33 Expensive Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making In The Kitchen

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Cooking at home is a simple way to save some money — but it’s still easy to make a few mistakes here and there (and those mistake can get expensive). Personally? I’m always finding produce in my fridge that’s gone bad before I was able to eat it, and don’t get me started on how quickly my avocados turn brown. Luckily, there are tons of genius products on Amazon that can help you avoid making those kinds of pricey mistakes in the kitchen.

Like I said, my greens are always going bad — probably because I have a habit of ordering takeout right after I’ve gone grocery shopping. But with the handy produce-saving bins I’ve made sure to include in this list, your greens can stay fresher for way longer than normal. Or, if you’re an avocado aficionado just like me, then you’ll definitely want to check out the avocado-shaped containers in here. Not only do they help keep them from growing brown, but they also make it easier to find your halved avocados in the fridge.

But if that isn’t enough, there are also reusable food baggies you can use for leftovers or lunches, a meat thermometer to keep you from overcooking pricy steaks — the list goes on. And since all these genius kitchen gadgets can help you save money, don’t be surprised if you wind up grabbing more than one or two items. Your wallet will thank you later.


The Sharpener That Makes Your Old Kitchen Knives Work Like New

Don’t waste money on new knives when your old ones grow dull — just give them a quick refurbish with this knife sharpener. It features three different slots: one for repairing, sharpening, and honing. Plus, each order also comes with a cut-resistant glove to help protect your hands from accidental nicks.


A Food Scale That Helps Reduce Waste

If you always wind up with leftovers, you might want to try portioning out your food using this scale. It’s able to measure up to 11 pounds, and you can also have it read weights in either pounds, grams, or ounces. The best part? It even comes in six fun colors.


These Lids That Stretch To Fit Various Containers

Not only is plastic wrap bad for the environment, but it’s also wasteful — unlike these silicone lids. Each one stretches to fit a variety of containers, and you can even use them to save halved citrus for later. Plus, they create an airtight seal that helps reduce spoilage.


The Storage Bins That Help Keep Produce Fresh

Tired of discovering your produce has gone bad before you’re able to eat it? Make sure to check out these bins. Each one is made with an air-regulating filter that helps keep your greens fresher, longer — and the elevated base on the inside helps keep everything lifted away from moisture.


These Silicone Savers Made For Fruits & Cans

Tomatoes, peaches, grapefruits — you name it, these silicone savers can help keep it fresh for later. They’re great for halved vegetables, though you can also use them to help save opened cans for later. The result? Less spoilage, and less wasted money in the kitchen.


A Container That Helps Keep Avocados Fresh

Avocados turn brown within hours of splitting them open, so why not keep them inside of these containers? They’ll keep your avocado safe from the air so that it doesn’t turn brown as quickly, and each one is made from high-quality plastic that’s completely BPA-free.


This Timer That Helps Prevent Overcooking Your Meals

Don’t let your eggs overcook on the stove — use this timer to make sure that they’re soft or hard boiled to perfection. The alarm is loud, ensuring that you can hear it all the way across the room. Plus, the built-in memory means you don’t have to reset every time.


A Digital Thermometer To Help You Cook Meat Perfectly

Not sure if that roast is cooked all the way through yet? Just stick this meat thermometer inside to find out. The LCD screen is backlit, making it easy to read if you’re grilling outside at night — and each order even comes with one AAA battery included.


The Box That Helps Keep Bread From Going Stale

Stale bread is great for some recipes, but for sandwiches and other daily meals? Not so much — so grab this box. It’s made from sleek bamboo that easily wipes clean with a damp cloth, and it’ll even help keep your bread from going stale.


A Set Of Food Baggies You Can Use Over & Over

Still using wasteful plastic bags to pack your lunch? It’s time to upgrade to these reusable baggies. Each one is made from tough silicone — and the press-lock seal at the top is completely leakproof. “These reusable bags are pretty sturdy,” wrote one reviewer. “Even when pretty full, they worked admirably.”


These Cereal Bowls That Won’t Break

These wheat straw fiber bowls are advertised as being “unbreakable,” and they’re large enough for everything from cereal to salad. They’re also BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe, and four bowls of different colors come in one pack. One customer even wrote, “I am delighted with the quality and size of these environmentally-friendly bowls. They are perfect for cereal - the best bowl I've had in a while that holds my cereal, bananas (or other fruit) [and] plenty of milk without spilling.”


These Garlic Peelers That Replace The Need For Pre-Peeled Garlic

There’s no need to waste money on pre-peeled garlic — especially when you have these peelers. Simply insert a garlic clove inside, then roll it back and forth underneath your palm. The skin will gradually shed away, leaving you with a fresh clove to add to your dishes.


The Reusable Food Wraps That Are Eco-Friendly

Not only are these food wraps reusable, but each one is made from eco-friendly cotton and beeswax. They’re durable enough that you can wash them in the sink when they get dirty — and once disposed of, they’ll break down naturally over time since they’re also biodegradable.


A Drying Rack Made Specifically For Cups

If you’re always breaking your glasses on that bulky drying rack you’ve probably got sitting on your counter, try switching over to this one. Not only is it made specifically for cups, but the non-slip bottom keeps it from shifting around on wet counters. Plus, it also works great for drying plastic baggies.


This Sponge Holder That Dispenses The Perfect Amount Of Soap

Using too much soap when washing dishes is an easy way to waste money — so try to ration yourself by using this dispenser. It adds the perfect amount of soap to your scrubber with a simple press, and the top even doubles as a holder for sponges.


A Soda Stream So You Can Make Your Own Delicious Seltzer

I used to go through so much seltzer and Diet Coke that my recycling bin was always overflowing — but that’s no longer a problem now that I have this soda stream. Now I’m able to make myself delicious diet soda and seltzer at a fraction of the price they cost in stores, and each order even comes with a CO2 canister included to help you get started.


The Rubber Spatula That Helps You Get Every Last Drop

Whether you need a little more peanut butter or mayonnaise for that recipe you’re making, this rubber spatula can help you get every last drop from that almost-empty jar. The edges are flexible, allowing it to contour to the shape of your containers so that every last drop gets used — and it’s even heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Personal Blender For Homemade Smoothies Every Morning

You don’t need to buy a smoothie every morning — instead, try saving a few dollars with this personal blender. The blending jar transforms into a to-go cup, making it easy to take with you when you’re in a rush on busy mornings. Plus, it comes in four colors: black, blue, red, or white.


This Stand That Helps Protect Your Cookbook While Meal Prepping

Leaving your cookbook out on your counter is an easy way to get it dirty — so prop it up on this stand instead. Not only will it help keep your book clean, but the elevated position also makes it easier to read. And since it’s made from lightweight bamboo, pulling it in and out of storage is no sweat.


These Silicone Covers That Help Save Pet Food Cans For Later

Designed to fit small, medium, and large cans, these lids are perfect for keeping everything from pet food to veggies fresh. Each one is made from high-quality silicone that’s completely BPA-free, while the bright colors make it easy to find them inside crowded fridges.


The Containers That Help Dry Ingredients Stay Fresh

If your dry ingredients are always turning stale, why not keep them inside of these airtight storage containers? Each order comes with seven in varying sizes, making them perfect for everything from pasta to sugar. Plus, you also get 24 reusable labels you can use to keep everything organized.


A Veggie Slicer So You Don’t Have To Buy Pre-Chopped Produce

Cutting up vegetables for a meal can quickly become tedious, whereas this chopper can help you get the job done in a fraction of the time. The blades are made from sharp stainless steel — and each order comes with eight that let you mince, julienne, slice, and more. “This chopper probably cuts prep time in more than half,” raved one reviewer. “Love the French fries I cut with this!”


These Clear Bins So You Can See What’s In Your Fridge

I was a little skeptical about how useful these fridge bins would be — until I tried them out, that is. Now my refrigerator looks like something out of Better Homes & Gardens, as they keep all my ingredients looking neat and tidy. Plus, they’re large enough for everything from cans to fruit.


These Mason Jars That Are Shockingly Versatile

Even though these Mason jars are great for storing food, you can also use them for so much more if you get a little creative. Pour cocktails inside to impress dinner guests when they arrive, or even add cute fairy lights to create your own custom decor. Plus, each one is made from sleek glass — not plastic.


The Reusable Paper Towels That Can Help You Save Money

Still wasting money on disposable paper towels? Try switching over to these reusable ones. They’re made from a blend of eco-friendly bamboo and cotton, making them sturdy enough for multiple uses. The best part? One reviewer wrote that they’re “sturdy, soft, neutral in color, and absorb well.”


This Lazy Susan That Helps You Reach Everything In Your Cabinets

The food in the back of my cabinets tends to go bad before I can eat it — mostly because I forget it’s even there. But with this lazy Susan, it’s easy to reach everything inside. And since the top is coated with non-slip, there’s no need to worry about your items flying off when it spins.


A Cushioned Mat That Helps Reduce Leg Fatigue

If your legs tend to grow sore while you’re standing in the kitchen, why not try out this cushioned mat? It absorbs shock to help keep your legs from aching, while the waterproof exterior holds up against spills. Choose from five colors: red, grey, green, chocolate, or black.


The Reusable K-Cups That Help You Save Money

Buying new K-cups quickly adds up, whereas these reusable ones can help you save money over time. You can fill them with whatever blend of coffee grounds you like — and each one is also completely BPA-free. Plus, many reviewers raved about how they “work perfectly” in their Keurig machines.


These Oven Liners That Help Clean Up Spills

Since each one of these oven liners is nonstick, it’s easy to wipe up any spills or messes that might drip off your baking pans. They’re also heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re even cut to fit into most standard ovens.


A Milk Frother For Indulgent Morning Lattes At Home

Always buying expensive lattes? This milk frother can help you save a few dollars every morning. It whips up deliciously frothed milk in just a few seconds, adding an indulgent layer of decadence to your morning cup of Joe. And since it runs at a near-silent level, you can even use it at the office.


The Timer That Helps You Cook Perfect Pasta

Getting your pasta cooked perfectly can be a challenge — unless you’ve got this pasta timer. Unlike some timers, this one begins to sing at three, seven, nine, or 11 minutes, and it’s loud enough that you can hear it clearly from across the room. Plus, it even works great as a conversation starter for guests.


A Collapsible Waste Can So You Can Use Less Trash Bags

If you’re always clogging up your garbage disposal, consider adding this collapsible trashcan to a nearby cabinet. It’s the perfect place to throw away food scraps that won’t fit down the drain — and it even folds flat when you’re not using it. Choose from three colors: brown, grey, or white.


These Organizers That Help Save Mugs From Breakage

Tired of accidentally breaking your coffee mugs? Allow these organizers to not only help keep them safe, but also open up a ton of space in your cabinets. One size is made to fit all mugs — and one reviewer even wrote that they’re “the perfect way to stack them while more room in the cabinet.”

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