The Coolest Sh*t Under $25 On Amazon Now

Grab these incredible finds before they sell out.

The Coolest Sh*t Under $25 On Amazon Now
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Let’s face it: At the end of a long day, it feels good to indulge in some retail therapy. Of course, that feeling can quickly turn sour the next time you see your bank statement. That’s why every cool item on this list costs $25 or less, letting you hit “add to cart” without any lingering guilt.


This Customizable Recipe Book With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

This customizable recipe book is the perfect place for creative chefs to write down their ideas. It'll hold up to 60 recipes total, and its numbered pages and table of contents help you find what you're looking for fast. You'll also appreciate its eco-leather cover, which makes it an elegant gift option for loved ones who excel in the kitchen. You can buy it in multiple colors.


A Versatile Fine Mist Spray Bottle That Even Works Upside Down

Toss this fine mist spray bottle in your tote bag for touch-ups on the go. When you press its ergonomic spray button, it emits a continuous mist from any angle, making it a smart option for hair and makeup artists. That said, it’s also great for misting plants, or your clothes before hitting them with an iron. Because you can refill it over and over again, it helps you reduce your single-use plastic usage, and it's entirely propellant-free — no traditional aerosols needed.


These Bamboo Soap Holders That Reduces Mess

These bamboo soap holders will extend the lifespan of your favorite artisanal bars. Its slotted design lets moisture fall through, so your soap stays dry between washes, and its drip tray keeps water off your shower shelves and countertops. If it needs cleaning, simply lift the bamboo tray and wipe it down with a damp cloth. They also come in a sleek black.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That’ll Save You A Ton Of Money

Replace your paper towels with these reusable Swedish dishcloths. Just one dishcloth lasts up to a year, replacing about 17 rolls of paper towels (and saving you money at the grocery store). When they're not usable anymore, they're fully biodegradable. You can use them to clean all sorts of surfaces, including wood, stone, and stainless steel.


This Handheld Blinds Cleaner That One Reviewer Wishes They Bought “Years Ago”

Remove dust and debris with this handheld blinds cleaner to clear allergens out of your space. Its thick, fluffy material lifts dust off of air conditioners, window lattices, and fans. Because you won't have to dust off each blind on its own, it'll save you tons of time while you clean. “This contraption fits very snugly in between several slats at once and cleans all of the dust off very easily. Wish I had found it years ago,” said one reviewer.


A Microfiber Towel That Holds 7 Times Its Weight In Liquid

Since it’s so compact, you can take this microfiber towel to the beach, pool, or gym. It only weighs 20 ounces, but it absorbs up to seven times its weight in liquid and dries fast, so you can stash it in your bag almost immediately after a swim. You'll also appreciate its convenient hanging loop, which speeds up its drying time even more.


These Space-Saving Vacuum Storage Bags That Have Over 50,000 5-Star Reviews

These space-saving vacuum storage bags let you store more clothes than ever in your closet. Their triple-seal turbo valve and double zip seal help you get every last ounce of air out of your bags, which can increase your storage space by up to 80%. They're puncture-resistant and extremely durable, so you can use them to store out-of-season clothes without worrying about damage.


This Powder-Coated Bronze Pan Organizer That Saves Valuable Counter & Cabinet Space

This bronze pan organizer stacks your favorite kitchen tools to add valuable counter space to your kitchen. You can use it vertically or horizontally, depending on your storage needs, and accommodate up to five pans at once. Its durable bronze material ensures it'll hold up against your toughest cookware for years to come.


A Slim Elastic Wallet That’ll Make It Easy To Access Your Essentials

Whether you’re embarking on a night out or traveling to your next destination, store cash and cards in this slim elastic wallet. Its tight-knit material holds cash, cards, and other belongings securely in place so they won't slip out, no matter where you go. It can accommodate up to eight cards at once, and its convenient ring lets you attach keys and lanyards, too.


This Laser Level That’ll Instantly Help Your Home Look More Polished

Pick up this laser level to hang your decorations flawlessly every time. Its three-pronged approach combines an accurate tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble, and a laser level for maximum accuracy while you work. When you buy, you'll receive three backup batteries, so you won't have to take as many trips to the hardware store. “It is one of my favorite things to reach for [when] doing my kitchen renovation,” noted one reviewer.


This Spiralizer That Makes Cutting Veg So Much Faster

Whether you’re gluten-free or you just want to switch up your pasta night, try this vegetable spiralizer. With its four-in-one design, you can adjust the thickness of its blade to work with a wide variety of vegetables, from carrots to zucchini and everything in between. Plus, its multi-pronged food holder keeps your hands safe and doubles as a convenient cap for storage purposes. Over 15,000 customers gave it a five-star rating.


A Brass Grill Scraper With A Handy Built-In Bottle Opener

This metal grill scraper comes with a built-in bottle opener, so it’ll be your best friend at every barbecue. Because it's made of brass, it doesn't need brushes or bristles to thoroughly clean your grill, which means it'll last for years to come. Plus, it has a downloadable book of 25 recipes that will give your future dinners a little variety. It also makes a great stocking stuffer.


This Popular Fidget Toy That’s Quiet

This fidget toy from Tom’s Fidgets can help you release excess energy anytime, anywhere. Its stainless steel split rings and chain links won't break or corrode, so they'll last for years, and its silicone O-rings give it texture, grip, and a bright pop of color. It can be especially helpful for those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety; even so, anyone can use it as a comforting tool that also improves focus. As Tom’s Fidgets claims, it’s “silent yet satisfying.”


A Rechargeable Electric Lighter That’s Windproof

Candle collectors will appreciate this rechargeable electric lighter, which gives your space a gorgeous (and safe) glow. Once it's fully powered via a USB cable, you can use it up to 600 times before it needs another charge. Its flexible and rotatable neck gives you easy access to wicks in hard-to-reach spots, and it's windproof and splashproof for outdoor use.


A Ceramic Egg Separator With A Hilariously Cute Design

For chefs with a sense of humor, this ceramic egg separator can’t be beat (I had to). Simply break an egg into the top opening, and the egg whites will flow out of the chicken's beak, leaving behind the yolk. Its strong ceramic material makes a durable alternative to plastic that's comparatively eco-friendly, and its adorable chicken design is sure to make you smile.


This French Rolling Pin That’s Crafted From Nonstick Beechwood

Whether you’re making madeleines or a mille-feuille, this French rolling pin exudes elegance in the kitchen. Its nonstick beechwood material is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, and when you're finished cooking, it's incredibly easy to clean with a damp cloth. Use it with one hand or two, depending on your baking needs, and you'll see stunning results either way.


A Silicone Utensil Rest With A Drip Pad To Keep Counters Clean

This silicone utensil rest features a drip pad that keeps your kitchen cleaner while you work. With four spacious slots, it gives you more than enough room to stash spoons, ladles, and spatulas (without leaving any sticky residue on your countertops). Because its silicone material resists heat, you can place it near the stove without worry, and its nonslip base holds it securely in place.


An LED Dog Collar That You Can Spot From 1,0000 Feet Away

This LED dog collar makes it significantly safer to walk your best friend at night. It's highly visible from up to 1,000 feet away, so cars, bikers, and pedestrians will spot you and your pup before there's even a chance of a collision. With its micro-USB port, you can recharge it for up to eight hours of continuous light, and it's waterproof, so you can hit the beach or lake with peace of mind. You can grab it in 12 colors and multiple sizes.


A Mug Warmer That’ll Save You A Few Trips To The Microwave

Invest in this mug warmer if you’re tired of running to the microwave to reheat your cup. With 17 watts of electricity, it'll warm up your drinks in two minutes or less, and its on/off switch features an indicator light, so you'll always know whether it's hot or not. You'll also appreciate its longer power cord, which gives you more flexibility if you choose to add it to your work desk.


This Over-The-Door Organizer For Towels, Purses & Accessories

Minimize clutter with this over-the-door organizer, which you can use to stash towels, purses, and accessories. Its four large pockets will accommodate slightly bigger items, and its two smaller pockets are just the right size for scarves, wallets, and umbrellas. Because its lining is completely clear, you'll be able to find what you're looking for at a glance, and it’s compatible with most doors. It’s available in black, white, and gray.


These Laundry Clips That’ll Keep Your Socks Together

These laundry clips are a great way to manage the tenuous relationship of your socks — they’re always breaking up and getting back together. Each one has adjustable rubber clips to accommodate all sizes and thicknesses. They're super durable and stretchy, so they'll hold up in the washing machine and the dryer, guaranteeing a secure hold. They can also help you save money; after upping your sock-matching success rate, you’ll no longer have to keep buying new ones.


A Fully-Assembled Wood Vinyl Record Frame With Magnetic Hinges

This wood vinyl record frame helps you show off your impeccable music taste in style. Its magnetic hinges help make it incredibly easy to switch out the record that's on display; simply swing open its frame and insert the album of your choice — no disassembly required. Because it's shatterproof and UV-resistant to prevent fading, it's an ingenious way to extend the lifespan of your favorite vintage vinyl.


This Portable Slushy Cup That Works With All Types Of Fruit Juices

This portable slushy cup lets you create at-home slushies with ease. Stash your cup in the freezer when it's not in use; if you're ready for a delicious drink, simply pour it in, squeeze, and sip. Its innovative design features a built-in freezing liquid between its sealed layers, which helps you achieve your desired consistency every time. Available in four colors, it also makes a fun gift.


A Pasta Drying Rack For Low-Effort Gourmet Meals

This pasta drying rack holds just over four pounds of pasta at a time for maximum convenience while you cook. With its rotating wheel, it adjusts the distance between noodles so they won't stick together. Its sturdy stainless steel stand holds it securely in place, and when you're not using it, you can fold the tripod feet down for a compact storage solution. It also makes a great gift for anyone venturing into the delicious world of fresh pasta.


A Meat Temperature Magnet With Lots Of Helpful Cooking Guidelines

This meat temperature magnet features over 20 cooking guidelines that help you hone your grilling skills. You'll learn the recommended temperature, cooking time, and type of wood to achieve the flavor you crave. It'll stick securely to your fridge or the side of your smoker, so you'll always have it nearby when you want to take a look.


This Chainmail Scrubber That’s Handmade From Stainless Steel

When you’re the proud owner of a cast iron pan, perfecting your cleaning process can be a challenge — that’s where this chainmail scrubber comes in. Each of its sturdy rings is made of surgical-quality stainless steel that won't rust or break. Use it to clean cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens, and anything else in your kitchen that needs a little extra TLC. It currently holds an impressive score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon.


This Fancy Ice Tray That Comes With Tools & Storage Bin

With 66 spherical spots, this ice tray keeps your friends, family, and guests hydrated without the hassle. Just fill it with water, tightly press the lid, freeze it, and twist out the ice, and you'll be sipping your favorite cold drinks in style. You can also infuse your ice with fruit or mint to give your water a flavorful twist. It also comes with tongs, straws, and a handy storage bin.


A Sleek Wine Opener You Can Buy In Over 15 Colors

This premium wine opener features a stylish rosewood detail that elevates it above your average corkscrew. Its ergonomic handle and durable stainless steel body make it a long-lasting choice that's gentle on wrists and hands. It works efficiently to remove natural and synthetic corks in five twists or less, so you can spend less time opening bottles and more time with loved ones at the party. It’s even available in a bunch of colors to make it feel more personalized.


These Funny Lid Lifters That’re Perfect For When You Need To Vent

When you (or your soup or stew) need to vent, use this silicone pot lid lifter to let off steam. Rest it on the edge of your pot or pan, “Lid Sid” will hold the lid slightly ajar to keep your dish from boiling over. Lid Sid is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant, and his cheeky design makes him the perfect prep cook.


A Laundry Folding Board For Boutique-Level Organization

If you want an easy way to look more organized, try this laundry folding board. It'll help you fold shirts, pants, dresses, and pajamas in three quick motions, helping you free up space in cluttered closets and drawers. You'll also appreciate its convenient hooks, which you can use to hang on the wall when it isn't in use. Available in five different colors, this board has over 25,000 five-star reviews to back it up.


A Convenient Kitchen Gadget Set To Level Up Your Culinary Skills

This kitchen gadget set truly has everything. It's equipped with six must-have tools, including a grader, a grinder, and a pizza cutter, all of which connect to take up as little kitchen space as possible. When it's not in use, stash it in a drawer or hang it on the wall with its durable hook. Its high-quality stainless steel blades last for years to come, and it's easy to use with either your left or right hand.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Helped One Reviewer Be “Friends With” Their Mandolin Again

Protect fingers and hands with these cut-resistant gloves, which are made of tough polypropylene and reinforced with stainless steel thread. With a level five cut resistance rating, they're approximately four times tougher than leather, but they're breathable enough to keep hands from overheating. “They perform exactly as advertised,” said one reviewer. “No cuts! No blood in the spuds! I am friends with my mandoline again.”


An Organic Beeswax Lip Balm In 6 Flavors

This organic beeswax lip balm is made with mostly sustainable ingredients, so you can take care of your lips and the planet. With hydrating superheroes like safflower oil, lemon balm, and vitamin E, it nourishes chapped lips year-round for maximum protection. Moon Valley Organics follows a strict set of standards to help the pollinators on their farm thrive (not just bees, but butterflies and hummingbirds, too).


This Repotting Mat That Helps You Hone Your Green Thumb

Create the garden of your dreams with this repotting mat. Its thick polyethylene fabric is completely waterproof, which helps it live as long as your most resilient succulents. Use it for repotting, fertilizing, pruning, and watering; when you're finished caring for your floral friends, just snap its four corners together for a compact storage solution.


These LED Lights You Can Stick Under Your Cabinets

Stick these LED lights under your cabinets to illuminate countertops in your bathroom and kitchen. Its convenient remote lets you adjust its brightness and color temperature, and its motion sensor turns it on automatically when you walk into the room. Their simple design and intuitive instructions make them so easy to install, even if you're new to the world of home improvement.


This Popcorn Maker That Melts Your Butter For You

Not only will this popcorn maker prepare your favorite movie snack, but it’ll melt your butter for you. Just add your desired amount of kernels, press the button, and you'll have piping hot popcorn in no time flat. Its included measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray, and its compact design helps it fit into apartments, dorms, and RVs. You can buy it in one of four colors.


A Light-Up Pink Neon Heart That A Reviewer Called “A Steal For The Price”

If you need home decor inspiration, pick up this pink neon sign to give your space a pop of personality. Its romantic heart shape makes it a fun alternative to your average table lamp — with a glow that’s just as bright. Its on-and-off switch is located on its base, so it's incredibly easy to access, and you can power it with three AA batteries or via a USB cable. “It's well worth the price. Works well with my timer. A steal for the price,” said one reviewer.


This Silicone Duck Night Light That’s Is A Whole Mood

Bird lovers will be obsessed with this silicone night light, which features an adorable duck design. Its soft silicone material is water-resistant and drop-resistant, so energetic kids can play with it to their heart's content. Plus, its warm LED glows without blue light, reducing eye strain for increased comfort. With an overall score of 4.8 out of five stars, plenty of people have lovingly welcomed this duck into their homes.


A Gadget That Crushes Cans To 20% Of Their Original Size

By reducing cans to 20% of their original size, this metal can crusher can help you save room in your recycling bin. Simply hang it on your kitchen wall, and you're good to go; you'll receive all the necessary hardware with your purchase. You'll appreciate its large, cushion grip handle, which goes easy on fingers and hands, and its built-in bottle opener, which helps you crack open a cold one in a pinch.


This Digital Meat Thermometer With A Bright LED Screen

This digital meat thermometer features a bright LED screen that makes it so easy to read. With its pre-calibrated probe, it'll take food and liquid temperatures in as few as three seconds. Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, depending on your preferences, and keep it around during your next barbecue to ensure everything’s cooked to perfection.


These Silicone Stretch Lids That Make Storing Leftovers Easy

These silicone stretch lids will permanently replace your single-use plastic wrap. When you buy, you’ll receive seven lids, which stretch to fit bowls, pots, and dishes of various sizes. They're safe in the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher, and you'll receive a cotton mesh storage bag with your purchase.


A Moisturizing Massage Candle For Luxurious Spa Nights

For a luxurious spa night, this moisturizing massage candle can’t be beat. Once lit, the candle releases a calming aroma that promotes muscle relaxation, and you can use the melted wax as a massage oil for soft, nourished skin. Each clean-burning candle lasts for up to 40 hours and is made with soothing ingredients like shea butter, lavender oil, and vitamin E.


A Mushroom Night Light That Changes Color For A Dreamy Vibe

This mushroom night light changes color for a dreamy, botanical vibe. Its dusk-to-dawn sensor turns it on and off automatically, depending on the time of day, and its compact size makes it easy to install anywhere in your room. Kids and grown-ups alike will love its whimsical design; its blue, yellow, and white mushrooms will make any space feel like a fairytale garden.


These Helpful Drawer Dividers With A Chic Honeycomb Design

These drawer dividers feature a chic honeycomb design that helps you keep your socks and underwear in order. Simply cut them down to your desired size, press the fasteners together, and stash them in your drawers for instant organization. When you buy, you'll receive eight dividers, giving you a total of 18 storage slots.


A Tinted Lip Balm That Changes Color According To Your pH Level

This color-changing flower balm adjusts to your pH levels for a personalized pink tint. Its vegan ingredients nourish and moisturize, and it's formulated without potential irritants like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. It's made without the use of any animal testing whatsoever, and the beautiful flower inside is a real chrysanthemum.


An Exfoliating Shower Towel With 12,000+ 5-Star Reviews

This exfoliating shower towel is made of a soft nylon material that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. It's made with exfoliating and lathering threads to clean thoroughly as you slough away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Just add water and your favorite liquid body soap for a spa-worthy shower experience at a fraction of the cost. After using it once, don’t be surprised if you suddenly rethink using your old loofahs.


This Airplane Footrest That Makes Flying So Much Better

Invest in this airplane footrest for a restful night of sleep even when you’re 36,000 feet in the air. It's made of a thick memory foam that relieves leg and back pain, and its 360-degree ventilation design makes it a breathable option that won't overheat your feet. You'll also appreciate its stretchy elastic fabric, which adapts to your body for maximum comfort, so all you have to think about is which airplane movie you want to watch.


This Artsy Pencil Cup That Will Have People Asking, “Where Did You Get That?”

Keep office supplies close at hand with this pencil cup. It's made of a sturdy, phthalate-free PVC material, and its steady base keeps it from tipping over, even if you knock into it while reaching for something else. With its large capacity, it's spacious enough to hold all your essential office supplies, but it won’t take up too much real estate on your desk. The base is heavy enough as to not tip over, making it a great gift as well.


An Easy-To-Install Towel Rack That’ll Give Your Bathroom An Instant Makeover

If you want to revamp your bathroom but are frightened by the cost, start small with nice accents like this space-saving towel rack. Available in five colors, each rack has six levels to store your favorite towels. This handy gadget also works as a wine rack, if you’d like to hang it in your kitchen instead. It’s easy to assemble and has an overall rating of 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon.


This Lid & Ladle Holder That’ll Make Your Kitchen Feel Fancier

This innovative ladle holder is the perfect place to rest your in-use tools while cooking. It’s also a great place to rest a pot lid while saving you important counter space. It can withstand temperatures up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and is a good way to incorporate the theme of “small-space living” into your home. “Because the stand is metal it is sturdy enough to hold up my largest lids and covers! Really nice and so useful,” said one reviewer.