Dog Owners Are Calling These Hidden Gems On Amazon Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year

Treat your dog with something they’ll be sure to love.

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Let’s face it: shopping for your dog is just as fun as shopping for yourself (if not more fun). From upgraded versions of your favorite essentials to discoveries you never knew you needed, it can seem like there are thousands of products out there, just waiting for you to discover them — and that’s because there are.

Check out this list of 40 hidden gems that reviewers were absolutely obsessed with. You and your best friend will love them, too.


This Mat Remover For Pain-Free Detangling

For a grooming process that's painless for you and your pup, grab this mat remover. Its 10-tooth design moves through mats and tangles with ease, and thanks to its curved outer edges, and won't pull or hurt your pet. Made with rust-resistant steel, it's sure to last a long time, and its ergonomic handle goes easy on your hands and wrists.

One reviewer wrote: “This dog mat remover was amazing. Super easy to use, a good size to remove good size mats, and easy to hold. It worked like a charm on my golden retrievers' ears!"


These Cheese-Flavored Chews That Help Promote Healthy Teeth

Not only will dogs love the taste of these cheese-flavored chews, but they'll be keeping their teeth healthier than ever while they bite. Made with only three ingredients (yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice), they're grain-free, preservative-free, and even lactose-free, since the milk products are cured. Naturally rich in protein and calcium, they help strengthen muscles and bones — and since they encourage chewing, they actually help reduce tartar and plaque buildup.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a now 9-month-old pup who is a real chewer and these, with limited healthy ingredients, are a great choice. He loves them and they keep him occupied... I'm really happy with this product and continue to order. I tried other chew toys or bones and these are to me, the healthiest and most durable yet okay for growing teeth for a pup.”


This Dog Shampoo & Conditioner That Relieves Itching

This dog shampoo and conditioner can help relieve itching, and it’s safe for sensitive skin. The no-tear, sting-free formula is meant to soothe dry skin as it numbs and moisturizes sensitive areas, so they won't want to itch, scratch, or bite. Scented with patchouli flower, it gets rid of unpleasant odors and leaves your pup smelling amazing.

One reviewer wrote: “I am over the moon with this product. My Jack Russell has a summer allergy that causes her to itch quite a lot.... she has stopped scratching and her scratches are healing up beautifully, the scent is beautiful and long-lasting. There are other products in this range that I will be buying. I would give more than five stars if I could. Excellent product.”


These Braided Collagen Sticks Packed With Delicious Flavor

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional rawhide chews, these braided collagen sticks make a delicious option that can help refresh your pup’s skin and hair. Made with 100% beef collagen, they're digestible — and the collagen peptides can even help promote mobility as well as heal muscles. As your dog chews away, they'll remove tartar and plaque buildup, keeping their breath fresh and supporting dental health.

One reviewer wrote: "This was the best purchase I’ve made yet. My 5-month-old golden puppy chewed this for two hours straight when I gave it to her without a break and it was still barely eaten! I’m so impressed with these. She’s on day two eating the same braid. No other bully-type sticks have lasted more than 20 [minutes]. I will keep buying these so I can relax!"


This Water Additive That Tackles Tartar & Plaque

As difficult as it might be to brush your dog's teeth, it's so important to keep up their oral health; that's why this dental water additive can be a lifesaver. Not only does it tackle plaque and tartar, but it also freshens breath, whitens teeth, and improves gum health (so basically, it has magic powers). Formulated without alcohol, sugar, or detergents, it's odorless and completely clear, so they'll barely even notice it’s there.

One reviewer wrote: “No one likes bad breath. We know our fur babies love to give us special kisses. Always after a meal, a good rinse freshens up those kisses. Your babies will appreciate it and you will too, because you're taking care of their mouths. And enjoy the kisses.”


This Tartar Control Kit That's Safe For Puppies

From puppies to senior dogs, this tartar control kit will keep your best friend’s teeth healthy and clean. Flavored with a delicious banana mint taste (or a beef option) that your dog will love, it reduces tartar buildup, whitens teeth, and gets rid of unwanted odor at the source. Plus, the toothbrush is specifically designed to access hard-to-reach areas without pain or discomfort.

One reviewer wrote: “My pup is not a fan of having her teeth brushed, but definitely needed it. This toothpaste tastes good to her and after using it for a few weeks, the tartar is all but gone. So glad we found this for her and can avoid taking her to the vet for dental care.”


These Clickers That Are Invaluable When You're Training A Puppy

Clicker training is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to train your dog, and these training clickers will absolutely do the trick. Each one is constructed with a huge button in the middle that makes for lightning-fast clicking, and it's loud enough for your pet to hear across the room. With two clickers included at a price point of under 10 bucks, this set is a no-brainer.

One reviewer wrote: “This little clicker saved my sanity and my relationship. I have a 2-year-old Bichon that I’ve had a hard time potty training. At my wit’s end, I started researching training techniques and found clicker training. [I’m] happy to say that after a month of use my dog has gotten better at toileting outside instead of in the house... I’m super proud of her and thanks for this tool.”


This Puzzle Toy With A Delicious Reward

Engage your pup's brain with this puzzle toy that asks them to sniff out and uncover the treats hidden inside. It features 11 movable parts, including lids that flip open, treat hiding spots, and sliding parts. There’s also a button in the middle that makes a squeaking noise. Each puzzle is designed with food-grade materials that you can either put in the dishwasher or wash with soap and water before you use it again and again — your pup will be obsessed.

One reviewer wrote: “We bought a few dog enrichment toys to keep him active in the winter months, this being one of them. He is OBSESSED with it. He figured it out right away, and we just break up a tiny treat into each spot and mix it with his dog food. When he sees this puzzle pulled out, he immediately gets excited and curious. He eats every piece, every time now!”


These Calming Chews That Help Soothe Nervous Pups

Loud noises, separation anxiety, and strangers are no match for these calming chews. Their active ingredients include l-theanine, thiamine, and colostrum, all of which help promote relaxation. Your dog might love the chicken liver flavor so much, they'll think it's a treat and look forward to their next calming chew — just give them one 30 minutes before stressful events and watch their worries melt away.

One reviewer wrote: "Our senior rescue lab/great Dane was having such bad separation and general anxiety that he would go into terrifying states where he couldn't breathe and we'd have to sit with him and try to calm him down. It was becoming really scary, even with anti-anxiety meds from the vet. We began giving him two of these supplements a day less than a month ago and the difference is palpable. He doesn't react as emotionally to the things he usually does. He's calmer and also seems more playful and generally happier. We'll continue to use this product and are so extremely thankful that we've found something that actually works. He loves the taste and just thinks he's getting a yummy treat every day."


A Calming Dog Bed That Couldn't Be Cozier

Give your pup the gift of a good night's sleep with this calming dog bed. Its ergonomic design supports them and allows them to curl up comfortably, while its raised rim gives them a little extra head and neck support. It's made with a faux fur exterior and a soft cotton filling that'll make them feel like they're lying on a cloud.

One reviewer wrote: “Oh, the softness! I got this for my dwarf German shepherd because he likes to snuggle up under blankets so I thought I would get him something that would be extra comfy and soft! This meets all expectations and more. The bed itself is SO soft, and the color is beautiful.”


These Chicken Jerky Treats Made Without Fillers Or Additives

If you're picky about what you feed your dog, you'll love these chicken jerky treats. Made without fillers or additives, they're crafted in the USA with high-quality chicken and nothing else. They're super high in protein, so they help supplement your dog's nutrition to keep them healthy and satiated.

One reviewer wrote: "These treats are LOVED by my two dogs. They do anything they can to get into the pantry to get to them and they have never been like this for treats. They sit by the door. It is amazing. I have to slow them down. I love that they are made in the US and are 100% chicken. Definitely worth the price if you love your dog."


A Slow Feeder Bowl That Helps Prevent Bloating & Discomfort

If your hungry pup has a tendency to inhale their food, try this slow feeder bowl. Designed with a maze pattern that has multiple raised ridges, it mentally stimulates them as it slows down the feeding process, which can help reduce and prevent bloating. Made with BPA-free silicone, you can use it on its own or in conjunction with bowls you already have.

One reviewer wrote: “We tried a lot of slow-eating dishes for our beagle, and this one is the best. I was a bit disappointed it wasn't sturdy enough to sit alone in her elevated dish stand, but we just put it in the original dish and it worked perfectly. She's really slow eating now and hasn't had indigestion since we starting using this.”


This Pet Harness That Helps Keep Them Safe In The Car

If your dog tends to fidget during road trips, keep them safe and secure with this pet harness. All you have to do is clip it onto their collar and buckle it in like a seatbelt; it's universally compatible with cars, trucks, and SUVs. It gives them the freedom to move, but in a way where you don’t need to worry too much about their safety.

One reviewer wrote: "I had no idea that these existed! It has made a tremendous difference, for the better, with my dog in the backseat. He would want to immediately jump out the door upon arriving somewhere, so when I'd open the door, I had to block him [the] best I could until I could get his leash on. Now he just sits there content, knowing he isn't going anywhere until I hook his leash to his collar. So happy with it and so inexpensive!"


A Snuffle Mat That Reduces Boredom & Helps Improve Mental Health

Not only does this snuffle mat slow down your pup while they eat, preventing bloating and gulping, but it also helps improve your pup’s mental health with its enriching and fun design. It's an especially smart choice for days when you need to leave your dog alone for extended periods of time, as it keeps them entertained and distracts them from other things they might want to dig into (like your shoes or furniture). Use it with wet food, dry food, or their favorite treats for a mealtime they'll love even more than usual.

One reviewer wrote: “My chihuahua/beagle LOVES this so much. We've been using it for about 7 months now. She eats twice a day off of this mat in an enclosed space so she can take her time. She shoves her face in and has a blast. She gets sooooo excited waiting by her mat.”


This Car Seat Cover That Creates A Barrier Against Dirt

With this car seat cover, you can take your best friend out into nature without worrying about the cleanup later. It creates a strong barrier against dirt and is 100% waterproof, so it'll even protect your seats after a trip to the lake or pool. With its snap buckles and easy installation, you can set it up in under 60 seconds and get ready to hit the road — all you need to clean it up later is a damp cloth or vacuum.

One reviewer wrote: “I use this in a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it fits perfectly. Made from extra tough durable materials. My American Pit Bull Terrier loves to ride on this mat. I expect to get many years of service from it."


This Dog Bath Brush That Makes Washing Fun

Even pups who can’t stand bath time will enjoy a rinse with this dog bath brush, known as the Aquapaw. Simply hook it up your faucet or hose and scrub your pet with your hands; instead of wrangling them into uncomfortable positions, you can pet them gently and clean them at the same time. Featuring an on-off switch, adjustable strap, and ergonomic design, this product (which Shark Tank featured) is as gentle as it is effective.

One reviewer wrote: “We love this tool! Washing the dogs has never been easier. The variety of attachments [makes] it easy to hook up anywhere and we feel like the rubber scrubber is actually cleaning our dogs and spreading the shampoo more effectively!”


A Pooper Scooper That Works On Any Surface

Use this pooper scooper on dirt, grass, concrete, or anywhere you walk your dog; it's specifically designed to work on any surface. Thanks to the three tool heads that are included, you can scoop, lift, or rake their business off the ground without the hassle. Furthermore, its long handle means you won't have to bend over and strain your back when it's time to clean up after your pup.

One reviewer wrote: “"This is the best poop scoop we have ever had. The rake really helps to get under the stuff and scoop it into the container. My kids fight over who gets to use this one since it’s so much better than our other one. The holding container is pretty big so you can get a lot picked up before you have to dump out."


These Granola Bites Made With 5 Yummy Ingredients

Your dog will absolutely adore these granola bites, which come in four delicious flavor options. Made with only six yummy ingredients, they can help improve your pup's gut health, sustain their healthiest weight, and maintain their shiny and beautiful coat. If you use them for training, your dog will be over the moon to learn new tricks that they’ll remember for years.

One reviewer wrote: "I love the fact that these treats are human grade. No chemicals or artificial ingredients. And my dogs absolutely love them! I've bought every flavor/variety."


A Squeaky Bounce Ball With A Dog-Friendly Beef Scent

With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right toy for your dog; luckily, this squeaky bounce ball is beloved by pups everywhere. Its beef scent smells delicious to dogs, and it's made with Encapsiscent technology, which means the yummy smell is embedded directly into the toy (so it won't fade away with a wash). Made without lead, phthalates, and BPA, it's been tested and held to the same standards as children's toys, so you can trust that you're giving your pet the highest quality possible.

One reviewer wrote: “These have been the BEST toys for my very happy Husky mix. Squeaker and ball have held up to his rough play. We have struggled to find a toy that can hold up to his relentless curiosity and desire to remove a squeaker. These toys have succeeded. He has had the purple one for three months and we recently added a few more to his collection.”


This Water Fountain That Keeps Them Hydrated & Entertained

If your pet loves to drink running water, odds are they'll be obsessed with this dog water fountain. Made from stainless steel, this fountain is designed with a three-stage filtration system that cycles water and increases the oxygen content of it. Adjust the water flow to exactly how your pets want it, and another perk, both dogs and cats can use this. It’s also safe to put in the dishwasher.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm happy to report that this fountain doesn't sweat when the room changes temperature. It holds more than enough water for my cat for a week. After running it for a week, I was pleasantly surprised to see how clean the leftover water was. Water is pumped from the resovoir through a single adjustable jet, like a water fountain for humans. It returns to the resovoir through a small slit where it passes through a replaceable filter.”


These Chewy Treats Thatn Help Support Gut Health

Taking care of your dog's gut and urinary tract health can be a challenge, which is why these chewy treats are a great option. Made with a powerful cranberry concentrate, these chews take care of the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract — and your dog will love the taste. They're formulated with a digestive enzyme blend that supports healthy digestion without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives.

One reviewer wrote: "Love this product and it’s healthy for the dog. With our grass prior to these chews brown spots were left when he’d go outside. Since using these chews, less brown spots! Totally worth it for the price and the fact it’s safe for your dog!"


These Washable Pee Pads That Are A More Sustainable Choice

If your pup goes through paper pads so quickly you can’t keep up, these washable pee pads might be just what you need. Because they're reusable and machine washable, they make a sustainable choice that's easy to maintain over time, and they're highly absorbent. Their nonslip backing helps them stay put, and they're tear-resistant, so even pups that like to scratch and dig won't damage these mats.

One reviewer wrote: “These wee wee pads are a dream come true! I love to entertain and have people over and I have always been so embarrassed by having those ugly blue and white ones on the floor. These actually look like area rugs! Nobody even knows they are pee pads! I was also surprised by how quickly it absorbs. And the best part is that they are washable so no more waste and I'm saving money! I hung-dried them and they dry so so fast. I am definitely buying these in every design I love them all. I wish I would have discovered these sooner but better late than never."


This LED Collar That's Visible Up To 1,000 Feet Away

Nighttime walks might be necessary sometimes, especially when it gets darker earlier, but low visibility can be a safety hazard— this LED collar is a fantastic solution. With its bright bulbs, it enables you (and others) to spot your pet up to 1,000 feet away, preventing mishaps that can occur in the dark. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can even bring it on hikes or camping trips for peace of mind (and the neon colors look pretty cool, too).

One reviewer wrote: "We go on night walks off leash all the time and this is the best purchase ever. Be warned, when fully charged, these collars are BRIGHT (we have the blue one). Like you can’t look at your dog if they are within 10 feet... But we never lose him! We have had it [for] about a month and only had to charge it one time - it was getting dimmer... It charged back up in no time. It’s not advertised as waterproof but we have used it in light rain and it has been fine."


A Portable Water Bowl That's Perfect For The Car

Because this portable water bowl won’t splash or spill, it’s perfect for long road trips. Designed with high sides and a tapered lip, it keeps water in place, and thanks to its 40 oz capacity, your pet will be more than hydrated while you travel. When you're finally home, you can throw it in the dishwasher, and you'll be ready for your next great adventure.

One reviewer wrote: "Best bowl I have used yet! I show my dog and travel a lot. This bowl does not spill while driving!"


This Portable Paw Cleaner With Soft Silicone Bristles

If your pup loves to play in the mud, pick up this portable paw cleaner to tidy them up before they come back in the house. All you have to do is add some water, insert the paw, twist it around a bit, and repeat for a cleaning process that's comfortable and hassle-free. Thanks to its soft silicone bristles, you can even use it on pups with sensitive paws.

One reviewer wrote: "Absolutely love the muddy buddy! Best investment if you have a dog that [likes] to run around and get their paws dirty. I love it so much I bought another!"


This Grooming Brush That Gently Massages Pets

Make bath time feel like a trip to the spa with this grooming brush. You can massage their skin and coat with its gentle bristles for effective dirt removal that soothes while you clean. It's a great choice for wet or dry fur, and buyers have continued to love it so much that it won the 2020 Family Choice Awards.

One reviewer wrote: "This is the best dog brush out there. We use it for the labs’ baths and it gets deep into their coats to get rid of their odor plus removes all loose hairs. It also works great on dry coats."


An Electric Nail File With A Built-In LED Light

Clipping your pet's nails can be an ordeal — simplify the process with this electric nail file. Designed with an LED light for maximum precision, it features three different speed gears to accommodate small, medium, and large pets, and shavings fall into the dust collection cap for mess-free grooming. Its compact, ergonomic design helps you trim their nails with comfort and care, and it stays quiet so as not to startle your pets.

One reviewer wrote: "This product has been great for me. My pup always comes home from the groomers with sharp nails and the only way to get them smooth is with this grinder. Also, I'm not experienced by any means but this is SO easy to use. Plus, my pup didn’t mind the sound."


A Travel Bag That Holds All Your Essentials On The Go

With its roomy design and multiple pockets, this travel bag lets you bring all your pup's essentials wherever life takes you. Made with durable polyester and filled with foam, the bag is tear and abrasion-resistant, and its waterproof design makes it a great companion for lake or beach trips. Bring along food, water, medicine, toys, and anything else you might need — you can even unzip the front pocket and use it as a feeding table for meals on the go.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best thing I've bought for my puppy, makes traveling with her so easy!"


This Dog Pool That Beats The Summer Heat

With its nonslip design, this dog pool is safe for pets to run around and splash without the risk of injury. Because the water inlet is on the bottom, it's less likely to leak, and it's made with an eco-friendly material that's BPA and phthalate-free. Dogs will have the time of their lives playing in the water while they keep cool on hot days.

One reviewer wrote: "I got this for my granddog during Amazon Prime [Day]. I would have to say this was one of my best purchases. She loves it and would use it daily if she could."


This Dog Water Bottle That's Leakproof & Portable

Give your pup all the water they need with this dog water bottle that's leakproof and portable. Thanks to the key button on the front, whatever they don't drink simply flows back into the bottle, so you'll waste much less water than you might with a regular water bottle. It holds enough water to bring on walks, hikes, or camping trips, and you can carry it around your wrist with the attached strap for maximum convenience.

One reviewer wrote: "I travel a lot with my dog and this is the best thing I’ve bought for her! Whether we are boating, driving, flying, or hiking, this is easy to use and convenient. I liked it so much I bought a second one. No spill, no mess."


This Moisturizing Wax That Protects Paws

Protect your pup’s cracked or dry paws with this moisturizing wax. Made with food-grade oils and waxes, it's safe to use on sensitive paws, and it also feels great on their cuts and burns. Whether they've been walking on hot pavement or icy ground, this wax provides protection that really works in every season.

One reviewer wrote: “This stuff is wonderful! I only regret that I didn't think to take before and after pics to share with you. I purchased this because my dog was obsessively licking her right front paw. When examined, it was very rough and with small cracks. I put this on all of her paws every other day for about five to six days and it seems to have almost completely healed the bad paw. All of her paws seem improved in terms of smoothness and dryness.”


A Fleece Jacket That’s Warm Enough For Cold Walks

If you're taking your dog on a walk in cold weather, you might want to pick up this fleece jacket. Lined with two layers of fleece and coated with water-repellent material, it's a great choice for weather conditions of all kinds, from snow to rain and everything in between. Its built-in hood keeps their head and neck warm, and it comes with a convenient hole for collars and harnesses that makes walking a breeze.

One reviewer wrote: “I cannot recommend this jacket enough. I have a Pit Bull Terrier who freezes her little booty off in the Minnesota winter. I saw this jacket and just thought it was cute because of the puffiness and color. I really fell in love with it when I opened it up and felt [how soft] the fur line was [on] the inside and how warm it was on her. She absolutely loves it and she looks like a little snow princess.”


A Fleece Blanket That's Lightweight & So Comfortable

This fleece blanket is lightweight enough for you to wrap up your pup and carry them around — it's so cozy that they'll look for every opportunity to snuggle up. Drape it over couches or chairs to prevent unwanted hair from getting all over your furniture, and throw it in the washing machine when you're done. Your dog will feel so warm and peaceful with this blanket on, and you may even want to keep it for yourself.

One reviewer wrote: "[My dog has] been in love with this blanket since the day I got it. He loves it most when storms are involved. Best thing I’ve ever bought for him."


This Grain-Free Dog Food That's So Safe, You Could Eat It

This grain-free, high-quality dog food is made with nutritious ingredients like free-range chicken, green beans, and apples without preservatives or fillers — and each ingredient is gently dehydrated for easier digestion. Simply mix it with warm water, stir, wait three minutes, and say "bon(e) appétit!"

One reviewer wrote: "I did quite a bit of research on the best puppy food and found this rated as number one, so I decided to give it a try. It's been several weeks and my puppy loves, loves this food! She is a picky eater and would only eat a minimal amount of the previous puppy food...I thought she [was] a light eater. Now, she cleans her bowl at every meal! Also, I think she is more hydrated because you add water to this food. Just made my second purchase. I highly recommend it."


This Pet Carrier That's TSA Approved

If you’re bringing your pup on the plane, take this pet carrier with you — it’s TSA approved. Its adjustable shoulder strap allows for hands-free transport, and its connecting loop handles can be used with a seatbelt or luggage strap for safer travel. Thanks to the mesh fabric on all four sides, it's breathable and scratch-proof, making it an excellent companion for trips of any length.

One reviewer wrote: "Features that we love: the carrier is light but sturdy, with strong, wide straps and handles and a lot of mesh ventilation on top, front, and one of the longest sides. What is best is that all those are zippered ‘doors’: You can easily load the animal into the carrier by completely opening the large side door, comfortably rest the pet inside the carrier, add a toy or a blanket for added comfort, pet the animal until it is relaxed, and then securely zip the door. No more trying to squeeze an unwilling pet through a tight front or top opening!"


A Hands-Free Leash For Walking, Running, Or Hiking With Your Best Friend

Available in eight colors and four lengths, this hands-free leash helps you multitask while you walk or exercise. With an emergency release function at the belt, it's a safe way to move with your pet that won't pull or tug at their collar. If you want to let your dog run off-leash for a bit, you can clip it onto the belt with the attached D-ring and reattach it when you're ready.

One reviewer wrote: "Best dog purchase I've ever made! I bought this for a hiking trip but now use it as my everyday leash for my dog. It is so nice to be able to have both hands free when talking walks!"


These Bells That Tell You When It's Time For A Walk

Imagine a world where your dog can tell you exactly when they need to go for a walk — with these bells, they can. With an adjustable length that accommodates dogs of all sizes, you can easily train them to ring the bells with their paws when they need to go to outside, minimizing accidents and barking. Each durable bell is made with a thick-walled metal that's built to last, and the heavy-duty nylon belts can withstand even the roughest of paws.

One reviewer wrote: "I bought the bells so [my] golden retriever pup could let me know when he needed to potty. He caught on right away. Best thing I ever bought. I highly recommend these bells."


These Grooming Wipes Made With Bamboo Fiber

Wash away dirt, smudges, and odors with these grooming wipes. They're made with sustainable bamboo fibers and are fully hypoallergenic since they don't contain parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. Aloe vera, vitamin E, and Hawaiian awapuhi all help to freshen up your pup after a long walk outside or a frolic in the backyard, especially when you don't have time for a full bath.

One reviewer wrote: "Have used these wipes for a really long time. My puppers has environmental allergies, so these come in handy each time after our walks and playing outside. I also take them with us on our hikes if puppers gets muddy or dirty. Easy wipes to use for cleaning fur and paw pads. Such a great product!"


These Daily Dental Chews With A Fun Alligator Shape

If their breath-freshening powers don't keep you coming back to these daily dental chews, their fun alligator shapes will. Aside from being adorable, the design has a purpose: The ridges and gaps on each chew provide traction for your dog's paw to grip, and the grooves work their way into smaller spaces while they chew, cleaning even the areas that are hard to reach. Their blend of powdered cellulose, malt extract, and more makes them as effective as they are cute.

One reviewer wrote: "Both my dogs go crazy for these bones. I love the different shapes. My cockapoo loves the alligator bones. These clean both my dogs very well. I will definitely purchase again!"


This Lavender & Chamomile Spray With A Soothing Scent

Let's face it: dogs can get seriously stinky. Luckily, this lavender and chamomile spray helps to erase unwanted smells. Since it’s made without harsh ingredients, it’s safe for dogs. Give them a spray or two before you brush their coat for an additional shine that comes with an amazing scent. As an added bonus, the soothing properties of lavender and chamomile may help ease your pup's anxiety, giving them a newfound sense of calm.

One reviewer wrote: "It smells amazing and it calms my dog. Best purchase ever!! I highly recommend this."

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