65 Funny Dares You Can Send Your Friends Over Text

These aren’t for the faint of heart.

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Check out these funny dares to send over text
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Remember those awkward middle school days when you and your friends got together and played spin the bottle or a riveting game of truth or dare? Chances are, the bottle landed on the wrong two people, and you ended up spilling too many secrets when you switched to “truth” because the “dare” was too intimidating. But rest assured, what’s to come are funny dares, not scary ones. You’re really never too old to participate in a classic game of truth or dare. So, I’m bringing you the best of the best, the crème de la crème, of funny dares over text, because it’s the 21st century, and our middle school selves wish they could kick this game up a notch.

I know what you’re thinking: “These dares better not be as lame as when we were kids.” OK, I won’t lie — a few might have to do with your crush, but you know what we have now that we didn’t have way back when? Modern technology, which is a game-changer. Plus, the funny dares write themselves with all of today’s social media platforms that you can totally embarrass your friend or partner on. To make a long story short, this ain’t your middle school truth or dare game.

So, lo and behold, I bring to you 65 of the best funny dares to do over text. Oh, and FYI, some of these are pretty wild, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Funny Dares To Send Over Text


“You have three minutes to change into your cringiest outfit. Snap a pic and send it to me when you’re done.”

If it’s a truth or dare with your boo, replace “cringiest” with “hottest.” This change is sure to spice things up a level.

“Send me a video of you singing this.”

Include a link. If their voice is anything like mine, you’re going to instantly regret sending them this dare. However, the game must go on, so right now I’m breaking out the Céline Dion chords.

“Send me a video of you instructing your own cooking show.”

Ina Garten who?! Extra points if they wear the proper chef attire.

“Send me a voice recording of you reenacting your favorite movie scene.”

Calling all actors (or more like wannabe actors).

“Eat a super weird food concoction and record yourself doing it.”

Please don’t cause the next salmonella outbreak by doing this. But if your friend can mix together something like ketchup and cottage cheese, then down it without a second thought, that’s pretty impressive.

“Record yourself doing your makeup blindfolded.”

I mean, beauty influencers do it all the time, and your friend might already put on makeup everyday, so it can’t turn out that bad, right? But all the funnier if it does look like a Picasso piece.

“Send me a video of you doing your best Harry Potter impression.”

It can be any of the characters. Just get your British accent ready and go for it.

“Call your dad and say you got engaged.”

Warning: This may result in a confused and angry phone call. Be sure to have your friend record this convo for years’ worth of laughs.

“Call your number neighbor and say hey!”

It’s the exact same phone number as yourself, except the last number is plus or minus one. You never know, maybe they’ll become a new friend.

“Do a TikTok dance from your FYP.”

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With any luck, you could be the next Addison Rae.

“Post a Story of a random item in your house, tagging and thanking the brand like an influencer.”

The more bizarre, the better. Think ordinary pencil erasers, a single package of ramen... the options are endless.

“Call your mom and ask if it’s normal to be charged $500 for ‘premium air’ in your tires.”

Please do not give anyone a heart attack, though, because this one might just do it.

“Dump a bucket of ice water on yourself and record yourself doing it.”

Bonus points if you do it outside instead of in the shower. (But of course, be careful not to get frostbite!)

“Send a video of you singing your favorite Taylor Swift song to your sibling with no explanation.”

If you’re an only child, opt for a cousin instead.

“Eat a spoonful of vanilla extract and record yourself doing it.”

Yes, vanilla extract smells good. But TBH, it doesn’t actually taste anything like vanilla.

“Call a random number and ask if their refrigerator is running.”

And when they inevitably say yes, you know the drill: “Well, you better go catch it!” Then hang up.

“Do your best Euphoria makeup imitation on yourself. No peeking at reference pics.”

Will you look cool or like a 5-year-old did your makeup? Only time will tell.

“Text your family and tell them you’re moving to the other side of the planet.”

Beware: This may induce incredulity, tears, or speechlessness. Don’t let the gag go on for too long!

“Get in the shower with all your clothes on and record it.”

No changing into something more suitable beforehand!

“Write ‘I love you’ on your forehead then post the picture on Instagram, sans caption.”

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I think your followers will get the message!

“Call your neighbor and ask them for directions to McDonald’s.”

To which they will probably respond: “What? Which one?”

“Send a voice note doing your best impression of me…”

Let’s see how spot-on y’all can get with these!

“Change your Instagram bio to something ridiculous like, “I’m a Grammy-winning singer with her own cooking show” and leave it like that for 24 hours.”

Feel free to get creative with your new career: be a matchmaker, a professional volleyball player, an artist, a TikTok star—the options are infinite.

“Create a very descriptive posting for the ugliest shirt you own on eBay.”

Feel free to make your asking price high because TBH, you never know! You might get a few takers.

“Record yourself chugging a can of seltzer and see how loudly you can burp.”

And if you don’t end up burping afterward? Honestly, props to you.

Dirty Dares To Send Over Text

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“Send your crush, ‘What’s up?’”

It’s not a dare if you don’t tell your friend to reach out to their crush with some funny texts. Plus, maybe this dare can actually be the start of something — you never know!

“Send me names of five of the cutest people in your contact list. I’ll pick one, and you have to ask them out on a date.”

Or a Netflix and chill sesh, whichever vibe you’re going for.

“Post your hottest selfie on Instagram.”

We all have that one in our head right now that we’ve been dying to have an excuse to post. And your friend can get away with saying they were dared to do it, so it’s a win-win.

“Mix X (alcohol) with Y (mixer) and drink it every time you complete another dare.”

Or turn it into a game of Truth or Drink.

“Send your crush a steamy playlist and say it makes you think of them.”

They might just get the hint that you want them, like, really badly.

“Slide into your (single) celebrity crush’s DMs and (politely) tell them you’d love to take them out on a date some time.”

You never know! Maybe one day they’ll actually respond. (If you’re nice enough! No creepy DMs, please!)

“Text the person you’re seeing a few hot photos of yourself and ask them which one you should post.”

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Welp, it’s an excuse to maybe get some compliments from your crush, no?

“Finally ask the Hinge match you’ve been pining over on a date to your favorite local restaurant.”

It’s a win-win. You get to eat your favorite food and you get to chit-chat with a potential bae.

“Let me craft a flirty message to your crush for you.”

And you have to send it without looking at it, first. Beware: this one isn’t for those who are precious with their words!

“Text the crush from high school that you never admitted your feelings for.”

Who knows what could happen?

“Describe your favorite movie sex scene and what you love about it.”

Everyone has different tastes.

“Send me links to three different pairs of sexy underwear. I get to pick which one you buy.”

You can now check new undies for your next date off your list of to-dos.

“Make out with your pillow for 10 seconds.”

Really go for it.

“Send me a voice note of your best orgasm impression.”

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

No laughing allowed. And no lack of enthusiasm! Act like your Oscar depends on it.

“Give me your Hinge password and let me pick your matches.”

This one requires a huge level of trust.

“Send a pizza to your crush’s house with the word “Prom?” spelled out in pepperoni.”

Opt for M&Ms if they’re vegetarian, Princess Diaries-style. It’s flirty and funny. What’s better than making your crush laugh?

“Text your crush and ask if they’ll come hang out with you, like, right now.”

You’ve been dying to see them anyway, so why not go for it?

“Print out a sexy photo of your favorite celebrity and hang it on your bathroom mirror.”

Then you can wave hello to it every day when you brush away your morning breath.

Embarrassing Dares To Send Over Text

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“Text your mom that you peed yourself and need a new change of clothes ASAP.”

Use this one with caution. You’ll want to make sure she knows it’s a joke before she gets in her car — or else.

“Show me the last text you sent.”

To someone other than you, that is.

“Text someone you’ve been into in the past, ‘I see you,’ with no explanation.”

This one is not for the easily embarrassed. But hey, maybe they’ll finally see what a catch your friend is, being all bold and whatnot.

“Send a screenshot of your search history from the last 24 hours.”

Making a mental note to immediately clear my search history when I get home. You really never know when someone might whip this one out on you. You can never be too careful.

“Start an Instagram Live and give a detailed breakdown of the most boring parts of your day.”

They probably won’t have many viewers before long, and chances are they may lose a few followers. So, this probably isn’t a great one for someone trying to build their following. But sorry, not sorry, it’s part of the game!

“Teach a dance class on Instagram Live.”

If your friend is anything like me and has zero rhythm whatsoever, this dare is frightening. But how funny would it be if their followers joined in?

“Send me a video of you waxing your arm.”

Or, you know, both, if they’re into symmetry.

“Text someone random how you’re so happy that you two are so close.”

Hey, maybe this will be the start of a brand new friendship. Or, your friend will creep someone out so hard they’ll have no choice but to lose their number.

“Post an obviously, horribly FaceTuned selfie on Instagram…”

Extra points for digitally applied makeup.

“Text me a page out of your childhood diary.”

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Odds are you had some passionate opinions on the Twilight saga, what your parents made for dinner, and the crush who sat across from you in math.

“Take an ugly selfie and then set it as your profile photo on social media for 24 hours…”

And if you take it down early, you have to do it again tomorrow.

“Send an emoji to the fourth person on your contact list.”

The more random the person, the stranger it’ll probably make you feel. You’re welcome!

“Record a video of yourself gargling water and singing at the same time and then send it to your family’s group chat.”

Your parents will be so confused. Your siblings will laugh. And you get to pat yourself on the back for being the entertainer in the family.

“Call your roommate and tell them you clogged the toilet.”

And that you threw out your apartment’s only plunger last week, to amp up the embarrassment.

“FaceTime your crush and ‘accidentally’ let out a loud fart.”

Trust: This one isn’t for the faint of heart!

“Write a text to 10 people in your contact list only using the tip of your nose.”

And it has to be more than just “hi!”

“Put 10 random numbers from your contacts in a group chat together.”

And watch as chaos ensues.

“Draw a terrible picture in pencil and post it onto your Instagram Story in the form of a poll that asks people if they like your art.”

Fingers crossed you have nice followers!

“Go on TikTok Live and start tossing grapes in the air and catching them in your mouth. You can’t go off live until you catch 10.”

Don’t have grapes? Any small treat will work: blueberries, raspberries, chocolate chips, etc.

“Let me choose your hairstyle for work tomorrow.”

Christine Schneider/Image Source/Getty Images

Think something Lizzie McGuire-inspired, with lots of butterfly clips and sparkly pins.

“Text your crush and ask them if you can perform the Macarena for them sometime.”

Hopefully they have a sense of humor and are up for seeing your sweet dance moves!

“Make a TikTok explaining what’s really going on in your most embarrassing childhood photo.”

You know, the one with your whole finger up your nose.

The stakes are undoubtedly higher when social media is thrown into the mix. Somehow the dares just quadruple in intimidation factor when there’s a virtual audience involved. Even simple texting dares seem extra risky since you can’t immediately absolve yourself, so proceed with caution if you try or send any of these hilarious dares over text.

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