re done. Over 68,000 shoppers give this tool five stars.


This Dish Rack That Takes Up Absolutely No Counter Space

A small space solution for hand washing your dishes is this roll-up dish rack, which lays over one side of your sink and doesn’t take up any extra real estate. The silicone-wrapped rack is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and can be used for dishes as well as washing produce. With over 20,000 five-star ratings, one shopper raved, “I opened the Surpahs and fell in love. It works perfectly, stays solidly in place on my double-sided sink, and allows my items to dry in half the time. It also frees up counter space.”


This Caddy Is An Under-Sink Necessity For Storing Your Cleaning Supplies

Even your cleaning supplies need some organization; try this rollout under-sink caddy with compartments for all your items. The two dividers can be adjusted as needed, and handles make it easy to transport from room to room. It holds up to 30 pounds and comes in two widths to neatly fit under your sink.


A Wrinkle-Releasing Spray That Freshens Your Clothes Without Heat

Say you accidentally left your favorite shirt sitting in the dryer for a little too long or neglected to fold your laundry for a day or two after washing (it happens to the best of us.) Try spritzing it with The Laundress crease release wrinkle spray to relax wrinkles out and refresh the scent. There’s no need for an iron or steamer, and you can take this spray with you anywhere. It’s also made from plant-based, biodegradable, cruelty-free ingredients with a lovely scent of lily of the valley, jasmine, and sweet musk.


This Divided Hamper To Easily Sort Your Laundry

Don’t put off sorting your laundry — do it as you go in this three-section hamper with labeled sections for different colors. Each laundry bag holds about two standard loads of laundry and collapses neatly for storage and transportation. Choose between seven color options and start saving yourself a little time on laundry day.


This Utensil Holder With Six Compartments For Sorting Silverware

Your cutlery will last longer and be easier to find if they’re sorted in this utensil holder rather than just bouncing around in a drawer. With six compartments big enough to fit your forks, spoons, knives, and other kitchen tools, all you need to do for upkeep is wipe it out as needed with a damp cloth.


This Sofa Slipcover Looks Good & Protects From Accidental Spills

A sofa is a big investment that’s subject to a lot of wear and tear, so protect it from damage with this honeycomb patterned slipcover. The one-piece cover has an adjustable elastic strap and slip-resistant backing, and the brushed microfiber fabric is resistant to pet hair, messes, and water. It comes in nearly 20 colors and four sizes, and it’s easy to toss in the washing machine when accidents happen.


This Magnetic Shelf Adds Extra Storage On Your Stove

Add some extra storage in your kitchen with this magnetic stove shelf that’s designed to sit on the top part of your stove. Shoppers love it for storing spices, oils, and other commonly-used ingredients. Two strong magnets keep the stainless steel shelf in place, and it fits stoves that measure 24 inches long. It blends right in with the appliance and looks like it was there all along.


These Self-Watering Pots Will Keep Your Houseplants Hydrated For Up To 10 Days

Some houseplants require a particularly moist environment to thrive. Try potting them in this set of two self-watering pots, so they can regulate their own water intake and really start to take off. You can go up to 10 days without refilling, and there’s even a water level indicator so you know exactly when it’s time. The two-pack of pots also comes with coco soil potting mix, which is known for its water retention and drainage abilities.


These Stove Gap Covers Prevent You From Making Messes You Can’t Reach

That obnoxious gap between your counter and your stovetop is a magnet for crumbs and spills (if you don’t believe me, just take a look.) Slide these silicone stove gap covers in place, and seal that crack to prevent future messes. They blend in with your stovetop, and are heat-resistant and easy to wipe clean.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Wipe Clean Almost Any Surface

Microfiber towels are your secret weapon for streak-free, gentle-yet-effective cleaning of almost any surface. Absorbent, super soft, and scratch-free, you can use these as dish rags, dusters, and more. The pack of 12 is more than enough to tackle any household project, and you really can’t beat the price either.


A Heavy-Duty Doormat That Withstands Winter Weather

With cooler weather comes muddy shoes, so protect your floors now with this heavy-duty doormat. The waterproof mat traps dirt and moisture within the textured polypropylene material, and it is backed with rubber to prevent slipping. With how simple and effective this mat is, you’ll want one of these mats outside each door of your home.


This Nonstick Liner Prevents Crumbs From Baking Into The Bottom Of Your Oven

When you’re making pizza or other foods that may bubble over your oven rack, you might find burnt crumbs at the bottom of your oven afterwards. Not only do these stink up your kitchen, they can actually be a fire hazard — so make sure to protect your oven with this non-stick liner. It rests on the lower rack while you cook your food, catching any spills, drips, or crumbs before disaster strikes. It’s oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done for easy cleanup.


A Set Of Cleaning Tools You Can Use All Over Your Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances probably need a little TLC. Use this OXO appliance cleaning set to give them the deep cleaning they deserve. Two dual-ended brushes are included, each with a brush and a scraper. They put in serious work all over your kitchen: Use them to scrape out the grout in your countertops and the nooks and crannies around your sink, to thoroughly clean out your blender or griddle, and so much more. The brush bristles are sturdy and won’t bend under pressure, so you can use them on really tough messes.


This Glass Scrubber & Squeegee Set Will Leave Your Windows Sparkling

Give the windows and mirrors around your home the royal treatment with this squeegee and microfiber window scrubber set. They’ll be rid of streaks and crystal clear after you pass over them with this set. One reviewer wrote “I don’t know how I ever lived without this squeegee,” and said it “cuts your cleaning time in...way more than half.”


This Sink Mat Prevents Damage To Your Dishes & Doubles As A Drying Mat

Protect your sink from chips and scratches with this OXO sink mat. Available in two sizes, the elevated rubber-like mat will promotes airflow and quicker drying, along with protecting your sink and dishes from damage. Use it as a drying rack when you’re doing dishes — just make sure to put it in the dishwasher regularly to prevent food and other debris from building up.


This Foam Pad Supports Your Joints While You Do Housework

Use this pair of 1-inch thick foam knee pads to support your joints while you’re gardening, cleaning, exercising, or during any activity that requires kneeling. The two-pack is suitable for use indoors or out and resists water and oils, so you’ll have one to keep inside and another to keep outdoors. Use it while you’re scrubbing the floors and other surfaces to make doing housework a little more comfortable.


The Popular Cleaning Paste That Cleans Years Worth Of Grime Off Of Almost Any Surface

Is there a big cleaning project you’ve been putting off because of the elbow grease involved? Allow The Pink Stuff, a mildly abrasive cleaning paste, to do the work for you. Use it on almost any surface — ceramic tiles, saucepans, sinks, glass, outdoor furniture, ovens, you name it — to remove years worth of built-up grime, stains, and rust. The vegan formula is super effective with very little work involved on your part: Just check some of the before and after photos in the reviews for proof; it’s also backed by over 66,000 five-star ratings.


These Adhesive Hooks Are An Innovative Way To Hang Towels Without Drilling

Keep your friends close and your hand towel even closer. These adhesive push towel hooks are perfect for hanging small kitchen and bathroom towels without drilling holes in your walls or cabinets. They stick to most smooth surfaces and securely hold a small towel by inserting it into the notched center. It comes in a pack of four, so you’ll have enough for your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else a towel might come in handy.


This Clear Table Protector Prevents Food & Other Spills From Staining Your Furniture

In spite of my best efforts, I’m known for spilling food more than I should. If you’re also looking to protect your dining room table, investing in this clear table protector is more than worth it. Waterproof and oil-resistant, this PVC shield sits atop your furniture to prevent food and other spills from staining the table itself. Perfect for families with young kids or households who host a lot, you can cut it to size to fit any surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth when accidents happen.


This Food Container Lid Organizer Offers A Solution To A Unique Storage Problem

This organizer presents the perfect solution to a mess of food container lids crowding your cabinet. You’ll no longer waste time looking for the right lid to match a container. It fits neatly in most cabinets or drawers with convenient handles to pull it out as needed and slots that hold different sized lids measuring up to 9 inches across. Each of the five dividers is adjustable so you can customize it to fit your collection.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Helps You Keep Your Laundry Room Organized & Safe

In your quest to organize every last corner of your home, is it possible you’ve overlooked your laundry room? This three-piece dryer vent cleaner kit is here to assist: Two magnetic bins in two different sizes affix to your dryer, one to hold lint and used dryer sheets, and the other to collect pocket items or other laundry accessories. The lint brush helps you thoroughly clean out your lint trap, preventing buildup and a potential fire hazard. They’re sleek, small, and will really make a difference in how you use your laundry room.


This Silicone Toilet Brush Set Is More Sanitary Than Traditional Brushes

Cleaning your toilet is an arduous task no matter what, but using a silicone toilet brush and holder set makes it a little easier. Not only does a silicone brush scrub thoroughly without scratching the porcelain, it’s also a bit more sanitary than fabric bristles. A pair of tweezers to pluck out hairs trapped in the bristles is included, as well as a case to hold the brush that looks sleek and subtle.


A Fabric Ironing Mat That’s Way Less Bulky Than Typical Ironing Boards

If you live in a small space it might be hard to justify buying and storing an entire ironing board, but that doesn’t change the fact that some clothing items simply need to be ironed. Try this portable ironing mat instead, which turns any flat surface into an ironing surface instantly. Use it on top of your washer or dryer, a table, or counters. It measures 18 square inches and can be folded for storage between uses.


A Two-In-One Trash & Recycling Bin That Saves You Floor Space

Combine your trash and recycling into one sleek, convenient bin. The Joseph Joseph dual compartment trash and recycling bin is ideal for small spaces and has a bin within a bin to separate and collect all your waste. One reviewer also noted that the lid openings are too small for pets to access, so if your pets are prone to getting into the trash, this is a great solution.


A Set Of Machine-Washable Covers To Breathe New Life Into Your Dining Room Set

Maybe your dining room chairs have seen better days, or maybe you’re just looking to prevent disaster at family dinner. Either way, these stretch jacquard seat covers have got your back; they’ll slide right over the seat of most dining room chairs (up to 18 inches in length and width) and protect from daily wear and tear. And when they need a quick refresh, just toss the covers in the washing machine. Your chairs will look new, so this is a fun way to experiment with different colors than you might normally go for; there are 11 to choose from.


This Wet Wipe Dispenser Makes Being Sanitary More Stylish

Keeping wet wipes out is a great way to encourage frequent sanitation of your home, your hands, and other surfaces, and this wet wipe dispenser makes them look like part of the decor. It holds both 35-count and 75- or 80-count wet wipe containers. Simply remove the lid, slide the canister inside the wet wipe dispenser, and feed the wipes through the dispenser lid. You can even get to them one-handed just by pressing the button on the top of the lid.


These Extra-Large Storage Totes Are Ideal For Storing Bulky Items

Store seasonal or bulky items in these extra-large totes. They’re ideal for under-bed or closet storage, and depending on how many items you put in them, they could quadruple your storage space. Airtight and waterproof, these flexible totes have handles for easy transport and will protect your stuff from moisture, insects, mildew, and more.


A Small Cabinet Trash Can That’s Super Convenient While Cooking

Disposing of food waste while cooking is easy and convenient with the addition of this small hanging kitchen trash can. Use the plastic and silicone can to collect up to 2.4 gallons of veggie scraps, food packaging, and other trash or compostables while cooking. You’ll find you can cook more quickly without needing to stop and visit the larger trash can between chopping. This can hangs from the top of your cabinets when you need it, and collapses neatly when you don’t.


This Squeeze Water Bottle Allows You To Water Hanging Plants Without Taking Them Down

Hanging plants can be a pain to water if you’re vertically challenged or if you don’t want to take them down from their perch. Enter this plant water bottle, which has a squeezable bottle with a tube attached that can be pointed in any direction. This allows you to direct the water exactly where you need it to be. Use indoors or outdoors with lukewarm water to make watering day a little easier.


This Brush Is Super Narrow To Easily Clean Tight Spaces

Recently, I took a close look at my bedroom windowsill and found a host of dead bugs, dirt, lint, and other gross debris caught in a narrow crevice too small for most cleaning tools to reach. That’s exactly when this groove gap cleaning tool would have come in handy: It’s an ultra-slim brush designed to clean small spaces like windows, sliding doors, shower door tracks, and more. The brush on one end sweeps away dirt, while the scraper on the other end dislodges stuck-on debris. It’s easy to grip and use, and it can be put to work all over your house in every last corner.


This Reusable Cloth Instantly Removes Water Marks From Wood Furniture

Water marks happen in spite of our best abilities, which is something the makers of these water mark remover cloths know all too well. The cloth restores wood furniture to its original finish and can also conceal scratches and remove other stains. It comes with one reusable cloth, and you’ll be shocked by how effective it is at making water rings and other stains disappear fast.


These Waterproof Under-Sink Mats Protect Your Cabinets From Damage

Your under-sink cabinet probably holds all your cleaning supplies, extra detergent, and more — take one extra step to protect it with this premium under-the-sink mat. With slip-resistant, waterproof backing and absorbent fabric, this liner will prevent damage from any accidental sink leaks or product spills. It comes in two sizes, which can be cut to fit your bathroom or kitchen cabinet easily.


This Fabric Defuzzer Is Like A Razor For Your Clothes & Couch

You can breathe new life into your favorite sweater, a cozy blanket, or even your couch cushions using this battery-operated fabric defuzzer. It operates like a razor for your clothes, cutting off pills, lint, and other wear and tear. Use each of the three distance settings for a close shave on different textiles, and get to work refreshing your most-loved items until they look new again.


A Backsplash Guard To Protect Your Counters From Mildew

Prevent the buildup of moisture and mildew around your sink by placing this backsplash guard around the base of your faucet. The microfiber mesh fabric absorbs water, and can be tossed in the washing machine as needed to clean it. One reviewer wrote: “This was, without a doubt, the best kitchen purchase [for their new home]! The product is handy, easy to clean, and most importantly, functional.”


This 2-In-1 Bowl & Strainer Serves So Many Purposes In Your Kitchen

Anytime I can combine two cooking tools into one, that’s a win for me. That’s why I’m obsessed with this two-in-one strainer and bowl, which is useful for straining, washing produce, serving food, and more. Use it when making pasta to easily reserve some of the water, to hold wet fruits and veggies, and so much more. The space-saving, detachable design is perfect for smaller homes and is sure to be the first tool you reach for when you need a bowl or a colander.


This Magnet Reminds You If The Dishes Are Clean Or Dirty

Easily alert your household to the status of the dishwasher using this clean or dirty indicator magnet. Stick it directly to your dishwasher and flip from one side to the other after loading and unloading the dishes so no one has to second guess the status of a plate or fork. If your dishwasher is not magnetic, there are two dual-sided stickers included.


A Handy Bag Rack Holds Plastic Bags Open For You Hands-Free

A baggy rack probably doesn’t seem like a kitchen necessity, but if you live alone or you frequently need to store large amounts of food in plastic bags, it will save you some serious hassle. The gadget holds plastic bags open with sturdy clips to hold them in place no matter how much weight you’re putting inside. Use it for storing soups, sauces, leftovers, produce, and more. You can even use it as a drying rack for your bags once you’ve washed them out.


These Stretchy Silicone Lids Can Seal Any Food Container

You’re probably missing at least a few plastic food container lids from your kitchen. Rather than replacing your set, try these silicone stretch lids, which come in a pack of 14 various sizes to seal any type of container. They’re sturdy and stretchy, and can even be used directly on fresh produce, like a cut onion or a watermelon, or over a large pot or bowl to save it for later. When you’re done, stick them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.


This Shower Door Seal Prevents Water From Damaging Your Bathroom

Installing this shower door bottom seal is an easy way to stop water from escaping under your frameless shower door in a barely-noticeable way that doesn’t take away from the sleek design. It fits snugly and no tools or adhesive are required to install unless you need to cut it to fit your shower. It fits glass doors up to a 3/8 inch thick and is 36 inches long.


This Digital Tape Measure Removes The Guesswork From Construction & Household Projects

No more guessing or estimating at measurements — know exactly how long your item is with this digital tape measure. It even has three memory functions, so you don’t even need to write down your measurements elsewhere to reference them later. There are also US/metric conversions built in, so there’s no math or rounding required.


These Reusable Wool Dryer Balls Reduce Lint & Wrinkles

Wool dryer balls are a sustainable alternative to dryer sheets: They reduce the amount of lint produced by your laundry, resulting in shorter drying times and less static. Simply toss a few of these 100% New Zealand wool balls into the dryer with your clothes, and reuse over and over for fluffier, softer clothes. Pro tip: to give your clothes the fresh scent that dryer sheets offer, try infusing the dryer balls with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.


This Slotted Duster Tool Cleans Your Blinds More Effectively & Quickly

Get every last bit of dust off of your window blinds using this blind duster brush kit, an innovative cleaning tool with slotted microfiber cloths to clean in between each slat of your blinds. The three blades clean the top and bottom of each blind at once, saving you time on dusting. Use dust spray for heavy-duty jobs or just the tool itself for light cleaning.