24 Pantry Organization Products To Transform Your Snack Stash

Clutter be gone.

The reality of pantries is that because they are constantly being restocked and shuffled through, they are perhaps the most susceptible to the chaos of clutter. In an unorganized pantry, you can often find yourself rummaging through the shelves in search of a single jar of peanut butter just to end up leaving the pantry a more jumbled mess than before — don’t fret, the experience is shared. Luckily, savvy organization experts have come to the rescue with a master list of every pantry organization product you could imagine for a zero-stress cupboard.

The Experts

Leslie Hatch Gail, M.Ed., is the owner and founder of Chicago-based Declare Order Professional Organizing and is on a mission to help clients create organizational systems that fit their unique lifestyles and needs. The professional organizer’s TikTok account @declareorder also has upwards of 173,000 followers on the video app where she shares her tips on downsizing, decluttering, and conscious consumerism. She tells Bustle, “The pantry is about keeping track of inventory, so your systems should accommodate the type of shopper you are.” She also encourages clients and pantry-owners alike to assess how they distribute incoming product, how they monitor food supply, and whether their current process is efficient and realistic to keep up with.

Christen Fackler is a professional organizer and founder of organizing company iOrganize, specializing in helping clients boost their productivity levels by streamlining their spaces to be both functional and tidy. For 12 years, Fackler has continuously helped homeowners fall in love with their places all over again. She also posts organizing content regularly on her TikTok @iorganize.

Jessica Haizman is an organizer and host of the Jessica Haizman podcast where she covers everything from minimalism and mindfulness to cleaning and self-care. She also has a following of 1.3 million on her home organizing TikTok account @jessicahaizman, which covers the specifics of home tidying like cord organization and deep-cleaning rugs.

Kayleen Kelly is a professional organizer and home organization educator who has an eye for practical decluttering. Over on her TikTok @kayleenkellyorganize, the content is a goldmine of videos on consumer culture, categorizing closets, and even cleaning up your tech.

Leslie Hatch Gail, M.Ed. is the owner and founder of organizing company Declare Order. In her work as a professional organizer, she emphasizes the importance of clients living in spaces that fit their unique needs. In addition to creating organization content on her TikTok @declareorder, Gail is also a PhD student conducting research on the challenges and outcomes of hoarding.

Lydia Amerson & Hannah Ian are professional organizers and founders of organizing company Stored Simply. The business started when Amerson and Ian met and bonded over their love of organizing and after spending years swapping tidying tips, the duo decided to turn their shared passion into a full-time gig. In addition to sharing premium organization-themed content on their TikTok @storedsimply, the day-to-day client work consists of both on-site and virtual organization sessions.

Stetson Sundin & Margaret Sundin-McCann are professional organizers and CEOs of organizing company Everything Envy. The mother-daughter duo packs everything from Amazon finds to sage storage content on their TikTok @everythingenvy and their advice is top-tier. Fueled by a mission to help create stylish and organized systems for anyone who watches their content, home transformation is just a TikTok page scroll away.

Simply put, tidying up your pantry requires both a sustainable system that works for your lifestyle and stellar expert-recommended products that can make it a little easier to get there. Plus, that just-organized feeling is priceless.

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Adhesive Organizer For Grocery Bag Storage

As grocery bags can also create the illusion of mess, special cabinet door organizers for plastic bags are a must. “Have a space for incoming product to land and a process to distribute it,” Gail recommends. PSA: This is not exclusive to food, as bags are half the battle and need a home before ultimately going to the recycling bin. A bag holder like this one will work wonders in having a clear pantry, especially with its large capacity and easy installation options.

Stackable Canisters To Maximize Shelf Space

Per Gail’s canister tip, these stackable bamboo lid canisters make your pantry look ten times more uniform and show you how much granola you have left with just a glance. Made of food-grade, dishwasher-friendly glass, transferring your boxed goods to containers like these is a power move. Just be sure to clean and refill regularly so your cupboard stays in tip-top shape.

Airtight Storage Jars To Keep Dry Food Crisp

Chicago-based organizer and content creator Jessica Haizman is also a major fan of decanting. “Decanting allows you to clearly see what you have and how much you have of it is the key to have that ‘picture-perfect’ pantry,” she tells Bustle. “I highly suggest glass over plastic to avoid any unknown chemicals leaking into your food over time.”

For everything from sugar to cereal, glass storage jars like these are the ultimate way to display. This set comes with three 78-ounce jars — BPA-free and complete with a rubber gasket clamp lid that creates a zero-leak, airtight lock. In addition to function, these jars are also so aesthetically pleasing.

Leakproof Containers For Freshness

In the spirit of ultimate organization, this 18-piece food storage container set is the blueprint. Following Haizman’s glass storage recommendation, this set by Salient is BPA-free and comes with four different size options so you can store just about any amount of grub. Haizman suggests using these for anything from leftovers to smaller snacks like cookies and crackers. (Plus, the locking lids will keep your contents fresh and protected.)

Compact Jars To Neatly Store Spices

Even spices could use a little bit of TLC in the tidying department. Haizman recommends decanting even the smaller stuff like cinnamon and sprinkles for a more put-together look. With clear visibility into how much pepper is left and built-in sifter discs for breezy seasoning, these mini jars are a no-brainer option.

Clear Storage Bins For Easy Access To Bigger Items

Jacksonville-based professional organizer Kayleen Kelly shouted out these glorious storage bins as one of the ultimate kitchen organization products. “Clear containers are so important for pantries so everyone can see what is there and keep track when running low. These mDesign front dip storage bins are great for grab-and-go snacks and fit very well on pantry shelves,” she told Bustle.

These front dip clear bins are a neat way to store taller items like sodas and sauces, and even come in seven different size options so you can mix and match as needed. Set them next to each other to achieve a uniform look that will make walking into your pantry a breath of fresh air.

Storage Bins With Dividers For Small Snacks

Another way to distribute your product is with a divided storage bin that visibly sections off your pouches and packets. If you have extra dressings, seasonings, or single-serving snacks in need of some structure, a compact container with built-in dividers like this one works like a charm. Brownie points if it’s also refrigerator and freezer-safe so you can get the most use out of your shiny new bin.

Woven Storage Baskets For Larger Food Items

When housing larger items like family-size bags of chips, these woven storage baskets can provide both ample storage and design in your pantry. “Baskets are a great way to designate spaces or homes for each item to help contain and keep similar items together. Make sure you are utilizing the depth of your pantry to the best of your ability — these baskets will act like ‘drawers’ which allow you to pull the basket out and choose the item you are looking for,” Haizman says.

These foldable wicker baskets are the sturdy, open-top storage solution to endless snack bags being stacked on top of one another. Simply designate which baskets you’ll use for what and arrange as you like for a neater, fuller pantry look.

Plastic Storage Bins For A Budget-Friendly Option

In terms of wallet-friendly bins, Haizman recommends these plastic storage baskets with soft, built-in handles. Made with extra width at the top, plastic weave baskets are perfect if you need something simple that gets the job done.

Bag Clips To Keep Your Food Fresh

On monitoring food supply, Gail suggests implementing regular practices like rolling down chip bags with clips and refilling canisters as needed. These stainless steel airtight chip bag clips come in sets of eight and are ideal for keeping your well-sealed snacks in order. Read as: no more crunched-up bags taking up more space than they need to.

“Beautiful and well-engineered for a super heavy duty grip. Absolutely recommend!” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Stackable Metal Wire Baskets For Mid-Sized Items

For storing fresh produce, Haizman recommends metal wire baskets like these. With built-in handles, a label slot, and an open design, your fruits and veg can breathe easy and look neat in your pantry space. Plus, you can mount to your wall if that’s your M.O. when it comes to storage.

A Two-Tier Sliding Organizer For Visibility

Professional organizers Stetson Sundin and Margaret Sundin-McCann of Everything Envy, an Oregon-based organizing service, advise clients to take advantage of any vertical space they have. Utilizing a tool like this two-tier stackable mesh drawer organizer not only creates double the space for your pantry products, but also makes for a smoother experience when reaching for certain items and pulling them out via sliding drawer.

Label Stickers To Level Up The Look Of Your Pantry Products

To take your pantry to the next level, Haizman appreciates a solid label. “Labels pull everything together, and keep systems working well. A label can be something super simple like permanent marker on tape, or you can get some fancier labels so that every time you open your pantry doors you see beautiful perfection,” she tells Bustle.

For those that are low on time or aren’t a fan of writing by hand, this set of 157 cursive labels are the waterproof, tear-resistant fix that will not only make your goods easily identifiable, but also add a personal flair to your food storage situation.

Label Food Containers With Expiration Dates

“Pro tip: Use some washi tape on the bottom or back of any decanted item to keep track of expiration dates. If anything has instructions, simply cut it out and tape it to the bottom of the jar,” Haizman tells Bustle.

Complete with 30 rolls, this set of washi masking tape will practically last you a lifetime and can be a fun way to label your goods so expiration dates and instructions are always front and center.

Chalkboard Stickers For Reusable Labels

In addition to the aforementioned washi tape, there are other methods of labeling your goods. Kelly tells Bustle, “If you need anything in a pantry, it’s labels. And you don’t need a $100 fancy label maker to get the job done. I love these chalkboard stickers that come in multiple shapes and sizes. They are fun and functional!”

This set of chalkboard stickers comes with 96 pieces, nine assorted shapes, and chalkboard markers to complete the trifecta. BTW, they’re washable and reusable.

A Detachable Lazy Susan For Reaching Products With Ease

The Everything Envy duo suggests having on-demand items like condiments and oils within reach by storing them in a clear, multi-compartment turntable like this one. You can also categorize to your heart’s content here, breaking up your items based on type for a stress-free search for the sriracha.

A Non-Skid Turntable For A Smoother Browsing Experience

Christen Fackler, professional organizer and founder of Pennsylvania-based organizing service iOrganize, is all about convenience when it comes to tidying up pantries. “The goal of organizing your pantry is to be able to see everything. You don't want to waste time digging around when you are ready to cook.”

One way to do this is by utilizing a turntable like this nine-inch non-skid number in your pantry of all places. “Turntables will help you from losing items in the back especially if the shelf is above your head. They make browsing your pantry a smoother experience,” she tells Bustle.

A Clear Turntable Fit For Taller Bottles

Fackler also recommends this clear turntable that is designed to keep taller bottles in place. With smooth rotation, and a clear design for premier visibility, this turntable organizer will help you make the most of your shelf space.

“Movement is smooth and holds a surprising amount. Better than expected quality for the price, especially for two. Recommend for organizing spices and/or condiments in the fridge,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Shelf Organizer For Plastic Wrap & Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap may not be the first items that come to mind when thinking about pantry organization, but the Everything Envy team recommends finding a specific storage basket for these essentials. With its slide-on installation and slim design, this cabinet organizer seamlessly fits paper towels and foil without allowing either to crowd up the shelves.

Multipurpose Organizer Shelves To Store Items Upward

To sub in for shelf space you might not already have built in, these multipurpose organizer shelves are another solid find that the Everything Envy team suggests. With a sleek design and expandable feature, these shelves can either be stacked or attached side by side (as pictured) for extra shelving at its finest.

A Designated Paper Towel Holder

If you want to keep your paper towels on a specific holder in your pantry or in the kitchen, the Everything Envy duo recommends this ultra-durable paper towel holder that will keep your roll from taking up shelf space and make for ultra-reachability.

A Wire Shelf Organizer For Additional Dish Storage

Another solid metal organizer is this wire shelf rack by Evelots, which immediately doubles your space and makes for extra dish storage in your pantry if you’re low on kitchen room. This one is also incredibly lightweight so you can set up a few and your pantry won’t look overcrowded.

An Over The Door Organizer For Even More Storage

Lydia Amerson & Hannah Ian, founders of Georgia-based organizing service Stored Simply, recommend door hangers like this one to optimize your space. This one includes five adjustable shelves and easily mounts over the door for subtle storage that packs a punch.

A Rack To Keep Cans From Rolling Away

“Cans are always a pain point in pantries because they get lost in the back and are hard to stack. This can organizer is a game-changer. It holds up to 48 cans and saves space by utilizing vertical space,” Kelly says. Sleek and adjustable this can rack is necessary if you want to finally give your canned goods a home where they won’t roll away all the time. Plus, for as much as it stores, this rack mitigates the visual of messy cans.