7 Dos & Donts For The December New Moon

Capricorn energy abounds.

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Arriving on Dec. 23, the December new moon invites the collective part with the old and welcomes all new vibes. As la luna ingresses in industrial Capricorn, expect to feel inspired by the earth sign's go-getter approach and see things more practically. Follow these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Organize Your Life

Allow the practical and put-together energy of Capricorn to inspire you to get your act together. This is a great time to declutter your space, rearrange your room, and create new systems in your daily routine that help you stay on track for success in 2023.

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DON’T: Overrationalize Emotions

Practical Capricorn isn't the most in tune with their emotions, and this new moon might enable you to avoid your feelings. Rather than investigate or reason your emotions away, sit with them. Leaning on a confidante to sort them out is ideal.

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DO: Square Away Tasks

Mercury retrograde pre-shadow is providing ample room for mixups before it rewinds on Dec. 29. This gives us plenty of time to revise, edit, and put the final touches on our projects as well as finally get around to those dreadful errands.

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DON’T: Skip Out On R&R

Between Mars retrograde causing major setbacks and Mercury retrograde's chaotic energy looming over the horizon, you'd be wise to draw back. Use the stillness of winter for quality self-care and charge up ahead of socializing this season.

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DO: Plan For 2023

Enterprising Capricorn is bestowing all the go-getter vibes during the new moon, making it an ideal moment to pause, set intentions, and create practical goals for the new year, especially in terms of your career and soul's purpose. Don't be afraid to dream big!

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DON’T: Take Things Personally

Capricorn energy is stoic and self-aware, and it's here to toughen us up. With new moons being related to emotions, the earth sign influence of this lunation inspires us to be rational rather than respond by internalizing others' actions or decisions.

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DO: Make Peace With The Past

Mercury retrograde pre-shadow is bound to make us nostalgic. And with the wounded healer Chiron going direct in hothead Aries, this time is all about moving on. Therapy, journaling, or a letter-burning ritual can all help you put the past behind you.

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