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I Dare You To Watch TikTok's "Door Frame Lean" Trend & Not Blush

So spicy.

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Romance novels have given us so much — the enemies-to-lovers pipeline, the Twilight series, and now, a spicy new trend on TikTok. Inspired by a classic romance novel trope, the viral door frame lean trend has #booktok heating up, and for good reason. Once you know what the sexy TikTok sensation is all about, you’re gonna want to role-play your favorite romance novel with your significant other (or sneaky link) ASAP.

Just because you’re not on the #booktok side of TikTok doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the viral door frame lean trend. The trend, which was created by TikTok user @elite.reading on Feb. 12, consists of one partner asking the other to recreate a popular romance novel trope that depicts the love interest leaning against the doorframe before they kiss the main character. It’s a classic move for a reason (the reason being: it’s hot), but it’s maybe not as common in real life as romance enthusiasts would like, hence why the trend was created. The videos often end with a passionate kiss, which makes it perfect for creators looking to live out all their deepest, most romantic fan fiction fantasies and now the hashtag #doorframelean has over 14.7 million views.

Some couples, like @elite.reading and her husband, were able to nail the hot trend on the first try.

Other creator couples, such as @noahandlori, get adorably flustered by the steamy make out move and can’t help themselves from erupting into fits of nervous giggles. It’s almost as if the move brings back the butterflies from the early days of the relationship, and it’s pretty cute to see.

TikToker @annaleegrace15 couldn’t keep it together while filming the trend, either. Every time her husband would lean in, the creator would either break into nervous laughter, nervous dancing, or both. Her husband eventually asks her, “Why are you laughing?”, to which she replies simply, “‘cause it’s hot!”

Meanwhile, user @sherlainedjss couldn’t even get a kiss in before falling to the floor. Same girl, same.

A sped-up version of “Starboy” by The Weeknd has become the unofficial soundtrack to the trend. The song seems a little too short for me, TBH, but if you’re like @sue.rose, the 11-second soundbite might be more than you can handle.

TikToker @desireebaca_ seemed pleased with her husband’s performance in the role-play trend, telling him, “This is why you have four kids!” after giving her a romantic kiss on the neck.

When @liliannawilde tried the door lean trend with her husband, the mood went from sexy to silly as soon as her partner began reciting “The Whisper Song” by the Ying Yang Twins. “Why would you ruin it with that?”, said the creator. “It was going so good!”

From rom-coms to romance novels, the door frame move is everywhere — except for real life. Hopefully, the rise of this trend will make it a lot more common in relationships because nothing screams “main character energy” more than making out with your crush against a door frame.

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