Contractors Say These Cheap, Easy Things On Amazon Can Make It Look Like You Just Renovated Your Home

A modern, sleek home is just a few minutes away with these easy fixes.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Doing home renovations doesn’t always mean that you have to knock out walls and rip up carpeting. You can actually make a huge impact with super cheap things that you can grab on Amazon. Best of all, these low-effort fixes are recommended by contractors — people who know what it takes to make it look like you just renovated your home.

You’ll barely have to touch a toolbox (if at all), and you definitely won’t have to strip any paint. No — these home improvement projects are all about utilizing genius things on Amazon that make your home look better without a ton of effort.


This Matte-Finish Paint That Refreshes Your Furniture

Kamil Kowalski, president of LimakWay Remodeling, suggests grabbing some paint to refresh a room you’re tired of — but if you don’t want to do the walls, you don’t have to. “Painting isn't just for walls either, you can also paint furniture, cabinets, and other household items to give them a new look,” he says.

That’s where this 16-ounce jar of chalk paint comes into handy. It has a versatile formula that works for chairs, dressers, staircases, and cabinets to give your home a new, bold look. It’s available in 50 different colors and already infused with primer and a top coat, so refreshing your paint is less of a hassle.


A Bendy Floor Lamp With The Coziest Pre-Set Options

Kowalski also suggests some new lighting, because it’s “an easy and budget-friendly way to change the look of a room without having to invest in more time-consuming and costly renovations.” So, reach for this LED floor lamp with a gooseneck head that makes it so easy to change up the vibe depending on the time of day. Not only does the remote have brightness and whiteness settings, but it also comes with five pre-set options, including a cozy reading mode, so your room will always have the exact feel you want it to.


A Fluffy, Shaggy Area Rug That Works With Any Decor

“Additionally, you can also add a few decorative items to make it look like you renovated your home,” Kowalski notes. “Adding a vibrant area rug to a room can bring life to the room, while a new set of throw pillows can give a space a more inviting vibe.”

As for the rug, this seriously plush area rug is the one to grab if you want the coziest moment in your space. It has a retro and shaggy design, and the faux fur material comes in easy-to-syle neutrals as well as funky shades of purple and blue to fit with any decor. It also won’t shed, so you won’t end up with that adorable shaggy material covering your sofa.


The Knotted Throw Pillow That Makes Any Chair Chic

When it comes to adding new, inviting throw pillows like Kowalski recommends, this throw pillow is the trendiest option. It has a chic knotted design that will stand out next to all of your classic pillows. Plus, you can throw this knotted pillow in the wash to keep it clean and plush for every movie night.


This Best-Selling Caulk & Sealant To Fix Grimy Spots In The Shower

“Caulk all the unsightly cracks in your tub and tiles to restore the bathroom's pristine appearance,” says Josh Riutta, general contractor and owner of Mikku and Sons Roofing.

This best-selling caulk and sealant is the one to reach for when it’s time to tackle those cracks in the shower because it’s mold- and mildew-resistant and completely waterproof. It will also keep your shower looking bright and clean because the flexible material won’t shrink or get all gross and yellow after you apply it.


These Chic Gradient Curtains With Thermal Insulation

“New drapes, blinds, or shades may give a space a fresh look,” explains Bill Nishanian, owner of Nash Painting. “Pick a color or pattern that goes well with your walls, furniture, and flooring.”

These curtains are a great option, because they have a gradient design that feels trendy yet calming at the same time. And that chic gradient is available in over three dozen designs and colors. Each panel is thermally insulated and blocks out up to 70% of light, so your space will be cozier and even quieter. You can also machine-wash each one to keep these chic window coverings crisp and clean.


These Furniture Sliders With Options For All Floor Types

Nishanian also suggests rethinking your layout because, “rearranging your furniture is a quick and affordable method to give your house a new look.” Before you start sliding all of your chairs and heavy sofa around, grab these reusable and super secure furniture sliders. This set comes with smooth sliders for moving the coffee table around on your rug and fluffy carpet-like sliders for rearranging things on hardwood or tile, so there is no damage to your floors.


A New Doorknob That Matches Your Modern Decor

“Replacing worn-out, outdated cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and doorknobs with new ones that go with your decor is known as changing your hardware,” Nishanian explains. “This is a modest but substantial adjustment that will immediately bring a space up to date.”

This doorknob kit is honestly the best one for updating all of the doors in your home because it has a sleek black matte finish that’s so on-trend (but it’s also available in chrome, nickel, and bronze). Not only does it have that matte finish, but it’s also finished off with a sleek geometric design and a flat knob that feels more modern.


This Bold Front Door Paint That’s Easy To Use & Maintain

As for the outside of your home? “Give your front door and garage door a fresh coat of paint to quickly and easily improve the appearance of the outside of your property. Select a hue that blends well with the existing color scheme in your house and provides a splash of color to help it stand out from the competition,” Nishanian recommends. “This is a cost-effective approach to update the external design of your house without having to undertake a significant makeover.”

This paint is specifically for your front door, and it has a fade-resistant formula to keep your door looking bright and fresh. It will dry to the touch in only an hour, so you won’t have to avoid using your front door all day. You also won’t have to get rid of your door’s current finish before you use this low-odor paint, which comes in 15 vibrant colors.


This Cotton Basket Set That’s Neutral Enough For Any Shelf

Mike Qiu, the owner of, suggests reorganizing your space to make it look newly renovated. “You can find affordable storage solutions on Amazon such as baskets, shelves, and organizers to help declutter your space and create a more functional layout,” he says.

Start with this lightweight set of storage baskets. They have a woven knit design that will add a bit of cozy texture to every room or closet, all while stylishly separating your towels from your throw blankets. They’re also made of a neutral cotton rope with a color-block design that will easily work on any shelf.


A Corner Shelf To Display Spices, Decor, Or Bathroom Supplies

To take care of the shelving that Qiu recommends, reach for this wall-mounted shelf that won’t cover up your entire wall. Instead, the zig-zag design fits right in the corner of your room. This shelf holds up to 11 pounds, so you can confidently use it to display spices in the kitchen, pictures in the living room, books in the bedroom, or skincare in the bathroom.


These Shower Shelves That Won’t Ruin The Look Of Your Tile

When Qiu suggests organizers, it’s easy to forget organizing your shower, but these shower shelves will quickly take care of that and make your tub look refinished. They come in a five-piece set with a matching matte blank finish and plenty of sizes for skincare, washcloths, and soap. They also have built-in hooks for loofahs, and the self adhesive will blend right into your tile.


These Slim, Trendy Cabinet Pulls That Will Make Your Kitchen Look New Again

“Upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware is a simple, cost-effective, and quick DIY project that can make a noticeable impact in the overall look and feel of your kitchen,” says home remodeler & CEO of Shelf Expression Ben Kuhl.

This budget-friendly pack of cabinet pulls comes with anywhere from one to 60 new pieces of hardware, so you can tackle your entire kitchen and maybe even bathroom cabinets at once. Each one comes with a modern matte black, brushed brass, or satin nickel finish, and these handles have a thin design that will blend right in with your kitchen decor. Plus, there’s another functional bonus of swapping out hardware. “Replacing old and outdated hardware with new hardware can also improve the functionality of your cabinets and make them easier to open and close,” Kuhl explains.


These Solar Powered Side Mount Deck Lights With 7 Different Colors

“If you have a deck, there are a couple of different categories, or essentially places that you can incorporate deck lighting. These include step/stair lights, side mount lights, post cap lights, under-rail lights, and landscape lights,” says CEO of Lawn Love Jeremy Yamaguchi.

Adding lights on the side of your deck railing or even lining your stairs is super easy with this pack of solar powered deck lights. The L-shape simply wraps around the railing or sits right on top of each step, though you can screw them in. The bottom has a clear design with bubbles that reflect the light whether you set these LEDs to warm white or one of the seven RBG colors.


This Set Of Solar Cap Lights For Ambient Deck Lighting

When you’re deciding on your deck lighting, Yamaguchi notes that post cap lights like these can really amplify and add ambiance to your space. And they’re easy to install too, because you simply pop them right on top of each of the deck posts. They have a simple design and a black weatherproof finish that will fit right in with any patio furniture. There are also barely noticeable solar panels right on top of these waterproof LEDs.


A Trendy Tapestry That Won’t Fade On Your Wall

“Adding a wall tapestry with a pop of color can instantly brighten up any room,” says interior designer and founder of Aviara Pavers Jason Farr. “Choose a tapestry with bold colors to add a unique touch to your home.”

This tapestry will definitely give you that bold moment with the sunshine design, but the colors are still a bit muted to give it that trendy look that’s not too bright. Go ahead and hang it on whatever wall you need some color — even if it gets direct sun because this fabric print won’t fade.


This Set Of Ceramic Hanging Planters To Create A Living Wall

Farr also recommends adding some plants to create a “living wall” instead of cluttering all of your surfaces with your plant babies. “They’re relatively easy to assemble and come in a variety of sizes. Plus, living walls help to purify the air and can boost your mood,” he explains.

To create this unique wall decor, grab this set of minimalist and uniquely shaped ceramic hanging planters that won’t stick out too much from the wall. These planters have simple textures to make your plants look even more like decor pieces.


A Set Of Artificial Ivy For A Zero-Hassle Plant Wall

If you want that plant wall moment but you don’t love the idea of real plant babies, this artificial ivy is the easiest go-to. It comes with 12 realistic-looking strands that are easy to hang on whatever wall needs a bit of greenery. You can also bend them if the wall has a door frame or a decor piece you want to fit them around.


These Budget-Friendly Voiles For That Dreamy, Sheer Vibe

Realtor and founder of Liberty House Buying Group Eli Pasternak says, “My top suggestion for transforming any area is to hang sheers or drapes. The inexpensive alternatives on Amazon come in a wide variety of colors, lengths, styles, and textures, and they all instantly give a room a more polished and opulent vibe.”

These sheers will instantly give you that vibe, and they’re so budget-friendly for how luxurious their lightweight fabric looks. These machine-washable panels fill the room with that filtered light look that will make any space feel dreamy and put together. They also have matching fabric slots for the curtain rod, so you won’t have to deal with clunky hardware.


This Textured Planter To Give Your Plant Babies An Upgrade

Jacob Thomlinson, a full-time expert landscaping business owner of South Surrey Lawn Mowing, recommends updating the planters around your home, and this planter is an easy option with a trendy texture. The neutral ceramic design is finished off with little embossed fan patterns all the way around it. It, of course, has a built-in drainage hole, and you can pop your indoor or patio plants in it.

Once you have your new planters, think about looking for some bold and leafy plants because Thomlinson says, “Additionally, adding some greenery to these containers can add color and life to the area.”


This Nutrient-Filled Potting Mix Set To Swap Out Sad-Looking Soil

“Replenishing the soil in your garden beds can help bring life back into them by providing vital nutrients that plants need to grow healthy and strong. Grab some bags from Amazon and do this once a year in order to keep your garden looking luscious all season long,” says Thomlinson.

This potting soil will cover up all of the dry and sad-looking soil, and it will also encourage your plants to bloom and fill your yard with flowers. Plus, this set will feed all of your landscaping nutrients for up to six months, which is plenty for the growing season.


These Textured Stepping Stones That Are *So* Easy To Place

Thomlinson also recommends adding a few pathways to your outdoor space because it “adds depth, texture, and interest to the entire area.” This trio of stepping stones makes creating those little pathways super easy because they have a non-slip backing that’s ready to be placed in the grass, mulch, or dirt. They also have that adorable design with a bunch of little pebbles to add the texture that Thomlinson suggests.


These Highly-Rated Gardening Shears That Make Pruning Easy

Of course, Thomlinson notes that it’s important to stay on top of pruning and trimming all of your landscaping. “Pruning trees and bushes regularly helps improve their overall shape while keeping them neat and tidy, giving your garden an instant renovation effect without much effort at all,” he says. “Use well-rated pruners or shears on Amazon for trimming will promote better growth in your gardens and achieve a professional finish.”

These budget-friendly shears make this regular pruning chore seriously low-effort because they have an ergonomic design that won’t strain your hands. With comfy cushioned handles, a non-slip grip, and carbon steel blades that take care of branches up to 3/4-inch thick, you honestly won’t mind taking care of your garden every week. And these are highly-rated like Thomlinson suggests too, with a 4.7-star rating after 1,500 reviews.


These Solar Lights That Cast The Dreamiest Pattern On Your Walkways

Thomlinson also suggests utilizing lights around your yard or garden to “instantly turn it into an enchanting oasis at night time.” This garden light set definitely feels enchanting because they cast a dreamy star pattern on your patio, pathways, and plants.

They have solar panels on top, so you won’t have to remember batteries in order to light up your yard every night with this whimsical LED moment. These garden lights also have a waterproof finish and extra-sturdy stakes to keep them looking tidy.


These Heavy Duty Geometric Floating Shelves That Are So Stylish

Interior designer and the founder of CabinetSelect Chris Alexakis says proper storage can really revive a space. “With creative storage solutions, like floating shelves and built-in cabinets, you can maximize your space without breaking the bank,” he says. “Think of it as a mini DIY project that can make a big impact.”

These floating shelves give you plenty of space for making cluttered decor pieces look styled and put together. The back of each one has a geometric design with matte black metal wire, so they look stylized no matter how many things you display on them — and each shelf can hold up to 13 punds. The base is made of neutral wood, and you even get installation supplies to make this mini-project easier.


These Delicate Botanical Prints That Work In Any Room

“Adding art to your walls can instantly transform any room,” Alexakis explains. “When selecting art, look for pieces with colors and patterns that go with the rest of the decor.”

With this set of four framed botanical art prints, you honestly won’t have to worry much about the colors or patterns in your space because they’re so chic and minimalist. Each one has a neutral background with soft texture that won’t compete with any of your decor. They also come with hanging hardware and four different delicate botanical designs.


This Durable & Sophisticated Wallpaper With Metallic Peonies

If hanging matching prints isn’t your thing, Alexakis suggests a feature wall. “You can choose from many different colors and textures, such as wallpaper, paint, tile, or wood paneling,” he says.

For a wallpaper option, this peel-and-stick wallpaper will give you all of the texture Alexakis recommends with its high-contrast floral pattern. It adds a deep color to any accent wall that honestly feels so sophisticated with those scattered metallic peonies. Plus, it’s steam-resistant if you want a residue-free accent wall in your bathroom.


These Wireless Sconce Lights With Adjustable Color Settings

“Sconce lights can make a room appear more modern and brighter as well,” says Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, the owner and operator of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.

These sconce lights have linen shades, which create the coziest vibes in a room that needs a bit more lighting. Their wall-mounted, wire-free design saves you from cluttering up your furniture with lamps or having unsightly wires dangling from your walls. Plus, there are LED puck lights hidden inside, so you can use a remote to change the color of these trendy sconces for movie night.


A Rotating Kitchen Sink Sprayer With A Sleek, Modern Design

“Kitchen sinks can look more modern with this stylish pull down sprayer,” says Rodriguez-Zaba. And why does she recommend this stainless steel DJS sprayer? Well, it has a trendy, modern design with a matte black finish and that coil detail on top. It has a sleek button on the front to change it between a classic stream or a wide sprayer to get through all of those post-dinner dishes quicker. It’s also topped off with a 360-degree spinning nozzle to easily rinse off the sink.


A Delicate Vanity Mirror That Will Work Anywhere In Your Home

Rodriguez-Zaba also recommends adding a wall mirror like this one to your decor because “vanity mirrors are frameless and match almost any design.” Everything about this chic mirror will feel delicate on your wall because it has a small beveled edge with a scalloped design on each corner. Of course, it’s perfect over a vanity, but it’s nice enough to display anywhere in your home with that elegant floating design.


These Easy-To-Install Wall Panels With A Minimalist Vibe

“Wall panels can make a great addition to accent walls, but it's important to exercise caution and avoid going overboard,” Rodriguez-Zaba explains. “Stick to simple designs with minimal shapes to maintain a sophisticated look.”

These wall panels will instantly give you that sophisticated moment because they have clean shapes that fit together in a geometric pattern. The matte white finish on these recycled PVC panels will make this feature wall even more minimalist. They stick right on with adhesive, and they’re easier to line up than wallpaper.


This Water-Resistant Trim For Instantly On-Trend Baseboards

“If you're looking to spruce up your basement or laundry room on a budget, consider adding some decorative trim,” says Rodriguez-Zaba. She recommends this Pllieay trim, which makes it easy to add a baseboard to your walls or instantly update a smaller and dated baseboard. This sleek trim has a wide 4-inch design that’s perfectly on-trend right now. It’s also good to go on your bathroom or laundry room walls because it’s water-resistant and even mildew-proof.


These Room-Darkening Blinds That Won’t Ruin Your Window Trim

Rodriguez-Zaba also suggests tackling those dated window coverings that you’re avoiding with these room-darkening, faux wood blinds from Lumino. It’s easy to grab them in the exact size to slide right into your windows — even if you have a quirky one that blinds never seem to fit. They won’t ruin the look of your window trim, and they’re even moisture-resistant.

There’s also an extra perk of these minimalist blinds — “New window blinds like these can make a room appear brighter and cleaner,” she says.


A Mini Fireplace To Tuck In Your Cozy Living Room

“Homeowners may not always require a full-scale makeover to breathe new life into their living spaces. This is where electric fireplaces come into play. These fireplaces are an inexpensive and easy way to bring warmth, atmosphere, and a sense of elegance to any area,” says Herlin Castellanos, an experienced home renovator in Palm Beach County, Florida, and the owner of Herlin Renovations.

This super compact fireplace is the perfect one to tuck in any living room or space that could be a little cozier. If it’s a bit too warm for a fire, but you want the cozy vibes, you can turn on the realistic flames without turning on the heater. When the heater is on, this mess-free fireplace is still cool enough to touch.


A Glowy String Light Set You Won’t Have To Worry About On Your Porch

Mathias Yuzdepski, the owner of landscape company MN Fence + Deck, recommends this glowy set of Quntis string lights to create the coziest moment for your outdoor space. These LED lights look way chicer than super bright white lights, and they’re topped off with sun, rain, and even snow-proof globes. They’re also windproof, so you really won’t have to worry about them on your porch. Plus, you get an extension cord to easily stick them wherever they look best in your outdoor space.

Plus, once they’re up, Yuzdepski says these string lights can “create a soft, ambient glow that transforms the yard into a tranquil oasis. They can also modernize outdated deck designs, giving them a fresh, chic look.”