5 Crystals To Lower Your Anxiety

Grounding energy to calm your nerves.

by Megan McCarty
Tiger's eye, citrine, and amethyst are among the best crystals for anxiety

Living in today’s always-on society, anxiety is inevitable from time to time. While crystals for anxiety are no substitute for professional mental health care, they can help ease the everyday tension that goes hand-in-hand with being a human in the 21st century. Whether you’re wanting to shake off a stressful day of work, or quiet your nerves about a conversation you’re dreading, the best crystals for anxiety offer grounding energy to support you through tough times.

“Crystal healing dates back to ancient Mayan and Egyptian civilizations,” Kristine Ovsepian, a hypnotherapist and intuitive healer, tells Bustle. “Crystals are useful in healing and balancing the body, and are also natural cleansers because they absorb negativity.” In the context of anxiety, crystals’ energy can help center your mind and bring zen back to your body. That said, while crystals can help you set your stress-reducing intentions, it’s up to you to do the work to bring those manifestations to life — like by acting on the realizations you have while meditating with crystals, for example.

Read on to learn more about the best crystals for anxiety.

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There’s nothing new about seeking out amethyst’s grounding abilities. The popular purple stone is one of the oldest used by mankind, making appearances in ancient Greek mythology. Today, amethyst’s calming capabilities can be used to ease anxiety when your boss schedules a last-minute meeting. “It’s great for helping curb anxiety-driven thoughts, as amethyst is known to bring forth the clarity of the mind,” says Christal Medina, a reiki master and crystal specialist at Modrn Sanctuary, a New York City-based wellness spa. Ovsepian agrees that it’s the best crystal for anxiety, especially if you’re feeling uncertain about an upcoming decision — for instance, whether to put in an offer on your dream house, or end the friendship that’s turned toxic. “Amethyst can purify the crown chakra, creating a sense of peace and clarity, and ward off negative energies of self-doubt,” she says.

How to use it: Wear an amethyst in jewelry form to soak up anxious energy. The stone will release its calming vibrations directly into your body, easing any jitters.

Rose Quartz

Think of rose quartz as the crystal of all things love-related. By nurturing a rose quartz stone, you’ll nurture self-love too. “This includes self-compassion, especially in times of anxiety,” says Ovsepian. “It can help people overcome the cyclical ‘anxiety over the fact that I have anxiety’ rabbit hole that we find ourselves in.”

How to use it: Add a rose quartz facial roller or gua sha stone to your beauty routine. Not only will those tools aid lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation, but rose quartz’s calming properties will also ease anxiety. Win/win.

Tiger's Eye

If work has you, well, worked up, add a tiger’s eye to your crystal collection. Its grounding nature will dilute career-related anxiety and help you shake off procrastination. (So, yes, you can finish that presentation before happy hour rolls around.)

“This ‘eye of the tiger’ isn't just about facing anxiety with calm, but with power and strength to overcome adversity,” says Ovsepian. It’s a great ally to have in your corner when you’re facing “psychic combat,” as Ovsepian calls it — like when you’re butting heads with a colleague or if you’re nervous about putting in your two weeks’ notice.

How to use it: Whatever your work situation, keep a tiger’s eye close by. Place one on your desk, in your pocket, or at the front door to your office. It’ll encourage a zen-like energy and fine focus.


Citrine is the crystal equivalent of “good vibes only.” Its sunny energy evicts negative, stressful, and anxious feelings, leaving a dose of sunshine in its wake. “It’s often referred to as ‘Superman’s kryptonite,’ as it amplifies positive energy,” says Medina. If you’re feeling nervous about making big (or small) life decisions, citrine will set your emotions back in balance and give you the confidence to know you’re on the right track.

How to use it: Keep a citrine crystal in your home to radiate a warm, no-anxiety-welcome atmosphere for both you and guests. Whenever you need to replace nerves with positivity while out and about, slip a citrine stone in your pocket.


As its name would imply, aquamarine, sometimes called “the mermaid stone,” mimics the soothing qualities of the ocean. It washes away anxiety and toxicity, and provides emotional clarity so you feel confident leaving baggage from the past — looking at you, on-and-off-again ex — on the shore. “Often, when we have anxiety, its true origin is obscured from our view. We might blame another person or our circumstances, when in reality the source is from within ourselves,” says Ovsepian. “Aquamarine allows us to cut through the clouds and see clearly where the difficulties lie.”

How to use it: Whenever you feel your mind or heart racing, lie down and meditate with aquamarine stones on your eyelids. That’ll soothe tired eyes and calm emotional chaos, so you can hear what your anxiety is trying to tell you.