45 Common Mistakes You Don’t Realize You're Making That Actually Cost You A Lot Of Money

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by Madison Barber

Listen, we all make mistakes. Often, these mistakes are minor, yet, even the most minor can become costly, especially if you’re not well-versed in money management. Luckily, I’m here to let you know that the seemingly-harmless mistakes you might be making can be remedied with some great products from Amazon — all of which will help you to save tons of cash in the short and long run.

Whether your improper food storage is forcing you to re-buy the same produce and cereal at the grocery store over and over, your neglectful dryer cleaning is running up your energy bills, or you’re always reaching for single-use, disposable toiletry products at the drugstore, there are tons of sneaky ways that you’re wasting money in your daily life. Amazon knows how tricky it can be to not make these mistakes, which is why it offers so many budget-friendly products that help save us so much money, like this produce freshness tool, this vacuum attachment that gets into your dryer vent, and these absorbent panties that keep you dry during your time of the month.

Learn about the mistakes you’re probably making that are costing you, plus 45 of the best ways to use your everyday products without wasting money, right here:

Mistake: You Buy Plastic Water Bottles At The Store

Solution: Drink From An Insulated Water Bottle With 3 Different Lids

If you’re still buying packs of plastic water bottles from the grocery store, it’s time to consider their more eco-conscious (and money-saving!) sibling: the reusable water bottle. This insulated water bottle is made from durable stainless steel, and its double-wall insulation will keep drinks warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Unlike other water bottles, this one comes with three different lids for your sipping convenience: a flip-top straw lid, a mouthpiece lid, and a removable lid, so you can even use this as a thermos for soup.

Mistake: You Still Use Single-Use Paper Towels

Solution: Wipe Up Spills With These Super Absorbent Reusable Dish Cloths

Paper towel rolls will soon become a thing of the past for you once you start cleaning with these Swedish dish cloths. Each cloth in this 10-pack is reusable, and they’re also ultra-absorbent (like, can hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid absorbent). These work on any sort of surface, from marble, to wood, to the inside of your shower, which helps to replace microfiber towels and inefficient rags, too.

Mistake: You Half-Use A Dozen Different Household Cleaners

Solution: Clean Your Home With Just 1 Powerful All-Purpose Product

Did you know that you actually don’t need tons of different cleaners underneath your sink in order to keep your home pristine? Turns out this all-purpose spray can clean any non-porous surface, including tile, marble, wood, glass, and more. Plus, the delicious, citrusy grapefruit scent will make you excited to use this spray to clean each day.

Mistake: You Throw Out Your Makeup With Product Still In The Bottle

Solution: Get Every Drop Of Foundation Out With These Tiny Silicone Spatulas

There’s always a few products in your medicine cabinet that you just can’t get the last drop out of, no matter how hard you try. This beauty spatula does the job for you, using it’s 8-inch long, slender, flexible handle and “spatula”-like end. It even has a clever arrow-like design to reach the top corners. Not only will this reduce product waste, but this handy beauty tool will prevent contamination from your fingertips from mixing in with the product you’re trying to extract.

Mistake: Your Produce Goes Bad Quickly

Solution: Keep It Fresh For Longer With These Clever Blue “Apples”

Fruits and veggies are the things on our grocery lists that tend to go bad the quickest — an issue this produce-saving ball will help fix. Stick one of these in your fruit bowl or produce drawer to help absorb ethylene gas emitted from your fruits and veggies, keep them fresh for longer, and help save you money at the grocery store each week. Each of these balls works for up to three months, so you rarely have to replenish in order to save your produce.

Mistake: Your Tires Don’t Have Enough Air Pressure

Solution: Get Better Gas Mileage & Prolong Your Tires’ Lives With An Inflator

When you properly fill up your tires with air, you automatically save money on tire repairs and fuel costs. This best-selling tire inflator lets you pump up your tires with air quickly and accurately, without those charges from the gas station. And, not only does this inflator include PSI measurements on its backlit screen, but also KPA, bar, and kg/cm^2, giving you the utmost accuracy when it’s time to fill up.

Mistake: Your Clothes Have Untreated Stains

Solution: Prolong The Life Of Your Garments With A Powerful Stain Remover

Don’t let sudden stains ruin all of your favorite white T-shirts and brand-new blouses — get rid of stains quickly, wherever you are, with this stain removing spray. This unscented spot treatment works on both fresh stains and old, sunken in stains, and gets out everything including blood, pasta sauce, grass stains, and red wine, all with its nontoxic, professional grade formula.

Mistake: Your Electronics Are Plugged In & On 24/7

Solution: Control Your Devices With These Smart Plugs

There’s a high chance that you’re leaving your electronics plugged in when you don’t need to be, therefore increasing the dollar amount on your energy bills each month. These smart plugs let you turn your devices on and off in a flash, even when you’re not even home —just use your Kasa app when you’re out-and-about, or your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant while at home to control any of these plugs. You can also set these to a schedule, so you know your lamps will always turn off at night.

Mistake: You Eat Takeout For Lunch Every Single Day

Solution: Pack Your Lunch In A Slim Bento Box With An Insulated Lunch Box

Save money on lunches out with this bento box that’s leakproof and separated into three different compartment. Not only does this bento box provide a seamless way to pack an entire breakfast, lunch, or dinner to bring with you to school or the office, but it also fits perfectly inside an included insulated rectangular lunch box. The inside bento box is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave-safe, so you can store practically anything in it, including leftovers.

Mistake: You Throw Away Anything With A Crack Or Tear

Solution: Mend Plastics, Wires, Ceramics & More With This Moldable Glue

Don’t let your cracked ceramics or frayed charging cables cause you to spend more money on replacements — utilize this multi-purpose glue instead. For under $10, this glue can fix cracks or tears in a variety of household items, and is even strong enough to create mounts and hooks around the house. This glue comes in a variety of neutral and fun colors, and is waterproof, heat and cold-resistant, and can hold up to 4.4 pounds.

Mistake: You Remove Makeup With Disposable Wipes

Solution: Swap Makeup Remover For This Cloth That Only Needs Water

There’s a high chance that if you wear makeup regularly, you’re spending a ton at the drugstore on cotton rounds, makeup wipes, and micellar water. This MakeUp Eraser Cloth will help you eliminate all of those costs. This reusable, machine washable cloth only requires water to remove even the most stubborn makeup — yes, I’m talking about waterproof mascara. It’s even suitable to use on sensitive skin.

Mistake: You Store Food In Single-Use Zip Top Bags

Solution: Switch To Eco-Friendly, Reusable Bags That Are Easy To Clean

Packing snacks and storing cut veggies in the fridge requires tons of food storage bags — luckily these reusable bags make it so you don’t have to buy single-use plastic bags ever again. This pack of 10 reusable bags (in three different sizes) are made from food-safe PEVA that won’t leak, are freezer-safe, and can be hand washed easily to be used again and again.

Mistake: You Leave Your Mattress Unprotected

Solution: Save Your Mattress From Stains & Pests With A Best-Selling Protector

When you protect your mattress, you’re protecting your wallet from having to shell out more cash in the future to replace a ruined one. This mattress protector protects against everything including urine and other fluids, dust mites, and potentially harmful bacteria. This protector has over 177,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and one for every size mattress, from a twin to a California king.

Mistake: You Go To The Salon For Touch-Ups Way Too Often

Solution: Cover Up Your Roots At Home With A Fast-Drying, Waterproof Spray

If your fast-growing roots are forcing you to take your wallet out at the salon way too often, this L’Oreal root touch-up spray might be a more financially-sustainable haircare option for you. With tons of options to choose from that match your hair color, this touch-up root concealer spray is fast-drying, residue-free, and water-resistant. This two-pack of sprays has over 36,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know it really works.

Mistake: You Get Rid Of All Of Your Pilled Sweaters

Solution: Get Rid of Pills With A Best-Selling Fabric Shaver

As a proud owner of this fabric shaver, I can say firsthand that it’s saved all of my oldest and dearest sweaters from heading to the donation bin. This battery-operated device removes fuzz, pilling, and stubborn lint quickly, thanks to its 2-inch shaving surface and three efficient shaving modes. Plus, it has an ergonomic handle that makes it simple to maneuver over all your clothing items and upholstery.

Mistake: You Use Parchment Paper For Cooking & Baking

Solution: Cover Your Baking Sheets With These Easy-To-Clean Silicone Mats

You’ll never need to buy parchment paper again after using these silicone mats for all of your cooking and baking needs. This two-piece set comes with two half-size nonstick mats, which prevent the need to grab the disposable parchment paper and nonstick sprays while baking your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or making roasted veggies. Best of all, these easy to clean mats are dishwasher-safe.

Mistake: You Toss Dryer Sheets In The Laundry

Solution: Start Using Wool Balls To Reduce Dryer Time

Dryer sheets are great for freshening up your load of laundry, but they’re not exactly great for your wallet. These wool dryer balls are reusable, therefore preventing you from having to stock up on dryer sheets ever again. Plus, unlike dryer sheets, these promote the movement of clothing in the dryer, therefore reducing dryer time and your energy bills. They’re also eco-friendly, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic.

Mistake: You Put Disposable K-Cups In Your Keurig Every Morning

Solution: Brew Coffee In These Reusable Filter Cups That Are Easy To Clean

Not only do single-use coffee pods create so much unnecessary waste, but they’re also more expensive than just buying a bag of coffee grounds. These reusable coffee pods are a more sustainable and wallet-friendly option — they’re compatible with most Keurig machines and can be cleaned again and again with just a quick rinse. Each pack comes with four cups, and you can choose between purple or black cups when you order.

Mistake: You Get Professional Car Detailing Done Often

Solution: Give Your Car A Pristine Clean With This Best-Selling Vacuum

You don’t need to pay to get your car professionally detailed when you have this ultra-efficient car vacuum cleaner. This best-selling vacuum comes with special attachments that get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle and has a special brush head for carpets and upholstrey. It can plug into car’s 12V outlet, and has a 16-foot cord that make it ideal for even larger cars and trucks. Amazon shoppers love this vacuum and have given it over 122,000 five-star reviews.

Mistake: You Pay Baggage Fees At The Airport

Solution: Keep Your Clothes Compact With These Space Saver Bags

Whether you’re attempting to avoid bag fees at the airport or don’t want to keep spending money on storage bins for your home, these vacuum-seal storage bags will create way more room in your suitcase or home. These use the included pump to suck every ounce of air out of your bags, doubling the space available for storage. Plus, they come in a pack of six, so you’ll have enough for any and all of your storage needs.

Mistake: You Throw Away Half-Eaten Canned Foods

Solution: Use These Silicone Can Covers That Keep Your Beans & Beer Fresh

Keep your canned goods fresh for way longer (therefore saving you money at the store each week) with these reusable silicone lids. If you know you’re not going to finish all of your canned beans or can of beer, these silicone lids can stretch over the top, protecting them from spilling and keeping them at their utmost freshness in your fridge or pantry. They’re also freezer and microwave-safe.

Mistake: You Don’t Clean Your Dryer Vent

Solution: Get This Handy Vent Cleaner That Attaches To A Vacuum

Not only is neglecting to clean out your dryer vent a major household fire hazard, but it also hinders your dryer from doing its job properly, therefore jacking up your energy bills. This vent-cleaning vacuum attachment helps suck up every last piece of lint stuck in your dryer vent with its slender, flexible design, letting your dryer work as efficiently as it was made to work.

Mistake: You Go Through Tons Of Cotton Swabs

Solution: Replace 1,000 Cotton Swabs With This Reusable Swab

Cotton swabs are a must-have in everyone’s beauty routines — but did you know that you actually don’t have to keep repurchasing them in bulk every few months? This reusable cotton swab does the job for everything from makeup application to ear cleaning, and only requires soap and water to clean it for use again and again. This little device will help save you money at the drugstore and create less waste for the planet in the meantime.

Mistake: You’re Not Getting Every Last Bit From Your Jarred Foods

Solution: Scrape The Bottom & Sides With This Slim Silicone Spatula

This genius jar spatula is designed to get out every last ounce of your favorite condiments, spreads, and every thick, sticky food item in between so you don’t have to waste a single drop. Made from a single piece of flexible, cookware-safe, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free silicone, this scraper will become your new go-to kitchen essential — I guarantee it.

Mistake: You Buy Coffee From The Cafe Every Morning

Solution: Make Your Own Barista-Worthy Brew With A Pour Over Coffee Maker

It’s no secret that buying coffee is expensive, which is why this pour-over coffee maker should become your new household essential. This coffee maker makes actually delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home, thanks to its laser cut, stainless steel mesh filter that makes your brew with a bolder, cleaner flavor. Kiss your Starbucks expenses goodbye after one use of this!

Mistake: You Get Rid Of Clothing Items With Holes Or Missing Buttons

Solution: Mend Your Clothes With This Massive Sewing Kit

When you have a deluxe sewing kit like this, you’ll never get rid of your clothes when they have a simple tear or mission button. This kit has everything you’ll need for minor repairs, including: threads of many different colors, needles, scissors, clips, pins, and a thimble — it’s so simple to use, you don’t even have to be a pro to fix up the stuff in your closet.

Mistake: You Buy Tons Of Sponges In Bulk

Solution: Use This Reusable Sponge That Can Be Cleaned In A Dishwasher

Not only is this dish scrubber super cute, but it’ll actually replace all of the disposable sponges sitting in your kitchen sink right now. This reusable scrubber made from cotton and a food-grade hardener works hard to eliminate food and grime from your dishes, countertops, stovetops and more. It’s even dishwasher-safe, so you never have to worry about it getting yucky like your usual disposable sponges.

Mistake: You’re Constantly Getting Rid Of Spoiled Herbs

Solution: Prolong The Life Of Your Herbs With This Pod

This herb saver pod not only saves your herbs from going bad, but also saves your bank account from draining after spending way too much on cilantro all the time. Just place your herbs in the BPA-free container, pour water into the filler cap every three days, and they’ll be good for up to three weeks, which is much longer than keeping them in a plastic bag.

Mistake: You Buy Expensive Stain Removers At The Store

Solution: Scrub Away Tough Stains With These Magical Melamine Sponges

While pricier, name-brand cleaners usually get the job done, they’re almost never necessary when these Magic Sponge Erasers exist. These melamine sponges remove every type of grease, dust, or grime from your kitchen, bathroom, and every room or object in between — no unnecessary chemicals needed. You’ll get 50 of these sponges when you order (for just under $20!), and these will work wonders on any surface with just a bit of water.

Mistake: You Snack On Bagged Or Microwaveable Popcorn

Solution: Make A Quick & Easy Snack With This Silicone Microwave Popper

This microwavable popcorn popper is so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever spent money on popcorn bags from the store in the first place. This BPA-free and dishwasher-safe bowl will become your new movie night essential — just add kernels and your favorite toppings for delicious popcorn in just a few minutes. It even collapses when not in use, making storage super simple.

Mistake: You Keep Your Lights On All Day & Night

Solution: Use This LED Light That Turns Off When No Motion Is Detected

Keeping all of your overhead lights and lamps on can be tempting for the lazy homeowner, but the consequences will shock you each month when your energy bill comes through. This motion sensor ceiling light will save you all of that money you’re wasting, considering it only comes on when it detects motion up to 20 feet away. When this screw-mounted light hasn’t sensed any movement for over 30 seconds, it’ll shut off again to save energy.

Mistake: You Go To The Salon For Deep Conditioning Treatments

Solution: Get Silky Smooth Locks At Home With This Keratin Hair Mask

Keeping your hair in the best shape possible can feel like a luxury when you realize how much it costs to go to the salon, which is why hair masks are such a necessity in any beauty routine. This hair mask has keratin and coconut oil in its formula, helping to repair damage strands and deep condition all at the same time. Just leave it on for up to 10 minutes, and you’ll have frizz-free, shiny, and smooth locks.

Mistake: You Take A Trip To The Car Wash Every Week

Solution: Wash Your Car At Home With This Wash Kit That Gets Nice & Foamy

If you love the look of a shiny, just-cleaned car but dread going through the car wash all of the time, you’ll be happy to hear about this at-home car washing kit. This kit comes with a hose sprayer, a microfiber mitt, a foam blasting tip, and a rinsing spray tip — a.k.a. everything you’ll need to wash your car efficiently in your own driveway, without damaging your vehicle in the process.

Mistake: Your Dry Goods Go Stale In Your Pantry

Solution: Keep Cereal, Grains & Snacks In These Airtight Containers

Keeping the dry goods in your pantry fresh is a matter of keeping pests and moisture out 24/7, a task these airtight storage containers are made to accomplish. This six-pack of containers and matching lids come in different shapes and sizes that comfortably store your grains, pasta, beans, and any other dry goods you want to last in your cabinets. They’re also stackable and come with chalkboard labels to make organizing even easier.

Mistake: You Let Drafts Venture Into Your Home

Solution: Keep Cold & Hot Air Out With These Easy-To-Apply Draft Stoppers

Drafts inside your home are annoying enough, but what if I told you these subtle breezes in your home were actually costing you a ton of money? Thankfully these draft stoppers eliminate sneaky drafts that come from under your doorway, keeping cold/hot air in your home and outside air out, so you won’t have to keep cranking the heat or air conditioning in order to get the temperature inside just right. These can be trimmed to fit your exact door and apply easily with the strong adhesive on the back.

Mistake: You Take Your Dog To An Overpriced Groomer

Solution: Trim Your Pup’s Fur At Home With A Professional Grooming Kit

If your pup’s fur is turning unruly, don’t spend a ton at the groomer to get their coat back into shape — groom them at home with this simple grooming kit. This set not only comes with clippers, scissors, and a comb for grooming coats, but also nail trimmers for cutting those too-long claws. These tools are low-vibration, too, so they won’t frighten even the most anxious pets.

Mistake: You Use Wooden Cutting Boards Without Treating Them

Solution: Maintain & Protect Your Cutting Boards With Mineral Oil

If your kitchen has a few wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks stockpiled in the cabinets, you may be ruining them if you’re not treating them with mineral oil first. This food-grade oil helps keep your cutting boards in the best shape possible, preventing cracks and other damages from forcing you to toss your go-tos. Just treat your boards at least every three months and they’ll last for years and years.

Mistake: You Toss Your Bacon Grease Instead Of Saving It

Solution: Keep Drippings In This Special Stainless Steel Container

Saving your bacon grease has tons of benefits — not just saving your drain from getting clogged. By keeping drippings a special bacon grease container, you can replace your traditional cooking oils and add delicious flavor to any meal. There’s even a hidden strainer inside to separate the tasty, useful grease from any particles you don’t want in your pan, and a subtle spout for easy pouring.

Mistake: You Use Disposable Cotton Rounds For Makeup Removal

Solution: Swap Those For These Soft, Eco-Friendly Reusable Cotton Pads

These reusable bamboo cotton rounds make it so you never have to buy disposable versions again for makeup removal or facial toner application. Made from soft bamboo cotton, you can place these cotton rounds in the included laundry bag after use and wash whenever it’s full.

Mistake: You Use Pads & Panty Liners When You’re On Your Period

Solution: Wear Absorbent Panties That You Can Use With Or Without Tampons

Never spend money on pads or tampons again when you have these super absorbent period panties, which can soak up up to two tampons’ worth of blood and other fluids when it’s your time of the month. “I deal with PCOS and endometriosis which make my periods HEAVY for the first 3-4 days,” writes one reviewer. “I ordered 2 pairs of these underwear [...] [t]hey absorbed better than a pad, were comfortable, and the top layer stayed dry. Amazing.” These period panties are available in a one-, two-, or three-pack and come in sizes XX-Small to 6X-Large.

Mistake: You Buy New Furniture The Second Yours Looks Worn Down

Solution: Touch Up Your Chairs, Tables & Floors With This Wood Repair Kit

Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing imperfections on your expensive wood furniture or floors, forcing you to contemplate whether or not you should replace them. Luckily, you don’t have to shell out tons of cash for pricey repairs or replacements with this wood furniture repair kit, which includes easy-to-use markers and wax sticks that conceal and fill in nicks, discoloration, scratches, and more, thanks to shades that resemble traditional wood finishes.

Mistake: You Crank Up The Heat (And Your Energy Bills)

Solution: Snuggle Up In This Warm, Cozy Sherpa Blanket

Is there anything better than a cozy throw blanket? This soft sherpa blanket will not only keep you cozy, but also warm enough so that you won’t have to crank your heater up when it’s cold outside. This has two sides to it: a microfiber cashmere side and faux sherpa side — either of which will make you want to snuggle on the couch either by yourself or with someone by your side — it’s large enough for multiple people.

Mistake: You Toss Your Half-Eaten Bags Of Chips

Solution: Seal Them Up With This Convenient, Small Bag Sealer

Ever get halfway through a bag of chips and simply don’t want to finish them? Don’t toss them in the trash or store them haphazardly so they get stale — seal them up again to eat the next day with this convenient heat sealer tool. This tool helps prevent food waste and keeps food fresher than it would be with a simple chip clip, and it only requires five whole seconds to do its job.

Mistake: You Constant Have To Buy New Charging Cables

Solution: Prevent Frayed Cables With These Adorable Cord Protectors

These little characters aren’t just adorable to look at — they’re actually cable protectors, which prevent your charging cords from fraying and subsequently not doing their job. This set comes with 18 different cute animals that allow the charging cable to slip through and have protection at all angles, preventing you from having to re-order cables time and time again.

Mistake: You Quickly Fill Up Paper Notebooks For School Or Work

Solution: Write Your Notes In This Endlessly Reusable Notebook

It’s always a good idea to keep a notebook on hand while you’re working, but paper notebooks can be a pain to keep track of and buy. This smart notebook is reusable and requires no paper waste, and it comes with seven different page types to manage to-do lists, note-taking, planning, and any type of writing in between. Just write your notes and scan them into your digital cloud services using the Rocketbook app, which can keep your notes nice and organized.