December 2020 Horoscopes: Aquarius Zodiac Signs

You've got a long road ahead, but it'll be worth the effort.

by Astrologer Six
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Here's Your December 2020 Horoscope For Aquarius

There's something magical about the month of December, Aquarius. You've spent the entire year in a state of trial and error, you may have even felt restricted in the way you enact your plans. Your dreams have been tried and tested, while you take the risks that ultimately lead to significant transformations. Try not to lose the momentum. With your ruler, the planet Saturn, entering your sign on December 17, you're going to feel the weight of your obligations on your shoulders. Though this isn't inherently a bad transit, you could find this time difficult. As Jupiter the planet of expansion follows Saturn into Aquarius on December 19, along with it is your drive to shoot for the stars. Remember Aquarius, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were the rulers who governed it. Be patient with your personal journey. You've got a long road ahead, but it'll be worth the effort.

What December 2020 Has In Store For Aquarius’ Relationships

The sun in the expansive and joyful Sagittarius brings with it a positive light to your partnerships and close relationships. So naturally during this time, that affection you feel toward others will be further illuminated. It's important to maintain a level head during the month of December — try to be especially sensitive to how you're coming off to others. On December 11, the Sun and South node make a potentially destructive conjunction with Sagittarius. When you've been working as hard as you have, it can be difficult to recognize that others have also been putting in long hours. Don't use yourself as a measure for other people's productivity. Approach those closest to you with a healthy amount of modesty.

Tarot Card of the Month for Aquarius

Five of Cups: Don’t let what you’ve lost make you lose sight of what you’ve earned.