Truly's Hard Seltzer-Infused Chocolate Is Exactly What We Needed This Year

Flavors include black cherry and raspberry lime.

by Mia Mercado
Compartes & Truly have paired up for hard-seltzer infused chocolate truffles.
Compartes & Truly

We are living in peak hard seltzer times. If you've yet to succumb to the glory that is spiked seltzer, perhaps this latest partnership will get you on board. Just in time for the holiday season, Compartes Truly Hard Seltzer chocolate truffles are here to reign over your holiday dessert table. They’re boozy! They’re beautiful! They’re bound to get any seltzer fan in the holiday spirit.

Los Angeles chocolatier Compartes has paired up with Truly Hard Seltzer to create what can best be described as a millennial dessert fever dream. If you haven't heard of Compartes, you probably just haven't scrolled through Instagram enough. Beloved by celebrities and chocolate lovers alike, the chocolatier is best known for its almost-too-pretty-to-eat chocolates and unique flavor combos like Donuts & Coffee and, my personal favorite, Cereal milk. If you aren't familiar with Truly, I can't help you. (just kidding ...kinda.) They're the chiller sorority sister to White Claw's frat bro vibe. I love them unabashedly and unironically and would inject the grapefruit flavor straight into my veins if that were fine.

Released December 2020, Truly and Compartes have created the first-ever hard seltzer-infused chocolate, going where no food scientist has dared to go before. Each truffle combines a decadent ganache with one of four different flavors of Truly: wild berry, black cherry, blueberry & acai, or raspberry lime. Each five-piece truffle box comes with one of each flavor, two of the wild berry.

There's really no wrong way to enjoy these chocolates. Pop one-a-day leading up to Christmas like a tiny advent calendar. Pair them with their respective seltzer and zero apologies. Get one for the hard seltzer-obsessed friend on your holiday shopping list. Then, get one for yourself so you don't have to share.

If you want to go all-out with the hard seltzer theme, add a pack of Truly Sorbet to your shopping cart as well. Yes, hard seltzer-infused sorbet also exists and it involves all hard seltzer everything.