Designers Say These Things In Your Home Are Eyesores & Make Your Place Look Cheap

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Written by Allison Bolt

There are always things in our homes we wish we could hide when friends come over. Instead of figuring out ways to hide that pile of shoes by the door or feeling like you have to make excuses for your faded hand towels, I reached out to professional interior designers to learn about the biggest eyesores that are commonly found in homes. From there, I found the absolute best yet cost-effective ways to remedy these pain points.

This isn’t just a list of comfy ottomans that work as entryway benches (although there is one with handy shoe storage). It’s also full of small fixes for less noticeable eyesores, like waterproof sealant to make your sink less grimy.

So get ready to have a showcase-worthy home, free of designer-disapproved eyesores.

Curtains That Don’t Touch The Ground (Or Touch The Ground Too Much)

Solution: These Blackout Curtains That Come In Over 30 Sizes

Los Angeles-based interior stylist Melanie Thomas suggests upgrading your curtains to the appropriate length, especially if they’re too short. “A curtain that doesn’t go all the way to the ground makes the space feel haphazard and less pulled together,” she says. “Also, another designer trick is to hang curtains as high as the ceiling. That will lengthen the space and make it feel more styled.”

To get the perfect length, this set of blackout curtains comes in over 30 different size options, from 45 to 108 inches long. With simple measuring, these machine-washable curtains will perfectly graze the floor. Plus, they’ll block out heat, cold air, chilly air, and even noise from outside. These luxurious double-layer panels are also complete with an easy-to-hang design (even if you’re hanging them as high as the ceiling).

Knickknacks That Are All Over The Place

Solution: This Stainless Steel Rack To Hang Kitchen Utensils

“I love a collection and I’m all about maximalism, but too many trinkets and mementos can be an eyesore and gather dust on a bookshelf or ledge,” Thomas tells Bustle. Once you “edit down” your knickknacks, it’s all about styling. She suggests, “if you do have a large collection, hang it on the wall and make it more of a feature.”

This stainless steel utensil rack is the perfect way to make your collection of kitchen tools — functional or not — a decor feature. It’s complete with 14 hooks for every seasonal hand towel or vintage spoon that’s impossible to part with. Of course, the wall-mounted design also gets your go-to spatulas off the counter.

Solution: These Stylized & Cube-Shaped Floating Shelves

To take on your knickknack collection Thomas suggests you “edit it down to the few that really mean something and don’t just keep every vacation airport purchase.” When you’re ready to style a shelf, she says, “Plates, baskets, even vintage kitchen utensils can become art.”

Keep meaningful, curated mementos on this stylish cube-shaped floating shelf. The interlacing square design is made of super durable wood to keep your favorite things safe and on display. This lightweight also comes with mounting hardware to make your trinket-organizing project easier.

Light Switch Plates That Don’t Match Or Complement Your Wall Color

Solution: These Colorful Wall Plates With A Sleek Design

“I’ve seen this many times — someone paints their room a gorgeous deep red or blue and forgets to switch out the electrical outlet and switch plates to match. It ruins the illusion of complete immersion,” Thomas says.

Be sure to think about your wall plates when you paint that trendy color everywhere. Thankfully, these chic wall plates come in white, almond, ivory, gray, brown, and black to coordinate with your paint scheme. The front is free of screws, so it looks way sleeker than those standard off-white panels. These colorful plates are complete with a smooth finish that won’t fade, and the durable polycarbonate is completely unbreakable for easier mounting.

Throw Blankets That Are Scattered Around When You’re Not Lounging

Solution: First, A Sherpa Throw Blanket That’s Worth Keeping Close

Tina Delia, NCIDQ and lead interior designer at Delia Designs, is a “big fan of throw blankets.” According to her, “They cozy up a bare sofa while adding color, pattern, and texture to the living room space. Blankets are essential for when you want to snuggle up and get all comfy when lounging in your family room.”

Before you think about blanket storage, you’ll want to grab this reversible throw blanket. The fluffy sherpa side has all of the texture you want in an accent throw. Meanwhile, the silky microfiber side adds color to your living room while you lounge and is available in over 20 different shades. You can also machine-wash it before tucking it into your blanket storage.

Solution: A Braided Cotton Basket That’s As Cozy As Your Blankets

Despite loving the coziness of a throw blanket, Delia doesn’t think they belong out 24/7. “Too often I walk into a home with napping blankets out for guests to see,” she says.

Tuck away those lounging blankets in this 100% organic cotton storage basket looks just as cozy as all the throws it can hold. The woven rope design even adds a similar texture element to your living room without leaving your blanket on the couch. It’s also easy to machine-wash with all of your throws every now and then.

Solution: A Storage Ottoman To Completely Hide Blankets

What’s even worse than a throw blanket on display? Delia says it’s “seeing them draped on the back of the sofa or across the sofa cushions.” This foldable storage ottoman has a matching lid to really tuck away those throws. The lid is complete with comfy tufting that your guests will want to use as a footrest or additional seat, since it can hold up to 300 pounds. They’ll never know your go-to movie-watching blankets are hidden inside this chic linen ottoman. Plus, it’s easy to collapse flat when you’re using all of your favorite throws.

Stacks Of Shoes & Bulky Boots That Crowd Your Entryway

Solution: These Under-Bed Bags To Relocate Entryway Shoes

“The entrance of the home is your opportunity to create a beautiful first impression. Placing a free standing piece of furniture that you build yourself that is full of shoes and coats is not quite a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home,” Delia explains.

So, relocate all of those shoes — especially the out-of-season ones — to these under-bed organizers. This set comes with breathable canvas bags, one to fit 16 of your everyday shoes and another for four pairs of boots that take up a bunch of entryway space. They also have a clear vinyl lid that makes it just as easy to grab the right shoes before you head out the door.

Solution: A Shoe Organizer That Hangs In Your Entryway Closet

Instead of a cluttered shoe rock that can look messy in your entryway, add this durable canvas shoe organizer in your closet. It’s complete with two hooks to hang it next to all of your go-to coats. The 10 shoe selves let your shoes breathe more than if they’re piled on the floor. There are even 10 mesh pockets to store those small things that clutter your entryway table like sunglasses, clutches, and face masks.

Outdoor Rugs In Your Indoor Living Space

Solution: A Plush Rug To Match The Coziness Of Your Living Space

Owner and principal designer of Sho and Co, Shoshanna Shapiro, points out that outdoor rugs shouldn’t be used as indoor rugs. This budget-friendly shag rug is a cozier option for your living room, bedroom, nursery, or office. It still has all of the visual intrigue that an outdoor rug would, but it’s a soft texture that you’ll actually want to relax on. If you like outdoor rugs for their durability, this plush rug is even complete with a durable and sturdy rubber backing.

The Wrong Lighting Options & Colors

Solution: These Smart Light Bulbs That You Can Change To Suit Your Decor

Shapiro also suggests thinking about your lighting options and colors. This set of smart LED light bulbs makes it easy to create a mood that goes with your decor. There are millions of colors, dimmer settings, and warmth options to perfectly illuminate your space the right way, even if you just want to pick between warm and cool white light. You can even use voice control with these Bluetooth bulbs to really amp up your lighting setup.

A Bulky Entertainment Center With Multiple Compartments

Solution: A Rotating Wall Mount To Make Your TV Look Sleek

Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design says, “I'm very surprised entertainment centers are still on the market and could never imagine living with such a monstrosity. Having the liberty to wall mount a tv is one of the most freeing feelings.”

Toss that bulky entertainment center, and install a sleek, swiveling TV wall mount instead. Simply use the included hardware to hide it away behind your TV. The 360-degree adjustable design means you can even turn it vertically for certain video games, and you can tilt the mount to avoid glares.

Fake Plants Hanging Out On Your Windowsills

Solution: A Real Money Tree That Comes In An Aesthetic Pot

Just like a lot of us of us, Shaffer says, “I'm fully aware that I don't have a green thumb.” But he also says, “I don't want to have a faux tree in the corner of my living room.” This live money tree is an easy swap for all of those faux plants hanging out on your shelves. It also helps out with purifying your home’s air in a way plastic ones absolutely cannot. It’s only 10 inches tall, so you can tuck this compact plant anywhere, and it only requires half a cup of water once a week, so care is a breeze.

Painted Accent Walls That Look Flat

Solution: This Textured Wallpaper To Add Dimension To A Room

Painted accent walls are one of Shaffer’s pet peeves. Why? “Paint is flat by nature and it just doesn't make sense to try to make a room special by using the same finish but in a different color,” he explains. “I've got a secret, check out peel and stick wallpaper!”

This adhesive stick-on wallpaper definitely won’t look as bland as paint, plus it’s removable. It’s complete with a unique criss-cross, linen-like texture that stands out from smooth paint finishes. This textured wallpaper is even oil- and waterproof if you want to fix up a kitchen accent wall and comes in 12 colors.

Faded Towels In Your Bathroom

Solution: A Pack Of Durable, Matching & Fade-Resistant Towels

Jen Dallas, the founder of Jen Dallas Interiors, suggests swapping out those faded bath towels for a more put-together home. This vibrant pack of 100% Turkish cotton towels looks way chicer than those older faded ones. Each one is actually infused with dye, so they’ll hold up longer, and reviewers note they don’t fade in the washing machine. They also have durable double stitching, so you’ll never put out frayed towels. This soft and absorbent set even includes washcloths and hand towels, giving you a pleasing, matching set.

Extra Toilet Paper Rolls Out In Your Bathroom

Solution: A Storage Cabinet To Hide Your Extra Toilet Paper Rolls

For an eyesore-free bathroom, Dallas says toilet paper should be “stored out of sight.” It’s easy to add hide extra rolls with this chic storage shelf. The top shelf opens top pop in a new roll. When you close it, this slim shelf keeps the toilet paper nice and hidden. The rest of this cabinet has two spots to stack up to four extra rolls. Plus, the door has ventilation if you want to store cleaning supplies or other odds in this cabinet.

Old Lamp Shades On Your Trendy Lamps

Solution: This Crisp Lampshade With A Linen Finish

Dallas also recommends swapping out old lampshades. Instead of hanging onto an old, faded covering for your trendy new lamp, grab this crisp and budget-friendly lamp shade. It’s complete with a linen fabric finish that looks chic with all kinds of lamp bases. Plus, it’s available in 10 different styles to really match your vibe.

A Wooden Curtain Rod That’s Not Functional

Solution: This Sleek Metal Curtain Rod That Elevates Your Curtains

Dallas suggests swapping out wooden curtain rods and hardware for a more functional option. This 1-inch thick metal curtain rod is a sleek option that makes it easy to slide open your curtains every morning. That’s because this durable hardware holds up to 22 pounds. Plus, the extendable design will never look too wide or narrow on your window. This rod is available in four sizes and three trendy finishes: black, bronze, and brushed nickel.

Faux Decor Pieces — Especially Plants

Solution: A Pack Of Totally Real Mini Succulents

When it comes to faux decor, Dallas recommends you “use the real thing or nothing at all.” This pack of miniature succulents is totally free of that faux tag — even though they’re from Amazon. Each 2-inch tall plant is a different type of succulent, so they’re super easy to decorate with. Plus, this variety pack already comes in ceramic pots with plenty of slow-release fertilizer in the soil.

Exposed LED String Lights All Over Your Living Room

Solution: These Functional LED Lights That Hide Behind Your TV

Interior design consultant at Land of Rugs, Zara O’Hare recommends thinking about where you place those trendy LED string lights. “In terms of making a house/apartment look cheap, one of my pet hates is exposed LED lighting,” she says. “If you do want LED lighting in your home, using small sets of LED lighting around items such as your TV can add to the look of the room, but it is important that these are not exposed and hidden from view.”

These LED string lights are the way to incorporate these TikTok trendy lights into your home. It’s easy to hide them behind your TV with their adhesive design and simple USB plug. You still get 15 colors and dimmer settings — but these colors actually serve a purpose. Behind your computer or TV, this light kit actually helps with eye strain.

Cracked Caulk That Makes Your Sink Feel Grimy

Solution: This Waterproof Sealant That Still Lets You Use Your Sink

Teri Simone, head of design and marketing at Nieu Cabinet Doors, says cracked caulk and sealant “can quickly make a kitchen look shabby but can be easily DIY'd in an afternoon.” She goes on to say, “People tend not to notice these details in their own kitchen, but they really see the difference once they have been fixed!”

This silicone sealant makes this sink-refreshing tip super easy. It’s not a big deal to replace cracked caulk because this budget-friendly formula is water-ready after 30 minutes. Of course, it’s water-, air-, and even moisture-resistant for all over your kitchen or bathroom and won’t yellow or crack. It’s also mold- and mildew-resistant to stop future griminess.

Worn Out Cabinet Hardware

Solution: These Matte Cabinet Pulls That Are Super Durable

Simone also recommends taking a look at your cabinet hardware. “When knobs or pulls are flaking or chipping, replacing them with a fresh modern choice is a quick fix that will make a huge difference,” she says.

This set of matte black cabinet pulls is perfect for replacing that chipped or rusted kitchen hardware. Under that trendy finish (which is also available in brushed brass or satin nickel), these pulls are made of super durable stainless steel. This large pack of cabinet pulls is complete with a simple bar design with hidden screws.

A Bunch Of Clutter In The Kitchen

Solution: A Lazy Susan To Add More Storage To Your Cabinet Situation

Simone also notes that kitchen clutter can “detract from the design of the space and create an eyesore.” How? “The aesthetic will look less put together if there is not a place for everything and items are shoved on top of cabinets and counters,” she says.

Add more storage space to your cabinets and get your spices off the counter with this stainless steel lazy Susan. It gives you two 10-inch, 360-degree spinning shelves, so you can be less stressed when you open your cabinets. With the raised rim on each shelf, you can even pull this organizer down and look through your spices.

Classic Flush Lights That Are Such A Bore

Solution: This Semi-Flush Light That Looks Stylized

According to Kathy Corbet, the CEO and principal designer of Kathy Corbet Interiors, circular lights that are flush mounted to the ceiling are total eyesores. Don’t worry, though she says “they are so easy to update with a cool semi flush or flush pendant.”

This semi-flush light makes it worth tackling that classic pendant light that’s such an eye sore. It’s complete with a matte black base and a trendy gold accent above the bulb. Plus, the geometric and transparent globe is obviously an upgrade from that frosted pendant we’re all tired of.

An Accent Wall That’s Randomly Picked

Solution: This Adhesive Wallpaper For A Perfectly Placed Accent Wall

Corbet also has a bunch of helpful tips when it comes to accent walls. “I believe that an accent wall needs to be purposeful — the TV wall, the desk wall, the headboard wall, etc.,” she says. “It should be a way to frame something that is a feature in the room.”

After you pick a purposeful wall, this adhesive stick-on wallpaper is the thing to grab. This durable wallpaper is embossed for a textured look and comes in 32 colors. If you choose to place this muted wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom, it’s totally waterproof. Plus, there are grid lines on the back for precise application.

Metal Levolor Venetian Blinds (No Matter How They’re Placed)

Solution: These Blackout Curtains That Elevate Your Windows

Interior designer Kelly Taylor highly recommends taking down those classic metal blinds — you know the ones. “I don’t care if they’re vertical or horizontal, stop right there,” she states. So, grab these blackout curtains if you still want the ability to raise and lower your window coverings. They easily win out over blinds because they block out 85% to 99% of light. Plus, these machine-washable curtains are complete with aesthetic and adjustable tie-up details, so you can pull them up just like blinds.

Faux Fireplace Logs That Aren’t Super Aesthetic

Solution: This Chic Fire Pit Glass That Can Be Used Indoors & Outdoors

If you have a fireplace, Taylor suggests re-thinking faux fireplace logs. “They aren’t real. Everyone knows it. So go for the glass or stones,” she says. Simply pour in this pack of clear fire pit glass after you remove those faux logs from your fireplace for a modern look. They all have irregular shapes to give your fireplace a reflective, chic look. You get 10 pounds of these glittery and ceramic fireplace add-ons, and they’re indoor/outdoor, so you can pour any extras in your fire pit.

Rattan Used In Large Doses

Solution: This Sleek Serving Tray With A Touch Of Rattan

Instead of going overboard on rattan, home designer Yasmine El Sanyoura of OpenDoor recommends “trying out a trend you like by incorporating accent pieces that complement your home’s style.” She says, “It is a good opportunity to mix and match and be playful, without committing to something permanent.”

This trendy serving tray is a chic way to test out a bit of rattan in your home without committing to a whole chair. The bottom is covered in a hand-woven rattan texture, but it’s still easy to clean off, making this a lovely addition to a coffee table. Meanwhile, the rest of this rectangular tray has a simple wooden design with a versatile black finish.

Hardware & Finishes That Look Dated

Solution: This Oversized, Brass-Finish Shower Head

El Sanyoura also suggests taking a look at all of the hardware in your home. “I like to mix and match metals for a more elevated look,” she explains. “My recommendation is to use one metal per category (like hardware or lighting), and then mix other metals into the design for a layered yet cohesive look.” She especially raves about mixing brass plumbing with matte black hardware in smaller bathrooms.

She recommends this Kingston Brass shower head as the perfect swap for that forgotten chrome-finish situation. Other than sleek polished brass, it’s also complete with an oversized 8-inch diameter design with a sleek disc-like shape. It also has a massaging design, to give you the best shower ever.

Solution: A Pack Of Matte Black Bathroom Hardware With Robe Hooks

When it comes to hardware outside of your shower, El Sanyoura recommends changing up all of those older hardware pieces, and mixing your brass metal with matte black pieces.

She likes this matte black bathroom towel rack set from Shamyoy, and it is such an easy way to add those high-end details. It comes with all of the bathroom pieces you’ll need, including two luxurious robe hooks, a bath towel rack, a hand towel ring, and a toilet paper holder. Whether it’s the towel rack or the toilet paper holder, all of the hardware is waterproof and rustproof.

Older Throw Pillows & Blankets All Over Your Living Room

Solution: These Velvety Throw Pillows With The Best Texture

Interior design expert and director of merchandising and sourcing at Fernish, Christine Kobervig Munger says it’s easy to “Instantly upgrade your seating with new throws and pillows.”

These velvety throw pillows with 100% cotton filling easily beat the old (and flat) throw pillows all over your living room. Each of them is complete with unique pleating on the sides to give these pillows a trendy texture. This pleating is finished off with a small button detail at the center of each pillow that’s so vintage chic.

Solution: A Fringed Throw Blanket With A Soft Dot Texture

Kobervig Munger also recommends new throw blankets for an easy seating upgrade. “There’s nothing more inviting than a soft new blanket. Donate anything that’s older and clean blankets regularly to keep them from looking tired,” she suggests.

If you’re refreshing your cozy blanket supply, grab this crisp throw blanket with soft knitted details and fluffy fringe. It’s complete with a plush dot pattern that adds a trendy zigzag texture. To follow Kobervig Munger’s tip and keep your new fringe blanket clean, this one is machine-washable.

An Overly Crowded, Messy Entryway

Solution: A Cozy Doormat That Lasts A While

“It’s understandable why entryways get crowded quickly but it’s also an easy and low cost place to clear out the visual noise and bring some zen into your home,” Kobervig Munger says. She also has a bunch of tips for entryway pieces to help make this space functional yet stylish. She suggests “simple solutions that can make a big impact,” like a cotton or jute doormat that’s actually quite chic.

If you’re starting with the doormat, this machine-washable weaved cotton doormat will last a while in your entryway. It’s complete with a reversible design with that classic plaid print on both sides. That means you can flip this trendy rug over if you don’t feel like washing it right away.

Solution: These Nesting Baskets That Are Shallow Enough For Keys

Kobervig Munger also recommends “nesting baskets to store keys, mail, and sunglasses” in your entryway. This set of five woven baskets gives you a designated space for all those small odds and ends. The 100% natural cotton design, which comes in six different styles, is shallow enough for your keys and unread mail. They also have soft handles, so it’s easy to reorganize them or carry your mail to the living room.

Solution: A Comfy Storage Bench For Your Shoes

As for an entryway bench, Kobervig Munger suggests a “bench with integrated storage.” Grab this comfy ottoman, which gives you all of the shoe storage that Kobervig Munger recommends, because it’s 30 inches wide and 15 inches deep. Plus, it has a padded lid you can put your feet up on when taking off your shoes. It even has a small removable compartment inside that’s handy for smaller sandals or sock storage.