20 Editor-Approved Holiday Gifts That Are Almost Too Good To Give Away

Trust me, I tried them all

Outdoor fashion portrait of young elegant woman wearing trendy oversized jacket, mini dress and smal...

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the greatest at holiday gifting, especially when time is of the essence. But this year, I’m trying to be better — a little more prepared, a little less frantic — and have taken the last few months to research and test-drive a few gift ideas to *hopefully* make decision time easier. I’ve sipped water from industrial-looking stainless steel filters, brewed coffee with mushroom-infused beans, ran errands effortlessly in a classic pair of rain boots, and lounged in stonewashed French linen dresses. Yes, all of this R&D (and more!) to take on the holiday shopping season with a newfound sense of confidence — and hopefully score a few pointers for you, too.

First-hand experience is the ultimate co-sign, so whether you’re shopping for your perfectly simple sister or coffee-obsessed roommate, consider a few of my current favorite things that happen to make standout holiday gifts.