Designers Call These The Cheapest, Most Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon

Expert-approved finds for your home, from storage to decor.

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Having a small budget doesn’t mean your home can’t pack major style. In fact, many designers would agree that a few well-planned details can completely transform a space. But knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Take note: Designers call these the cheapest, most clever home upgrades on Amazon.

From storage to decor, you’ll find expert-approved finds that can be shipped right to your door, along with a few tips from the pros. These designers weigh in on decorating the ceiling, maximizing counter space, and creating Instagram-worthy homes that feel like you.

Each of these products comes highly recommended by designers and shoppers so you know you’re getting the best deal.


This Bump-Proof Museum Putty To Secure Valuables

You may have the most brilliant idea for making your walls look artsier — but without the right materials and tools, you might feel frustrated at the results. “One of the most frustrating things is a gallery wall that takes hours to hang, yet never truly lines up the way you want,” Kristen Reyes of Sey Interiors tells Bustle. “Gravity, crooked construction, or a breeze can shift your artwork ever so slightly, creating an annoyance that takes all of the joy out of your hard work.”

Reyes considers this product a perfect solution: Earthquake putty. “Simply add it to the bottom corners of your frame, level it, and press firmly on the wall,” Reyes says. “You will no longer have to deal with tilted artwork and it is easily removed if you ever change up your decor.” The putty itself is nontoxic, removable, and reusable for securing more than just art — use it to keep lamps, candlesticks, and other collectibles stable in the event of an actual earthquake or just the occasional bump or run-in.


The Paint & Sealant Grout Pen That Revives Tiles Under $10

You can have the most beautiful bathroom in the world, but if your grout looks dingy, your whole space is going to be brought down. “The discoloration of grout makes your kitchen or bathroom space look old,” Scippo says. “Use a grout pen for touch-ups. Grout pens also come in different colors, so if you're tired of the grout's dull color, this is the easiest way to remodel."

This grout pen has earned more than 24,000 reviews and is Amazon’s #1 best-seller of tile grout. For just $9, the grout and sealant combo restores your dingy grout. Choose from a narrow or wide tip depending on your tile size. One pen can cover up to 150 feet of grout.


The Transparent Over-The-Door Pantry Organizers To Free Up Space

Purposeful storage makes the organization process less overwhelming, and this affordable over-the-door pantry organizer is loved by shoppers. “Consumers have become more focused on organization and storage for very specific purposes, likely inspired by the array of organization-themed shows,” Amber Shay, National VP of Design Studios at Meritage Homes, tells Bustle. “For example, organizing everyday items, like snacks and supplies, into specific containers in the pantry. We’ve also seen storage being used as a decorative element lately, with containers in fun colors and designs to match the décor scheme.”

It has 24 clear pockets for storing spices, condiments, snacks, and more. The transparent design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly. Plus, it hangs on a standard door — virtually taking up no additional space.


A Cord Management System That You Can Paint

“Cords can be an eyesore, but they don't have to be,” Hill says. “There are a lot of great ways to hide cords, whether you're mounting them to the wall or hiding them behind furniture. You can even buy cord covers that blend in with your walls and floors. Whatever method you choose, make sure to take the time to hide those cords!”

This cord-hiding set has earned more than 15,000 reviews for how easy it is to customize to your home. The white cord hiders can hold up to three cords each, snap into place, and includes connectors that are straight, T-shaped, corner pieces, and outer elbow pieces. They’re paintable and even have an adhesive back to secure each cord holder into place.


The Chalkboard Wallpaper That Sticks To Any Surface & Brings Creativity To Rooms

In addition to paint, Alexakis recommends using wallpaper as a cheap and fun way to transform a room, saying that “ [...] it adds a statement, livening up the space with a hint of your personality.” Alexakis continues, “Not only does it look high-end if appropriately used, but it also hides all flaws.” This 9-foot vinyl adhesive wallpaper has a unique chalkboard surface and can be adhered to anywhere. It comes with five pieces of chalk for writing on the wallpaper. Kids and creatives will love it for homeschool rooms or home offices.


These Storage Bins That Make Your Pantry Instagram-Worthy

Another pantry must-have is these airtight food containers. This set of six includes two wide-mouth bins for things like flower and sugar that have a 3.3-quart capacity, as well as four smaller bins with a 1.5-quart capacity. The BPA-free, transparent containers keep your ingredients and snacks fresh, neatly stack on top of each other, and come with labels to keep your pantry looking organized.


The Set Of Four Pillow Covers That Make Your Couch Look New Again

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to your home decor, make small swaps. “Another popular way to add color to a room is through decorative accessories such as pillows, vases, or botanicals,” Shay says. “These can be found at nearly any home or discount store and can be easily swapped out through the seasons to provide a big design impact. Draperies are another way to incorporate bold colors that make a big impact on the overall look of the room. They provide texture and color and can really set the mood of the room.”

These neutral pillow covers are timeless and will transform the look of old pillows or just freshen up a space. The set comes with four covers with hidden zippers— plus whenever it’s time to wash them, toss them in the washing machine.


A Flexible Room Divider To Customize Privacy

If you have. an open floorplan but often dream about more privacy, Shay says there are cost-effective ways to create more private areas in an open-concept home. “For example, DIY projects that use antique or vintage doors as room dividers,” Shay says. “You can also use inexpensive metal or wood grid material to make screens for an easy and modular way to divide the room. [...]”

This four-panel room divider offers a clever privacy solution. It’s 6 feet wide and allows you to customize a space for whatever you need. The tightly woven wicker panels block most light and add a rustic touch that’s functional and stylish. Plus it costs just $40.


This Set Of Rustic Vases That Add Personality To A Space

This three-pack of rustic vases that Shay recommends is an affordable way to infuse color into your design. Place them together or spread them throughout the house and fill them with faux or real flowers. The ceramic set comes with vases in three different sizes to create a more interesting visual centerpiece. The modern farmhouse vibe paired with the rustic handmade look of the vases fits well with so many home decor styles.


A Bouquet Of Faux Roses That Look Real But Stand The Test Of Time

These artificial roses look real but won’t wilt over time and are another favorite of Shay’s. This set of 25 is just $14 and unlike real flowers, you won’t have to replace these. The colors of the petals and leaves are vibrant and feel real to the touch thanks to their high-quality latex foam construction. The stems are flexible and can be bent or cut to fit in your vases. Choose from white or pink roses.


This Affordable Peel & Stick Flooring To Update A Space

Great flooring can make or break your space. But redoing floors or adding hardwood is not a cheap reno. Here’s an affordable solution: a peel-and-stick floor tile option that features an adorable vintage floral pattern that instantly adds character to a space. No need for grouting or any special tools, either. The tiles each have a semi-gloss finish and are designed to be resistant to water and washable with a mop or other household cleaners.

“This is my favorite cheap, clever home upgrade because when you rip up old carpets, you never know what you might find, especially in period properties,” Sarah Bowen, UK-based interior designer and founder of Spruce Up tells Bustle. “And if you don't have period-style tiles buried underneath your carpet, you could still get the look using peel and stick laminate flooring. It's cheap and cheerful at around $3.50 - $5 per square foot. Laminate is also super easy to lay, so you can do this yourself, even if you're not an expert DIYer.”


A Beaded Chandelier To Draw Eyes Up In Any Room

Elevate any space in your home with one simple change: a new lighting fixture. “Since lighting makes a huge impact, you'll notice the difference when you change your ordinary light bulbs for beautiful and inexpensive light fixtures,” Chris Alexakis, interior designer and founder of CabinetSelect, tells Bustle. “These fixtures draw your eye upwards, giving the room a grander feel.”

This wood bead chandelier adds a lot of personality without taking up a lot of space. The semi-flush mount ceiling fixture features three lights and 240 white beads. It has an E26 bulb base and is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs.


The Hand-Painted Cabinet Knobs To Spice Up Furniture

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for new furniture, you can still spice up cabinets and dressers with a whimsical set of affordable knobs.

Don't overlook the hardware and other accents,” Alexakis says. “It can often be very effective to change even the simplest accents. Your home's appearance and feel may be changed instantly by changing the cabinet hardware, outlet switch covers, door knobs, and even the crown molding. Bringing brass hardware can immediately make your home look ten times more expensive. You can repaint your hardware to freshen up the space if you need an even cheaper fix.”

This set of 30 ceramic knobs is handpainted and makes an eclectic addition to kitchen cabinets, dressers, or furniture flips. Each knob comes with a nut and washer to secure it for your next project.


This Paint & Primer In One That Dries In An Hour

“A new coat of paint can update any room in your house,” Alexakis says. “My go-to colors are neutral tones like taupe and greige because they give the room a bigger and brighter feel. A deeper and darker color can also add depth and a dramatic statement to the wall but be careful with the setting as we don't want it to overpower the room.”

This chalk paint has earned more than 8,000 reviews because it paints and primes in one coat. You can use it on almost any surface from wood and laminate to glass and metal. Choose from 50 different shades, from soft greens to bold reds. It dries in an hour and has a chalky, matte finish.


An Expandable Spice Rack To Fit Into Drawers & Clear Counters

According to Reyes, “Trendy Instagram kitchens all have one thing in common: no countertop clutter.” And one way Reyes says she makes sure that her clients’ kitchen counters stay clear is by finding creative solutions for common countertop mainstays, like spice jars. She tells Bustle, “An angled spice organizer in a drawer keeps everything in sight, expandable shelf organizers allow for maximizing space with smaller items in upper cabinets, and blind corner organizers help utilize storage space that often turns into a ‘black hole.’”

This aluminum spice organizer has everything Reyes recommends. It stores jars at an angle and adjusts from 11.5-inches to 23-inches depending on your drawer width. It’s easy to clean and maximizes the space in your kitchen.


A Countertop Storage Shelf That Extends & Spruces Up A Messy Space

This expandable shelf organizer is another clever kitchen find. The riser extends from 13-inches to 24-inches to store bowls, cups, spices, and more. The thin metal is surprisingly sturdy and can hold up to 50 pounds. The lacquered iron shelf features four nonslip pads to keep your items secure and in place. It’s pretty enough to leave out on the counter for extra storage, yet compact enough to store in cabinets.


A Sturdy Pull-Out Drawer For Pots & Pans That Tucks Away Inside Your Cabinets

This pull-out cabinet drawer has earned more than 5,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating because it’s ideal for storing pots and pans and reducing clutter in your kitchen. The heavy-duty steel metal is simple to install inside your cabinet and is manufactured with a ball-bearing system that allows it to slide out easily. Choose from five sizes to fit your cabinet.


This Retro-Inspired Contact Paper To Line Your Drawers For A Bold Look

“Lining your shelves and drawers with contact paper is one of the simplest ways to give them an upgrade,” Steven Hill, interior designer and founder of DIY Gazette, tells Bustle. “Contact paper comes in a variety of colors and textures, so you can really get creative with this one. Plus, it's super easy to install — just peel and stick.” This shelf liner brightens up any cabinet space. The adhesive contact paper has a bold design that’s a welcome surprise every time you open a drawer or cabinet. It’s also easy to clean — which is key for anything in your kitchen. The retro-inspired paper comes in four sizes.


The Dimmable Lamp That Brings Light Into Any Space

Don’t sleep on the importance of infusing your space with great natural light from a window or patio door. “Not only does it make rooms feel brighter and more inviting, but it can also help you save on your energy bill,” Hill says. “If you have rooms in your home that could use a little more light, consider installing a skylight or solar tube. You can also add more light fixtures, or simply remove items that are blocking windows.”

This LED table lamp is a stylish addition to any room that will bring extra light. It has three brightness levels and a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 48 hours straight. Just tap the lamp to adjust the brightness. It’s available in four colors: gold, black, rose gold, and silver.


These Cheap, Decorative Switch Plates That Add Character

“One of the most commonly overlooked elements of home design is hardware.” Grace Baena, an interior designer of Kaiyo, tells Bustle. She continues, “Going through the house and upgrading this hardware for more modern options is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make your home look and feel nicer. Oftentimes hardware ends up looking outdated, worn down, or dirty, so replacing it can really give your home’s decor a boost.”

This classic beaded wall plate has a satin nickel finish and looks good alongside most home decor styles. It’s a breeze to install and adds a traditional touch loaded with character. Plus this small change is only $5.


A Set of Cube-Shaped Floating Wall Shelves For Creative Storage

The next time you want to add yet another picture frame or vase to your already cluttered bookshelf, try thinking outside the box to make your home look even more stylish. “Add a floating shelf: It's stylish and a great way to add storage without too much space,” Giovanni Scippo, interior designer and director at 3D Lines, tells Bustle.

You can easily hang this set of three floating shelves on any blank wall to provide additional storage and decoration. The set includes three cube-shaped shelves at 5, 7, and 9 inches in width and height. Use them in the kitchen for storing spices or add them to your bathroom wall to store toiletries.


These Solar-Powered Landscaping Lights That Give Homes Major Curb Appeal

Don’t neglect the outside of your home when you’re making upgrades. “A set of solar lights can be purchased and put around your garden or outside the house around,” Andrew Griffith, founder and manager of Garden Furniture, tells Bustle. “You do not have to do anything as these lights get recharged on their own through sunlight, light up as the sun goes down, and pretty much last through the night. It doesn't only look good but is environment-friendly and pocket friendly as well.”

This pack of 10 lights is waterproof and solar-powered, adding simple elegance to your outdoor space. The warm white lights boast a modern, inviting design that reflects light beautifully. Attach them at three different heights and let the sun charge the lights during the day so they can shine bright all night long without any batteries or wires.


A Set Of Light-Filtering Curtains That Elevate Your Room

These light-filtering curtains are made of open-weave linen that looks and feels luxurious. The airy curtains come in seven colors, each with a curtain rod pocket that accommodates rods up to 1.5 inches. The light colors allow natural light into your home without sacrificing privacy.

“I have used these curtains [...] from Amazon in countless homes to achieve a high-end look for less,” Molly Cody, interior designer and founder of Cody Residential, tells Bustle. “Curtains make a room feel complete and placement is equally as important as the curtains themselves.” Choose from seven sizes and seven shades to elevate your living space.


The Modern Curtain Rod That Extends To Double In Size

This modern curtain rod, which Cody also recommends using alongside sheer curtains, measures 1-inch in diameter and has an end cap style rod that is timeless and easily mounts to the wall. Extend this pole from 72 inches all the way to 144 inches to accommodate dual windows and two curtain panels. It can hold up to 22 pounds and its chic matte black design has helped it earn more than 10,000 reviews.


An App-Controlled Smart Bulb That Changes Color For Ambiance

One of the fastest ways to change the ambiance in your space is by shifting the color or brightness of your lighting — which is something that can easily be done via these smart bulbs. The bulbs are Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled via an app — even if you don’t have a smart home hub. “Cheaper and easier than installing dimmer switches, just buy smart light bulbs,” Cody says. “They can be controlled and dimmed directly from your phone for ideal color output and temperature. They also have the capability to change color and be set on timers. Fun Fact - these can be used in lieu of an alarm clock for a much more peaceful way to wake up.”

These bulbs come in a pack of two and cost less than $20. Choose from millions of vivid colors and even adjust the brightness depending on the occasion. Within the app, you can set timers, sync lights to music, and change the temperature of the lights. Plus, the bulb itself is long-lasting and can save you money in the long run.


This Fluffy Rug To Add Warmth And Charm To Rooms

Because they take up a lot of space in a room, area rugs can also really make or break space, Kaercher says. “With them taking the brunt of all the foot traffic, there is no need to spend lots of money on them,” Kaercher says. “An inexpensive rug will make just as big of an impact, and you also won’t feel as bad if you have to replace it in a few years. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly rug sources- both online and in-store that have tons of options to revive your space.”

This best-selling area rug costs less than $30 and, thanks to its fluffy texture, adds warmth and coziness to rooms. It comes in six sizes and 9 colors.


A Visually Stunning Mid-Century Modern Sputnik Light Fixture

“Lighting is the best and easiest way to make a big visual impact and transform a space without spending a lot of money,” Interior Designer Margie Kaercher at Hearth and Honey Homes, tells Bustle. “Swap out the dated and/or basic light fixture for something that brings style and interest to the space. Just like your jewelry — your lighting should make a statement. The best spaces have layered lighting — which is a well-balanced combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting.”

This mid-century modern light fixture is stylish and surprisingly affordable. The industrial pendant light features six lightbulbs and a sputnik shape that disperses light evenly while acting as an art piece in your home.


These Picture Lights To Highlight Beautiful Art

What do all great museums have in common? Thoughtful consideration when it comes to how their artwork is framed and illuminated. Thanks to clever products like this wireless painting light, you can create the same ambiance at home. “Picture lights are a designer upgrade that will make your artwork look so much nicer – you can find rechargeable options that are super easy to install and will take your walls to the next level,” Kevin Francis O’Gara, and interior and product designer, tells Bustle.

This pick comes with a remote that works up to 20 feet away and you can choose among 12 colors and four lighting modes.


This Set Of Classy Curtain Rings That Are Like Jewelry For Drapes

There’s nothing wrong with hanging curtains and drapes from standard rods. But if you want to elevate your windows even more, without spending money on custom window treatments, O’Gara recommends ditching the rod pocket on your curtains and hanging them with curtain rings for a truly designer look. “This cheap upgrade will make your curtains look more luxe and makes them so much easier to open and close,” O’Hara says. This set comes with 40 rings and in a choice of six colors including gold, matte silver, antique copper, and black.


A Beautiful Coffee Table Book To Prop Up Decor

Instead of placing home decor right on your coffee table, add a decorative element like a hardcover book that boasts a beautiful cover and use it as a place to prop pretty items. “Coffee table books are the easiest decor upgrade and are a designer’s best friend when it comes to accessorizing,” O’Gara says. “Grab a couple of books on your favorite topics and use them as a platform for objects, a centerpiece for your table, or a pop of color on your shelf.” This art visual guide is so much more than a decorative prop — it not only looks great on tables but showcases the work of more than 700 artists.


These Lush Cotton Bath Towels That Look Luxurious

It’s time to get rid of bath towels that are yellowing and look like they’re past their expiration date. A great set of cotton bath towels like this pick costs $50 for a set of four, but will last you a long time — plus, it boasts more than 10,000 reviews and is made from soft, durable, and highly absorbent long-staple cotton. “Thicker towels that are matching will elevate the look of your restroom,” Maegan and Stefan Bucur from Rhythm of the Home tell Bustle. “It will seem more luxurious than a restroom with thinner towels. Also, if you have open storage for towels, we recommend that you fold them like spa towels. It is similar to a towel roll but there is a pocket created to help the towel stay folded.”


The Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs That Lend Kitchens A High-End Feel

A complete kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But swapping old cabinet knobs for an elegant set in rich brushed brass will set you back less than $15 and makes a huge difference. “Switch out the hardware on cabinets and furniture — this is great for elevating less expensive furniture,” Maegan and Stefan Bucur suggest. “Switching out the traditional knobs on a dresser for leather or brass pulls is an easy way to make pieces look more high-end.”

These T-bar knobs look chic and modern and come in packs of 10 with the mounting screws needed to easily install them. They’re also available in black, brass acrylic, and brushed stainless steel.


These Unique Leather Dresser Knobs That Provide An Unexpected Detail

In keeping in line with Maegan and Stefan Bucur’s recommendation to change up the hardware on cabinet doors, why not really shake things up by experimenting with leather knobs that offer a unique and interesting twist on an old standard? This 12-pack of soft knobs is handmade from soft cowhide with brass details and is simple to install, according to reviewers. One reviewer said they were the perfect finishing touch to make her inexpensive IKEA dresser “look a little more polished and put together.”


The Amber Glass Bottles That Make A Prettier Display Than Store-Bought Soap

Soap is a bathroom necessity, but those plastic bottles you buy in the store aren’t doing your decor any favors. “A simple upgrade is to switch your soaps and sprays that are out in the open to unbranded bottles,” Maegan and Stefan Bucur say. “There are really nice, inexpensive amber glass bottles on Amazon that really tie the room together and get rid of the flashy packaging that brands use for marketing. This tip can also apply to spice storage. Using simple clear jars and a uniform sticker label can elevate your kitchen's appearance.”

Each of the amber bottles in this pack of two holds 18 ounces of soap and has a sturdy pump dispenser. They also include charming waterproof stickers so you can label your hand soap, lotion, soap, or dish soap accordingly.


A Freshly Painted Door Frame Or Crown Molding For A Custom Look

Hiring painters can cost thousands of dollars. But sometimes all your space really needs is a few paint touch-ups that you can DIY to keep rooms looking fresh. “Change the color of your crown molding, baseboards, or door trim with a touch of paint and an ergonomic paintbrush,” Danielle Montgomery, interior designer and owner of Hillaries Road Interiors, tells Bustle. “Use a contrasting color or the same color as your walls to elevate your home from cookie cutter to a custom-designed look.”

Unlike standard paintbrushes, this tool has a unique handle that allows you to easily grip it for a more precise paint job. It has a 1.5-inch brush and comes in a pack of three.


A Whimsical Wallpaper Accent In An Unexpected Spot

Wallpaper isn’t just for your walls — and when it’s peel-and-stick wallpaper like this pick, you can breathe easier knowing you don’t have to commit for the long haul. Give your space an affordable renovation by adding paper to unexpected spots, like your kitchen island, Montgomery suggests. “A great way to sneak in some pattern or color without it feeling too in your face is adding peel and stick wallpaper or tiles to your island,” Montgomery says. “Place it on the base of the island under the overhang where you slide in your stools. It's an unexpected and fun way to play with wallpaper.”


This Ceiling Medallion For Extra Drama Without The Cost

“Show some love to the fifth wall, your ceiling,” Montgomery recommends. “You've probably thought about changing out your builder-grade lighting, but what about adding some drama with a ceiling medallion? Ceiling medallions bring your eye up and act like a little bit of jewelry for your ceiling. You can leave them white, or paint them a different color for more interest.”

This ceiling medallion costs less than $25 and comes in a number of colors. It boasts a high 4.6-star rating.


A Modern Shower Curtain That Elevates Your Bathroom

You may consider your shower curtain such a small detail that you don’t even consider it when it comes time to jazz up your space. But you’re underestimating the power of this simple and affordable swap that can add a ton of charm to your bathroom.

“We all can attest to the wow factor of floor-to-ceiling drapery,” Montgomery says. “Bring that same idea into your bathroom with an extra long shower curtain. It instantly gives a more luxe feel. Try a 96-inch (or taller, depending on your ceiling height) shower curtain to bring a more custom look.”

This farmhouse-chic curtain is made from a tight weave and comes in seven colors and six sizes.


The Arched Floor Lamp That Is More Versatile Than Sconces

Wall sconces are beautiful, but they aren’t exactly versatile, while night table lamps consume a good amount of space that could be used for books, tablets, and pretty decor. “Free up some space on your nightstands by using slim, arched floor lamps beside your bed,” Montgomery suggests instead. “This allows for more space and more flexibility if you change your mind than a sconce attached to the wall.”

This chic and modern floor lamp has an adjustable shade with a foot switch and it comes in six colors such as gold, black, and bronze.


A Set Of Stylish Hooks For Neat, Effortless Wall Storage

If you’re unhappy with the clutter in your home there’s a good chance it’s because you just have too much stuff taking up floor space or valuable real estate on shelves. That’s where these wall hooks come in: They’re strong and can each hold up to 25 pounds, but they also look chic thanks to their black walnut construction. “I’m such a huge fan of using wall space for storage,” Montgomery says. “Add some stylish hooks to your home to keep things clutter-free.”


An Elegant Gold Side Table That Makes Living Rooms Look Regal

“In your living room, the stars of the show are the sofa, the rug, the art, the coffee table, and the lighting, Interior Designer Julia Dempster tells Bustle. “Those side tables flanking your sofa, not so much. They’re holding up your lamps, displaying your favorite objects, and they’re a place to put your book and your drink down. They don’t need to shine — therefore, you don’t need to splurge.”

But that doesn’t mean they can’t look regal and elegant. This gold side table, which costs less than $40, is proof. It has three legs and a round top that’s perfect for holding drinks or books, plus it can be repurposed and placed in any room.


These Abstract Art Prints To Add Visual Interest To Walls

Adding beautiful artwork to your home is one of the easiest ways to fill your space with interest and color. “Art can define a space; a huge statement piece can ground a wall, but it doesn’t need to swallow your budget as well,” Dempster says. “[...] Contrasting textures in neutral colors always stand the test of time but black and white is a classic. Anything that adds contrasting textures and feels great is going to add richness to the interior. These six artworks will add impact and fill a space on the wall, great for rental properties.”

Not only is this abstract art beautiful to look at, but it’s also affordable at less than $15 — a bargain compared to most art prices.


A New Set Of Sheer Curtains In An Eye-Catching Print Or Color

Not only will swapping your current curtains for lighter, more sheer curtains help block out light and keep things private, but they’ll also instantly add color and life to a room. “Changing the curtains of your bedroom or living room can lift the entire look of your space,” Chenise Bhimull, interior designer at ZFC Real Estate, tells Bustle. “They do not need to be expensive at all. Just go for a neutral-toned color and a basic cotton fabric that is not stiff. Make sure these curtains are touching the floor.”

This pick costs less than $50 and comes in four sizes and a variety of elegant prints and colors. Each set includes one panel with a loop and rod pocket.


Clever Collapsible Storage Bins That Look Great On Shelves

If your home lacks storage space, you don’t have to look too far (or spend a ton of money) to find storage solutions like these fabric bins, which collapse or can be folded up and look elegant on shelves. “[...] For less than $50, you can buy three bins that will transform the way your closet looks and functions,” Gigi Day, interior designer and blogger at Mod Daily tells Bustle. “By simply adding these bins to your shelves, you'll create a more organized and streamlined space. Not only will your clothes and accessories be more easily accessible, but your closet will also have a neater, more polished appearance. And when guests come over, they'll be impressed by your stylish and organized home.”

The bins come in a number of sizes and packaging options and in a choice of 11 solid colors, as well as plaid designs.


Photos Arranged In A Gallery Style With A Mix Of Frame Sizes

Gone are the days when all of your pictures had to be uniform — the same exact portrait-size pic running the length of your stairwell, for example. “Picture frames don't have to match unless you are going for a modern look,” Interior Designer Alice Chiu tells Bustle. “In that case, a uniform minimal look (all black frames with black and white photography for example) works perfectly in a modern space. However, if that's not your style, you can mix and match frames in various metals, colors, and sizes. An easy and affordable way to upgrade your home is to swap out your existing picture frames or add frames to existing artwork or prints and hang them up in a gallery style.”

This set of seven photo frames includes one 11-by-14-inch frame, two 8-by-10-inch frames, and four 5-by-7-inch frames so you don’t have to search around for different sizes and can get straight to your gallery wall. They come in gold, silver, or black.

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