40 Costly Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making At Night

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In my house, I’m the night owl of my roommates. I’m usually the last one awake, so every night I perform what I fondly call the “closing shift” — blowing out any lit candles, locking the doors, closing the curtains, and shutting off the lights. After that, I head upstairs to do my skincare, pop a melatonin, and head to bed — all of which help signal to my brain that it’s time to wind down. The bedtime rituals you perform in your own home are often for safety and to save money, but unbeknownst to you there could be things you’re missing that are costing you — big time. When you don’t shut down your house — or your mind and body — properly, it can compromise your utility bill, your quality of sleep, and even your security.

If you’re reading this and panicking, then don’t fret; it’s never too late to change your habits. Developing a bedtime routine that includes some money-saving techniques, as well as some safety measures and time for relaxation, will only benefit you in the long run. Here I’ve listed 40 things to fold into your “closing shift” each night that will help you transition into nighttime while saving money and protecting your peace of mind, of course. Read on to discover what you’ve been neglecting all this time.


These Compact Nightlights That Turn On & Off Automatically

My home doesn’t have many windows, so at night, the hallways in the middle of the house get dark. Installing some nightlights like these mini plug-in LED lights would actually really come in handy. They’re energy efficient, so you can save your hard earned cash for something more exciting than your energy bill, and they automatically sense the brightness level of their surroundings to turn on and off as needed. Plus, they’re low-profile and compact, leaving your other outlet available for other electronics.


A Gentle, Dermatologist-Trusted Gel-To-Foam Cleanser For Everyday

Wash off the day using this super gentle, dermatologist-trusted daily facial cleanser by Cetaphil, which is appropriate for normal to oily skin types. The foam deeply cleanses pores without stripping moisture from your skin, so it won’t feel dry or tight afterwards. This cleanser removes all the dirt, oil, grime, and bacteria that lands on your face throughout the day, and a great way to start winding down.


A Nightlight For Your Toilet — Yes, Your Toilet

It might seem silly, but this toilet bowl night light could be your savior on a midnight bathroom break. It illuminates just enough to see your, ahem, target, so you don’t have to blind yourself or wake up the house with pesky overhead lights. It turns on when it senses motion within 5 feet, then off again after two minutes if no motion is detected. There are 16 colors to choose from at five brightness levels, so you can even have fun with them and switch them out seasonally or put them on color-changing mode.


This Water Flosser Will Help You Take Back Your Oral Health

Not flossing may not seem like a big deal in the moment, but neglecting your gums can lead to issues down the line. To make it a little easier on yourself, try this cordless water flosser that dislodges plaque and debris just as effectively as string floss but is way gentler on your gums. It comes with the rechargeable flosser, four tips which you can switch out for different users, a travel bag, a USB-charging base and wall adapter.


These Airtight Containers Will Keep Your Food Fresh For Way Longer

Storing your dry perishables in these airtight food storage containers means they’ll stay fresh for way longer, and they’ll be protected from any pests or rodents that might end up in your pantry looking for a snack. The kit comes with seven tubs of various sizes and 24 reusable labels for easy identification.


This Planner Will Help You Gather Your Thoughts Before Bedtime

If you often wake up feeling stressed or anxious about everything on your to do list, then incorporating a weekly and monthly planner into your bedtime routine could be just the thing you need to soothe your mind. By writing out your to do list and planning your schedule the night before, you’ll wake up with a clear idea of what your day will look like. This year-long planner has both monthly and weekly planning spreads, which you can fill it out as far in advance as you’d like.


A Pair Of Solar-Powered Security Lights For Your Backyard

These motion-detecting, solar-powered outdoor lights will definitely give you some priceless peace of mind at night. Install them to shine on your patio, deck, porch, or yard; they charge with the sun during the day and light up at night when motion is detected up to 26 feet away. There are three types of light modes, and because they’re solar powered, they won’t contribute to your energy bill at all.


A Portable Lock Will Help Protect You From Intruders Wherever You Are

Whether you’re at home or traveling, installing this portable door lock is just one extra step you can take to feel safe once you’re in for the night. Once it’s installed, no one will be able to enter without your permission — even with a key. It’s made from strong stainless steel with a durable plastic cover, and it fits most doors to protect against intruders. Use it as an extra safeguard at home, or bring it with you on the road in hotels and airbnbs.


This Desktop Power Strip Can Charge Up To Seven Devices At Once

Forgetting to charge your phone overnight becomes a huge annoyance come daylight, so invest in this desktop power strip that can support up to seven devices at once. It has smart charging technology that maximizes charging speeds for each device and built-in surge protection. It even has a durable, braided cord that’s 5 feet long, so it can reach even the most inconvenient outlets.


This Cooling Humidifier Soothes Dry Skin & May Improve Sleep

With the changing of the seasons comes the arrival of cooler weather, and you might notice the air in your home drying out with increased use of your heater. Add some moisture back into the air with this cool mist humidifier, which has an extra-large water tank that can run for over 24 hours continuously. There are multiple misting settings and a 360-degree rotating nozzle, so you’re sure to notice a difference in your skin, sinuses, and quality of sleep.


This Filtered Water Bottle Will Save You Money On Buying Plastic Water Bottles

You can save some money by replacing plastic water bottles with this Brita water filter bottle, which has a filter embedded in the straw. Using one of these water bottles is equivalent to saving 300 plastic water bottles, and it improves the taste of tap water by reducing the amount of chlorine and other chemicals. There’s even a leakproof lid, and the bottle holds up to 26 ounces of water.


An Eco-Friendly Cotton Swab Swap For Your Single-Use Ones

Another way to reduce your environmental impact — and save some dough — is by swapping your disposable cotton swabs for LastSwab, a reusable alternative made from silicone. It’s good for up to 1,000 uses and can be used for all the same purposes you’d use a disposable cotton swab for. It comes with a plastic case to transport it in, too.


These Beauty Spatulas Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Products

Sometimes with beauty products, the packaging doesn’t allow you to get to the very last drop, so you wind up throwing it away with perfectly good stuff still inside. Using these beauty spatulas, which are small enough to fit inside narrow necks, you can scrape out the very last drop of cleanser, shampoo, or lotion. It also works with food jars, and uses a flexible silicone head to get into every corner and crevice of the container. The two-piece set comes with one large and one small spatula.


These Extra-Soft Toothbrushes Are Gentle Enough For Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive gums can make brushing your teeth much more unpleasant than it needs to be. That’s not the case with these extra soft toothbrushes, which have soft bristles and a rounded brush head to make it more comfortable. Your teeth will still get the deep clean they need, but without the discomfort of traditional toothbrushes with harder bristles.


These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair & Skin While You Sleep

Did you know the cotton sheets you sleep on could be affecting your hair and skin? The friction may cause frizz, tangles, and damage to your hair overnight, and your hair and skin care products can be absorbed by the fabric. By switching to these satin pillowcases, you’ll reduce the amount of friction, and the fabric won’t absorb nearly as much product. Plus, these just feel luxurious.


A Set Of Reusable Cotton Pads For Cleansing Skin

If you’re still using wipes to take off your makeup, then do yourself a favor and invest in these reusable makeup remover pads. They’re more eco-friendly than disposable wipes or single-use cotton rounds, and they’re also gentler on your skin and less stripping. They come with their own laundry bag to wash them in and are made from super soft cotton.


These Microfiber Hair Towels Reduce Frizz & Dry Your Hair Faster

I switched to a microfiber hair towel years ago, and my hair has thanked me for it ever since. Though it’s impressive to twist a full size towel onto your head, the rougher texture can make your hair frizzier. These microfiber towel wraps are softer on your locks, and they’re also less bulky to wear. They’re more absorbent too, so your hair will dry faster.


These Flameless Candles Set The Vibe Without Risk Of Fire

These flameless candles offer ambient light without any scent or fire risk, so they’re good for people who are sensitive to fragrance or who have kids and pets. The three-pack has a flickering flame effect, and comes with three different sizes in handsome gray glass jars, plus a remote control.


This Portable Charger May Just Save Your Phone In Your Time Of Need

Being caught out and about with your phone on low battery is a recipe for stress. But carrying this portable charger is the perfect solution: It’s one of the slimmest and lightest portable chargers on the market, and it can charge an iPhone 12 up to 2.25 times on a charge. It’s scratch resistant and super durable, so don’t worry about it bouncing around in your bag while you’re on the go — just don’t make the mistake of leaving home without it.


This Shower Cap Will Keep Your Hair Dry & Intact While You’re Bathing

For those days that you need to shower but can’t bear the idea of re-styling your hair, tuck it inside this oversized, reusable shower cap. There are six adorable patterns to choose from, and the cap is designed to fit hair of all lengths and textures. And it’s soft and comfortable to wear.


A Smart Light Switch That Lets You Control Any Light With Just Your Voice

Turn any light switch in your house into a smart switch with this easy-to-install smart light switch kit. It’s easy to install, and after setup, you can control the lights with your voice or from the Kasa app anywhere in the world. You can even set timers or schedules to turn the lights on and off automatically, which saves you energy. If you already have a smart device in your home, then what are you waiting for?


These Memory Foam Pillows Are Supportive, Cooling & Last For Years

You don’t have to compromise on your quality of sleep ever again because these cooling memory foam pillows will help you sleep cooler and support your neck. Packed with shredded memory foam, these pillows have a breathable bamboo cover that helps prevent overheating while you sleep. They’re ideal for all sleep positions, and will help keep your spinal column aligned while you snooze.


These Durable Hair Ties Won’t Pull, Tangle, Or Damage Your Hair

If you wear your hair up frequently, then using too-tight hair ties may be causing breakage and damage to your hair. Stock up on a 50-pack of these seamless cotton hair bands to keep your hair out of your face without snagging, pulling, or causing dents. Even if you have thick hair, these stretchy and durable bands will hold it back gently. One reviewer called them “life changing,” and said “Literally these are the best hair ties. It’s a great price and they are great quality.”


A Pair Of Blue Light Glasses That Can Reduce Eye Strain & Improve Sleep

You probably know by now that the blue light that emanates from your phone, computer, and other electronic devices isn’t good for you. But it could be affecting your sleep too, especially if you spend all day staring at a screen, which is why using blue light-blocking glasses is an essential. The two-pack comes with one black and one clear set of frames in a classic shape. They block blue light from reaching your eyes, so you’ll notice less eye strain and better quality of sleep.


This Device Plugs Into An Outlet & Saves You Money On Your Energy Bill

“I hate saving money on my energy bill,” said no one, ever. For less than $15, you can install this power save box, which stabilizes the voltage on energy-sucking devices throughout your home, creating a power-saving effect with noticeable results. Reviewers who installed this device throughout their home noticed a dramatic difference on their next energy bill — one reported that their bill decreased from $260 to $132.


This Sleep Mask Has Bluetooth Speakers Inside To Help You Fall Asleep

If you find it difficult to fall asleep without some kind of background noise, then you’ll love these Bluetooth sleep headphones. Worn as an eye mask, these ergonomic headphones have tiny-but-mighty Bluetooth speakers embedded within, so you can play your favorite sleep sounds, meditation, music, or podcast. They’re comfortable and perfect for travel or home use, so you won’t want to fall asleep without these headphones again.


This Fan Is Less Than A Foot Tall, But Will Keep You Cool All Night Long

Keep yourself cool and refreshed with this desk-size fan, a compact model that’s ultra-quiet. Use it at home, at work, or in bed — it’s even perfect for a child’s room because of the built-in LED gradient lights and the bladeless design. It charges with a USB adapter and lasts up to six hours when running continuously.


This Lamp Can Charge Your Phone, Hold Your Pens & Softly Light Up Your Room

In small spaces, you need home decor that accomplishes multiple things — like this LED desk lamp that has a built-in pen holder and a USB charging port. The flexible neck can be pointed in any direction, and you can use it to charge your phone while you work or sleep. One reviewer, a teacher, wrote: “It's sturdy with a weighty base...The light itself is strong and focused enough for clear reading but pleasant and soft enough to warmly diffuse in the room and not wake people up or wear your eyes down.”


These Blackout Curtains Will Help You Sleep Better & Insulate Your Room At The Same Time

You may not even realize, but outside light like street lamps and neighboring homes could be disturbing your precious rest. Or maybe you just like to sleep in. Either way, you need these blackout curtains, which block out light and insulate your windows at the same time. Each panel measures 42 inches wide by 45 inches long and blocks out 90 to 99% of sunlight. And with the change in seasons, you’ll want these hanging in your room ASAP to insulate and save you a little money on your energy bill.


This Clock Wakes You Up Every Morning With A Sunrise Simulation

Start your mornings a little more gently with this sunrise alarm clock, which mimics the light of a sunrise within your room. Up to 30 minutes before your alarm, the clock gets gradually brighter and plays one of seven soft sounds to awaken you when it’s time to get up. Press snooze for nine extra minutes of rest, and you can even charge your phone at night from the USB port on the back of the clock.


A Set Of Elastic Straps To Hold Your Sheets In Place While You Sleep

If you tend to toss and turn throughout the night and wake up with your sheets popped off the mattress, then these bed sheet fasteners are made for you. The four-piece bungee cord set clips onto each corner of your fitted sheet, holding them taught and preventing them from moving while you sleep. They’re easy to put on but heavy duty, so they’ll stay on until it’s time to change your sheets.


These Adhesive Bumpers Will Make Your Cabinet Doors Close More Quietly

Slamming cabinets will be a thing of the past if you outfit them with these sound dampening door bumpers. One purchase gets you 100 adhesive bumpers for less than $7, and they’re easy to peel and stick to your cabinets. One reviewer said “Without question, these are the quietest bumpers I’ve ever used.”


This Innovative Cooling Blanket Will Keep You Comfortable All Night Long

For those hot nights when sleeping with a comforter is too warm but you can’t sleep without some kind of blanket, you’ll appreciate this cooling blanket. Made from 100% cotton on one side and a Japanese cooling fiber on the other, this blanket absorbs your body heat to keep you cool throughout the night. It’s soft and breathable, and comes in two sizes so you can stock up and place them throughout the house.


An Alarm That Beeps When Your Refrigerator Is Left Open

We’ve all accidentally left the fridge door open for a little too long on occasion, and it’s not just an energy suck but can also let your food spoil. Prevent the energy and food loss by installing this refrigerator door alarm, which chimes after 60 seconds when the fridge door is accidentally left open. If the door still isn’t closed after two minutes, the chime gets more aggressive, prompting you to close it ASAP. It works with any fridge or freezer and installs easily in just a few minutes.


An Extra-Large Laundry Basket That Holds Almost 24 Gallons Of Clothes

Clothes lovers and big families absolutely need this XL laundry basket, made from double-lined, water- and odor-resistant fabric. With 10% extra space than standard hampers, you can fit even more clothes and put off laundry day just a little longer. Stock up on one in every color to efficiently sort your clothes as you go or shove it all in one hamper — the padded aluminum handles can take the extra weight.


This Laundry Tool Prevents You From Losing Socks In The Wash

It’s a sad day indeed when your favorite pair of socks goes mysteriously missing in the laundry, but you can prevent it from ever happening again with this laundry tool. Slide up to nine pairs of dirty socks between each of the spring-loaded buckles, which adjust with ease, and toss the entire tool in the wash. Your socks will come out clean and paired, so you can slip into a cozy pair at night.


These Motion-Sensing LED Strip Lights

Install these motion-sensitive LED light strips anywhere in your home that could benefit from a little boost, like on the underside of cabinets or shelves, inside a drawer, or in a closet. You’ll no longer need to stumble in the dark if you wake up at night. Once they sense motion within about 10 feet, they’ll light up, and shut back off after 15 seconds when you’re outside of its range. The three pack is wireless, and each one requires four AAA batteries.