Experts Say These Clever Things Make It So Much Easier To Keep Your House Nice

Get a more beautiful home with a few smart picks.

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While everyone has differing levels of cleanliness and orderliness to which they aspire, most people would agree keeping your home nice and tidy is a different challenge altogether. Once you’ve done a deep clean or a room makeover, it’s so easy for everything to slip back into its original messy state.

Thankfully, there’s help. Below, 19 home experts — from real estate pros to professional organizers to interior designers — have weighed in on their favorite products that make it easier to keep your house looking nice. So whether you’re looking for ways to organize your cleaning supplies so they’re always on hand, give a room a light and airy refresh, or learn how to add more storage where you least expect it, there’s a clever solution here for you. After all, there’s no place like home, so go ahead and treat yours right.


A Sleek Set Of Cabinet Pulls That Update Any Kitchen

According to residential real estate developer Bill Samuel, new cabinet handles can make a world of difference in the overall look of your space. “There are many instances where the kitchen cabinets are in excellent condition but just have hardware that makes them look outdated. You can install new modern hardware on your cabinets and transform the entire aesthetics of your kitchen by modifying a small detail,” Samuel tells Bustle. These stainless steel pulls are available with both round and square ends and come with all the necessary hardware to install.

  • Available colors: 3


This Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser That Keeps Bathrooms Tidy

Lisa Pinder, blogger at This Simplified Home, recommends a wall-mounted toothbrush holder for optimal bathroom cleanliness. “This product is great for making your bathroom look nicer, especially if you have kids that struggle with getting toothpaste all over the counter,” Pinder said. “Just push the dispenser in with your toothbrush, and the perfect amount comes out, keeping the sink and counter clean.” This one comes with two cups for rinsing, a compartment for floss, and more to keep items off the counter.

  • Available colors: 4


These Customizable Drawer Organizers To Make Your Junk Drawers Less Cluttered

Sometimes simply getting clutter sorted can make a big difference, and that’s where this bamboo drawer organizer set comes in. Professional Organizer Melissa Gugni likes them because they can transform even a junk drawer into an “orderly oasis.” She continues, “Because they are modular, they can be used in any size drawer. I have heard many clients squeal with glee when opening one that I have organized!” Each set comes with five organizing trays in various sizes.


The Spacious Cart That Makes Clean-Up A Breeze

“Is there anyone who couldn't benefit from one of these carts?” Gugni asks. It features three tiers to help you keep everything organized. “I have used them for everything from kids’ art supplies, extra storage in the pantry, tool storage, and even as a plant stand. Because they have wheels, they are perfect for collecting supplies for easy cleanup and can be rolled into a closet when guests arrive,” she added.


A Chic Board That Neatly Stores Both Decor & Personal Items

According to Gugni, form and function meet with this modular pegboard. The pegs and shelves can be moved around to create the perfect organizational unit that doubles as wall art. “So many folks are overwhelmed by their entryways and landing areas, and hanging one of these by the door for hanging bags, keys, and other essentials can be a life changer,” she explained.

  • Available colors: 3


An Over-The-Door Storage Solution That’s Great For Shoes, Accessories & More

Nick Valentino, VP of Market Operations of Bellhop Movers, enthusiastically recommended a pocket shoe organizer. This one comes with 24 pockets all made from breathable mesh. Valentino tells Bustle, “It serves several purposes as it provides a great place to store off-season shoes, hats, scarves, and all sorts of items that have the tendency to accumulate at home. What's great about it is that it doesn't take up floor space or require any extra furniture for storage.”

  • Available colors: 9


These Little Cloths That Can Help Solve Big Cleaning Problems

Michael Rubino, indoor air quality and toxic mold expert, author of The Mold Medic, and founder of HomeCleanse mold remediation, says these affordable microfiber towels can help protect your home from dust that can impact air quality. “They’re made from ... tightly woven fabric [which] gives them the ability to effectively wipe up dust so that it doesn’t become airborne ... The fewer particles there are in our indoor spaces, the more they’ll support our ongoing wellness,” he says.


This Creative Shelf That Turns Corners Into Helpful Storage

Consider this set of floating shelves to add decor and storage simultaneously. Joe Ferguson, an architectural joiner at SkirtingsRus, tells Bustle, “Storage is the number one thing that can help keep your house nice. Having a shelving installed or even just store-bought open shelves can make a difference.” This zig-zag wooden shelf makes use of underutilized corner space and comes in lots of colors.

  • Available colors: 8


A Convenient Basket That Keeps Your Hot Tools Off The Counter

Karen Lee, household organization and decor professional, and the founder of Smart Robotic Home, knows that hot tools and all their cords can be difficult to manage, so she recommends this steel styling basket that fits over a cabinet door. “You can use this basket to keep your styling products out of sight, and they stay nice and tidy. It also saves space under your sink as they have their own holder which creates its own extra storage space,” she tells Bustle.

  • Available colors: 3


A Multi-Functional Display Grid To Enliven A Space

If you’re looking to personalize your decor, try a wall grid. As Tim Wells, founder of Garage Transformed, explained to Bustle, “My favorite living room hack to make the room appear more vibrant and alive instantly is introducing greenery to the room without sacrificing any of the floor space. You can install a wall grid to display your potted plants, photographs, concert flyers, or anything you love.” This set is made from durable steel and features two grids.


This Easy-To-Use System That Covers Up Unsightly Cords

Yes, even your cords can look nicer, and this cable management system will do the trick. Giovanni Scippo, director at 3D Lines, explains, “A clever thing to make it easier to keep the house nice is having a cable organizer or a cable box. An orderly cabling will come a long way to make your home clean and pleasant.” This set comes with a cable cover and also a set of smaller cable clips so you can personalize your storage.


A Helpful Wall Mount That Keeps Cleaning Tools Within Reach But Looking Tidy

Scippo knows that storing cleaning tools, however unsightly they may be, is a necessary inconvenience and as such recommends a tool organizer. “We must accept that we must maintain our house to keep it looking nice. With this, we need tools for cleaning and to keep them organized for easy access,” he said. This wall-mounted option has five slots for long tools plus several hooks for smaller items and can support up to 35 pounds.


This Paint That Can Make Your Entire Space Feel Airy

Viktor Holas, the founder of, recommends strategically choosing your paint. "Use light colors on your walls, floors, and furniture to make your space feel bright and airy, which can make it feel cleaner and more inviting,” he advised. This sage green variety can be used on furniture, floors, and more to deliver a distressed, chalky look.


The Foldable Ottoman That Doubles As Storage

“Invest in a few key pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as a storage ottoman that can be used as a coffee table or a bench with built-in shelves,” Holas advised. This one comes with a tufted top and a covered linen finish. Plus, it folds completely flat for easy storage when you’re not using it.


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Lets You Add Interest Without Commitment

This peel-and-stick wallpaper is sure to spice up your decor, and Holas agrees, adding that using removable decals or wallpaper is a great way to “add interest to your walls without the commitment of permanent paint or wallpaper.” This particular model features a chic geometric design with hexagons for a modern look.

  • Available colors: 2


A Decorative Mirror You Can Customize

If you’re looking to fill your space with decor that serves a function, this hexagonal mirror is sure to delight. It features 10 individual mirrors that can be arranged to suit your home and preferences. Plus, as Holas explained, “Using mirrors to reflect light makes your space feel larger and more open."


This Bonsai Growing Kit That Can Help Freshen Up Your Air

Holas advises you to “incorporate plants into your decor to add a touch of nature and freshen the air in your home,” and you can do just that with this bonsai tree starter kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, including four varieties of seeds, peat discs, tree shears, and more. A wooden planter box comes included, too.


The Decorative Basket That Can Prevent Clutter

This cotton rope basket adds a touch of farmhouse charm to any space but is also practical, thanks to this advice from Holas. “Use decorative baskets, boxes, and trays to keep small items organized and prevent clutter,” he suggested. The rope handles make it easy to move around, too.

  • Available colors: 7


A Sleek Ottoman That Keeps Clutter Hidden

Jamie Novak, author of Keep This, Toss That: the practical guide to tidying up, recommends this faux leather storage ottoman as a way to tidy clutter in plain sight. “Video game controllers and extra throw blankets in the living room, shoes in the entryway, out-of-season clothes in the bedroom, office supplies in the home office, the possibilities are endless. I have them all over my home,” she tells Bustle. This one comes with reinforced handles, too.


This Corner Shelf That Keeps Kitchens Sorted

Novak recommends this bamboo corner shelf with three tiers to prevent kitchen counters from getting over-cluttered. “[There’s] a spot for incoming mail, small countertop appliances, and fruit and veggies,” Novak said. “Everything is still easy [to] access and you won't forget about it, but it isn't in your way.” It’s compact, too, measuring just 9.5 inches tall.


A Weekly Organizational Chart To Make Sure Chores Don’t Fall Through The Cracks

Kristina Davis, interior designer and furniture expert at Letti & Co, advocates for keeping your house orderly by creating a chore schedule, and this magnetic chore chart can help. It comes with a weekly breakdown and plenty of time slots, plus five markers. “You can assign specific tasks to each day and block out a certain amount of time for those tasks. This way, you can make sure that you don't miss any of your chores. Plus, it will help you stay organized and save time,” Davis explained.


This Voice-Operated Robo Vacuum For People Who Hate Cleaning

For those looking to make vacuuming easier, Davis suggests a robot vacuum cleaner. “These automated devices can help you keep your floors clean without you lifting a finger. They're perfect for those with busy schedules or who just don't have the time to vacuum,” Davis explained. This model comes with voice control and doesn’t make a lot of noise.


The Leafy Prints That Will Shake Up Your Space

Davis also suggests investing in some new wall art, like this set of four botanical prints. “Adding some decorative pieces to your space can give it a completely new feel,” she explained, and these earthy illustrations that can be put into the frame of your choice will do the trick. They come in both medium and large sizes.

  • Available colors: 2


A Set Of Plush Pillow Covers That Add Texture To Your Rooms

Christy Biberich, interior designer and founder of Christy B Home, recommends throw pillows to make your interiors stand out with ease. These textured throw pillow inserts feature a hidden zipper with a fluid, geometric design. “By adding pops of color, patterns, or textures to any room, your home becomes elevated, dynamic, and intriguing. Not only are pillows visually inviting, but they add a sense of coziness, comfort, and relaxation,” Biberich tells Bustle.

  • Available colors: 9


The Multi-Level Rack That Will Turn Your Junk Collection Into An Orderly “Drop Zone”

Kerry Sherin, the consumer advocate at Ownerly, tells Bustle that you can keep things looking nice by creating a drop zone, which is “a designated area in your house where you can conveniently drop your stuff when you step inside.” This coat and shoe rack is just the thing, thanks to its four levels of shelving for shoes and eight hooks for coats and accessories.

  • Available colors: 2


A Handy Label Maker That Prevents Clutter From Forming

“Break out the label maker,” Sherin said. “Label shelves and drawers to quickly identify what goes where and keep clutter from building up.” This handy gadget has an accompanying app and lets you choose from hundreds of templates and fonts to get yourself organized with style. Plus, it’s fully rechargeable.

  • Available colors: 5


This Durable Door Mat That Keeps Your Floors Cleaner

Sherin also recommends putting mats, like this dirt trapper mat, everywhere to stop the spread of mud in your home. “Put mats at entryways so dirt doesn’t get tracked inside the house while coming and going outside, or between rooms inside the house itself too,” she said. This model is soft and absorbent and even has a nonslip lining on the back.

  • Available colors: 6


A Versatile Vacuum With Multiple Attachments

The tools you acquire can make your house nicer, and this stick vacuum is up to the challenge. “Invest in a good vacuum cleaner with attachments suitable for cleaning hardwood floors as well carpets and rugs — this way you can keep them looking nice without too much effort,” Sherin cautioned. Thankfully, this option can be used as a hand vac and is safe on various surfaces.


The Transparent Bins That Keep Cleaning Supplies Easily On Hand

“Have your cleaning supplies at the ready,” Sherin advised. “Keep cleaning supplies in an easily accessible place so they’re always at hand when needed.” And here to ensure your products are organized are these plastic storage bins. You get four bins with every order and they come with handles so they’re extra portable.


A Set Of Reusable Cloths That Are Better For The Environment

Chris Alexakis, an interior designer and the founder of Cabinet Select suggests having cleaning cloths on hand. “Reusable cleaning cloths are good for the environment, as you’ll only need to replace them when they become too worn,” Alexakis tells Bustle. This version comes with 12 absorbent microfiber cloths in a variety of hues.


These Floating Shelves That Provide Storage On A Budget

"Wall shelves are an excellent way to keep your items organized without taking up too much space,” Alexakis says. “They can be used to store books, knick-knacks, and even plants. Wall shelves [...] are a great way to keep your items organized without breaking the bank.” So snag yourself a three-pack of these floating shelves with a rustic flair, thanks to the wooden panel and metal accents.

  • Available colors: 10


A Canvas Triptych That Adds Personality On A Budget

This three-piece wall decor brings a sense of nature indoors, and it’s expert-approved, too. “Adding artwork to your walls is a great way to give your house a sense of personality,” Alexakis says. “Artwork is an affordable way to add color and texture to your space and can be found for under $50.” This stretched canvas art is sure you enliven your home.


The Toilet Paper Holder With A Hidden Compartment

Brianna Thomas, the founder of Bloom in the Black, advises re-thinking how you store traditional personal care items. “A lot of households keep wipes on the back of their toilets, and it just looks... not good,” Thomas tells Bustle. “This sleek black toilet paper holder has a built-in shelf with a hidden compartment to store wipes or feminine products. Basically, anything you want to keep conveniently at hand but don't want out on display.” It can be installed without drilling using adhesive strips.

  • Available colors: 2


A Quick & Easy Solution To Stray Pet Hair

This pet hair remover comes recommended by April Duffy, founder and editor of Making this Home. “If you're a pet lover like me, getting one of these pet hair rakes is an absolute must to keep your home looking presentable,” Duffy tells Bustle. “It's simple and quick to use and gets all of the hair off your couches, carpets, and bedding so much better than just vacuuming or using those sticky lint rollers.” It comes with an easy-to-grip plastic handle and fine metal teeth that won’t harm surfaces.


This Simple Plastic Rack That Can Transform Your Cabinets

Duffy explains that sometimes simple products can make a big difference. “Thanks to this bottle rack I can now open my cupboard without fear that an avalanche of water bottles is going to fall on me. It also saves so much space and makes my cupboards look so neat and organized,” she says. It comes with two racks that store three bottles each. They can be stacked to save even more space, too.


The Bins That Keep Groceries From Overrunning Your Fridge

Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters of Riverview, recommends a set of refrigerator organizer bins. “It can be easy for your fridge to become overrun with groceries, but storage bins will help you to keep your produce, beverages, and condiments in their own space,” Kazimierski says. These bins, made from BPA-free plastic, keep items tidy while putting everything on easy display.


This Stone Bath Mat That Shouldn’t Develop Mildew

Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love, recommends a bath mat you don’t need to clean all the time, like this stone bath mat. Since this mat is made of absorbent stone, it prevents bacteria from taking over. You can also use it as a mat underneath damp dishes, too.


A Minimalist Planter That Can Also Propagate Clippings

Wendy Ortiz, designer and co-founder of Caravana Furniture, loves adding greenery to brighten up a space and recommends a propagation station. “This minimalistic planter brings nature inside your home with its natural crystals while offering a place to propagate your cuttings,” Ortiz tells Bustle. Its chic design will look right at home in any space.

  • Available colors: 3


This Quirky Accent Lamp That Makes A Statement

Ortiz also believes in the power of lighting to enliven a room. “If you want to add light to your space and make a statement, there’s no better way to do so than with this steampunk table lamp. [It has] awesome design with lots of character,” Ortiz says. It features an Edison bulb on a slab of wood and can be customized with different colors.


A Scented Candle To Set A Cozy Mood

Ortiz extols the power of a scented candle to make your space feel comforting. “There is nothing better than relaxing at home as you’re getting ready for bed and unwinding from your day than with the delightful scent and soft light from a candle,” Ortiz says. This candle has lovely notes of cinnamon, pine, clove, and orange.