Designers Say It's Surprisingly Cheap & Easy To Fix These Eyesores Around Your Home

Who knew these upgrades were so cheap?

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Decorating your home is one of the most intimidating tasks a person can take on. Sure, it’s exciting to revamp and execute your personal aesthetic throughout every room, but the price tag tends to hold most of us back from actually going for it. That’s why we’ve enlisted a range of interior design experts that have seriously good ideas on how to fix eyesores around your house without breaking the bank.

For example, just because your carpet is stained, it doesn’t mean you have to dig deep into your pockets and start from scratch. And if you’ve been dreaming of splurging on that special piece of art, there’s an affordable alternative that will instantly achieve your desired look.

From cheap and easy fixes to creative interior design tips, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, on our expert-approved curated list, you’ll discover 40 items on Amazon that are instant home fixes. You’ll thank us later.


Eyesore: Dull & Boring Bedroom Walls

Fix: This Peel & Stick Wall Decor That Looks Like Real 3-D Texture

Benjamin Ibanez, who is a senior interior designer at FCI Interiors, recommends an adhesive peel and stick. "A backsplash is a stylish way to protect your walls and it adds a touch of personalized panache to your space,” he explained. Be sure to choose a stick-on tile with a strong adhesive to avoid unsightly peeling.” This one comes in different shades of wood including grey, whitewash, and maple.


Eyesore: Outdated Paint Color

Fix: A Pretty Adhesive Peel & Stick Design That Will Change The Vibe Of Any Room

Ibanez also explains that you can “change the look and feel of a room in an instant with self-adhesive, removable wallpaper. The key here is to ensure that it’s easily removable. Instead of spending money on paint and committing to one color, you can try out different types of wallpaper and even change them with the seasons or holidays,” he says. “You might not paint your room in pumpkin spice for Halloween, but you might try out a Fall leaf wallpaper for the month of October. You can easily remove it once you’ve finished celebrating…and add a design with mistletoe for Christmas. It’s far cheaper than buying new decorations for your home every year."


Eyesore: Outdated Walls

Fix: This 3-D Wall Trim That Adds A Luxe Touch For An Affordable Price

Jessica Codejon Alvarez, who also works at FCI as an interior designer, suggests wall trim, such as this edging strip from Amazon. “Molding is a fabulous way to update your walls, but getting someone in to do it can be expensive,” Alvarez explains. “An affordable alternative is to use good quality adhesive molding, like this NeatiEase wallpaper border that you can stick on yourself.” This trim choice comes in white and is stain-resistant — which is a plus for busy households.


Eyesore: Walls That Lack Interesting Trim

Fix: A Paintable Baseboard Trim That Works On Almost Any Surface

Alvarez also mentioned that “you can even pair [the molding] with adhesive skirting to update the entire look of your room in one quick and easy swoop." This waterproof baseboard trim comes in all different sizes and prints like wood and marble, making it easy to match any room in your home. Plus, it’s a breeze to install.


Eyesore: Cold & Uninviting Rooms

Fix: These Gorgeous Velvet Throw Pillow Covers That Are Super Soft

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add warmth to your room, Cristina Chirila from FSI Interiors says, "Layering textures in a room makes it look instantly lusher and more expensive. The trick is to use understated textures and match them perfectly for an elegant air.” She recommended crushed velvet cushion covers, and she’s not the only one who’s in love with this type of upgrade — these particular Deconovo covers, which come in 17 gorgeous colors, garnered a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


Eyesore: A Lack Of Colors & Textures In Your Space

Fix: A Set of Top-Rated Faux Wool Throw Pillow Covers

"Throw away your old covers and update your throw cushions in the living room and bedroom for a gorgeous refresh,” Chirila adds. This faux-wool option has over 4,500 five-star reviews. While they come without a cushion insert, they can easily replace an older cover to give you a fresh home upgrade in just seconds. As a bonus, these can easily be thrown in the wash.


Eyesore: Art That’s Too Generic

Fix: This Banksy Canvas Wall Art That Will Make A Statement

Affordable artwork that packs a punch is hard to come by. “Not many of us can afford artworks valued in the millions,” Ricardo Jarjoura, who is a senior interior designer at FCI Interiors, says. “An easy workaround is to buy a print of a favorite painting or artist and hang it in a place where it can’t be missed. Make sure to order from a reputable supplier so the quality doesn’t look cheap.” Jarjoura suggests, “this option is better than buying a generic piece from your local furniture shop, which has no real meaning or story behind it. I love this Follow Your Dreams print by Banksy.” It comes in three sizes, so you can find the best space for it in your living space.


Eyesore: Too Many Bare Walls

Fix: A Set of 10 Picture Frames To Create The Ultimate Gallery Wall

If you’re not ready to commit to a painting, a gallery wall is a great way to add your own personal touch. Lauren Austin, an interior designer at FCI London, explains that "painting is a big commitment and can be expensive, plus you might grow tired of the shade. With a gallery wall, you can hang the frames in various configurations, update photos as many times as you like, and work on a theme, such as black and white, to achieve a certain look." This bundle includes 10 frames of varying sizes to help you get started.


Eyesore: A Poorly Lit Area

Fix: This Floor Lamp That Is Super Modern & Simple

“If your living room is looking a bit tired but you don’t have the budget for new furniture, you can change the game with one item,” says Austin. “A simple floor lamp placed in a prime spot creates an air of elegance and adds mood lighting for romantic evenings in. There are so many styles to choose from and it really depends on your taste, but I always like elongated shades for that really classy look." This floor lamp includes energy-saving bulbs and its minimalistic design will look great in any style room. It’s also simple to assemble.


Eyesore: Cold, Wooden Floors

Fix: This Shaggy Rug That Gives A Warm Transformation To Your Space

Patricia Tram, a Principal Designer at Strut Interiors, loves the idea of using an area rug to transform your space. "Area rugs are one of the most transformative pieces to incorporate into any room of your home but can be the most not-so-budget-friendly,” she explains. “They ground the furniture, define the space, and can be a conversational art piece, so it's important to make sure you're selecting the correct size for the room." This shaggy choice has well over 18,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and can fit into a small budget.


Eyesore: Rugs That Don’t Fit The Space Of Your Room

Fix: This Minimal Accent Rug That Creates A Natural Look

Tram added, “If you're tight on your budget or love your smaller rug design, layer it over a more affordable jute or sisal rug to give the illusion of an oversized design. Adding another texture also adds depth and richness to the space, giving it a more custom look and feel. Your guests will think you hired a pro!" This durable sisal rug comes in plenty of different sizes and can help you achieve more of a farmhouse vibe.


Eyesore: A Mix And Match Of Appliances

Fix: These Ultra-Sleek Cabinet Handles That Will Tie Your Entire Kitchen Together

When it comes to your kitchen appliances, Tram shares her affordable solution to make sure everything looks consistent and elevated. “More likely than not, a Kitchenaide dishwasher, General Electric microwave, and Subzero cooking range will result in 50 shades of stainless steel and will make a home look like a quick flip,” she says. “Either take your time and buy from all the same brand for a consistent look, or purchase panel-ready appliances for a sleek and finished look that disappears with your cabinetry design and you can add decorative hardware to finish the look." These cabinet pulls are a great place to start.


Eyesore: Mountains Of Clutter

Fix: These Fabric Storage Baskets That Are A Must For Organization

Christine Kobervig Munger, an interior design expert and Director of Merchandising and Sourcing at Fernish, explains to Bustle that, "Trends today are all about sustainability, simplicity and creating a sense of comfort at home.” “Anything that looks cluttered — if you walk into a room and see piles of stuff on top of stuff it feels outdated and worse — that chaos is probably stressing you out,” she adds. Try these storage baskets for an easy way to make clean-up a breeze. They’re collapsible, so they won’t take up too much space if you need to store them.


Eyesore: Not Having A Focal Point In The Room

Fix: This Stunning LED Tree Decor That Will Also Add Light

Chris Alexakis, the co-founder of Cabinet Select, is all about the concept of having a focal point in your space. "The focal point of a room is typically the first thing you see when you walk in, so it's important to make sure it's not left empty,” Alexakis explains. “Whether it's a fireplace, a piece of art, or a large window, the focal point should be well-decorated and add to the room's overall look." These decorative birch trees are a great way to attract attention while also giving off a little extra light. They’re also good for homes with kids and pets, as the bulbs don’t break or give off heat.


Eyesore: Lacking Dimension In Your Home

Fix: These Bohemian Pillow Cases That Will Add Instant Texture To Your Sofa

Alexakis is also a big fan of texture, believing that mixing textures can add some extra dimension to your room. “Pair smooth fabrics with rough-hewn woods, or combine different patterned fabrics for a more eclectic look,” Alexakis suggests. These textured throw pillowcases are crafted from canvas fabric and feature tufted detailing. Whether you opt for a chevron, geometric, or fringe design, you can’t go wrong.


Eyesore: Bedroom Walls That Lack Intrigue

Fix: This Set Of Vinyl Polka Dot Wall Decals That’ll Add Pizzazz

"You can even add texture to your walls by using a variety of materials like stone, brick, or wood,” Alexakis mentions. “Or you can get a new piece of furniture that has an interesting texture, like a woven rug or a leather sofa." These wall decal dots may be a good way to dip your toes into wall texture before making the plunge. Available in nine colors, they’re easily removable if you change your mind — but you likely won’t, after seeing how they can quickly upgrade your space.


Eyesore: Too Many Cords & Cables In The Way

Fix: A Cable Cord Cover That Will Hide Unwanted Messy Wires

Grace Baena, Interior Designer of Kaiyo says, “computer cords and cables are often one of the worst household eyesores — especially when they are a tangled mess. To fix this, consider tucking them into a basket under your desk. You might also organize them in a stylish box. You don't even have to untangle them — just get them out of sight!" This cord cover can stick under your desk and fits up to 10 cords or cables.


Eyesore: Curtains That Aren’t Serving You Well

Fix: A Set Of Blackout Curtains That’ll Help You Control The Light In Your Home

Julia Dempster, who founded her eponymous interior design company, lent her expertise on the proper way your curtains should be hung. In general, curtains — like these popular blackout curtains — are a great way to take control over the light that enters your space, but there’s a wrong way of putting them up.

"A common layout mistake that interior designers discuss is the placement of curtains in relation to window size,” Dempster notes. “To open your space and frame your windows to look their best, hang your curtain rods several inches above the top of the window. You’ll also want to extend the hardware out past the frame of the window. When your curtains are fully open, they’ll let in the maximum amount of natural light. This placement also makes your windows look larger than they are, which helps keep large furniture from overwhelming small windows."


Eyesore: Having A Dark Kitchen Space

Fix: These LED Motion Sensor Lights That Add An Extra Boost Of Light

Dempster also says that “not having adequate lighting in the kitchen” is a huge mistake she often sees. “While beautiful pendants over your island and sink look amazing, it is good to incorporate recessed and under-cabinet lighting to give the kitchen proper light when you are cooking or prepping food. Hide strips of LED lights underneath upper cabinets or over the sink for an easy switch-on when you need a boost of extra light,” she suggests. These motion sensor light bars are perfect since they’re motion-activated and can be set to three different color temperatures.


Eyesore: A Cracked, Outdated Front Door

Fix: A Fresh Coat of Paint & Primer

Scott Hamilton Harris, the COO of Building Construction Group, explained that "If your front door has old, outdated hardware, cracked or peeling paint, then it isn’t inviting for guests.” He says, “The first impression of a house and sets the tone for the rest of the home. Try a fresh coat of paint in a bold statement color." This paint by Glidden comes in a bluish-gray that’s bound to attract attention and make you feel like you have a fresh new home.


Eyesore: Fencing That’s Seen Better Days

Fix: These Faux Ivy Hedges That Will Cover Up Old, Rusty Fences

Harris also suggests investing in faux hedges to disguise outdated fencing. "Got an ugly exterior wall or fencing? Buy fake ivy or vines. They come in a fold-out form in various sizes and some you can cut to adjust and secure with zip ties,” Harris says. This artificial ivy looks like the real thing, and can also help block additional sunlight from a patio or deck.


Eyesore: A Stained, Dirty Carpet

Fix: A Carpet Stain Remover That Works On The Toughest Of Stains

Instead of breaking the bank and buying a new carpet, Harris recommends trying to clean it first. "For the interior, nothing screams ‘ew’ louder than a dirty carpet and a sofa, loveseat or lounge chair with stained or ripped upholstery. If replacing your carpet isn’t in your budget, then get your carpet professionally cleaned and sanitized and consider doing a full room color dye,” he says. If a professional is out of the cards, this instant stain remover can help. All you need to do is spray it to demolish everything from wine stains to permanent marker.


Eyesore: Bulky Condenser Units Outside

Fix: This Privacy Screen & Divider

"Because the condenser unit needs air to circulate, you shouldn’t place it right up against the unit and there should be a good amount of space between the slats,” Harris explains to Bustle. “Depending on where your condenser unit is located, you can place a pretty room divider in front or a two to three-sided encasing for it. Same works for the garbage cans and pool equipment!" This freestanding room divider is the perfect solution. The four-paneled divider comes in multiple designs and is easy to transport in and out of the house.


Eyesore: Appliances & Lighting That Has No Modern Edge

Fix: This Powerful LED Desk Light

Accent lighting is an easy way to modernize any room. Carrie Schulz, the Head of Design at Block Renovation, says, “Add personality by swapping out a dated sconce for an architectural light, update your medicine cabinet for backlit mirrors, or add a pop of color with a new faucet." This LED desk lamp is a good choice due to its adjustability and super bright bulbs that offer three different lighting options: white light, warm light, and daylight.


Eyesore: Outdated Bathroom Faucets

Fix: This Elegant & Modern Waterfall Faucet That Is Easy To Install

One of the simplest to update your accents per Schulz’s advice is by swapping out your bathroom faucet with this elevated waterfall style. It’s easy to clean and has a brass body and waterway, which helps it stay strong. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and can be purchased in gold, nickel, black, or chrome. Once you realize how easy it is to replace faucets, you might redo every bathroom in your house.


Eyesore: A Couch That Doesn’t Look All That Comfortable

Fix: This Super Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket You Can Add On Top

Lauren Byington, the co-founder of Warren and Lauren says, "A faux-fur throw enriches not only the furniture it's placed on but also a room itself! Plus, who can resist curling up under this blanket and simply relaxing?" Blankets can keep you warm and also warm up a room, so they’re always a solid purchase. Thousands of Amazon shoppers agree that this faux-fur sherpa blanket is as soft as they come. Opt for a solid hue or a fun animal print.


Eyesore: Messy Dog Food Bowls

Fix: A Sleek and Modern Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Byington also recommends updating your pet bowls for a more sleek design. "Most Americans have pets. Skip the cheap-looking plastic food and water dishes and elevate your space with a more modern bowl presentation option that also helps your furry friend avoid stressing his or her neck,” she says. This double bowl option comes in over 15 colors and is constructed of stainless steel. It’s best recommended for large breeds.


Eyesore: A Stuffy Room Without Fresh Air

Fix: A Set of Glass Planters That Mount To Your Walls

Incorporating greenery is the best way to add natural elements to your home. “Let nature inexpensively augment your space and help purify your air with plants that accent your walls,” Byington explained. These hanging glass planters come in sets of two, four, and six, and are super easy to remove when replacing fresh water for your plants. They’re also great for indoor plant lovers to propagate new plants from cuttings.


Eyesore: Old Wooden Furniture

Fix: This Wood Polish That Will Restore & Enhance Wood Finish Throughout Your Home

Lily Will, the founder and CEO at Ever Wallpaper says, "it is not pleasant in the eyes if you have a pale-looking wood. It will appear old and overused. To restore its beauty, you can use a wood polisher and conditioner. You can buy Howard Products Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner.” With an impressive score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, many people agree that this product can help make dull wood shine once again.


Eyesore: Flooring That Looks Too Brassy

Fix: A Wood Finish Gloss That Will Renew & Protect Your Floors

Gene Fitzgerald, who is an interior designer and home expert at Best Osmosis Systems, tells Bustle that "Nothing can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home more than brassy flooring.” He explains, “The orange tinge looks outdated and gives the home a vintage feel... I recommend sanding the floors to a light neutral shade of brown, which looks absolutely stunning. It gives the space a modern, minimalistic appeal. I love finishing the floors off with lacquer to give it a refined look." This polyurethane from Minwax is a great buy to keep wood looking fresh.


Eyesore: Old & Rusty Doorknobs

Fix: These Gold Doorknobs That Will Add A Pop Of Shine

Fitzgerald also says, "Doorknobs, handles, and faucets that are rusty and outdated, ruin the look of your home.” He adds that “One can easily update these on a budget. I love gold doorknobs, handles, and faucets because they give a luxurious yet sophisticated look to the living space. Hints of gold add a pop of shine to the space." Plus, they might make you feel like you’re living in a palace, which is always a plus. These Copper Creek doorknobs do come in other shades as well if gold isn’t your thing.


Eyesore: Tiles That Should Have Been Replaced Years Ago

Fix: Acrylic Bonding Primer For Your Tiles

If you are in need of an affordable solution to update your tiling, try this acrylic bonding primer. Fitzgerald explains, "Old tiles that look worn off make the space appear dated. One can easily paint over the tiles, with a neutral shade, or white, to brighten the look of the entire space.” While you can use paint, this quart of primer can make tiles look glossy. It can cover up to 100 square feet, making it a great choice on a budget.


Eyesore: Coats & Purses That Are Strewn All Over The Living Room

Fix: This Set of Chic Wood Hooks To Hang Your Coats On

These timeless wooden hooks are great for storing coats, towels, purses and so much more. Tati Kader, an Interior Designer at Studio Neshama, says, "these wood coat hooks are one of my favorite finds, they look so chic in any room." Made from beech wood, they’re a nice break from metal hooks that you’d normally find in the living room. Each hook can hold up to 30 pounds.


Eyesore: Junky Plastic Soap Dispensers Crowding Up Your Sink

Fix: These Refillable Glass Soap Dispensers That Prevent Leaks

Kader also mentioned, "I love this dish soap dispenser, and love that they also carry a whole line of dispensers for common household cleaning supplies." Amazon shoppers love these glass dispensers for their minimal and chic design — and the fact that they’re reusable is great for the environment. Added bonus: They are made from shatterproof glass.


Eyesore: The Lack Of Organization In Your Child’s Play Room

Fix: These Canvas Storage Baskets That Are Collapsible

Another item that has Kader stamp of approval is this canvas basket. "I love using these hampers as toy storage bins... I like keeping toys separated by play type, they hide everything and can easily be moved around for playtime activities, you can pair multiple of them together and they come in a variety of patterns,” she says. Of course, they can also be used as initially intended to help organize clothes and laundry.


Eyesore: Tissue Boxes With Outdated Designs

Fix: A Rattan Tissue Box Cover That Makes For Stylish Decor

Carlin Van Noppen, a professional interior designer at Fig Linens and Home, states that "tissue box covers are a cheap and easy way to upgrade a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. Especially as the winter months set in and it becomes vital to keep tissues in each room, using a soft or hard tissue box cover will allow you to treat the sniffles in style.” Available in three colors, you’ll be amazed over how such an easy change can upgrade your bedroom or living room. They’re also easy to clean.


Eyesore: Clutter Hiding Under Your Bed

Fix: This Elastic Bed Skirt That Comes In 25 Different Colors

"In general, changing textiles is much easier than renovating,” Van Noppen adds. “This in mind, Fig Linens and Home recommends using fabrics in as many places as possible. Some examples are curtains, tablecloths, bed skirts, bath rugs, and decorative pillows." This bed skirt is one of the best-selling home items on Amazon, with nearly 35,000 five-star reviews. And even better, it’s a good way to hide anything you may be storing underneath while adding a pop of color.


Eyesore: A Dining Room Table That’s Covered In Scratches

Fix: A Burlap Tablecloth That Is Waterproof & Made From Wrinkle-Free Fabric

"These fabric pieces can be used to conceal unsightly furniture and storage spaces while showing off your flair for design,” Van Noppen adds. “Especially if you rent, these decorative fabric pieces can make your space look put together without picking up a hammer." Try adding this burlap tablecloth to your table — especially since it looks a lot more expensive than it really is. It’ll add some texture and make it look like you’re always ready for guests.


Eyesore: The Old Showerhead That Came With Your Home

Fix: This Detachable Shower Head That Has Six Spray Modes

Matt Hagens, a carpenter and the founder and CEO of Obsessed Woodworking, shared that "updating bathroom hardware like shower heads can make a big difference in the appearance and function of your home." This stainless steel option features six different spray modes including mist and massage modes. Set with a chrome finish, you might not realize how simple it is to swap your showerhead whenever you’re looking for an exciting home update.


Eyesore: Too Much Beige In Each Room

Fix: A Set of Stunning Colorful Flower Vases That Can Brighten Things Up

Hagens also explains that "a well-chosen flower arrangement can brighten any room in minutes, while releasing physical stressors such as dust mites or allergens that may cause allergies or other problems later on in life." Use these stunning and colorful glass vases to store your favorite bouquet. They come in a set of six and will make a great centerpiece on your dining table. A 12-piece set is also available if you have a lot of space to decorate.