42 Expensive Mistakes You Don't Realize You Make All The Time

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Saving money can be a real drag, especially when you’re making small-yet-expensive mistakes that can often be avoided (like going through rolls of plastic wrap to preserve food when you can stock up on reusable lids, or buying cold brew every morning when you can just as easily make it yourself). The trick to saving is to find those small, money-wasting mistakes that you didn’t even realize you were making. Luckily for both of us, Amazon’s got tons of products that can help.

But if you need more examples, I’d like to direct your attention to the cotton rounds I’ve chosen to include on this list. Not only are they made from soft, 100% organic bamboo cotton, but they’re also reusable. Just toss them into the included drawstring bag once they’re dirty, then throw them into the wash for a quick clean (instead of constantly buying new packs). Or, if you’re always going through rolls of paper towels, try switching over to these eco-friendly ones. They also work great as dishcloths — and with over 1,000 positive ratings, it’s clear that reviewers love them, too.

So what are you waiting for? Your money isn’t going to start magically saving itself, just like those cotton rounds won’t add themselves to your cart. Keep scrolling for more smart ways to save.


The Makeup Remover Pads That You Can Keep Reusing

Using disposable cotton rounds is an easy way to waste money — so grab these reusable ones. They’re made from 100% organic bamboo cotton, making them suitable for all types of skin. Plus, each order also comes with a drawstring bag to keep them together in the wash.


A Reusable Food Bag Made From Tough Silicone

Still spending money on wasteful plastic baggies? Then it’s time to upgrade to this reusable version. It’s made from tough silicone, with a pinch-lock opening to help keep everything inside fresh. Choose from five colors: teal, peach, lavender, grey, or frost.


These Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

Plastic wrap ultimately ends up polluting a landfill — so grab these silicone lids as an eco-friendly alternative. They stretch to fit your containers, and you can even use them to save halved citrus for later. Plus, they’re also safe to put into the microwave.


A Miniature Spatula To Help You Get Every Last Drop

Don’t throw away that condiment bottle while there’s still stuff inside — just use this miniature spatula to scrape the walls bare. The head is made from soft silicone, allowing it to contour to the shape of your container walls. Plus, it’s also completely BPA-free.


The Wool Dryer Balls That Can Replace Disposable Sheets

Not only are these reusable wool balls a cost-effective alternative to dryer sheets, but they’ll also help aerate your laundry as it tumbles. The result? Your clothes dry faster, which can in turn help lower your utility bill. And since each ball is made from 100% New Zealand wool, they’re also completely hypoallergenic.


The Shampoo That Lets You Wash Dry Clean Knits

Whether you’ve got clothes made from wool or cashmere, this shampoo can help you wash them at home so that you don’t have to stop by the dry cleaner. The gentle formula is designed to help extend the life of your clothes — and since it’s made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, it’s even eco-friendly.


These Amber Glass Soap Dispensers That You Can Keep Refilling

If you’re still using disposable plastic soap bottles, now’s your chance to upgrade to these glass ones. The dark amber color helps protect the contents from UV light degradation, while the stainless steel pumps are resistant to rust. Plus, the glass is completely lead-free.


This Pod That Can Help Keep Herbs Fresh

Few things are as frustrating as finding your herbs have gone bad before you could cook them — so grab this pod. It’s able to help keep your greens fresh for up to three weeks, and you only need to change out the water reservoir once every five days.


A Vacuum Pump That Won’t Let Wine Go To Waste

You don’t have to finish that entire bottle of wine in one sitting. Instead, just use this vacuum pump to help keep it fresh for up to a full week. It’s designed to work with both whites and reds — and reviewers raved about how it “works very well.”


These Food Containers With Airtight Seals

When you’ve made too much food and need to save some of it for later, you’ll be grabbed you grabbed these containers. The vacuum pump in the top extracts air from inside, helping keep the contents fresh for later. They’re also leakproof — and reviewers raved about how they “hold a vacuum.”


A Gentle Cleanser That Won’t Break The Bank

Some facial cleansers can cost a pretty penny — but this one is suitable for all types of skin. It’s formulated with ceramide-3 and niacinamide, which work together to help reduce acne without drying out your complexion. Plus, thousands of reviewers have left behind either four or five stars.


The Mesh Bags That Help Keep Your Laundry Organized

If your socks are always going missing, try tossing them into these mesh bags before putting them in the wash. They’re great for keeping your delicates separated from the rest of the wash, and can help keep your bra clasps from snagging on fabrics. Or, if you’re traveling, you can also use them to separate dirty clothes from clean ones in your suitcase.


A Clothes-Drying Rack That Hangs Over Your Door

Some garments rip too easily to be put into the wash — so let them dry on top of this over-the-door rack. Three tiers give you enough space for three different pieces, while the solid metal hooks at the top are designed to fit overtop any standard-sized door, or shower rod.


This Organizer That Adds Shelves To Your Closet

Hanging up your sweaters can leave the neckline and shoulders misshapen — so put them on this organizer instead. It hangs in your closet, giving you five extra shelves, as well as four mesh pockets where you can store everything from tops to socks. Choose from three colors: grey, ivory, or brown.


A Mason Jar That Can Help Save You Money On Cold Brew

Make your own cold brew with this Mason jar kit to help save yourself a few dollars every morning. The high-quality filter is made from stainless steel, which helps keep it rust-free over time. Plus, the leakproof lid helps keep your brew fresh in the fridge until you’re ready to sip.


The Milk Frother For Cafe-Style Lattes At Home

Tired of drinking the same morning cup of Joe? Try whipping up some milk with this frother. Not only is it an easy way to save money on morning lattes, but you can also use it to whip egg whites into stiff peaks when baking. And since it runs at an ultra-silent level, you can even bring it with you to the office


These Reusable Paper Towels That Are Eco-Friendly

Paper towels can be incredibly wasteful when it comes to the environment, and your wallet — so grab these reusable ones. They’re made from thick, absorbent cotton that’ll hold up in the wash, as well as biodegrade when thrown away. “They are sturdy, soft, neutral in color, and absorb well,” wrote one reviewer.


This Eyeliner Stamp That Makes Even Wings

Having to re-draw your eyeliner wings over and over is a waste of makeup. These stamps, on the other hand, allow you to easily press perfect wings onto either eye. The formula is waterproof — and unlike some stamps, these ones are designed to suit all eye shapes


The Spray That Helps Keep Makeup From Rubbing Off

Ever wipe your hand across your face, just to wind up with a sleeve full of foundation? Try giving your makeup a few spritzes of this setting spray before going out. The matte finish helps keep shine to a minimum, and helps keep your face from smudging. Plus, the formula is cruelty-free.


A Silicone Cover That Helps Protect Makeup Brushes From Damage

Ever notice how the bristles on your makeup brushes can get damaged in your bag? These covers are specifically made to help keep them protected. Each one is made from flexible silicone, allowing them to fit onto most brushes. “I use them to cover my big, poofy brushes so they don't get their bristles perverted during travel in my purse,” explained one reviewer. “They have kept my brushes in pristine condition.”


This Flower Pot That Waters Itself To Keep Your Plants Thriving

Don’t let your potted plants wilt because you forgot to water them — allow this flower pot to do the work for you. Simply fill up the water reservoir, and it’ll keep your plants hydrated for two weeks or more. Plus, the smooth gloss finish gives it a sleek appearance on your windowsill.


A Spray That Repels Stains From Your Surfaces

Got water stains on your shoes? Give them a few spritzes of this spray — the water-repellent formula will help keep them protected against liquid-based stains. And unlike some sprays, this one won’t cause any discoloration on your fabrics.


The Tiered Lunch Box To Help Save Money On Takeout

Not only can packing a lunch help save you some money every day, but this lunch box in particular is made from tough stainless steel. That means it won’t rust over time — and with its extra layer of insulation, it can even help keep your meal cold or warm until you’re ready to eat.


A Hanger That Keeps Your Socks Together In The Wash

Tired of losing socks in the wash? Just keep them secured to this hanger while they spin and tumble. It also works great as a place to keep dirty socks in the closet — and it’ll even work with everything from headbands to mittens.


These Screen Protectors Made From Tempered Glass

Cracking your phone screen is a very expensive mistake — whereas these screen protectors are available for less than $10. Not only are they made from tempered glass, but each one also has a hydrophobic coating that helps prevent fingerprint smudges. They’re compatible with the iPhone 11, as well as the XR.


A Pair Of Waterproof Pouches For Your Next Vacation

Dropping your phone into water is a quick way to ruin your vacation, so why not grab these pouches? They’re completely waterproof, allowing you to bring your phone, keys, cards, and more with you into the pool or ocean. Plus, each one comes with a lanyard that lets you wear it around your neck.


The Cover That Helps Protect Your Keyboard From Dust

Depending on your laptop, getting dust and crumbs under the keys can cause them to malfunction — so grab this cover. It’s made from soft silicone that won’t impede your computer’s ability to read your inputs, all while keeping your keyboard safe from dust and dirt. The best part? You can wash and re-use it as many times as you like.


A Wallet That Helps Block Incoming RFID Signals

Electronic pickpockets can access your credit cards simply by scanning your pocket, so grab this wallet. It blocks incoming RFID signals to keep your financial information safe from thieves — and there’s also enough space for up to 16 cards. Plus, it even has two zippered pockets that are perfect for coins.


These Smart Bulbs That You Can Put On Timers

Keep forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave the room? Just swap out your light bulbs with these smart ones, and you’ll be able to put them on timers to help you save on your electricity bill. They’re also fully dimmable, as well as compatible with Alexa — and each one is designed to last for up to 15,000 hours.


A Stainless Steel Press That Easily Minces Up Garlic

Buying pre-minced garlic might be convenient, but it also costs more — so grab this press. It makes quick work of mincing up full cloves, helping you save money on every grocery bill. And since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s also resistant to rust.


The Covers That Save Pet Food Cans For Later

Universally designed to fit on nearly any dog or cat food can, these covers are a must-have — especially if you like to make sure your pet is getting the freshest meal possible. Not only do they create an airtight seal, but they’re also made from tough silicone that won’t melt, warp, or crack over time.


A Set Of Lids That Cover Your Soda Cans In Between Sips

Don’t let that open can of soda go to waste; use one of these covers to keep it covered until your next sip. They’re designed to fit on nearly any beer or soda can, and the seal is tight enough that they can also help prevent spills. “It can take me up to 2 days from opening the beer to finishing it,” wrote one reviewer. “There's no loss of carbonation.”


This Electronic Lighter That You Can Use Over & Over

You don’t have to throw away this electronic lighter when it runs out of battery. Just plug it into any USB port, and it’ll quickly power back up. Each charge produces about 60 uses — and unlike flame lighters, it creates a plasma arc that won’t go out in the wind.


A Wireless Charger That Won’t Fray Over Time

Tired of buying new charging cables because yours have started to fray? Then it’s time to upgrade to this wireless charger. It’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone — and the indicator light lets you know for certain that your phone is powering up.


The Conditioner That Helps Extend Time Between Colorings

With 19 different shades to choose from, this color-depositing conditioner is an affordable way to put off that visit to the salon for later. It’ll also work on hair that hasn’t been colored — and one reviewer even wrote that “it wasn’t as vibrant as when I got it done, but it is gorgeous!!


A Hot Air Brush That Dries & Styles At Once

You don’t have to pay for a professional blowout to get voluminous hair — just use this hot air brush to get those roots lifted. The tufted bristles let you curl it towards your scalp without burning yourself, while three heat settings make it suitable for all types of hair.


These Blackout Curtains That Can Help Insulate Your Home

Not only are these blackout curtains great for sleeping in late, but they’ll also help insulate your home. That means less electricity spent on heating and cooling — and with dozens of colors and sizes to pick from, you’re sure to find a combination that suits your windows.


A Draft Stopper That Also Helps Block Extra Light

Don’t left drafty doors drive your utility bill up — use these stoppers to help insulate your home. They also block light, giving you extra privacy if you slide them underneath your bedroom doors. And if they ever get dirty? The cover is removable, as well as machine-washable.


The Squeezers That Get The Last Of Your Toothpaste Out

Don’t throw away your toothpaste until you’ve tried using one of these squeezers to get every last drop. They’re an easy way to save money, and they’ll work with nearly any kind of tube — including art supplies. “They hold very well and don't get loose at all, even when it gets to the top of the tube,” raved one reviewer.


These Organizer That Let You Stack Mugs

It’s almost too easy to break a few mugs when you’re trying to put them in storage — so grab these organizers. They’ll let you stack them on top of each other to help save space, as well as keep them from tipping over. And since one size fits all, you can easily use them with nearly any mug.


A Scrubber That Reaches Deep Into Tall Glasses

Stick this scrubber to the bottom of your kitchen sink, and it’ll get nearly any tall glass clean with a few quick twists. The bristles are made from tough nylon that won’t fray over time — and the suction cups on the bottom keep it securely in place under water.


This Chainmail That Scrubs Cast Iron Clean

This chainmail is tough on crud, but gentle on the surface of your cast iron pan. It’s made from stainless steel, which means it won’t rust over time — and one reviewer even discovered that you can also use it to clean pizza stones.

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