40 Easy Home Upgrades That Are Impressive Without Being Expensive

Simple refreshes with big results.

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If you like the idea of making upgrades around the home (but pesky things like budget or time restraints are holding you back), consider this array of easy, affordable DIY projects. Spruce up your bathroom countertop or upgrade that kitchen backsplash with the following low-cost solutions that require little time or money.

Scroll on and tackle some of those home improvement projects that have been gathering dust on your list. You can’t beat the value these simple upgrades save you — or the constant stream of compliments they’ll get.


Repairing Holes Large & Small With The Help Of This Drywall Putty Stick

Say goodbye to damaged walls with the help of this Erase-A-Hole repair putty. It’s the perfect, quick, and affordable solution to fixing holes and cracks from mistakes hanging pictures and things, accidental dings, or the house shifting. Even better, it’s so easy to use that first time DIYers are able to use it effectively and accurately on drywall, plaster, and wood — just twist it up like a glue stick and apply.


Fixing Holes & Tears In Your Window Or Door Screens With Sturdy Repair Tape

Repairing damage or holes in your window or door screens will take just a fraction of your day and money when you make use of this screen repair kit. Rest assured that this at-home patch job will hold up against even the most extreme situations as it is made of fiberglass yarn material that’s long-lasting and water- and crack-resistant.


Getting The Grout In Your Bathroom & Kitchen Looking Brand New In Minutes

Restore the look of the grout around your bathroom and kitchen tile quickly and easily by using a chalk marker grout pen. This handy little tool means you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing — or tons of time and money re-doing your current grout. All you have to do is simply trace over the lines in your kitchen or bathroom to have it looking brand new in a matter of minutes.


Finding & Eliminating Old Stains Completely With This Stain-Seeking UV Flashlight

If there are old, pesky odors lingering from your pet that you can’t find, invest in this UV flashlight to locate and eradicate them. It’s specifically made to detect old stains and residual spots from pet accidents, and does not illuminate wet or fresh areas. You only need one AAA battery in order to start using this flashlight and get to work immediately.


Bringing The Outdoors Inside By Creating A Terrarium Wall

Choosing to hang something unique, like these wall-mounted glass terrariums, is an unexpected way to add flair to your home decor. Use these for air plants, traditional water plants, or flower arrangements. Made of borosilicate glass, these are perfectly transparent, durable, and heat- and corrosion-resistant.


Replacing Dingy Bathroom Cleaning Tools With Modern, Sleek Upgrades

Swapping out your old plastic toilet bowl brush is a must for an easy and cheap bathroom upgrade. Choosing one like this stainless steel toilet brush with a holder instantly makes the room feel more put-together and adult. It’s styled to be discreet and is slender enough to fit into the small space behind your toilet to be even more out of the way.


Adding Instant Style Through The Use Of Bamboo Plant Stands

Revamp your space by using some bamboo plant stands to add depth and dimension to your plant and floral arrangements. The stand is capable of holding pots with a diameter of up to 10 inches. It is designed with four extended legs that hold the vase in place. The neutral tones and appearance help it blend with many different styles of decor.


Keeping The Corners Of Your Area Rugs Secured To The Floor With Double-Sided Tape

You’ll never again have to worry about the corners and edges of your rugs rolling up by using this double-sided rug tape on the bottoms. As an added bonus, it provides an anti-slip feature. This tape adheres well to all types of flooring, from concrete and hardwood, to tile and laminate. You can also tear off pieces easily with your hands for quick application.


Adjusting Your Light With This Simple Blackout Shade

Turn your home into a shady haven when you install this blackout roller shade. Not only does it provide ample shade, but it also filters out harmful UV rays and adds a nice touch of privacy. The shade also helps lower utility bills, as it reduces the heat and cold loss through windows. It comes with an installation kit including a metal bracket, screws, and instructions. “Easy to install and work great,” one reviewer wrote, while another shared that the shade “completely 100% blacked out”. Choose from six colors, from black to a pretty baby blue.


Displaying Your Favorite Memories In This Unique Shadow Box

Using a display case like a wall-mounted shadow box is a creative way to show off some of your most cherished memories. The torched look of the wood gives a vintage feel that will blend well with a variety of decor styles. It’s great to highlight your most cherished photos or exhibit a dried bouquet from a special day or anniversary.


Creating Decorative Space On Your Walls With A Pair Of Cute Floating Shelves

A set of wall-mounted floating shelves gives you an artistic, adaptable space for adding extra storage or decorative displays. These particular ones have a small ledge that runs across the front that helps keep your decorative items from sliding or falling off by accident. They mount seamlessly against the wall, which provides that wonderful floating illusion.


Adding More Storage Space To Your Closet With Vacuum Seal Bags

Getting more valuable storage space in your closet has never been easier thanks to these reusable vacuum seal bags. It’s the perfect solution for out-of-season garments or extra sheets and blankets — just connect the bag to a vacuum or use the included pump to squeeze out all the unnecessary air. You can use them over and over again as you rotate through your yearly storage items.


Organizing The Pile Of Shoes On Your Floor Using These Clear Storage Containers

Having a functional space to put your shoes can be easy and convenient — just use these clear storage boxes. Each container measures just over 20 inches long by 11.45 high, so they are able to hold just about any typical shoe. The clear plastic makes it easy to know what shoes are in there to help you choose your daily kicks with ease.


Modifying The Height Of Your Furniture With A Set Of Risers

Make your couch or chair easier to get into and out of with the help of this eight-pack of square risers. They also maximize space underneath your furniture, which can be used for additional, out-of-the-way storage. You get an extra 3 inches of space under your furniture with these risers.


Taking Your Bedscape Up A Notch By Investing In This Luxurious Sheet Set

There’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling of sleeping in fresh, comfortable, breathable, ultra-soft sheets. This microfiber sheet set hits all the marks, and over 82,000 satisfied snoozers rate this an impressive 4.5 stars overall. They’re a great deal at $25 per set, so you can change up your bedroom look with ease.


Putting This Festive Tablecloth On Your Dining Room Table For A Splash Of Color

If your dining area has been feeling ho-hum lately, you are going to love the beautiful elegance this embroidered rectangular tablecloth brings. Three colorful, embroidered vines run down its center and bring an understated level of elegance. It’s made from a cotton linen, so not only is it beautiful, but it’s sturdy enough to take out on picnics or to your patio table.


Stocking The Kitchen Like A Pro With This Set Of Stainless Steel Baking Sheets

Become the pastry chef of your dreams when you bring home these stainless steel baking sheets. The pans measure 9.5 by 13 by 1 inches, which is the ideal size for making a wide range of baked goods. They are extra durable and rolled edges prevent warping due to heat once inside the oven. You can toss them in the dishwasher after using them, too.


Having Outdoor Space Where Everyone Wants To Be By Adding This Portable Fire Pit

Getting a portable firepit is a great way to make your backyard space a happening place for you and your friends all year long. Crafted from heavy-duty iron, it has pretty, decorative elk cutouts and folds down for easy storage. It even comes with a case if you want to bring the firepit potential somewhere else (just make sure it’s completely cool).


Creating A Funky Entertainment System With These LED Lights On The Back Of Your TV

It’s easier than ever to create a modern, at-home entertainment center by adding a simple upgrade like these LED TV lights. The strip fits neatly around the backside of the console to give the perfect amount of ambient lighting. Plug the USB cord directly into the back of the TV to power up the strip, which keeps it neatly out of the way.


Bringing New Tech Into Your Home By Switching To A Wireless Doorbell

You can buy this wireless doorbell and all of its extra features for less than $20. There are 35 chimes and 17 tones available for you to choose from once you stick on the bell button and plug in the chime. You’ll also get a motion detector sensor that gives additional security. It can also function as a call system in a doctor’s office or warehouse.


Enhancing Your At-Home Gym With A Versatile Fitness Ball

Having dedicated workout space in your home, with enticing equipment, is going to make it far more likely you’ll actually use it. Invest in versatile pieces like this exercise ball — great for supporting yoga, Pilates practices, and more — to make it happen. It comes with a pump, so you can deflate it when it’s not being used for easy and convenient storage.


Using A Matching Set Of Pot Holders & Oven Mitts For A Consistent Vibe

Enjoy the satisfaction of color coordination with these silicone oven mitts and pot holders. Each set comes with two oven mitts and two pot holders. They are each coated with a heat-resistant, nonslip grip that provides protection to your hands. You also don’t have to worry about them absorbing excess liquid that may splash them.


Making Use Of Decorative Greenery For Long-Lasting Freshness Around The House

Using floral elements and greenery around the house, like in this decorative wreath, is a beyond easy way to add in fresh pop of decor. This wreath is made from three different varieties of eucalyptus leaves for a beautiful blend of nature-inspired style for your home. It has a year-round feel to it, making it a perfect investment that works for all seasons.


Refreshing Your Kitchen Backsplash With DIY Peel-&-Stick Tiles

Tile remodels and upgrades can be uber expensive. Save yourself time and money by deciding to use a peel-and-stick overlay backsplash. Because it’s made from a polyester blend, it’s waterproof, heat-resistant, scratch-proof, and extremely durable to last through the everyday wear and tear a kitchen endures. Just stick it to a smooth, flat surface for an instant refresh.


Bringing Your Faucets Into The 21st Century With This Ultra-Modern Upgrade

You’ll be surprised at how upgrading the faucet in the bathroom will make an immediate change to the whole aesthetic. Swapping your old one out with this modern chrome faucet creates a sleek and versatile style. It gives off a high-end look without being over the top. A single lever controls the flow of the water in one smooth motion.


Creating Additional Privacy By Adding A Tinted Film To Windows

Instantly get more privacy in your home by lining your windows with these film blinds. They stick directly onto your windows for built-in privacy. But they also help filter out UV rays and excess sunlight — that means it won’t get as warm inside your house, and furniture and flooring will be less likely to develop sun spots or fade.


Making More Delicious Coffee Every Morning Using This French Press

You can now make coffee that tastes like it could be from your favorite coffee house by using this French press. It’s designed with borosilicate glass and stainless steel for durability in the coffee cylinder. No paper filters are required so this is eco-friendly, and it comes with a coffee scoop and additional mesh filter.


Keeping Your Lawn & Garden Lush All Year By Implementing This Smart Sprinkler System

Meet the needs of your plants and lawn — on your own time — by installing this smart sprinkler timer. Control it via its app, or set multiple different schedules to suit your greenery. If it happens to rain, you can easily delay the schedules for 24 to 72 hours with the push of a button.


Enhancing Your Lighting With These App-Controlled Smart Bulbs

Switching over to smart light bulbs is an often overlooked way to renew parts of your house. Use the Kasa app or connect this bulb to your Alexa or Google Home hub for voice controls — you can turn it on or off and choose the perfect brightness level for the current activity without getting out of your seat.


Updating The Trim On Your Walls In This Simple, 1-Day Project

You can now get beautiful trim around the edges of your ceilings with ease by using this flexible peel-and-stick molding. Just measure the area that you want to add, cut this to size, and stick on — the strong adhesive promises to last for years, while leaving no sticky residue when you want to remove it. This is suitable for smooth surfaces like tiles, plastic, metal, glass, wood, and walls.


Making Countertops Look Brand New By Applying This Stick-On Design Paper

Taking on a kitchen counter upgrade just became a budget-friendly reality thanks to this peel-and-stick waterproof paper. It transforms any flat surface — from countertops to cupboards, to bathroom cabinets, furniture and shelves — to a luxe granite look. Made of premium materials, this is durable and water-resistant to withstand daily, high-traffic use.


Changing The Vibe Of Any Room With A New Light Fixture

Deciding to go with a trendy ceiling light is an optimal way to create a whole new feel in a room. This geometric chandelier has an industrial feel, between the Edison bulbs and iron bars. It has a pendant fixture as the base, which lets it mount flush to the ceiling. Put it above your bed, over a table, or as the focal point in your kitchen — it will make a statement anywhere.


Creating A Fun & Interactive Wall Display With Corkboard Decor

Bring out your creative, artistic side in the home office or bedroom using these hexagonal cork boards. They are covered in different hues of felt for a fun but coordinated pop of color. You can choose to arrange some of your favorite photos or make it an interactive and creative display for jewelry. Each is backed with an adhesive that lets you stick them directly on the wall for quick and easy installation.


Customizing The Cabinet Handles Around Your House With This Adorable Leaf Hardware

If you’re considering a customized look when it comes to your drawers and cabinets, consider something unique like these leaf design handles. They are made from an oil-rubbed bronze and measure 3 inches in length, so they are the perfect size for almost all cabinets and drawers. Drill or hand crank the screws in to properly and securely install them.


Creating A Floor Centerpiece Through The Use Of A Round Area Rug

Create a more rustic vibe in any room around the house with this handwoven jute area rug. The jute is a durable, natural fiber, which is handwoven in India to create this round area rug. Many reviewers are big fans of using this rug in sunrooms and even on the patio.


Mounting Your TV To The Wall To Declutter & Free Up Space

Get your entertainment area looking so sleek and tidy by incorporating this TV wall mount. With minimal assembly, all necessary hardware included, the ability to go on multiple wall surfaces, and an install that promises to be 30 minutes or less, this earns a 4.7-star rating for a reason.


Adding Some Vintage Style To Recessed Lights With These Decorative Molds

This white ceiling medallion is an excellent way to create a new look around an existing light fixture. It has an ornate and vintage look to it, which makes it feel like it could be straight from the Victorian era. The round mold is meant to fit with circular lights, but they also look excellent with recessed lights and bring in a traditional vibe.


Turning Window Seats or Benches Into Comfy Space By Adding A Cushion

Create a reading nook or simple seating area on your window sear by adding a quality nonslip bench cushion. This is 35 inches long, has specialized grippers on the bottom, and is stuffed to be nice and plush when it’s sat on. It has three button tufts for a cute little pop of fashion, too. Window-gazers will love spending time relaxing on this and looking outside.


Revamping Your Garage Door Using This Wood-Look Paint

Change the façade of your garage using this wood-look paint to create a new, warm vibe with a quickness. This kit comes with base coat and wood-grain coat, a paint mitt, brush, and roller for everything you need to transform the exterior of your current garage door. It’s designed for outdoor use, so it is highly durable and will withstand all types of weather. Choose from five finishes to find the perfect tone for your home.


Updating The Light Switches In Your Home With Modern Ones

Light switches are an easy home feature to overlook when revamping your house. However, giving them a simple upgrade and consistent look, such as with these decorative light switches, makes a massive difference. There is a delightful smoothness in how easy the switches turn on and off, and they’re also compatible with a wide range of lights you may have around the house.

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