50 Cool Home Upgrades Under $30 That Look So Freaking Good

From chic botanical prints to ambient lighting, these things elevate a room instantly.

Written by Bimini Wright
Cool Home Upgrades Under $30 That Look So Freaking Good
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Upgrading your home doesn’t have to involve a full-on, HGTV-level makeover. Ripping out cabinets and knocking down walls sounds exhausting — not to mention expensive. Thankfully, there are a ton of cool home upgrades under $30 that will make your place look so freaking good.

From storage solutions to ambient lighting to DIY decor, this list has something for everyone. So take a look, and start planning your small-but-mighty mini makeovers.


These Crystal-Clear Acrylic Shelves For Organizing Your Bathroom

Maximize your bathroom organization in style using these crystal-clear acrylic shelves. Installation is a breeze, thanks to adjustable screw holes and rust-resistant stainless steel fittings. Handcrafted from a single piece of solid acrylic, these shelves are sturdy and dependable, and won’t yellow over time. Their secure design ensures your items won't slip off, while easy-clean corners maintain freshness with minimal effort.


A Set Of Nesting Bowls That Store Easily & Come With Matching Lids

Do you ever find yourself running out of clean bowls while you’re cooking? Solve that dilemma with this 12-piece mixing bowl set that includes six plastic bowls in various sizes, accompanied by matching lids for convenient food storage. Made from durable, BPA-free polypropylene, these bowls can be used in the microwave and freezer — plus, they’re dishwasher-safe on the top rack. Whether you're prepping, serving, or storing, these bowls with snug-fitting lids are here for it all.


This Self-Adhesive Contact Paper That Can Be Used For So Many DIY Projects

A quick look at the reviews for this self-adhesive contact paper will immediately impress you with its incredible range of DIY applications, from jazzing up dressers to refreshing kitchen appliances. Applying and removing this film is a breeze, as it has handy grid lines for easy hand-cutting. No messy glue is required, and the adhesive leaves no residue upon removal. Plus, it's waterproof, making cleaning a snap — just wipe with a damp cloth.


These Bamboo Dividers For Decluttering Your Drawers

Un-junk your junk drawer with these versatile bamboo drawer dividers. They fit seamlessly into standard drawers, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. These dividers are adjustable, expanding from 17.5 inches to 22 inches long, with built-in springs for secure placement. Crafted from water-resistant bamboo, they're stylish, functional, and easy to clean.


A Faux Sheepskin Rug For Glamming Up Your Space

This faux sheepskin rug is luxuriously crafted from extra-plush faux fur, making it soft and oh-so-fluffy. The nonslip suede leather backing ensures stability, keeping the rug securely in place. Available in various sizes, it fits seamlessly into most spaces, offering a cozy cushion against cold floors or hard chairs.


This Washable Mat That Keeps Cats From Tracking Litter All Over The House

You can love your cat and still hate that they track litter through the house. This litter mat has a double-layered honeycomb design that gathers litter effectively, while the large holes trap it, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, it's waterproof and slip-resistant, ensuring no liquids seep through. Made from soft, washable EVA, it's easy to clean.


An Adjustable Plant Stand With A Mid-Century-Modern Appeal

Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, this plant stand offers robust support for your heaviest pots, capable of holding up to 150 pounds. Adjust its width or flip it to accommodate plants of all sizes. Plus, with every purchase, the brand plants one tree.


These Peel-&-Stick Tiles That Are Renter-Friendly

Bring the elegance of ceramic, stone, or glass tiles into your home at a fraction of the cost with these peel-and-stick tiles. As easy as their name suggests, simply peel and stick to transform your space. These tiles are flexible, humidity-resistant, and perfect for various applications. Use them for kitchen islands and bathroom backsplashes, or bedroom and laundry room walls.


A Pack Of Cable Clips To Organize Chargers & Other Wires

Is your desk a mess of cables? Keep your desk, office, or home space organized with this wire management system. Coming in a pack of six, these versatile cord organizers work on multiple surfaces like walls, wood, glass, and more. Installation is a breeze — simply peel and stick for an instant cable management solution.


These Motion-Activated Lights That Help Prevent Stubbed Toes In The Dark

Light up the dark corners of your home hassle-free with these motion-sensor stair lights. They automatically turn on when motion is detected within 10 feet and switch off after 30 seconds of no motion, conserving battery life. Installation is easy and wire-free — choose between screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape (both are included).


A Set Of Jars That Give Your Vanity An Old-Timey Apothecary Aesthetic

These versatile jars are perfect for storing and accessing anything from makeup brushes to office supplies. Each pack includes four containers with matching lids and pre-printed labels for items like cotton balls, swabs, pads, and floss picks. Not only functional, these apothecary jars also make for attractive decor pieces in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.


These Stackable Bins For Organizing Your Fridge

Whether you need to tidy up the fridge, pantry, cabinets, or countertops, these stackable bins have you covered. Made from BPA-free plastic, they're durable and shatterproof. With easy-grip handles and a transparent design, you can access and identify your items instantly.


A Plastic Bag Holder You Can Mount On The Wall

Keep your reusable plastic bags neatly stored and accessible with this plastic bag saver. This sleek dispenser boasts extra-wide openings for easy bag storage and retrieval. Installation is a breeze, whether you choose to mount it on walls, inside cabinets, or closets. Its brushed stainless-steel finish resists fingerprints, ensuring a clean and shiny look for years.


This Set Of Blackout Curtains That Blocks Up To 99% Of Light

These blackout curtain panels come in a set of two, and there is a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. Their silver grommet design is casually elegant, while also making installation and sliding a breeze. These curtains are heavy and soft, blocking 85% to 99% of light while providing thermal insulation, soundproofing, and energy efficiency.


A String Of Fairy Lights That Doubles As A Hanging Photo Garland

Whether you’re displaying holiday cards, photos, or artwork, this string of fairy lights with clips adds a warm, magical ambiance to your space. Made from bendable, waterproof copper and available in three different lengths, they can be molded to whatever shape you like. There are two lighting modes — twinkle/flash and steady on — and they’re powered by three AA batteries.


This Set Of 6 Marble Coasters That Protect Surfaces

Elevate your table decor with this exquisite coaster set. Crafted from fine onyx marble, each of the six coaster plates is handmade and polished to perfection. Measuring 3 1/2 inches in diameter, they come with felt bottoms to protect your table from scratches. The set includes a round holder for easy organization.


A Projector Lamp That Lets You Enjoy A Sunset Inside

Bring the beauty of sunsets into your home with this sunset projection lamp. This lamp creates a mesmerizing sunset effect that not only adds a romantic touch but also soothes your mood, making it perfect for relaxation. Plus, it's a versatile tool for photography, giving you a stunning, glowy backdrop anytime, anywhere.


These Hidden Drawers You Can Mount To The Underside Of Almost Any Desk

These sleek drawers mount securely under your desk, creating hidden storage that won't take up valuable desktop space. Made from durable plastic, they're generously sized and can hold up to 6 pounds each. Installing them is a breeze, thanks to strong self-adhesive tape — and they come with screws if you want a more permanent fix.


A Slim Storage Cart That Makes Use Of Tight Spaces

Need to maximize your space? This rolling storage cart is your solution. With its slim, three-tier design, it fits perfectly in tight spots like bathrooms, kitchens, or between your appliances. The plastic surface blends seamlessly with any decor, and you can even remove shelves to customize it for different spaces.


These Beautiful Drawer Liners That Are Infused With Scented Oil

These easy-to-cut and install drawer liners not only keep your drawers and shelves tidy but also infuse your clothes with a delightful scent. The elegant design makes them perfect for any room in your home. They’re available in two floral patterns and scent combinations, so you can treat yourself to an unexpected touch of sophistication each time you open a drawer.


A Pen That Makes Your Grout Look Like New

No more scrubbing tough grout stains; this grout pen offers a long-lasting solution for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Its non-toxic, water-based formula covers stains and transforms grout like magic. With a cap that represents the color and a generous coverage of up to 150 feet, it's your DIY grout makeover companion.


This Privacy Film That Blocks Prying Eyes & UV Rays

Enjoy privacy without drawing the curtains with this window privacy film. Its captivating prismatic patterns create a stunning rainbow effect when sunlight dances through, adding a magical ambiance to your home. It also blocks out harmful UV rays, reducing glare, and protecting your skin and furniture. Easy to apply without any messy glues, it's perfect for renters and homeowners alike.


An Egg-Holding Tray With A Slide-Out Drawer

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket — keep them safe in this egg container instead. It boasts a double-layer, stackable design with a capacity of 32 eggs, including jumbo-sized ones. It allows you to neatly stack and store your eggs while saving fridge space.


This Contact Paper That Gives You “Marble” Countertops Without The Hefty Price

Transform your space effortlessly with this marble contact paper. Application is a breeze — just peel off the backing paper and stick it to any dry, flat surface; no extra glue is needed. The high-density PVC material is waterproof and easy to clean. Plus, it’s removable and replaceable without leaving any glue behind.


These Billowy Curtains That Beautifully Filter The Light

These sheer voile curtains strike a lovely balance between natural sunlight and privacy. The convenient grommets ensure easy installation, sliding effortlessly onto curtain rods. These curtains come in multiple colors, from the white pictured above to a pretty blush, as well as assorted sizes. Machine washable for simple care.


A Hand-Blown Glass Lamp That’s Charmingly Mushroom-Shaped

Take woodland fairy aesthetic and make it grown-up with this uniquely designed mushroom lamp. Crafted from handblown glass with bubble streamlines, this lamp is both artistic and functional. It's easy on the eyes, as it emits no blue light and diffuses light through the glass. Perfect for any room in the house, it has a long power cord for your convenience.


This Bottle Attachment That Aerates Your Wine To Improve Flavor

Designed by a sommelier, this wine aerator employs the Bernoulli effect to infuse your wine with the perfect amount of oxygen, enhancing its flavors. Its tapered rubber base ensures a snug fit on all bottles, eliminating drips and spills. Made from high-quality materials, it's both elegant and functional.


An All-In-One Chalk Paint That’s Perfect For DIY Projects

This all-in-one DIY paint is as convenient as painting gets. It's equipped with a built-in primer and top coat, suitable for various surfaces, so there’s no need for extensive prep work. It's perfect for furniture, kitchen cabinets, home decor, and craft projects. You can achieve a chic, matte finish in just 30 minutes.


This Space-Saving Sponge Holder That Also Dispenses Soap

Streamline your dishwashing routine with this soap dispenser. Holding up to 13 ounces of liquid, it reduces sink clutter by holding sponges, scrubbers, and more in one convenient caddy. Its clever one-hand dispenser saves you time while preventing messy spills and waste.


A Resin Toothbrush Holder With A Chic Marble Appearance

Keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized with this multifunctional toothbrush holder. With four anti-slip foot pads, it remains stable, while six holes at the bottom ensure automatic drainage. The attractive marble resin design adds elegance to your countertop, and the five slots provide ample storage for electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and more.


This Extra-Large Cutting Board That Has Built-In Storage

This extra-large cutting board goes above and beyond the typical cutting board. A deep juice groove keeps countertops clean and three built-in compartments hold chopped ingredients. It offers a dual-sided design suitable for slicing fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, or presenting cheese and crackers. Crafted from 100% sustainable bamboo, it's an eco-friendly choice that's BPA-, plastic-, and metal-free. Cleanup is a breeze with warm, soapy water.


A Wall-Mounted Broom Holder That Keeps Your Tools Tidily Organized

Transform your broom closet from chaos to organized chic. With 11 storage spots, including five slots for brooms and mops and six additional hooks, this wall-mounted broom holder keeps everything neatly in place. Whether indoors or outdoors, it tidies up brooms, mops, gardening tools, and more. It holds up to 35 pounds without annoying slippage, thanks to the spring-loaded, rubber-gripped slots.


These Tea Towels That Bring Functional Art To Your Kitchen

Brighten your kitchen with these versatile and stylish kitchen towels. They’re generously sized to tackle your daily kitchen tasks while adding to your decor. Made from 100% cotton linen, these towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, and quick-drying, ensuring they're ready for reuse in no time.


A Set Of Wireless Puck Lights For Lighting Up Dark Corners

Illuminate hard-to-light spaces effortlessly with these puck lights. You can use the included heavy-duty adhesive tape, or screws for quick and secure installation. The wireless remote lets you control the lights so you can turn them on and off, adjust brightness levels, and set an auto-off timer.


This Full Set Of Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with this comprehensive set of essential cooking tools. Whether you're cooking, baking, frying, or serving, these utensils have you covered. With heat-resistant handles that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, the sturdy construction and protective silicone coating on the handles help ensure they hold up over time. These tools are dishwasher-safe, making meal preparation and cleanup hassle-free.


These Corner Grippers That Keep Your Rugs From Curling At The Edges

Ensure your rugs stay in place with these rug corner grippers. This set includes four V-shape corner pieces that put an end to rug corners curling up. With a unique design, these grippers won't twist or turn like straight alternatives, and their soft rubber bottom is gentle on your wood floors.


A 3-Tiered Spice Rack That Maximizes Kitchen Storage Space

This streamlined spice rack is made of gorgeous acacia wood and is perfectly sized to house your spice collection. With its different levels, you'll have a clutter-free view of your stored items, making it easy to keep track of what’s in your pantry. Whether you put it in your cabinet, on the countertop, or under the sink for sorting soaps and sponges, this kitchen rack looks good and is designed to last.


This Trio Of Sunburst Mirrors That Bring Some Celestial Magic To Your Decor

Elevate your home’s decor with this set of three stunning sunburst mirrors in an elegant gold finish. Each mirror surface is 6 inches across, creating a captivating focal point in the center of the radial arms, with a total diameter of 12 inches. These mirrors will add sophistication and radiance to any room in your home.


A Foldable Tray That Helps Prevent Spills When Eating In Bed

Upgrade your breakfast-in-bed experience with this bamboo tray table. This versatile tray is perfect for serving breakfast, dinner, or even as a stylish laptop desk. Its foldable legs and convenient handles make it easy to carry, while the raised edges keep everything in place.


These Gorgeous Pampas Grass Bouquets That Don’t Require Water

These elegant pampas grass stems are perfect for creating stunning floral centerpieces at weddings, parties, or for home decor projects. Standing at about 17 inches high, this assortment features five different colors and approximately 120 stems, including white, brown, reed, little yellow, and bunny tail grass. They’re a lovely, low-maintenance way to incorporate nature into your tabletop displays.


This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper With A Gorgeous Geometric Design

Decorate your living room, cabinets, drawers and more with this peel-and-stick wallpaper. Featuring a chic geometric print, it covers approximately 14.5 square feet per roll. Made with PVC material, it's waterproof, easy to clean and tear-resistant, plus it leaves no glue residue when removed. Installation is a breeze — simply peel, stick, and cut to size using the grid on the back.


A Sturdy Storage Solution For Displaying Your Vinyl Collection

Ditch the cluttered crates and protect your vinyl treasures in style with this vinyl record stand. Made from sturdy, shatterproof acrylic, it holds up to 50 12-inch LPs or 7-inch singles, keeping your prized records safe and easily accessible. This sleek, space-saving design complements any decor and assembles in seconds.


This Giant Chunky Knit Blanket That Is So Cozy

Wrap yourself in snuggly, luxurious comfort with this super-soft throw blanket. Knitted with extra-chunky chenille yarn for a jumbo link effect, it’s cozy and warm without shedding or pilling. It comes in 14 colors, so not only is it sumptuous, it can match your decor. Toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.


A Touch-Controlled, Dimmable Lamp With Built-In USB Outlets

Whether you're working late at your desk or winding down with a book in bed, this LED lamp adds a warm and comfortable atmosphere to any room. Its sleek design fits seamlessly into any home decor or work space. With easy touch control, you can effortlessly adjust the brightness to suit your needs. It even features two built-in USB charging ports for added convenience.


This Practical & Elegant Marble Toilet Paper Shelf

Elevate your bathroom decor using this toilet paper holder with a marble shelf. Made with real marble, the shelf has substance and durability. The stainless steel frame is also rust-proof, perfect for wet environments. The spacious top shelf is ideal for your phone, wet wipes, or other essentials, and can easily accommodate mega or large paper rolls.


These Satin Pillowcases That Make Your Bed Extra Luxurious

These silky-soft satin pillowcases offer the same smoothness as silk but with enhanced durability. They're not only gentle on sensitive skin but also reduce friction, helping prevent frizz and maintaining your hair's shine. They come in a range of stylish colors, so you can make your bedroom look Instagram-worthy.


This Eye-Catching Hanging Planter That Can Hold Plants Or Office Supplies

This geometric wall vessel serves as both eye-catching wall decor and a practical hanging planter. Use it to add some greenery to your space or to keep small items organized. Blending modern design with functionality, its sleek and elegant look makes it an elevated addition to any indoor space.


A Decorative Mirrored Tray For Organizing Makeup Or Jewelry

Made from metal with a felt-lined bottom, this mirrored tray is not only functional but also a charming addition to your decor. Accent your coffee table by adding a few small pieces of art to this tray, or showcase jewelry and accessories on a vanity or dresser top. The elegant gold finish and light-reflecting mirror complements any accessory the tray might hold.


This Set Of Botanical Prints That Bring Greenery Into A Room

Introduce soothing nature into any room’s decor with these best-selling botanical wall frames. These walnut frames showcase the lush beauty of green ferns and plants, including the snake plant, Italian ruscus, monstera deliciosa, and philodendron. The frames are both lightweight and durable, and a metal hook on the backboard ensures easy hanging.


These Rustic Shelves For Displaying Your Wine-Related Accoutrements

Crafted from sturdy steel and reclaimed wood with a vintage-style finish, these wine shelves add rustic charm to any room. They are both space-saving and versatile — besides wine bottles, you can hang various items like flutes, mugs, photo frames, cookbooks, or potted plants.