Folks Can't Seem To Get Enough Of These 50 Cheap Things Amazon Can Barely Keep In Stock

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You know those products you have to buy the second you see them because they always sell out? Same — and whenever I find products that people can’t seem to get enough of, I feel like I’m a part of a secret club. It’s like I’m in the loop — and those are always the best finds, because you know what you’re in for: a truly great product that’s already been tested and approved by thousands of other people. They’re so great that Amazon can barely keep them in stock, and this list is full of them.

Seriously, people love these items that much. I’ll give you a few examples: There’s a color-changing dimmable LED light bulb here that’s under $10, and a tiny power strip that simultaneously charges six devices at once. There’s also a vegetable slicer tool to make dinner prep easier (and make you feel like you’re a pro chef), and even succulent tea light candles for a garden that doesn’t require a green thumb.

Trust me, the cheap price tags are a perk, but the four- and five-star ratings don’t lie. Fair warning: I highly suggest buying these while they’re still available. I mean, who wants to be stuck waiting until the next restock?


The Heat-Resistant Silicone Coasters That Come With Tea Bag Hangers

These heat-resistant coasters are perfect for your next dinner party because they’re nonslip to help prevent spills. This four-pack is dishwasher-safe and can secure any type of cup — hot or cold — with a grooved design that catches condensation. Plus, you get the bonus of two little snail-shaped tea holders for your afternoon tea.


These Mini Flashlights That Are Super Bright & Waterproof

These LED flashlights are constructed with aluminum alloy, and they’re small enough to slip in your pocket or clip to your bag. Plus, they boast more than an hour of continuous light. These small-but-mighty lights are super bright with three lighting modes — and they’re even drop resistant as well as waterproof.


This Roll Of Weather-Resistant Tape That’s Extra-Durable

You can carry this 1-inch roll of Gorilla Tape with you everywhere — because no matter what the surface is, you can trust that it’ll stick. It’s weather-resistant and heavy-duty with thousands of five-star ratings. One reviewer raved about its versatility and wrote, “I always keep a roll of this on hand as its uses seem endless.”


A Silicone Skillet Handle Cover To Replace Your Oven Mitt

Stop fussing with a bulky oven mitt and switch to this skillet handle cover that’s heat-resistant for use around the oven. It’s made of silicone, so you’re sure to have a good grip on your pan. Plus, it fits a wide range of skillet sizes. Choose from blue, red, or black.


This Color-Changing, Remote-Controlled LED Bulb For Instant Ambiance

Change up the vibe in your apartment with this dimmable LED light bulb that has 16 color options. It comes with a convenient little remote, and you can even try out options like strobe or fade. The best part is that this durable bold can be used indoors and-outdoors, per the brand.


The Bright Ring Light That Fits On Your Phone

This little LED selfie ring light clips right onto your phone or laptop, and it’s even rechargeable. You get both the light and the charging cable for under $15. Plus, you never have to worry about it being too dim or too bright for your next Zoom call. Simply choose from its three brightness levels.


A Pack Of Silicone Cable Savers For Your Many Chargers

With 24 cable savers in each pack, all of your chargers will thank you. These silicone cable savers are easy to twist around your cables and help prevent them from fraying. They come in an all-black pack, an all-gray pack, and a fun multicolor pack. One reviewer even wrote, “Works great and color coding makes it easy to grab the cord you need.”


This Toilet Night Light That Brightens When You’re In The Room

Avoid turning on a bright bathroom light while everyone else is asleep with this motion-sensor toilet night light. There are 16 illuminating colors to choose from, and you can adjust the brightness level. The light fits any toilet, thanks to its flexible PVC arm. Plus, it should last up to 12 months without a battery change.


These 3-Layer Breathable Rainbow Face Masks

This pack comes with 50 extra-comfy disposable masks with elastic ear loops that are reinforced to help prevent snapping. Each mask has three layers of non-woven material, and they’re also super breathable. Plus, who can say no to rainbow masks? They also come in black and gray.


The Cut-Resistant Gloves For All Of Your DIY Projects

Help protect your hands with these cut-resistant gloves that are tear-, puncture-, and abrasion-resistant. They're made with a polyurethane coating on the palms for added grip and water resistance — and they're also breathable, so you don't have to worry about getting too warm while working.


The Suction-Cup Makeup Mirror That Saves Counter Space

Stop taking up all-important counter space with this 10-times magnifying makeup mirror that has a powerful suction cup. Simply apply the suction cup to any flat surface and adjust the flexible gooseneck arm that can rotate 360 degrees. The LED lights are dimmable with the touch screen button for the perfect lighting every time.


The LCD Writing Tablet To Replace Your Notepads

This LCD writing tablet is less than 1 inch thin, making it super portable. Use it again and agin as a kid’s drawing tablet, memo pad, and more; it’s easy to erase and start over each time. It comes with a stylus and a handy little dock to store the stylus. Choose from blue, pink, cyan, and orange.


A Brush To Help Remove Pet Hair All Over Your House

This mini reusable pet hair remover cleans pet hair from fabrics including clothes, furniture, carpets, and even your car upholstery. It’s washable with a bit of soap and water, and it shouldn’t scratch surfaces. With over 30,000 five-star ratings and plenty of reviewers singing its praises, it’s probably worth it buying.


This Stainless Steel Whisk With A Decorative Egg-Shaped Base

Perfect for a baby shower gift, this stainless steel whisk is a part of Kate Aspen’s “About to Hatch” collection. It’s made with a resin handle shaped like a baby chick and a little egg holder. The holder has a flat bottom so the whisk can stand up on your counter, it comes presented in a gift box.


A Mini Studio Box For Professional Photos In Small Spaces

Take professional product photos anywhere with this portable LED studio box that completely folds up flat. It’s like an all-in-one mini photo studio with a micro USB cable and six backdrops, including white, black, green, yellow, blue, and red. It even has an opening at the top of the box if you want photos from above.


These Aesthetic LED Color-Changing Lights That Fit Around Furniture

Decorate and illuminate your home with these flexible LED lights that feature easy-to-use adhesive backing. The lights are coated with silicone, so they’re water-resistant for your next outdoor party. They also come with a remote to choose from over 16 colors and a color-changing option, as well as installation supplies.


This Multi-Use Tool That’s Shaped Like A Snowflake

This stainless steel keychain has 18 tools in one, including a Phillips screwdriver, box cutter, Allen wrench, and more. It basically includes all the tools you might need when something breaks, and it has a cute snowflake design. You can even use the bottle opener at a happy hour, because that’s included, too.


This Mini Microphone That Plugs Into Your Phone Or Laptop

Finally record that podcast you’ve wanted to create with this mini microphone, which comes with a bonus desk stand and dual cord. One part of the cord plugs directly into your phone, laptop, or tablet while the other attaches to speakers, headphones, or earbuds. Choose from blue, rose red, and silver.


This All-In-One Kit For Easy Under-Cabinet Lighting

Brighten up dark cabinets without paying for an electrician with this all-in-one kit for LED under-cabinet tape lighting. The low-voltage LEDs shine in either white or warm white, and you can show off your DIY skills by easily installing the adhesive lights without any nails, screws, or tools.


A Decorative Rotating Organizer To Replace Your Junk Drawer

With five spacious compartments and a spinning base, this caddy can help you out wherever you need a little organization in your life. Whether you use it for your office or your living room, you can choose from 18 colors of polyurethane leather to match your decor. They even have a marble design that I can’t get enough of.


These Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Towels That Feel Like Fleece

These microfiber cleaning cloths are absorbent, machine washable, and come in a pack of 12 — and apparently, they feel like coral fleece. You can use them to clean and wash dishes, or you can use them as hand towels. Tons of reviewers seriously love these, with one reviewer writing, “These dish clothes are amazing. They absorb a ton of water.”


This Sleek, Adjustable Phone & Tablet Stand

Complete with an adjustable aluminum alloy base and a silicone backing to help ensure your device doesn’t budge, this tablet stand is easy to use and portable. It’s compatible with multiple tablets and phones, and the design lets you charge your tech while viewing it. Set up your device vertically or horizontally; Zoom calls just got a little easier.


These Discreet Wall Hooks That Can Hold A Lot

Thanks to the clear backing on these adhesive stainless steel wall hooks, they’ll blend in with whatever surface you stick them onto. They may be small, but they can hold up to 13.2 pounds each. Plus, they’re rustproof, oil-proof, and waterproof. They’re also reusable; simply peel them off and reuse them without leaving residue.


This Vanity Organizer That Also Holds Your Phone

Hold your bathroom essentials like makeup brushes and toothpaste while also propping up your phone while you get ready. See? The possibilities for storage are endless with this sleek white and gray organizer. Plus, it’s plastic, so it won’t rust. Choose from this one (pictured) or one of the many other matching organization solutions in the collection.


A Compact Power Strip That’s Perfect For Travel

You can simultaneously charge six devices with this tiny portable power strip. Its unique form packs three AC outlets and three USB outlets into a little cube that’s under 3 inches wide. Plus, the seven-point safety system offers overload protection, grounded protection, short-circuit protection, and more.


This Rug Adhesive That Helps Prevent Pesky Corners From Curling

These adhesive rug grippers that work on corners and edges can help keep your rugs flat and in place while stopping the edges from curling. Don’t worry — you can still move your rug around because the grippers are reusable. Choose from multiple pack sizes starting at eight per pack.


The Silicone Funnels That Collapse To Save Space

These durable silicone funnels are multipurpose, reusable, and come in a handy two-pack. Simply wash them in the dishwasher and then collapse them to save on drawer space. Choose from two different bright color options: blue and green or orange and red.


These Colorful Silicone Facial Cleaning Brushes

This seven-pack of facial brushes comes with five face scrubbers and two lip brushes. Work these into your skincare routine whenever you need a little exfoliation, and choose from two packs with different colorful options. I highly recommend using the lip brush with your favorite lip scrub for extra exfoliation.


This 40-Pack Of Gentle, Yet Durable Hair Ties

This 40-pack of hair ties includes 10 colors, so you can match them with you favorite outfits —  and they’re gentle on your hair when you inevitably throw it into a midday messy bun. These are free from metal, so don’t worry about any tangles or ripped-out strands.


A Slim & Quick-Charging Station With 6 Built-In USB Ports

This sleek charging pod has six USB ports that can all be used at once to charge your devices. It's slim enough to fit nearly anywhere, and it offers a speedy charge for various phone types including iPhones and Androids. Choose from rose red, blue, white, or black.


This Wireless Charger That Won’t Disturb Your Sleep

This wireless charger works with multiple iPhones, Androids, and even your wireless earbuds. It actually has a grippy ring to help prevent your earbuds from slipping off, and an LED light lets you know that your device is charging. However, it’ll quickly turn off so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. Choose from red, blue, or black.


These Adhesive Toothbrush & Toothpaste Holders

Get your toothbrush and toothpaste off of the counter with these stainless steel adhesive holders. You can store electric or regular toothbrushes and even hold a small rinse cup with them. They’re minimal enough to match almost any bathroom, and you won’t have to drill a hole in your wall — always a win.


A Unique & Compact Knife Sharpener For Your Kitchen

With a unique design, you can place this knife sharpener on the corner of your counter for larger knives or keep it flat on the counter (since it’s nonslip). Sharpen both straight and serrated blades and choose between coarse and fine sharpening. It’s compact enough for even the smallest kitchens; choose from green, gray, black, and red.


These Sleek Insulated Wine Tumblers For Under $10

These BPA-free stainless steel tumblers are insulated to keep drinks hot or cold, so get your wine or coffee. You’ll receive the tumbler, a steel straw, a straw cleaner, and a lid. Choose from 13 colors including solid colors, wood grain, marble, and glitter. Trust me, you’re going to want to grab one (or maybe two).


A Scalp Massager That’s Your Shampoo’s New Best Friend

Grab this silicone scalp massager that’s soft and gentle on your scalp; I highly suggest lathering your shampoo with it. The handle makes it easy to massage your scalp without losing the massager itself. Keep it in your shower or pack it in your suitcase; one reviewer even keeps one in every bathroom.


These Silicone Garlic Peelers For Easy Peeling

If you ask me, peeling garlic is the worst — but this two-pack of food-grade silicone garlic peelers can peel multiple cloves at a time. Simply pop a few cloves in the tube and roll it on a flat surface. Once you’re done, all you have to do is rinse it. Choose from eight different color pairings.


These Little Socks For Your Furniture To Help Prevent Scratches

Furniture often has a knack for scratching your floors, but these double-layered furniture socks help protect them. To keep them from slipping off, the socks have patented rubber grips. Each pack has eight socks, and there are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from to perfectly match your furniture.


This 10-Pack of Earbuds In Case You Always Lose Them

It’s easy to forget your earbuds — but with this pack of earbuds that are compatible with multiple devices, you can keep a pair in every room and in your car. These colorful earbuds come in packs ranging from 10 to 1,000 with 12 color options. One reviewer wrote, “Awesome quality earbuds. Very good price and value!!”


This Device That Extends The Wi-Fi Throughout Your Home

Connect up to 20 devices and increase your Wi-Fi coverage by 1,200 square feet with this Wi-Fi extender. If everyone in your house is fighting for Wi-Fi, plug this into an outlet and easily connect it to your router. This extender works for computers and smartphones, as well as other smart devices like smart doorbells and TVs.


A Veggie Slicer For Easy Dinner Prep

Help prevent sliced fingers while prepping dinner with this stainless steel vegetable slicer with an easy-hold plastic handle. The prongs keep everything stable and make all of your sliced vegetables look like a professional chef prepped them. This slicer has over 2,000 five-star ratings, so you know it has to be good.


These Candles That Are Shaped Like Succulents & Cacti

This six-pack of succulent and cactus tealight candles gives you a little home garden that doesn’t require caring for real plants. These small succulents have a burn time of four to five hours, and their aluminum container helps protects your furniture from getting a little too warm.


This All-In-One Tech Shelf That Gives You More Outlets

Get your power strip off the floor with this outlet extender that gives you seven more outlets and a little shelf. Plug this into your outlet, place your things on the shelf, plug in all your devices, and control the nightlight feature. It even has a power switch, so you don’t have to unplug each device.


A Nightlight That Adds A Little Greenery To Your Room

Illuminate your room with this LED mushroom nightlight. The nightlight has a sensor that detects light and turns it off during the day, so you don't have to worry about using unneeded energy. Plus, the little silicone mushrooms and greenery are bendable and change colors when lit.


These Multi-Use Reusable Twist Ties Made Of Rubber

These reusable and bendable rubber twist ties can be used for everything from keeping your charging cords tidy to marking wine glasses at your next dinner party. You can wrap them around anything indoors or outdoors since they’re UV resistant and waterproof. They come in multiple sizes, packs, and colors.


This Oscillating Handheld Brush For Cleaning Grout & More

This oscillating scrubber is water-resistant and perfect for cleaning bathroom grout, tile, grill grates, around drains, and more. Anywhere you need a powerful scrub in a small area, reach for this and choose from two scrub settings. There are multiple packs with different brush heads, depending on your cleaning needs.


The Umbrella String Lights For Your Next Backyard Party

Create the perfect ambiance for your next backyard party with these LED string lights for your umbrella. They’re waterproof, bendable to the shape you prefer, and only use three AA batteries. The remote control lets you choose from eight light and brightness settings. Choose from warm white or multicolor.


The Smart Plug That Lets You Turn Off Lights With Voice Control

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. (Yes, you can tell Alexa to turn off your lights or whatever device you have plugged in. You can also control the plug with the Kasa app whenever you’re away. Choose from the mini or a two-pack of the original size.


A Rotating Night Light That Doesn’t Take Up The Entire Outlet

Illuminate your hallway with this six-pack of LED night lights that rotate 360 degrees to target the light exactly where you want it. They’re small enough to not block the other outlet, and they have an automatic on-and-off sensor and last for up to 50,000 hours. Choose from warm white or neutral white.


This Amber Light Bulb That Emits A Soothing Orange Glow

This amber-colored LED light bulb is perfect for your bedroom or anywhere you want to relax because it blocks blue light. It lasts for 30,000 hours, and you can choose between 7 watts and 3 watts. One reviewer raved, “I wish I had ordered these years ago!”


This 5-Pack Of Super Long iPhone Chargers

When your bed is too far from an outlet, grab this five-pack of 6-foot lightning and USB iPhone chargers that are tested to bend more than 11,000 times without breaking. These durable chargers are made with a pure copper core and a TPE silicone cover to help prevent snapping. Each pack comes with five colors.