50 Clever Things You'd Use All The Time Around Your Home That Are Cool As Hell

These at-home gadgets are total game-changers.

Written by Allison Bolt
50 Clever Things You'd Use All The Time Around Your Home That Are Cool As Hell
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There’s just something about swapping out a boring kitchen tool or classic decor piece with something ingenious, useful, and cute that instantly makes your home feel better. That’s where this huge list of 50 clever things comes in to play. It’s overflowing with cool yet practical things that’ll make cooking, cleaning, and just existing in your home better than ever.

Not only will your space feel way more stylized, but all of these finds are functional enough that you’ll use them all the time around your home.


This Glass Oil Dispenser With A Basting Brush On Top

This stylish cooking oil dispenser has a mini basting brush on top, so you can brush oil right onto bread, veggies, or meat. The brush can also be used as a classic dropper for salads or other oil-based dishes. This brush top also has its own little built-in oil holder and a squeezable handle, so you can quickly suck up the perfect amount of oil from the bottom glass container.


This Ceiling Fan Duster That Doubles As A Ceiling & Corner Cleaner

This duster has a circular shape to effectively and quickly clean your ceiling fans, but you can also use the classically fluffy microfiber material to dust all around your home, since the pole extends to 47 inches, making this great for ceilings, the tops of cabinets, and hard-to-reach corners,. Of course, this dust-catching microfiber top is also easy to pop off so you can wash it in the washing machine.


This Scented Plug-In With A Carbon Filter For A Fresher Space

This is the plug-in to grab because it not only puts out a fresh scent, but it also has a carbon filter to take in odors and smoke to really freshen up your space. This discreet plug-in also has a built-in fan to make sure the clean air and light scent spreads all around your home. Plus, there’s an indicator on top, so you’ll know when this space-freshening tool needs a new filter.


A Sleek LED Makeup Mirror That Looks Built-In

This makeup mirror will look so sleek because it suctions right to your mirror instead of taking up space on your bathroom counter. The mirror is trimmed in perfectly bright LED lights, and with the bendable gooseneck design, you can easily pull it closer and angle it for precise eyeliner or skincare with the 7x magnification.


This Aesthetic Bamboo Alarm Clock With A Wireless Charger On Top

This alarm clock might just be the most aesthetic thing on your nightstand. On the front of the neutral bamboo block, it has a simple and dimmable LED numbers that will display the time and temperature, and it will even show when you have alarms set. You can even rest your phone right on top of this chic clock to wirelessly charge it at night.


This Tidy, Compact Herb Saver That Keeps Your Greens Fresh For Weeks

Instead of smushing parsley, kale, and dill at the bottom of your produce drawer, fill this easy-to-use herb saver with a bit of water and add in your herbs. The air vents will then keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks. It also has a little handle on top to quickly pull up the herbs and snip a few for your dish.


A Small Tool With 17 Different Functions In Total

This multi-tool might pack in 17 tools in one, but it’s surprisingly compact, at just a little under 5.5 inches long. You simply fold out the screwdriver, liquid level, LED flashlight, or whatever else you might need when you’re doing home projects. This clever foldable design even hides 13 alloy bits inside.


A Cupholder Pillow For An Even Cozier Couch

This cupholder pillow is way better than having to reach for your coffee or your favorite movie night soda every few minutes on the coffee table. It comes with five cupholders that will also fit the remote or even small snacks while you’re cozy on the couch. This plush pillow will even keep coffee mugs secure with two slots that have handy space for mugs.


This Chic Gravy Boat With A Matching Warming Plate

Not only does this gravy boat look super chic, but it also comes with a matching little warming plate to keep your sauce perfectly warm on the table. It’s such a go-to for hosting, and it even comes with a lid to prevent anything from falling in your sauce during serving.


These Textured & Seriously Effective Dusting Sponges

You might just toss all of your cloths and sponges when you have these dusting sponges because all of the dust and pet fur will stick to them after you get them a little damp. Each one also comes with a grooved design, so you can even sweep these sponges across vents or grimy window blinds for a quick and effective clean.


This Toothbrush Sanitizer That Looks *So* Expensive

This toothbrush holder doesn’t just keep your counter tidy — it sanitizes your toothbrush using UV light, too. This sleek wall-mounted sanitizer comes with one simple button, so it’s also super easy to use after you brush your teeth every night. It also sanitizes for up to 30 days before you need to charge this USB-rechargeable toothbrush gadget.


An Adorable Cat-Shaped Organizer For All Of Your Desk Supplies

This desktop organizer has an adorable cat-shaped design with spots for all of your work essentials. Pop your glasses on the cat’s face between meetings while all of your pens hang out in the roomy pencil holder. This sturdy wooden organizer even comes with a spot to prop up your phone or tablet on the tail.


These Pasta-Shaped Pot Holders That Are *So* Easy To Use

These heat-resistant silicone pot holders take up way less space than oven mitts, and they’re shaped like adorable bow-tie pasta (wins all around). They’re also the perfect shape to clip them onto the handles of your Dutch oven, pots, or even the side of a sheet tray, making grabbing your cookware super easy.


These Slim Velvet Hangers With A Super Secure Design

These hangers will instantly make your closet look more put together because the non-slip velvet finish will keep all of your clothes securely on the hanger (instead of the floor). They also come with a 365-degree spinning hook on top and notches to hold onto thin straps, so they’ll work with all of your pieces.


This Bendable Clip-On Light That Looks So Elevated

You can pop this bendable light just about anywhere because it has a sturdy clip-on design that’s ideal for beds, desks, nightstands, and other work surfaces. It has three different light temperature settings to make it feel expensive, including an amber setting that filters out 99.9% of blue light. Bonus: the elevated design comes with easy-to-use dimmer settings, which makes this great for any time of day.


These Stackable Bins To Organize Every Area Of Your Kitchen

These pantry organizers are stackable and super easy to clean, so go ahead and line your pantry and refrigerator shelves with them. They have a transparent design, so you can see whatever ingredients or snacks you pack into them. Plus, the handles make it easier to pull things out while you cook.


This Drain Hair Catcher With 85,000 5-Star Reviews

This drain protector will blend right in with your shower, because the hair-catching design hides inside of the drain. Water will flow right around and through this catcher, while the built-in holes capture all of the stray hairs and other debris. You can also quickly pull out this silicone catcher to clean it off now and then.


These Soft & Versatile Bowl Huggers For The Microwave

Pop one of these adorable microwave bowl huggers under your plate or bowl, and you can easily grab your food from the microwave without waiting for it to cool down. The heat-insulated fabric has a clever shape to wrap around your bowl and protect your microwave and countertop, too. Plus, these soft bowl huggers are also perfect to use as pot holders or even to hold a pint of cold ice cream while you snack.


This Fold-Up Step Stool That’s Lightweight & Sturdy

You can definitely fit a step stool in your space if you grab this foldable option. It has grippy, non-slip dots on top, so you can stand on it for all of your cleaning projects and feel secure, especially since it can hold up to 300 pounds. Plus, when it’s all folded up, there’s a little handle on top to carry the 2.6-pound stool around the house.


A Small Knife Sharpener That You Can Secure To The Counter

This knife sharpener has a 2.76-inch high, compact disc-shaped design that you can easily tuck in a kitchen drawer until your knives are dull again. When you are using the perfectly angled sharpening tool on top, it has an easy-to-use pop-up handle to secure the suction cup base to your countertop for safer, hands-free sharpening experience.


A Cooling Laptop Stand That You Can Adjust To Your Comfort

Not only does this stand securely hold onto your laptop, but you can also adjust the height throughout the workday from 5 to 7.7 inches to be as comfortable as possible at all times. The sleek aluminum design is super sturdy, but it also won’t leave any scratches on your laptop. It also has a breathable cutout at the bottom for extra airflow under your laptop.


A Jar & Bottle Opener Kit That Works On *Everything*

This jar opener comes with four different slot sizes, so you can be sure it will quickly open all of the jars in your kitchen, from tiny water bottles to big pickle jars. The soft rubber design is way comfier on your hands than struggling with a jar lid. You also get a bottle opener that also works on cans, bottle caps, and pull tabs, so you’re super prepared to open every annoying container.


These Easy-To-Install LED Lights That You Tap To Turn On

These LED lights are easy to install using the included double-side adhesive or screws, and they’ll instantly elevate the lighting in any room in your home. You can hide their slim design just about anywhere, and you won’t have to deal with hiding any wires, which can make kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, closets, and halls look so much nicer. To turn them on, just tap them or use the remote to control these dimmable, warm white lights.


This Soap-Dispensing Brush With Durable Scrubbers

This soap-dispensing brush has a little button on top, so you can quickly add a bit more soap the second you stop seeing suds. It also makes your dish routine even easier because it features durable yet gentle bristles, a plastic scraper on top, and a comfy, non-slip handle.


A Cooling Mulberry Silk Pillowcase With Bonus Skin & Hair Benefits

This secure zip-up silk pillowcase is a seriously clever home upgrade because your bedding will feel a bit more luxurious, and it helps out with your skin and hair care. The cooling fabric keeps you feeling perfectly moisturized because it won’t soak up your skin or hair’s moisture (or all of your skincare products), leaving you with crease-less morning skin and frizz-free hair.


These Thin Cutting Mats That Are Flexible For Transferring Ingredients

These cutting mats are the perfect thing to pop on the countertop when you don’t feel like grabbing a bulky cutting board or for setting on top of a butcher block when you’re prepping meat and veggies for the same dish. Even with their thin design, these non-slip mats are still durable enough for prepping all of your ingredients for dinner. They’re also flexible, which makes moving ingredients from your cutting board to the pan a breeze.


A Mesh Drying Rack That Hangs On The Back Of Your Door

This drying rack hangs right over your door, so you won’t have to walk around a bulky rack in the middle of your floor all day. It’s made of breathable mesh, so even your thickest denim pieces will evenly dry while hanging out on this foldable rack.


A Magnetic Knife Strip That Looks Super Minimalist

This magnetic knife strip looks way more sleek than a knife block, and it gets another thing off of your counter. The stainless steel finish will blend right in with your favorite knives, and it can hold up to eight pieces. It also comes with an adhesive strip, so swapping out your knife block won’t require a time-consuming DIY project.


These Eraser Sponges That Can Tackle Tough Stains

You get 50 of these eraser sponges per order, so you’ll be more than prepared to tackle a scuffed-up wall, a grease-coated kitchen appliance, or a stained shower wall. Their melamine resin material is specifically designed to take care of all of the stubborn cleaning projects around your home with just a little water and elbow grease.


An Aesthetic Wooden Spice Rack That Can Expand

This bamboo spice rack makes use of vertical space in your pantry by giving your go-to jars and containers a three-tiered set-up. What makes this rack unique is its expandable design, which can extend from 12.7 to 22.2 inches, making it suitable for cabinets of all sizes or even great for kitchen and bathroom counters.


A Best-Selling Light Therapy Lamp That’s So Easy To Setup

This lamp might look like a makeup mirror, but it’s actually a light therapy lamp to help you get a bit of happy-inducing light during long work days. You can fold it up on your desk or tuck it in a drawer and simply pull out the easy-to-use stand when you need a mood boost. This clever, minimalist white lamp also comes with simple touch controls on the front to adjust timers or dim it.


A Pair Of 5-Blade Scissors To Quickly Chop Herbs & Other Ingredients

These stainless steel herb scissors are so much better than taking way too much time to chop chives, dill, or parsley with a knife. They have five blades on each side, so you can quickly chop small rings of green onions or perfect strips of basil. This clever pair even comes with a little brush to sweep extra herbs from between the blades and a storage cover.


This Tough Bathroom Cleaner & Polish That Smells Luxurious

This bleach-free tub cleaner is perfect for spritzing all over your bathroom because it will clean and polish up your tiles and grout, eliminating tough soap scum and hard water stains. You can even spritz this plant-based spray right onto glass shower doors, making it an all-in-one powerhouse. It is made with grapefruit essential oil, so your shower will smell luxurious and fresh (instead of like harsh cleaners).


This Handy Oven Opening Tool That Keeps You Far From The Heat

This bamboo kitchen stick is specifically for pushing and pulling out a hot oven rack, so you’ll honestly reach for it all the time for sheet pan dinners. It comes with two different grooves — one to pull the rack out to check your food and one to quickly push it back in place. You also get a hanging loop to keep it conveniently right next to your oven.


A Suction Cup Drain Cover For Extra-Full Baths

This suction cup drain cover is such a game-changer if you love a good bath because you can fill the water past that annoying overflow drain. The suction cup design still has an overflow hole on top (just in case), but you can still fill your tub up with four extra inches of warm, soothing water.


A Highly-Rated Measuring Cup With Easy-To-Read Markings Inside

This measuring cup has measurements on the side and inside, so you can see from above while you pour whatever ingredient your recipe needs. These interior measurements are also perfectly angled, so you always have a good view — no need to step back and wait for the milk to settle. Plus, it’s all topped off with a spout and a non-slip handle to make it even easier to use.


This Aesthetic & Super Modern Mug Warmer

This mug warmer feels super modern and aesthetic with its simple geometric design. It has one easy-to-use power button on the side that you can adjust to three different temperatures (104, 131, and 149 degrees), so setting it up to use with your morning coffee, tea, or cocoa is a breeze. It also turns off after four hours, just in case you forget about it during a busy workday.


A Popular Veggie Chopper With 4 Super Handy Blades

Not only will this veggie prep tool slice and chop all of your ingredients, but it also keeps them all in a tidy container until you’re ready to cook. It comes with four interchangeable blades (including trendy spiralizers) and a durable handle on top to quickly chop whole onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers with one press.


A Stick-On Holder For A Remote-Free Coffee Table

This wall-mounted remote control holder has adhesive on the back, so you can stick it on the side of your TV console or right next to your sofa. It’s such an easy way to keep your coffee table completely remote-free (and spare your remotes from getting lost) because this glossy black holder fits about three to four remotes at a time.


This Best-Selling Butter Spreader That Lets You Skip The Softening Step

Skip the microwave and reach for this stainless steel spreader whenever you’re making toast or cooking dinner, because it will make straight-from-the-fridge butter perfectly spreadable. It’s lined with small holes to create softened butter with one sweep. Plus, you can also use the serrated side to cut pieces of butter for your pan while you cook.


A Customizable Organizer To Fix Every Drawer In Your Space

This durable drawer organizer comes with six adjustable dividers, so you can arrange it to work in pretty much every drawer around your home, whether you want to organize kitchen tools, office supplies, or makeup. No matter how you slot them in, these dividers create nine breathable compartments to take care of a bunch of clutter.


These Reusable & Absorbent Dishcloths With Adorable Prints

These washable and reusable dishcloths are seriously absorbent and complete with a scrubby texture to clean dishes, scrub surfaces, and wipe away messes. You can also use the cellulose and cotton-blend material all over your space, making these an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Bonus: they come with three adorable designs that will honestly look way more stylized than a roll of paper towels.


A Bendable Stand To Prop Up Your Go-To Device

This bendable steel stand is durable enough to hold up your phone or tablet to easily watch your favorite show or keep an eye on your screen as you cook or do some DIY projects. It’s also super easy to slide out the adjustable design to perfectly fit your specific device. You can also stretch it out up to 30 inches tall, so it will work on any countertop or coffee table.


These Chic Glass Mouthwash Dispensers With Handy Accessories

These mouthwash dispensers will look so chic on your countertop with their glass design and the included customizable labels. You get a funnel to make setting up your expensive-looking mouthwash easier. Plus, you get two matching glasses that are the perfect size for your nightly mouthwash routine.


These Mesh Bags That Are Great For Storing Odds & Ends In The Fridge

These fridge door organizers adds two extra pockets for sauce storage without adding a bunch of bulkiness to your shelves. It comes with an easy clip-on design that’s made of a clear mesh material that lets you see whatever sauces or other small ingredients are in there.


This 2-Sided Retractable Laptop Cleaner That’s Quick & Easy To Use

This little retractable brush is all you need to keep your laptop looking clean and put-together for work. Simply slide out the soft bristles to take care of dust on the keys or in those cracks around the trackpad. Then, reach for the other side because it has a microfiber pad to clean smudges off of the screen.


A Pack Of Durable & Versatile Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

It’s so worth keeping these durable stainless steel cooling racks around because they’re super versatile for all of your go-to baking projects. They even come with small stands to elevate them above your countertop when you’re cooling baked goods or to use as a rack on a sheet pan when roasting meats and veggies since these are safe for tempertatures up to 575 degrees.


This Breathable Wedge Pillow That Is Made With Memory Foam

This memory foam wedge pillow might just be the most clever thing you can reach for when you’re lounging around. The shape is versatile enough to support your neck in bed or to flip around and use it like a lap table on the couch. You can also use it to elevate your legs or use as a back pillow, and it’s super breathable, so it stays cool for all-day lounging.


This Herb & Greens Stripper With A Built-In Slicer

This stainless steel herb stripper is surprisingly compact for how many different herbs (and even leafy greens) that it will help you prep. It has nine different sizes of herb-stripping slots, including one small enough for those annoyingly tiny herbs (like thyme). It also has a slicer to chop everything up after you get all of the leaves off.


A Sleek Holder To Neatly Charge Your Headphones

This headphone holder clips right to the side of your desk or table, so you always have that noise-cancelling pair ready-to-go for a long workday or chores around the house. The sturdy design also comes with a compact cord clip on the side, so you can keep the cord tidy while your headphones charge.