Creative People Are Obsessed With These 40 Things Amazon Can Barely Keep In Stock

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If you consider yourself to be a creative person, you’re going to want to do yourself a favor and check out these can’t-live-without products that keep selling out on Amazon. Discover new ways to express your creativity and find new items you can add to your current cache of art supplies. Maybe you’re a novice in your artistic and creative journey; that’s OK — there are also products that give guidance and allow for lots of practice to improve. A lot of these materials will even come in handy if any of your current stock is low and in need of replacements.

Aside from tools and items that can be used for artistic endeavors, there are also many products that have practical, everyday uses and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you’re a baker or chef, check out the book stand that holds the place of your recipe that makes your time in the kitchen more effortless and efficient — a perfect combination of a sensible home product that’s perfect for your creative endeavors. There’s even a few cleaning products included to help with any potential messes that usually happen when creating new projects.

The best part about this list is there are products that’ll appeal to every type of creative out there. Painters, potters, jewelry makers, lovers of drawing, and at-home DIY crafters are going to be excited about these special finds, especially with the added convenience factor a lot of them feature. Scroll through and get inspired to start working on new artistic creations.


An Ultra-Thin Digital Drawing Tablet To Doodle Wherever & Whenever

This digital drawing tablet will bring your works of art into the digital age. Have the ability to draw, paint, sketch, and more in one place while you’re on-the-go or at home. The stylus never needs to be charged or have batteries replaced. Its one-click toggle design allows you to move back and forth from being able to draw or erase. This digital pad is compatible with a variety of devices and apps for optimal use.


This Spiral-Bound Sketchbook That Makes It easy To Open & Close

This 100-sheet sketchbook from Arteza is bound with metal coils to easily turn the pages. The paper is acid-free and is denser compared to normal writing or printing paper. These thicker pages keep your paintings, drawings, and sketches from bleeding through onto the other side. Get use out of both sides of the page; this sketchbook measures 9 by 12 inches.


A Bamboo Board & Stand That Creates Artwork With Water

The original Buddha Board lets you create beautiful works of art by simply using water. Constantly create new drawings and pictures as the board clears once the water has dried. The bottom of the stand holds the water, bamboo drawing implement, and water board for convenient use. This is the creative outlet being taken to an eco-friendly level.


This 4-Pack Starter Kit For Embroidery Decorations

Start your needlework journey with these embroidery starter kits that come in packs of four. This beginners set has four different floral patterns that provide guidance as you learn the skill of embroidery. (Please note that the sketched patterns on the embroidery cloth will disappear when submerged in water.) In addition to the four patterned cloths, each kit comes with two embroidery hoops, colored threads, one pair of scissors, and an embroidery needle.


This Handheld Rotary Cutter That Has Many Functional Uses

This small rotary cutter with cushioned handle provides easy assistance for all your cutting needs in the future. The handle is designed in a loop, making it easy to hold on to while you cut. Use the sliding button at the top to make the blade longer or shorter. You can cut through materials such as paper, cardboard, and vinyl with one smooth motion.


This Set Of Ink Pens That Come With Multiple Sizes Of Tips

This set of black ink pens lets you create precise and smooth lines in your drawings and sketches. Each pack comes with pen tips of multiple sizes, giving you the option for extremely thin lines up to a thick line. Made from pigma pigment, this ink is waterproof, dries instantly for no smudging, and doesn’t feather out or bleed through paper. They are also great writing implements when you are hand writing cards, thank you notes, or formal invitations.


A Compartmentalized Box That Is Perfect For Organizing Art Supplies

This storage container with mini storage boxes are great for organizing different art supplies. It’s very handy for keeping track of beads, jewels, and stones for multiple types of crafting projects. This plastic container comes with a total of 56 tiny compartments; each box holds 28 of these mini boxes in a 4-by-7 grid. All the boxes are clear, which lets you easily find what you are looking for without opening all the lids.


This Versatile Acrylic Paint That Dries With The Perfect Matte Finish

This vibrant acrylic paint is a great way to add a pop of color or eye-catching design to any of your arts and crafts projects. It will bond to a variety of surfaces such as paper, wood, canvas, and others with long-lasting effects. Plus, this paint is water-based and nontoxic.


A Customizable Sticker Maker That Adds A Touch Of Flair To Scrapbooking & Card Making

Create your own stickers at home with this Xyron sticker maker. This is the perfect way to add some custom flair to a scrapbooking project, homemade holiday cards, kids craft projects, and more. This device effortlessly applies a sticky adhesive to the back of whatever you are making into a sticker. The sticker maker measures 4 by 4 by 2 inches, so it easily fits in your hand when using.


This Mini, Portable Sewing Machine To Easily Make Alterations Anywhere

This portable sewing machine comes with a table that extends out from the end to provide a larger working surface for your sewing projects. Its small and compact size makes it easy to store without taking up lots of space when it’s not being used. Despite its tiny stature, this powerful machine can sew different clothing items like pants, dresses, and long sleeve shirts.


A Cleaning Product That Keeps Paint Brushing Looking Like New

This brush cleaner and preserver has the ability to clean any number of painting materials out of the bristles. Not only will it keep brushes looking like new, but it will restore old, crusty brushes that have been caked in different materials for however long. The cleaner is made from nontoxic and water-soluble ingredients and has a wonderful lemon scent to it.


An Elastic Band That Can Be Useful In Making Clothes, Furniture Covers, & More

This Dreamlover knit elastic band is super stretchy and durable, ensuring long-lasting elasticity. Made from a blend of polyester and rubber, this elastic band won’t fray at the ends after being cut. Use it for a multitude of projects, such as creating waistbands for pants, shorts, and dresses.


This 12-Pack Of Reusable Plastic Trays That Hold Paint

These plastic paint tray palettes can be washed after using, letting you reuse them time and again to also save money. Each tray is lightweight and comes with 10 small holes to hold and mix different paints. These palettes can also be stacked in a neat pile for easy storage.


This Single-Sided Tool Pouch With 5 Pockets To Hold Several Tools

Easily grab and store your tools with this five-pocket pouch holder. With an adjustable belt, the pouch can fit securely around your waist. This tool pouch is made from a durable canvas ensures tools won’t slip or fall out, and the pockets won’t rip open under their weight. Keep your hands and floor free from clutter while working with the help of this belt.


A Wooden DIY Bead Spinner You Can Use At Home

This wooden bead spinner comes with a needle that has a large threading eye. Made from 100% pine, the spinner won’t ever warp. No longer hand string beads one-by-one onto thread. Fill the bowl no more than a fourth of the way up and then angle the long needle into the spinning bowl; the beads will string themselves onto the thread.


A 35,000-Piece Set Of Multicolored Beads For Any Jewelry Maker

This colorful set of seed glass beads provides hours of crafting fun for any jewelry lover. In this bead kit, you get over 34,000 glass beads that come in 48 different colors. It also comes with 250 letter beads, 10 alloy charms, and 10 ring clasps. The options are endless for what you can make: necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and lots more.


This Multifunctional Desk Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

Use this LED desk lamp to simultaneously charge different smart devices. Not only does it provide a convenient charging station, but it also comes with a touch-control feature for the light. This lamp also has five different lighting modes and brightness levels so your eyes will never strain.


This Double-Sided Origami Paper That Comes In 20 Bright Colors

Each double-sided sheet of origami paper gives you over 20 colors choices to make your paper creations. The paper is high-quality and sturdy, so it will hold the creases of the origami without the edges curling up or out. Order a pack of 200 or 500 sheets; each square measures 6 by 6 inches.


This Versatile & Quick Drying, Multi-Surface Glue For Crafting Projects

This water-based sealing glue from Mod Podge works on numerous surfaces. Designed so that it dries quickly, it also comes in a clear gloss to help maintain the integrity of your projects. If any glue happens to get somewhere it shouldn’t, a bit of soapy water will help clean the mess.


A Black, Mesh Desk Organizer With 6 Storage Compartments

This small-but-functional desk organizer is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of excess space to work with in your office. There are six different compartments that let you store and organize a variety of office materials from pens and clips to business cards and notebooks. It measures 8.7 by 5.5 by 5 inches.


These Titanium Bonded Scissors With Corrosion Resistant Blades

This two-pack of titanium bonded scissors will help you easily cut through a multitude of fabrics and materials with little to no effort. These specially bonded blades are three times stronger than normal stainless steel scissor blades. Plus, the scissors come in a pack of two or four, along with a five-year warranty.


These Clear Storage Containers That Fit Into Your Desk Drawers

These clear, plastic drawer organizers help keep your office supplies neat and tidy. A great benefit of these drawer organizers is that they can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, craft room, and other places for an easy storage option. Choose from a set of small, medium, large, or assorted sizes of bins to meet your needs.


This Set Of Colored Pencils That Won’t Break While Drawing

This Prismacolor scholar pencil set is an excellent addition to any artist’s supply stock. These colored pencils always glide nice and smoothly over the drawing paper; blend and shade your colorings easily with these high-quality pigmented pencils. Choose from an assorted set of 12, 24, 48, 60, or 576.


This Multifunctional 3-Tiered Rolling Cart For Storage & More

This slim triple-tiered storage cart provides a functional storage option without taking up lots of space. The frame is made of stainless steel and the shelving compartments from plastic. If needed, one of the shelves can be removed, depending on what you need to store.


This Modeling Clay That Hardens Without A Kiln

This block of colored modeling clay is a great starting place for anyone interested in working with clay and ceramics. Use it in professional or personal settings; this incredibly moldable clay is even an excellent way to help strengthen hands and fingers. A huge benefit of this clay is that it will dry and set without a kiln or oven of any sort.


A 20-Piece Set Of Paint Brushes That Are Essential Art Supplies

This set of acrylic paint brushes comes with a total of 20 pieces. These brushes are perfect for a variety of painting styles, including (but not limited to) watercolors, oils, gouaches, and others. Included in the set are flat, filbert, round, script, and linear brushes to meet all your artistic needs.


A Plastic Storage Bin With Multiple Pockets To Hold Your Art Supplies

This plastic craft organizing bin is the perfect simple solution to keep all of your art supplies easy to find and out of the way. It’s also great if you need to take supplies with you to do projects in other locations. You could also use this organizational bin to store a variety of household items in various places around your home.


This Pencil & Pen Holder With Additional Storage Space

This large-capacity carrying pouch is great for keeping track of pens, pencils, and other small art and office supplies. When this pencil case is not being used, it can be retracted to a more compact size for easy storage. On the inside, there’s a mesh zip pocket where you can put small items like paper clips. At full capacity, this carrying pouch can hold 50 pens or 90 pencils.


A Mesh Storage Basket That Hangs From Underneath Your Desk

This steel, mesh under-desk storage basket is a great solution for desks with no drawers, and it can be attached with screws (which are included). It comes with a smaller drawer and a larger drawer; the small one is perfect for pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, and other supplies you use daily during work. The large one is great for notepads, calendars and folders.


A Bamboo Book Stand With Over 16,000 4.5-Star Reviews

This book stand with adjustable holding tray will let you keep your hands free for baking and cooking while keeping the book open to the recipe you’re using. The spring design of the page clips lets this stand accommodate thick books, too. When you’re not using it, you can fold it up to store out of the way or take it with you if needed.


This 17-Piece Sketching Kit Suitable For Artists Of Any Skill Level

This basics sketch and drawing pencil kit that is great for elaborate works of art (as well as for simple scribbles). Complete with 17 sketching implements, the kit comes with six pencils, one standard eraser, one textured eraser, one smudging stick, and a double-barreled sharpener. If you’re a beginner, it has everything you need to learn the basics. If you’re experienced, you can practice your techniques or experiment with new ones.


This Compact Lap Tray That Doubles As A Portable Desk

This lightweight lap desk is the portable and comfortable solution to getting work done anywhere. It’s fashioned with two barrel-shaped cushions to make sure your legs are comfortable when using the desk. There’s also a handle, so you have the option to easily carry this with you when traveling.


These Paint Pens That Will Work On Almost Any Surface

This 12-pack of acrylic paint pens are made with a water-based ink that allows them to dry quickly while preventing smudges. Each marker is equipped with an extra-fine tip, allowing precision and accuracy for your designs. You can create works of art on items like mugs, wood pieces, pottery, and other DIY projects.


This Wooden Sewing Rack For Holding Multiple Spools Of Thread & Yarn

This natural hardwood sewing rack is equipped with hooks, allowing it to hold up to 60 spools of thread and yarn (ideal for any sewing enthusiast). You have the option to hang this rack on a wall or extend out the back legs and stand in on the floor. It measures 15.74 by 12.59 inches.


An Organizing Rack That Hold Pens, Pencils, Brushes & More

This multi-level art supply storage rack lets you find the supply you need quickly and efficiently. It’s designed with 60 holes arranged in elevated rows, making it easy to grab the pen, brush, or marker you want to use. Put in out on the counter top or in the storage cabinet or closet; it’s compact size helps space where it is.


This Plaster Molding Kit That Creates A Statue Of Hands Holding

This keepsake hands-casting kit makes for a unique and special gift for a wedding or anniversary; you can fit two hands into this large bucket for the best results. The specific casting material in this kit captures all of the tiny and intricate details of your hands to get an extremely realistic final product.


This Heavy-Duty Cleaner That Cuts Through Stains, Grease, & Other Messes

This heavy-duty miracle spot remover will become your go-to cleaning product once you’ve tried it. You can get rid of some of the most stubborn and difficult stains to treat, such as red wine, shoe polish, markers, and more. Even though this cleaner will get out the toughest of stains, it can still be used on clothes.


A Sewing Kit That Easily Packs Up & Travels With You

This travel sewing kit comes with everything you need to make successful alterations and repairs. Its compact size makes it perfect for when you are traveling, too. Not only does it come with multiple colors of thread, but it has needles, pins, thimble, scissors, and more. The case zips closed and all of the supplies have their own holding place inside to keep everything secure and from falling out.


A Carrying Case That Holds A Foam Stamp Pad

This foam stamp pad comes in a plastic carrying case to help prevent the ink from getting everywhere when it’s not being used. On average, you can expect to get around 5,000 uses for an array of stamps before having to re-ink the stamp pad. Get creative and spice up letters, invitations, recipes, envelopes, and more for a customized element.


This Paint Brush Holder That Also Helps Clean The Bristles

This paint brush rinsing cup is perfect if you’re always painting. The silicone top portion has specific areas that are meant to hold paint brushes in place while you work, and the bottom is textured to help remove paint from a brush you’re trying to clean. It comes in four colors.