The 62 Coolest Things Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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Most of the time, I’m a very deliberate person. I look before I leap, I think long and hard about my decisions, and I’m a master of pros and cons lists. Unfortunately, however, all of that goes out the window when I’m confronted with the countless amazing bargains on Amazon. After all, when products are affordable, come straight to my door, and are actually really cool, even the most deliberate among us can’t resist a few impulse buys.

But I’ve found a way around this — a method that both eases my guilt and helps me locate the brilliant products that’ll actually improve my life: I consult other Amazon buyers’ wish lists. That way, someone else does all the deliberation for me, and I can see at a glance which products are actually worth my time. If hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of people can’t wait to get their hands on something, I can tuck my pros and cons list into my back pocket for a while.

If you, like me, have trouble resisting all of the clever products on Amazon, do yourself a favor and narrow down your options with these genius items that are most added to Amazon wish lists, and bring on the perfectly calculated impulse buys you won’t regret.


This Rechargeable Label Maker You’ll Be Obsessed With

Seriously boost your organization game with the NiiMbot label maker, which lets you create custom labels from your smartphone. It is USB-rechargeable, and comes in green, pink, black, or white. “I'm obsessed with this thing!” one reviewer wrote. Another noted, “I used this to label all of my spice jars & loose tea.”


This Affordable Food Processor That Does It All

A powerful food processor could cost you upwards of $150 — which explains Hamilton Beach’s popularity. Despite its $40 price tag, this can slice, shred, mince, and puree up to 8 cups at once, so of course, it has over 11,000 reviews and best-selling status. It’s also been called the “nut butter king,” “surprisingly powerful [...] for this price level,” and “just as good as much more expensive, higher-end food processors.”


These Brilliant Meal Prep Freezer Trays

Freezing leftovers is a great way to store them long-term, but usually, that means you have to defrost the whole container before you can use any of it. Souper Cubes change all that. Thanks to the flexible silicone design and four individual compartments, you can pop out a single 1-cup serving of soup, sauce, or stock. They’re also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and have lids to prevent leaks in the freezer.


A $20 Pet Camera With All The Best Features

Keep an eye on your pet (or family) no matter where you happen to be. Since it pans, tilts, and zooms, the Blink mini camera gives you the full picture of what’s going on at home — just by accessing the app on your phone. It also has cloud storage, a two-way microphone, clear night vision, motion tracking, and Alexa compatibility for hands-free control.


This Outdoor Firebowl Candle That Repels Bugs

It looks awesome in its sleek, earthy terra-cotta bowl. But more importantly, perhaps, it repels mosquitos and other bugs with its non-scented interior. It sets the mood in any outdoor space with its elongated, wind-resistant flame. No wonder buyers can’t wait to get their hands on this Hyoola firebowl candle. It comes in your choice of blue or peach, and each one lasts about five hours.


This Compact Air Fryer For Easy, Crispy Snacks

It uses significantly less oil and takes up significantly less space, but this mini electric air fryer is still “everything [reviewers are] looking for in an air fryer.” Get hot fries, crispy homemade potato chips, popcorn shrimp, or chicken nuggets, all of which taste like they’re straight out of a deep-fryer, but without the mess. Finally, it’s easy to use thanks to its multiple temperature settings and automatic timer.


This Eco-Friendly Cleaning Paste That’s Been Called “Magic In A Tub”

Amazon reviewers who have “tried everything” on their sink, shower doors, tubs, and kitchen appliances, found that nothing worked “until this.” Even though A-Ben-A-Qui’s cleaning paste is shockingly powerful, it’s still nontoxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe to use on most surfaces from cement and linoleum to stainless steel and tile. It also comes in a 20-ounce tub and “a little goes a long way.”


This Rainfall Showerhead With A Built-In Rainbow Light

With a 360-degree swivel design that drenches you with a rainfall water effect, this shower head is already worth the $13 price tag. Throw in the fact that it has a built-in rainbow LED light that filters through seven colors while you shower, and it’s no wonder it’s all over customers’ wish lists. It’s also rust-resistant and installs quickly to a standard shower arm, no tools necessary.


These Rug Grippers To Prevent Curling, Slipping, & Tripping

It’s a simple solution, but past buyers have called them “life-changing,” “absolutely fabulous,” and “literally the BEST purchase.” These Home Techpro rug grippers peel and stick onto the corners of just about any rug, so it instantly becomes flat, trip-proof, and slip-resistant. Their adhesive works on just about all hard floors, and each order comes with four pieces — enough for any one square or rectangular rug.


The Best-Selling Popcorn Popper On Amazon

Made from sturdy borosilicate glass and BPA-free plastic, the Ecolution mini microwave popcorn maker turns loose kernels into fast, delicious popcorn. Use the three-in-one lid to measure kernels, cover while popping, and melt toppings, while the wide mouth and ergonomic handle are ideal for pouring and serving. It also comes in tons of cool colors. No wonder it’s a number-one best-seller in popcorn poppers.


These $9 Pillowcases With 159,000+ Reviews

How can you ignore over 150,000 ratings — especially when over 70% of them are five stars? These Bedsure pillowcases are made from cooling, silky satin, so they’re breathable for the hot sleeper and luxurious-looking for the interior designer. They’re also resistant to friction so they pamper your skin and hair while you sleep. Get this set of two in four sizes and dozens of colors.


Some Cut-Resistant Gloves That Protect Your Hands

Yes, these Dowellife cut-resistant gloves protect your fingers in the kitchen while you’re working with knives or graters, but they can also prevent splinters during DIY jobs and injuries during gardening. How? They’re made from a special elastic nylon that still allows for a secure fit and optimal dexterity — but they provide a level-five cut-resistance that’s 10-times stronger than your average glove.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


This Zester & Grater That’s “Freaking Amazing”

What’s so special about a cheese grater? This one in particular has more than 16,000 reviews because of its razor-sharp stainless steel blade, which won’t rust even when tossed in the dishwasher. It also has a textured, comfortable-grip handle and works with virtually no pressure on your part. Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. “Look no further,” one reviewer wrote. “This zester is freaking amazing.”


A $15 Gadget That Lets You Re-Seal Bags

Never again taste the disappointment of soggy chips, stale cookies, or old vegetables. The EZCO bag sealer works on vacuum bags, chips and cookie wrappers, and pet food sacks so you can preserve the freshness and texture while storing leftovers. It also doubles as a bag cutter and is battery-operated for portability.


This Shower Mirror That Won’t Fog Up

You can save time and minimize mess by grooming in the shower, but your average mirror won’t cut it. Cue the HoneyBull fogless mirror, which — you guessed it — won’t fog up in the presence of heat, moisture, and steam. It also has a strong but removable suction cup for damage-free installation onto most smooth surfaces, and it swivels so you can find your ideal angle. Currently, it has over 14,000 reviews and a 4.3-star overall rating.


A Strainer That Stores Easily & Works With All Cookware

I’m obsessed with my Snap N Strain strainer, and according to its thousands of reviews, top ratings, and best-selling status, countless other buyers are too. This flexible silicone solution clasps onto a huge range of cookware, so you can strain everything from pasta and potatoes to chopped meat and salad. It’s also heat-resistant and way easier to store than your average colander.


These Light Curtains To Transform Your Space

Thumb through all of the customer images for these fairy light curtains, and you’ll be ridiculously inspired to transform your own space. People have used these bright, cascading LEDs to warm up their reading nooks, make whimsical bedrooms, beautify outdoor wedding ceremonies, and create magical holiday displays. They’re waterproof, remote-controlled, and have eight different lighting modes.


This Super Popular Wireless Charger — That’s Only $10

It costs just $10, but buyers can’t stop raving about this Qi-certified wireless charger, which is apparently fast, safe, and compact. It’s compatible with iPhones and Samsungs alike (using the right adapters), and it’ll charge your phone straight through most cases. Since the green LED turns off after a few seconds, it’s also sleep-friendly, unlike some competing options.


A Cooling Pad For Your Furry Best Friend

Use it on the floor, couch, porch, in their crate, or in the car. Wherever you put it, this special pet mat keeps your pet extra-cool using breathable mesh and a temperature-balancing fabric. It also comes in two different sizes for various breeds. “He recently started a new medication which makes him very hot and this blanket has been a godsend. From the moment I set it down he has loved it,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: L — XL


These Bags That Save You Some Serious Storage Space

Put your stuff in these compression bags and hand-roll them to squeeze out every last drop of air; after that, your seasonal clothes, puffy comforters, and bulky towels become infinitely easier to store. They also protect against dust, bugs, and dampness, but they’re not just for storage — use them while packing a suitcase to fit more essentials in a smaller space.


This Electric Kettle With 30,000+ 5-Star Reviews

“Why did I wait so long to purchase this?” one reviewer asked. “It has made my life so much easier,” another wrote. The Mueller electric kettle boils water fast and safely without the need for a stovetop. Just plug into an outlet, and you can heat up to 1.8 liters of water within mere minutes. It also has a futuristic LED light, a clear Borosilicate base, and an auto-off function for added safety. Customers love it so much, it has earned a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 30,000 reviews.


A 3-In-1 Bedside Companion For Better Sleep That’s Not Just For Kids

Illuminate your child’s bedroom with a gentle night light. Choose a soothing white noise and control the volume from your phone. Help them wake up with a time-to-rise alert. “Finally, my kids are sleeping,” one reviewer raved about the Hatch three-in-one sound machine — but according to other buyers, “it's a great device for adults too! [...] I love how customizable and personalized you can program this, and you can do it all from the app on your phone.”


This Adjustable Heated Eye Mask That’s So Relaxing

“Best mask for dry eye and blepharitis,” one reviewer wrote. Others said, “works great for sinus headaches” and “I experience deep relaxation and a great night’s sleep after.” Needless to say, this heated eye mask is a cult favorite on Amazon for a wide variety of reasons. The exterior is made from cotton, the interior has self-adjusting flax seeds, the strap is adjustable, and the controller lets you choose between three different temperatures.


A Precise Kitchen Scale That’s Easy To Use & Store

Cook with consistency and precision thanks to the Measurik digital kitchen scale. This gadget has all the features people need and want, including a high-precision sensor that lets you choose between pounds, ounces, grams, or milliliters, and a backlit LED screen with a low-battery indicator. It’s also easy to wipe clean due to the tempered glass, and stores effortlessly in a drawer or cabinet with its sleek profile.


This Blender Bottle For Shakes On The Go

Mix your shakes and smoothies on the go. The BlenderBottle SportMixer comes with a stainless steel wire-whisk ball that breaks up powders and other ingredients, no problem. It’s also BPA-free, stain-resistant, and has a comfort grip and a twist-on cap with an easy-drink spout. Get it in two sizes and six colors.


These ‘90s-Inspired Rectangular Sunglasses That Are A Total Bargain

All things ‘90s are back in style, including these vintage rectangular sunglasses. They come in a pack of two for $16, even though they offer UV protection and are both durable and fashionable. Opt for the black and leopard print or go for something bolder. They also come in packs of one.


This Handheld Steamer That Irons & Sanitizes

Even though it’s handheld and lightweight, this steamer creates a continuous stream of hot water vapor to get rid of the wrinkles in your clothes for 15 continuous minutes, no ironing board required — but that’s not all it does. Reviewers also use it to sanitize upholstery and loosen up dirt and grime around the house. It’s also easy to pack and bring with you thanks to its portable design.


This Eyebrow Soap For Full, Long-Lasting Texture

It’s initially transparent, but when worked through the brows with the included brushes, this eyebrow soap nourishes the follicles and creates full, waterproof texture for long-lasting styling. “My brows stay fluffy and full all day long. I no longer fill them, they look so full! Love this product,” one reviewer wrote. You also get two tins with each order, and a little goes a very long way.


A $40 Topper That Transform Your Mattress On A Budget

Maybe a new mattress isn’t in your budget. According to thousands of reviewers, the Linenspa topper makes your old one feel like “a whole new mattress” and like you’re “sleeping on a cloud.” It uses 2 or 3 inches of gel-insured memory foam to cradle your body and keep you cool throughout the night. Plus, it comes in just about every common bed size.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


This Foolproof Bagel Slicer That Makes It Nearly Impossible To Cut Yourself

Ensure that your bagels and rolls are cut evenly, right down the middle, every single time. The Hoan original bagel slicer has a hands-free holder and a serrated blade; just put your bread item in, lower the slicer, and voila — you’re ready for butter, cream cheese, or cold cuts. Thanks to the acrylic safety shields, it is virtually impossible to cut yourself. Get it in four colors.


This Cooling, Ergonomic Stand For Your Laptop

This laptop stand does two things simultaneously: It props your computer up at an ergonomic angle that promotes better posture, and it has built-in fans that keep the underside cool. Despite its gorgeous bamboo construction and extra USB port, it won’t cost you more than $25.


Some Curtains That Block Out Light, Sound, & Temperature

Yeah, these NICETOWN blackout curtains are designed to block out up to 99% of light for morning movies, afternoon nappers, and overnight workers — but that’s not all they do. Thanks to their advanced triple-weave fabric, they also help to insulate your home against outside noises and drafts. Since they have metal grommets and come in tons of sizes and colors, they’re a high-end addition to your house, even though they’re surprisingly affordable.


These Best-Selling Baking Mats For Easy Cleanup

Forget single-use parchment paper and never again have to scrape your pans clean. These baking mats are a number-one best-seller because they’re nonstick without oil, oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and help you get a golden, even bake on everything from cookies to chicken. “How did I ever manage without these?” one reviewer asked.


This Shoe Organizer That Holds 16 Pairs

The Moteph shoe organizer holds 16 pairs at once. It also keeps them clean and visible with its transparent plastic cover — but unlike most other options, it allows you to hide your footwear-clutter in a sleek, visually pleasing way. It also folds up for convenient storage, has reinforced handles so you can pull it off a shelf, and comes with removable dividers if you want to use it for handbags, bras, toys, .


This Diffuser Hair Dryer Attachment That’s Universal & Under $20

According to many reviewers, this hair diffuser attachment “easily attaches” to so many different brands of hairdryers, thanks to its unique rotating and locking design. It comes with a free shampoo brush that massages your scalp, and tons of customers have written that it’s even an upgrade from the standard diffusers that come with hairdryers.


A Dehumidifier With All The Right Features

With its 280-square-foot coverage, quiet motor, two working modes, and color-changing LEDs, this SEAVON dehumidifier has all the features reviewers are looking for. “I am a lash artist where humidity level has to be on point,” one reviewer wrote. “Ever since I started using this dehumidifier, it has worked wonders.” Others report that it’s helped to keep their basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and bedrooms way more comfortable.


This Electric Can Opener That’s “Life-Changing”

Maybe you’re worried about sharp edges. Maybe you struggle with a manual can opener, or maybe you’re just sick of using them. Whichever is the case, the Kitchen Mama electric can opener is a must-buy. It uses batteries and a sharp but safe mechanism to automatically cut the side of the can, all at the press of a button. “This can opener has changed my life,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s incredibly easy to use and it’s nice that it cuts the top off completely without leaving any sharp edges.”


A Styling Organizer For Your Hot Tools

The sleek JACKCUBE styling organizer has a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars overall. Using four different compartments and a spot for your power strip, this accessory keeps your dryer and styling tools accessible and powered up — plus, it gives them a safe place to cool down. Even the professionals approve: “I got it as a gift for someone else; they are a hair stylist and they absolutely love it,” one reviewer wrote.


This $12 Foam Roller That’s “Well Worth it”

“I use this daily and has honestly helped me so much,” one reviewer wrote about the ProsourceFit foam roller. “Best purchase I've made on Amazon!” Much like more expensive options, it uses a dense foam material to release trigger points, massage tight muscles, and improve flexibility, but unlike many other brands, it’s affordable and easy to store.


This Anti-Fatigue Mat Filled With High-Density Foam

Make your standing desk much more comfortable, minimize back pain while you’re washing dishes, or pamper your feet during your morning routine. The ComfiLife floor mat is filled with anti-fatigue, high-density foam that cushions your feet while reducing pressure on your knees, legs, and lumbar. It also comes in three sizes and over a dozen colors, all of which have a nonslip bottom and a stain-resistant top.


This Super-Compact USB Wall Charger

This is not your average charging brick. For one, the Nekmit wall charger is ultra-thin and flat so it won’t get in the way of your second outlet. For another, it has a three-prong design that stays securely plugged in, and finally, it has two USB ports and smart IC technology that detects your devices’ output to offer the fastest charging speeds without overdoing it. Get it in white, black, or red.


This Genius Screen Door That Automatically Closes With Magnets

The AUGO screen door is made out of a durable mesh to prevent bugs from getting into the house — and it can be easily installed in most standard doorways using the included Velcro strips. All of that said, it’s especially revolutionary because it automatically closes behind you with its self-attracting magnets. In other words, pets can let themselves out and children can come and go, but your house stays breezy and bug-free.


These Drink-Holder Stakes When You Need A Free Hand

Stick these Decko drink holders into the sand at the beach, into the dirt around the fire pit, or into the grass next to your grill or cornhole game. Whenever you need a free hand, they’ll hold your drink securely in their solid steel design that fits most cans, bottles, and cups. Each set comes with four individual stakes, and they’re all different colors so you know whose drink belongs to who.


A $7 DIY Project That Upgrades Almost Any Surface

I love looking at the customer images for this marble paper roll. People have transformed their desks, bathroom vanities, dressers, shelves, and kitchen counters, all using this self-adhesive material. Even though it looks like real marble, it’s actually constructed from PVC, so it’s durable, water-resistant, and can be cut to any size or shape.


An Electric Lighter That’s Fully Rechargeable

In my opinion, every household should have at least one of these — but they’re a total non-negotiable if you’re sick of wet matches and empty lighters. They’re fully USB-rechargeable, and their electric spark works despite moisture and wind. Basically, they allow you to light your grill, campfire, or candles at the press of a button. Choose between four colors, each made from high-grade aluminum.


This Sunrise Alarm That Wakes You Up More Gently

According to the rave reviews on this JALL wake-up light clock, people are done waking up to sudden noises and annoying beeps. Unlike your standard alarm, this one has a gentle light that gradually brightens, which simulates a natural sunrise, slowly rouses you from sleep, and helps to hack your circadian rhythm for more energy throughout the day. (It also has multiple colors and a built-in natural noise machine.)


This $15 Sharpener That Makes Your Knives “Like New”

If you can’t afford to replace all of your knives right now, the SHARPAL sharpener is the next best thing. “Within 30 minutes of delivery I had all my dull knives sharpened like new,” one reviewer wrote. It offers three different stages: tungsten carbide for edge setting, ceramic for fine honing, and a tungsten grinder for scissors. Underneath, there’s a suction-cup design so the sharpener stays put while you work.


The Best Thing If You Spend Too Long Searching For Your Keys

The Tile Mate is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever bought — so much so that it’s now my go-to gift whenever I don’t know what to get someone. Clip it onto your keys, and whenever you can’t find them, you can prompt them to ring from the app on your smartphone. It also works backwards, meaning that if you can’t find your phone, a few clicks on the Tile will make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.


These Versatile, Easy-To-Install Wire Protectors

Organize your cables into one compact sleeve. Protect your charging cords from bending at their most vulnerable points. Stop your pets from chewing on wires. These Alex Tech cord protectors have tons of uses (especially since they’re offered in 14 sizes) and since they come pre-split, they’re easy to install and readjust later on down the line.


The Car Phone Mount A Rideshare Driver Swears By

The iOttie car mount works with just about any smartphone and any car. The base is a strong and reusable suction cup, which securely attaches to your dashboard without causing damage. Plus, the holder has an adjustable arm and an easy one-touch release, so you can just grab your phone and go. Currently, it has over 58,000 reviews, and one Uber driver wrote, “This has made it a lot easier for me to drive and accept rides without taking my eyes off the road.”


The Lunch Container That Thought Of Everything

The base has a roomy bowl for main dishes, while the insert has four compartments for toppings, sides, and dressings. Then, there’s the lock-on lid, which prevents leaks and keeps your meal fresh — plus it has a spot for the built-in reusable fork. The Bentgo lunch container is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in eight different color options.


This Mini Waffle Iron With 140,000+ Reviews

This mini waffle iron from Dash comes in tons of fun colors, and some of them even create surprising shapes (like bunnies, hearts, and pineapples). That’s not the only reason people are obsessed, though; since you just plug it in, pour in your batter, and wait for the light, this easy-to-store appliance is pretty much foolproof. The plates are even nonstick for easy cleanup. No wonder it has almost 150,000 reviews.


The “Best Purchase” Social Media Users Have “Ever Made”

So many social media users swear by this selfie ring light set. It illuminates your space with its ring light, holds your device with its universal mount, and creates an all-in-one filming station with its adjustable tripod and phone holder. “I got this for doing Facebook live music sessions, and I really enjoy having studio-quality light.” one reviewer wrote. Another commented, “Overall, just what I needed to make YouTube videos for our business.”


These Food Bags Made From Washable, Durable Silicone

After switching to Stasher food storage bags, I’ll never go back to single-use bags (and judging by the nearly 18,000 five-star ratings, other people feel similarly). They still zip closed to provide an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh and prevents leaks, but since they’re washable and reusable, they’re both better for the Earth and your bank account. They’re even dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The set above has four pieces, but it comes in a huge range of pack sizes and container sizes.


The Most Efficient Way To Store Your Utensils

If your cutlery drawer is packed, the Joseph Joseph organizer is the answer. Instead of storing your forks, spoons, and knives next to each other, this genius drawer tray stacks them one over the other. That way, you can still see what you’re looking for, but you’re saving some serious space. It’s also easy to clean and labeled for convenience.


These Clips That Are Designed For Thick Hair

Buyers love these claw clips because the resin is strong and the nonslip design actually stays put throughout the day. You can get them in three different color sets. “I have very thick and curly hair and the clips hold position all day,” one reviewer wrote.


This Mini Appliance For Perfect Rice Every Time

If you can’t seem to achieve fluffy, perfectly cooked rice, you’re not alone — which is probably why the Dash mini rice cooker has a 4.5-star overall rating and more than 16,000 reviews. “Gives me perfect rice every time,” one reviewer wrote. “It is so incredibly easy to use,” another commented, and “the finish on the metal practically cleans itself.” Best of all, it’s smaller than most other models for easy storage, and when your side dish is done, the machine automatically switches to warm mode. If you don’t love the mint green, it also comes in pink, red, white, and black.


A Battery-Free Acupuncture Tool For Targeted Relief

“So simple yet so effective. It basically zaps points with each press of the button,” one reviewer wrote about this TruePower Acupuncture tool. Another wrote, “This ticker relieved the stress areas and took the pain away!” Simply put the copper point against any tension-filled area and press the red button; it’ll then work, battery-free, to stimulate pressure points and minimize discomfort.


This Adjustable Monitor Stand That Organizes Your Stuff

Small desk? No problem. The Klearlook foldable monitor stand creates additional storage and organization space out of thin air — and it improves your posture by raising your monitor up into a more ergonomic position. It can support up to 55 pounds; it’s adjustable so you can choose between three different widths; and it has a drawer, pen holder, and device holder for your stuff.


This Tool That Turns Your Cleanser Into A Cloud

Turn any foaming face cleanser of choice into a rich, luxurious cloud. The NOONI Marshmallow Maker is an easy-to-fill pump that creates micro-bubbles in your favorite solution. Just put a drop into the canister, fill it with water up to the line, and pump. According to reviewers, the result is “economical as well as fun.”


This Cult-Favorite Seat Cushion With 50,000+ Reviews

More than 50,000 people have reviewed the ComfiLife seat cushion, which makes any chair (office, car, wheel, or anything else) infinitely more comfortable. It’s made from thick, gel-infused memory foam to cushion your butt and evenly distribute body heat, but it also has a cutout for the tailbone to promote proper posture. Each one even comes with a removable cover that you can toss in the washing machine.


These Silicone Brushes That Tackle Cracked Lips

When lip balm alone isn’t cutting it, you’ve got these lip-exfoliating brushes. They’re designed to remove dry, cracked skin so your lips feel healthier and softer — but since they’re made from silicone, they’re gentle and hygienic. Reviewers have called them a “life-changing tool” and say they’ve gotten “plumper, pinker lips in one use.” It’s even designed to help lipstick go on more smoothly.