An Astrologer Explains Capricorn’s Hidden Powers

Nobody can quite outdo the zodiac’s sea-goat.

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Find Capricorn zodiac sign's hidden powers, from stamina to their ability to focus.
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Each zodiac sign comes equipped with its own set of celestial superpowers that allow them to ebb and flow through the unpredictability of life. There’s no shortage of superpowers for the studious and pragmatic Capricorn, who manages to excel at everything they set their hearts and minds to. Their diligence and knack for taking calculated risks are only a few of their unique abilities, but these sea-goats have a few hidden strengths hiding up their sleeves. Unlocking their secret powers will help you understand what makes these earth signs tick, sure — but you may succumb to their infectious ambition and embody their CEO attitude, too.

A brief dive into their cosmic personality can give a lot of context to their lesser-known tricks. For starters, Capricorn zodiac signs belong to the cardinal group, meaning they’re initiators and idea machines, leading the pack with their innate sense of leadership. Because they’re earth signs, they’re sensible and realistic, so you can bet that a Capricorn will tell it like it is. These signs are ruled by the tenth house of occupational callings and public image, so they’re extremely driven and move with a strong sense of purpose.

The sea-goat is known for their unmatched ambition and honesty, so while they can keep it real, there are still some lesser-known strengths Capricorns tend to be humble about. Keep reading to reveal Capricorn’s hidden superpowers.

Capricorns Have Unbeatable Stamina

Nobody can quite outdo a Capricorn, a strength they often use to their advantage in subtle ways. They have the type of endurance needed to thrive in any environment. Capricorns need to crush their goals and attain their status to feel like they have a purpose, and they put in the long hours in order to make it work.

“Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, the planet associated with patience and longevity,” astrologer MaKayla McRae, aka The Starry-Eyed Mystic on Instagram, tells Bustle. When a Capricorn sets their eye on a prize, they get tunnel vision focus that powers them through all twists and turns!”

Capricorns Are Stoics

Some may call it detachment, but a Capricorn will say they’re just being logical. Capricorns are the analytic type, so they’re not too wrapped up in their personal feelings, and you certainly wouldn’t find them being brash or hasty in their decision-making or emotional reactions.

“Being a grounded earth sign, Capricorns are able to consider the facts of any given situation with practicality,” says McRae. “This often makes them the friend that others turn to for trustworthy, practical, and grounded advice.”

Capricorns Are Time Lords

Patience is a virtue Capricorns know all too well, and their ruling planet, steady Saturn, makes sure of it. These sea-goats can recognize karmic patterns, thanks to Saturn, so aren’t shy about pointing out their own shortcomings. Plus, they’re able to accept when something takes more time than they’d hoped and don’t allow their eagerness to hinder their pursuit of it.

“Capricorns are well aware that nothing worth having comes overnight,” McRae says. “They are able to put in the time and energy, trusting that the results will come in proper timing.”

Capricorns Can Hyperfocus

Distractions are no match for the fixated Capricorn. These earth signs have a natural ability to mitigate disturbances and can drown everything out, so they can pour all of their focus on the task at hand. Not only that, but Capricorns crave structure and stability, so they use their keen eye for detail in their arsenal in the chance that their security and safety are threatened.

“Their detail-oriented mindset allows them to organize information and necessary steps in their own unique way,” says McRae. “This allows them to complete tasks with relative ease whenever they are passionately engaged.”

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