Designers Swear These Weird But Genius Tricks Will Make Your Home Look So Much More Expensive

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If only there was a magic spell that could immediately transform our homes into chic, sophisticated living spaces in seconds. While instant home makeovers aren’t a thing, there are plenty of genius ways to give your space a luxurious feel with minimal effort. To make things easy, I got the low-down from several interior designers and stylists, who offered up their best tricks to make your home look more expensive — without breaking the bank.

While the word “luxurious” may bring to mind ornate furniture and opulent decor, there is actually a case to be made against filling your rooms with too many pieces. “Follow the minimalist approach of ‘less is more’ when decorating your home with furniture and accessories,” recommends Marty Basher, designer with Modular Closets. “Too much stuff in any space can quickly feel overwhelming and is harder to maintain.” Investing in organizational pieces — such as these collapsible fabric storage cubes or these adjustable bamboo drawer dividers — will help you get a handle on clutter by offering dedicated spaces for miscellaneous items.

Another simple hack that will help you achieve a sophisticated living space? Picking out interesting, unconventional lighting fixtures. “You can add character and modernize every room through smart lighting choices,” says Richard Petrie, design expert at Thomas Sanderson. For example, you can install this industrial pendant light that’s enclosed in a rustic metal sphere, or this cozy table lamp with a hollow, geometric base.

Below, you’ll discover tons of weird but brilliant home design tips that will give your space an elevated look.


A Vibrant Coffee Table Book That Adds A Pop Of Color To Your Space

When it comes to decorating, it’s entirely appropriate to judge a book by its cover. This coffee table book by Charlotte Moss features a vibrant image of marigolds in a decorated pot. “Place a vase or decorative object on top of stacked books and you have a quick, easy vignette,” says Alexandra Davin, interior designer at online design service Clairrow. “They can add quick color to a space, too.” Bonus points if the book is on a subject you’re particularly passionate about (and who isn’t passionate about flowers?).


The Outdoor String Lights That Create The Perfect Vibe On Your Patio

Turn your patio or porch into the ultimate warm-weather hangout spot by installing these outdoor string lights. Available in white and multicolor options, the waterproof lights can be conveniently installed with cable ties or cup hooks. “It’s a super easy DIY project and adds so much character to your outdoor oasis,” says Davin.

  • Available lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet
  • Available colors: Warm White, Multicolor


These Crystal Candle Holders That Are Simply Elegant

These crystal candle holders give your tea light candles the same tall appearance as pillar candles, without any risk of dripping wax. Sophisticated and elegant, the trio of holders set the stage for a romantic candlelit dinner. “Adding candles to a sideboard or a dining table creates such a nice ambiance,” says Davin. “I love this option that holds a votive, but gives the flame a little height.”


A Budget-Friendly Value Pack Of Votives

Once you’ve picked out some glass candle holders you love, you can stock up on these unscented tea light candles. For a super reasonable price, you get 100 mini candles in metal cups — each one burns for approximately four hours. They add just the right amount of ambient light to any space — use a handful on your dining room table or mantel for a romantic vibe.


These Gorgeous Curtains That Come In Soothing Sage Green

Sage green is a popular choice for accenting a room, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge and paint your entire room in the sought-after shade, interior designer Beth Martin suggests investing in a few statement pieces — like these curtains — first. “Curtains are an easy and chic way to try out the sage trend without spending too much money,” she explains, and yet they still make a “huge impact.”

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 16


A Sage Green Throw Blanket That’s Ultra-Soft & Lightweight

Another way to add sage green to your space, this throw blanket is made from soft and airy muslin cotton. The layered material is super lightweight, so it’s great for the warmer months as well as chilly weather. A subtle waffle weave and fringe also add some texture to your couch or bed. Besides green, this blanket is also available in shades such as mustard yellow, charcoal gray, and navy blue.

  • Available sizes: 55 inches x 60 inches, 60 inches x 80 inches,
  • Available colors: 11


This Wooden Pedestal With Rustic Flair

Here’s a unique wooden pedestal that endows any room with a dose of country charm. “Rustic accents that feel like family heirlooms will add texture to your home and can make an entire room feel elevated,” says Martin. She recommends using this miniature stool, which is available in round and rectangular styles, as a plant stand or decorative accent on your kitchen countertop.


A Wooden Trinket Box With An Ornate Hand-Carved Design

Another piece that feels like an heirloom, this trinket box is hand-carved from mango wood and features an ornate Celtic pattern on the lid. Measuring 8 by 5 inches, it’s perfectly sized for jewelry, trinkets, and other small keepsakes. Place it on a bookshelf, dresser, or coffee table as a warm, homey accent piece that looks like an antique — at just a fraction of the cost.


This Handwoven Rattan Basket With A Scalloped Edge

According to Martin, scalloped edges — such as the ones found on this handwoven rattan basket — are great because they complement a wide range of home styles. “This detail makes traditional furnishings feel a little more modern while nudging contemporary decor just a tad in the sweet direction,” she explains. The unique basket can be used to hold produce, bread, or even a tea set.

  • Available sizes: 3


A Sleek Steel Tray With Scallop-Edged Handles

This steel tray offers a more subtle use of the scalloped edge with its metallic handles. The flat surface of the tray is mirrored, reflecting whatever items you decide to place on it. Besides silver, this accent piece is also available in gold, rose gold, and rainbow finishes. Place it on your coffee table, ottoman, or kitchen counter to add a sophisticated touch.

  • Available colors: 4


The Faux Leather Pillow Covers That Look Just Like The Real Thing

Sabrina Beaumont, interior designer and CMO at Passion Plans, says that incorporating leather into your home can help it look “vastly more expensive.” Even better? You can achieve the leather look without spending a ton of money — just use these faux leather pillow covers. “I'm an actual sucker for these throw pillows,” she gushes. “An overall leather look fits great in a minimalist setup.”

  • Available colors: Brown, Black


These Terra Cotta Pots With An Earthy Color Palette

When it comes to decorating, earthy colors and materials like terra cotta never go out of style. “I love these pots for plants that both bring in some earthy colors while adding some contrast with the patterns,” raves Beaumont. If you’re looking to switch things up, these pots also come in unique colors such as lime green and light pink.

  • Available colors: 5


A Pair Of Ceramic Pots With A Wood-Grain Texture

These planters have the appearance of natural wood, but are made from ceramic (which promotes air movement to keep plants healthy), giving you the best aspects of both materials. “These wood-textured ceramic pots accomplish everything you've wanted,” says Beaumont. Not to mention, they give you the perfect excuse to buy more house plants. “Bringing in some plants is also good for the quality of the air!” she adds.


This Trio Of Abstract Sculptures That Make A Modern Statement

Made from smooth resin with a gold-tone finish, these abstract sculptures are a surefire way to boost your room’s sophistication. “Abstract screams expensive,” says Beaumont. “I love these three golden figurines that will look great in any living room.” Each figurine offers a slight variation on the “thinker” pose, and they look great when displayed together.


These Glass Food Containers That Look Better Than Store Packaging

Looking for a way to give your kitchen countertop or pantry a cleaner, more refined look? “Take all of your pasta, cereal, milk, juice, etc. and put them in their own glass containers,” says Gian Moore, editor at MellowPine, a DIY home project blog. This set of five containers comes with matching wooden lids, each fitted with a silicone seal for maximum food freshness. (If you want to containers for milk and juice, as Moore advises, you can pick up a set of two handled jugs.)


The Space-Saving Sink Caddy With Room For All Your Dishwashing Supplies

Moore recommends hiding your dish soap and sponge, which will help tidy up any countertop clutter. This stainless steel sink caddy has individual compartments for neatly tucking away your dish soap, sponges, and dish brush. With a sleek, streamlined appearance, the holder also has an exterior metal rail that provides the perfect spot for your sponge to dry between uses.


This 2-Tier Cabinet Organizer For Hiding Away Bathroom Essentials

Moore advises keeping “all your bathroom regimen items inside a medicine cabinet” to clear up any clutter. If your medicine cabinet is squeezed for space, put this tiered metal organizer inside inside your bathroom cabinet to add two levels of storage. It has baskets that can easily be pulled out, allowing you to quickly access your items without having to push them around. This storage unit can also be used to hold spices and cans in the kitchen.

  • Available colors: 5


A Patterned Accent Rug With A Worn-In, Vintage Look

Robin Antill, director at Leisure Buildings, says, “Contrary to popular belief, vintage rugs are not always prohibitively expensive; you simply need to search around.” If, however, you’re tight and money and time, you can pick up an accent rug like this one to add some timeless character to your space. It comes in six sizes, and a range of designs and colors, like silver and slate, sand and taupe, and eggplant and crimson.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors and patterns: 16


These Faux Succulents You Can Arrange Into A Vibrant Centerpiece

Another thing Antill suggests for elevating an aesthetic is utilizing “indoor plants to fill in empty spaces and provide vitality to your home.” If you’re too busy to tend to real plants, you can invest in this pack of artificial succulents in a variety of shapes and sizes. Combine all 14 pieces to create a gorgeous succulent centerpiece, or scatter them in different pots throughout your home.


Some Dried Lavender Bundles With A Heavenly Fragrance

Fresh flowers are another foolproof addition, according to Antill, but if you want something low-maintenance and long-lasting, these dried lavender stalks are an easy alternative. They look great as a part of a dried floral arrangement, and they also have a light, lovely fragrance that creates a calming atmosphere. You get two bundles of lavender, each measuring 13 to 17 inches in length. Place them by themselves in a vase, or add them as an accent to an existing centerpiece.


This Industrial Pendant Light That’s Both Modern & Rustic

Sometimes, transforming your living space is as simple as replacing your light fixtures. “It's amazing how much updating your light fixtures can create a whole new atmosphere, no matter what room you put it in,” says Marco Bizzley, interior designer at House Grail. This industrial pendant light is surrounded by a rust-finished metal orb, giving it a look that’s both modern and rustic all at once.


A Bathroom Hardware Set in Gold Or Matte Black

According to Bizzley, replacing the hardware in your bathroom is “a quick and inexpensive way to make an update” in your living space. This durable four-piece set is available in matte black and gold finishes for a luxe, modern aesthetic. Complete with a towel ring, a toilet paper holder, and two robe hooks, the pieces are made from stainless steel, and the set comes with all of the hardware needed for installation.

  • Available colors: Black, Gold


Some Slim Stainless Steel Cabinet Pulls For Your Kitchen

Bizzley’s design advice also carries over to the kitchen, where you can easily replace your current cabinet pulls with these sleek handles made of stainless steel. Available in three finishes — black, brushed brass, and satin nickel — you get 12 pulls in a pack, each measuring 5 inches long. Use them on your cabinets, drawers, and cupboards for a uniform, contemporary look.

  • Available colors: Black, Brushed Brass, Satin Nickel


A Set Of Round Wall Mirrors That Make Your Room Appear Bigger

When it comes to decorating your space, don’t underestimate the power of a set of decorative mirrors. “Hanging up decorative mirrors is an easy way to change the entire look of a room,” says Bizzley. “It can make your room look brighter and bigger.” This set of seven circular mirrors includes a variety of sizes, resulting in an eclectic appearance when grouped together.


This Quirky Countertop Mirror With An Irregular Shape

While we’re on the subject of mirrors, Bizzley also reminds us that “an occasional odd piece makes the room look unique and adds a bit of personality.” He recommends adding a cloud-shaped mirror similar to this one that comes with a small wooden stand, so you can place it on your desk, countertop, or dresser. Although it looks just like glass, this mirror is actually made out of acrylic — so it won’t break as easily if accidentally dropped.


These Botanical Prints That Brighten Up Your Room

“If you want to make your home look more expensive, one way to do this is to hang cheap art pieces which look expensive on the walls,” says Lily Wili founder of Ever Wallpaper. So if you’re not willing to spend the big bucks for fancy art pieces in your your living space, these botanical art prints will give you the same look without the lofty price tag. Not only will your home have a sophisticated vibe, but your walls may actually appear bigger as a result.


A Cozy Table Lamp With A Minimalist, Geometric Base

Table lamps are yet another way you can revitalize your living space. “Clever lighting will leave your living room feeling transformed, turning the room into a warm and cozy space,” says Richard Petrie, design expert at Thomas Sanderson. He recommends adding a pretty table lamp, such as this one with a hollow, geometric base, to add a glow to gloomy corners.


This Solid Oak Picture Frame That Elevates The Art You Already Own

Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey, recommends upgrading the prints you already own by investing in higher-quality frames to display them in: “Buy cheap art and put it in a $40 frame and you’ve elevated the look of the art.” This one, for example, is made out of solid oak wood for a sophisticated feel. “The frame itself can have a bigger impact on the perceived value of the art than the actual art itself,” explains DelMonico.

  • Available shades: Black, Dark Oak, Natural, White


Some Plush Inserts You Can Dress Up With Throw Pillow Covers

The first step to revamping the look of your couch or bed? Buying cheap throw pillow inserts such as this set of two from Utopia Bedding. It doesn’t matter what the inserts look like, since you’ll be wrapping them in luxurious-looking pillow covers. “For a more high-end look, buy larger-sized pillows and vary the pillow heights,” suggests DelMonico.

  • Available sizes: 10


These Faux Linen Pillow Covers That Come In Lots Of Color Options

Once you’ve gotten your pillow inserts, the real fun begins. “Cover your pillows with covers made from expensive-looking fabrics,” says DelMonico. “You can find covers made from textured linen, velvet, leather, or cotton with a bold pattern.” These pillow covers are made from a lightweight faux linen material that comes in a range of neutrals and jewel tones.


A Pair Of Geometric Vases That Make Your Entryway Pop

DelMonico’s next piece of advice is to “make a statement at the entrance of your home,” which can be achieved using a variety of objects, including vases. These geometric ceramic vases are one way to create a statement-making setup — fill them with dried flowers or greenery, or simply let them stand on their own. One is black and one is white, and the varying heights help create varying levels in your entryway.


This Tiered Console Table Made Of Sleek Bamboo

Another piece you can add to your entryway, DelMonico suggests, is a small console table. Designed with two tiers, this table provides plenty of space to hold decorative vases, candles, and more. Sleek bamboo wood gives this table a lightweight yet durable feel, and since each leg bottom is fitted with a felt pad, you don’t have to worry about the table scratching up your floor.

  • Available colors: White, Gray


The Waterproof Entryway Rug With A Cool Geometric Pattern

Pull your entire entryway together with this indoor rug that features a cool geometric print. Designed with an absorbent top layer and a nonslip bottom, the rug traps dirt, mud, and moisture, so it doesn’t end up on your floor. When it’s time for a refresh, simply toss the rug in the washing machine or give it a once-over with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available patterns: 3


A Hand-Poured Soy Candle That Comes In Dozens Of Delicious Scents

It’s not just about how your house looks — it’s also about how it smells, says Kim Turner, principal and designer at Kim Turner Design. Also the advancement director at Dwell with Dignity (a Dallas-based nonprofit that provides interiors for single mothers escaping homelessness), she suggests coming up with a signature candle scent for your home. “Guests might not remember exactly what the fragrance was, but they will remember that your home always smells good,” she says. CoCo Benjamin offers 44 tantalizing soy candle scents to choose from, including black amber lavender, cotton blossom, and wood sage and sea salt.

  • Available scents: 44


This Stick-On Crown Molding Tape For A Vintage Look

While traditional crown molding can be expensive, there are cheaper alternatives — like this faux crown molding — that look just like the real thing. Says Marty Basher, designer with Modular Closets, “No matter how you pull it off, crown molding gives a room an ornate, more finished appeal. No carpentry expertise required!” This flexible molding tape is self-adhesive, so all you have to do is peel off the backing and stick it along any smooth surface.

  • Available colors: White, White + Silver, Black + Silver, White + Gold


A 6-Pack Of Fabric Storage Cubes That Are Collapsible

Basher says, “One of the simplest, most inexpensive things you can do to make your home look expensive and stylized is to get rid of the unnecessary clutter.” You can start by investing in some organizational tools — such as these fabric storage cubes — to keep unused items concealed from view. These handled bins can be used to hold sheets, towels, blankets, and more. When you’re finished using them, they fold flat for easy storage.


The Multi-Level Organizer That Holds Cosmetics & Jewelry

This multi-level organizer will work wonders for your bathroom counter or dresser. Designed with several shelves and compartments, the sturdy plastic unit sorts all of your cosmetics, face brushes, jewelry, and other small items. Since the organizer is made of clear acrylic, you can easily see all of your items inside.


These Adjustable Bamboo Dividers That Straighten Up Your Drawers

Made out of lightweight bamboo wood, these drawer dividers are a simple way to add some organization to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. They can be adjusted from 17 inches to 22 inches in length, so they’re compatible with a wide range of drawers. An EVA foam pad on each end keeps the dividers from scratching your drawers’ interior.

  • Available colors: 4


A Minimalist Wooden Shelf That’s Easy To Assemble

Basher recommends checking out Amazon for “single, lightweight, inexpensive bookshelves” that can be used to “create a whole wall of gorgeous built-in styled bookshelves.” Here’s a modern, minimalist shelf unit that provides four tiers of storage space. Available in tan, gray, black, and white, it’s perfect for holding books, ceramic vases, picture frames, and more. Basher adds, “There’s very little experience needed to bring this custom look to your home or apartment.”

  • Available sizes: 3-Tier, 4-Tier
  • Available colors: 14


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper With A Subtle Grassweave Design

Want a quick and easy wall upgrade? “You can grab a roll of peel and stick wallpaper very affordably in gorgeous, posh designs and have it hung in a couple of hours with no experience,” says Basher. “It lasts through normal wear and tear then peels off when you’re ready for something new and different.” With a sticky self-adhesive backing, this wallpaper is quick and easy to install. It has a subtle grassweave design that adds some texture to your home.

  • Available colors: Blue, Cream, Neutral