Valentine's Day

30 Galentine’s Day Gifts For The Ann Perkins To Your Leslie Knope

"It’s only the best day of the year!"

by Kiersten Hickman, Mia Mercado and Lauren Grant
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The loveliest and most precious day of the entire year is almost here — the one that you spend showing your favorite person how much you care for them, how much they make your life happier and better: Galentine’s Day. Oh, you thought I meant Valentine’s Day? Heck no — we all know that celebrating friends is the ultimate reason for this season, which is why having some Galentine’s day gifts under $20 is so important this time of year.

As Leslie Knope famously says in Parks and Recreation, “it’s only the best day of the year!” Her friends get together the day before Valentine’s Day, eat breakfast, and share gifts with one another. Although you may not be able to get together in person this year, you can still have a Galentine’s Day brunch over Zoom. And since giving gifts is still an important part of the day, you can plan to mail them to your friends ahead of the big day.

With Galentine’s Day around the corner on Feb. 13, finding the perfect gift for a friend can be tough. Especially finding a cheap gift that still means a lot to your bestie. So if you’re still searching for the perfect Galentine’s Day gift, here are options for you to use!

1. For The Friend Who's Stressed Out

Give your bestie the gift of relaxation with a bath bomb from Lumibloom.

2. For The Friends Fanatic

Let your Friends-obsessed bestie know how much you care with a tumbler from the gang's favorite coffee shop.

3. For The Friend With The Best Accessories

If hair accessories are her thing, you'll want to check out Wrap Life.

4. For Friend Who's Always Trying New Things

Chocolate Therapy has everything from peanut butter cup truffles to truffles flavored with blueberry, lemon, and basil. In other words, you'll find something that perfectly suits your BFF's taste.

5. For The Friend Who Gives You Book Recs

Pass along your favorite book to your friend with this pin from Rayo and Honey snuck inside.

6. For The Friend Who Loves Love

You really can’t ever go wrong with giving heart-shaped candy as a Galentine's Day gift.

7. For The Stylish Friend

This is for the friend who’s obsessed with new jewelry, or the friend for whom wearing lots of bracelets is a go-to fashion statement.

8. For The Super Practical Friend

Perhaps the most apropos gift during a mid-pandemic Galentine's Day.

9. For The Friend Who Loves Self-Care Sundays

This vegan hair mask from Etsy shop Botanicals Beauty is the deep conditioning treatment our quarantine hair could all use.

10. For The Friend Who Always Loses Their Keys

For the friend who loves “peaches”… wink wink.

11. For The Friend Who Loves A Good Bakery Run

A gift from Baked Cravings is as close to joy in a jar as you're gonna get.

12. For The Foodie Friend

Full warning: you're going to be obsessed with every piece of food-themed jewelry from Crafty Little Dreams. Three words: Fried egg earrings. I die.

13. For The Friend Who Needs A Dog ASAP

Have that one bestie who always stops to pet a dog on the street, no matter how late you are for an event? Then they need a pair of these ASAP.

14. For The Friend Who Prefers Works From Bed

If your friend is...well, human, they've been living in pajamas for the past year. This pair from Blush Mark is a cute addition to their collection of "work from home" wear.

15. For The Friend Who's Always Smiling

Light up your best friend's home with the cutest dumpling there ever was.

16. For The Friend That Always Needs A Nap

This cozy heart throw is great to wrap your bestie in love when you can't yourself.

17. For The Friend With Big Ideas

Be Rooted's journals feature a gorgeously designed cover with 60 blank pages for your friend's notes, ideas, or thoughts too salacious to tweet.

18. For The Friend Who Always Has The Best Snacks

Maui Cookie Lady has a cult following for a reason and that reason is they're delicious. You'll want to snag one of these giganto cake batter cookies for yourself when you order one for your friend.

19. For The Friend Who Has The Best Tea Selection

This tea spoon is so precious, your friend won’t even know that you spent a mere $7 on it.

20. For The Friend Who Hosts All Of The Zoom Happy Hours

The most useful gift you'll ever give someone.

21. For The Friend With A Green Thumb

Give your friend an early spring with this seed grow kit from that includes 16 different varieties of wildflower seeds.

22. For The Friend Who's Over Coffee

Is there any greater gift than caffeine? Maybe this gift box set from Sipsby that includes a dozen servings of different teas.

23. For The Friend Who's Always Glam

Take it from the 3,600+ reviews on Ulta: this mascara from Essence Lash Princess will be your BFF's new BFF.

24. For The Sentimental Friend

For the '90s loving best friend, take them back to 1999 with this set of gel pens!

25. For The Friend Who's Read Your Birth Chart

For the friend who's always asking for people's birth charts, this Greenline Goods astrology wine glass is perfect for Galentine's Day.

26. For The Friend With The Best Instagram Aesthetic

Enable your friend's charcuterie influencer aspirations with a personalized cheese board from Etchey. I also highly recommend this "shark coochie" board for obvious reasons.

27. For The Friend Who Always Has A Hair Tie When You Need One

Each handmade velvet scrunchy from Michi Makes Things comes with a personalized note so you can cross "get a card" off your list.

28. For The Friend Who Loves To Stay Cozy

Favorite Candle Co. is, as its name suggests, about to be your new favorites candle company.

29. For The Love Island-Obsessed

For the friend who's 100% your type on paper, luv, get them their own Love Island water bottle from Graffidoodle.

30. For The Friend That Walks With A Heavy Heart

Slip these slippers to the bestie who needs the constant comfort.

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with takeout and a bottle of wine.

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