I'm Adding All 15 Of These Winter Candles To My Shopping Cart RN

With scents of pine, spearmint, and even gingerbread, I'm never leaving my apartment again.

These are some of the coziest winter candles.
Harlem Candle Company, Homecourt, La Jolie
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Fall might be sweater weather, but winter is officially candle season—trust me, I should know. As someone with an entire cart full of fragrances in my office—yes, you read that correctly, a cart—I’ve become something of a candle connoisseur. (I dish out scent recs as liberally as I double-tap on Instagram.) And, while I light a candle every morning before I dive into work, winter is the coziest time to set a flame ablaze. Not only does a small flicker feel particularly warm on a cold, snowy day, but the assortment of scents also provides a consistently cheery aroma that a room spray or batch of cookies simply can’t.

Problem is, with so many brands and scents to sift through, finding the perfect cozy scent is easier said than done. (I hate to be a downer, but it might take you all winter to find the one fragrance that speaks to your senses.) So, where to begin? While most people love woodsy notes of pine and cypress, a musky candle is the olfactory equivalent to snuggling up in a big armchair next to the fireplace. And how can you possibly go wrong with a sweet scent that smells like a home-cooked meal—no kitchen work required? To help, take a whiff of these 15 top candles to add to your cart ASAP. From seasonal citruses to a bouquet of forest fragrances, the picks below will ensure your holidays are merry and bright. (Pun intended.)