45 Genius Beauty Hacks That Can Save You So Much Money

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There are tons of beauty hacks all over the internet, but I’m not talking about a mask made out of food or DIY mascara. Instead, I’m talking about skincare or beauty products that solve one or more of your beauty routine struggles and save you dough. Wait? How can a beauty or skincare product be considered a hack? Let me tell you.

This list is packed with so many more products to make your routine easier or cheaper, like a travel bottle set with handy scoops and a cleaning brush that save you from buying single-use shampoos. Also consider the foot mask that gives you baby soft feet without a pricey pedi. There’s even a gel manicure kit with all the tools you need to avoid paying nail salon prices. Also, just in case you still love a good DIY face mask, there’s a face mask mixing kit on the list.

My favorite hack on this list is the bulk pack of reusable cotton rounds. If you love a good eco-friendly swap but you’re tired of washing your reusable makeup removing pads, this pack comes with over two week’s worth of pads. When you finally need a makeup remover laundry day, these bamboo and cotton blend pads won’t shrink up in your dryer.

So, instead of ruining a kitchen bowl mixing up masks or trying a bunch of things without knowing whether or not they really work — just start shopping this list. I promise it’s full of super helpful beauty hacks that are already available on Amazon.


This Hydrating Mask That Temporarily Dyes Your Hair

Deep condition your hair while also trying out a new color (or polishing up your current one) with this temporary color depositing mask. It’s easy to apply — just run it through your hair and let it set for five minutes like any other hair treatment. It’s complete with argan oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E to nourish your hair. Plus, it comes in nine colors, including trendy shades like lilac, rose gold, and even platinum.


These Exfoliating Glycolic Acid Pads That Are Extra-Strong

These glycolic acid pads are extra-strong for painful congested skin, but they’re still hydrating. How? They have moisturizing hyaluronic acid, a fan-favorite skincare ingredient. But they still provide extreme exfoliation with a 5% glycolic acid formula to brighten your skin as well as salicylic acid to declog pores.


A Sleek Facial Steamer For Luxurious Aromatherapy

This sleek little facial steamer has a unique and colorful aromatherapy nozzle where you can add essential oils for serious spa-night vibes. Pick your scent, fill up the tank with water, and this compact steamer will start your facial in under 30 seconds. This steamer has over 12,000 five-star ratings, and one reviewer raved, “I love the inserts, I add essential oils to them & have a custom steam whenever I choose. Easy to use, looks great & the steam is perfect. If you’re thinking about it - GET IT & thank me later!” You even get a bonus five-piece facial tool set in this steamer kit.


An Eyeshadow Palette That Can Give You So Many Looks

If you can’t find the perfect swatch, this cruelty-free eyeshadow palette comes in a variety of shades, including warm and cool neutral packs as well as bright colors that are so much fun to play around with. They’re highly pigmented, so they won’t run out quickly, which is why this budget-friendly pack has over 16,000 five-star reviews.


These Vegan Cold Pressed Oils That Have So Many Nourishing Benefits

These organic, vegan cold-pressed oils are great to use for your skin or even your hair. Choose from argan oil, rosehip oil, castor oil and others for unique nutrients and benefits, like brightening, hydrating, or soothing. The sleek pump bottle design stops you from using too much of this paraben-free oil (AKA you’ll buy it way less often).


A Gel Polish With No UV Lamp Needed

Don’t feel the need to invest in a pricey UV lamp, because this two-step gel nail polish doesn’t need a UV light to last for up to eight days. This glossy polish comes in dozens of colors, including classic tan, fiery red, and some seriously shimmery shades. Pair with a shiny top coat, and you’ll have glam nails for over a week.


A Niacinimide Serum That Will Soothe & Hydrate Your Face With 2 Drops

You’ll only need one to two drops for each application 12% niacinamide facial serum to reap its soothing and hydrating benefits. It’s formulated with natural salts, antioxidants, and even 2% zinc PCA to moisturize and balance your skin without making it overly shiny.


A Glam Facial Hair Remover That You Can Toss In Your Bag

If you prefer removing facial hair, this 18K gold plated hair remover will do the job gently while looking super glam on your counter. Never worry about this hypoallergenic facial hair remover turning on without you knowing it because it has a safety light, and the lipstick-like cap keeps everything in your bag safe if you’re traveling.


This Makeup Brush Shampoo With Conditioning Ingredients

Instead of using up your nice facial cleanser on your makeup brushes, grab this cheap conditioning makeup brush shampoo. You can use it every day to keep your brushes clean and extra-hygienic without worries of running out. Despite being budget-friendly and keeping your brushes totally clean, this shampoo is free of parabens, phthalates, and other undesirable ingredients.


These Silicone Brushes That Won’t Absorb Your Skincare

Don’t let your applicator suck up all of that face mask you spent money on. This two-pack of silicone brushes evenly and hygienically applies your mask without absorbing a bunch of it while keeping your hands clean. They come in an adorable and washable pastel pack. Bonus hack: they’re even handy for applying your go-to serums.


A Rosewater & Glycerin Facial Spray That You Can Mist In Your Hair

Grab this facial mist to add a little extra moisture and dewy glow to your skin — but here’s a secret, you can even use this alcohol-free spray on your hair to reduce frizz and add softness. With minimal ingredients and a lovely rose smell thanks to the rose oil, this bottle is also great to keep in the fridge for a refreshing cooling sensation.


This Best-Selling Concealer With The Perfect Puffy Applicator

The little pillow-like puffy applicator on this concealer is just one of the reasons it has over 89,000 five-star ratings. People seriously love this refreshing and affordable concealer because it works without leaving weird creases or looking cakey. In my opinion, the best part about it other than the extra-gentle applicator is that it comes in 16 shades to match a wide variety of skin tones. There are even neutralizer and a brightening options to round out your routine with ease.


An 8-Inch Spatula That Will Help You Get Every Drop Of Product

If you saved a little money and bought the large bottle of your favorite skincare, this beauty bottle spatula will help you get every last drop out of the bottom. It has a slim 8-inch handle that reaches into so many sizes of makeup and skincare bottles, even ones with tiny necks and long bodies. With the unique bendable spatula, you can also be sure it will fit a bunch of bottle shapes.


A Touch Up Hair Coloring Kit With Easy-To-Use Capsules

If you like keeping your roots touched up, this mini hair coloring kit is designed for spot coloring. Pop open the pre-measured ammonia- and odor-free capsules and mix everything up in the included mixing cup. Unlike tubes of spot color treatments, these can be used over a longer period of time and are easier to store. To make the touch-up process even easier, it comes with four precision applicator sticks so you get color exactly where you want it.


A Foaming, Streak-Free Tanning Lotion That Works Super Fast

You can jump in the shower only one hour after applying this foaming tanning lotion, but you can certainly leave it on longer for a darker tint. This 7-ounce bottle of streak-free lotion is complete with classic coconut and aloe vera to add a little extra sheen and hydration to your glow.


A 4-Pack Of Reusable Cloths That Remove Makeup With Water Only

This colorful four-pack of makeup cloths will make you save a bunch of money on throwaway cotton rounds and even micellar water. How? These magic polyester-blend microfiber cloths remove makeup with only a little water. They’re super soft and can be reused hundreds of times, so they eliminate waste while working really, really well. A hack indeed!


An SPF-Infused Tinted Moisturizer From A Fan-Favorite Brand

I love a good tinted moisturizer, and this hydrating SPF 30 mineral sunscreen doubles as a sunscreen, saving you money on pricey single-use products. Furthermore, this product from cult-favorite brand Cerave has hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide to hydrate your skin and leave a glowy finish.


This Pore Cleansing Clay That’s A Facial In A Jar

If you’re not into making a face mask from scratch, this large jar of pore cleansing clay only requires one step. Mix a little bit of this 100% natural calcium bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar (or water) for a super easy mask that can cleanse your pores and so, so much more. This budget-friendly buy is cheaper than single use masks and pricey facials.


This Hair Protector That Fixes Even The Most Damaged Hair

This strengthening hair perfector from cult-favorite Olaplex repairs hair damage on all hair types, and some of the 58,000 five-star reviewers say it literally saved their hair after disastrous dyeing mishaps. This single product bonds split ends and gives your hair extra strength so you won’t have to spend money trying out a bunch of split-end repairing products.


A Hypoallergenic Face Wash With Vitamins

It’s rare to see a budget-friendly jumbo face wash, and this foaming facial cleanser is even hypoallergenic. This face wash is infused with vitamin B5, B3, and glycerin, which help to hydrate and smooth without stripping your face of its natural oils. It’s the perfect formula for daily use, even on sensitive and oily skin. So, pop it in your shower and start saving.


A Jar Of Old School Petroleum Jelly That Can Do Basically Everything

Petroleum jelly can do everything. Put it on over your lipstick, moisturize your skin and cuticles, try out TikTok makeup hacks, soothe cracks, and so much more. Basically, this little blue-capped bottle is a classic with so many uses, and it’s so much cheaper than flashier, trendier products.


A 2-Pack Of Viral Mascara That Lengthens Your Lashes

I can’t remember a time when this lengthening mascara wasn’t all over the internet. So, why not buy two tubes at once? You’ll definitely want one of these in your bathroom and a backup in your bag. This mascara has a smooth formula that’s complete with precision brush that adds serious length and volume, which is why this has over 29,000 five-star reviews.


This Hair Iron That Creates So Many Different Styles

With this two-in-one hair iron, you won’t have to spend extra on a separate hair straightener and curling iron. It lets you create so many styles, including your go-to everyday curls, trendy loose waves, and bone-straight hair. This chic red flat iron has a curved design that’s built for comfort and universal use. And unlike some straighteners, this one heats up in just 15 seconds.


A 7-Pack Of Fake Lashes That You Can Reuse

You can wear each of these reusable lashes at least five times, and you get seven in a pack, so if you do the math, this pack is seriously a bargain if you love everyday lashes. Just because they’re a good deal doesn’t mean you can’t find unique and natural-looking styles. These flexible faux mink lashes come in 11 styles to perfectly match your vibe.


This Shimmery Blush Stick That Doubles As Tinted Lip Balm

If you’re running low on blush and lipstick, this shimmery lip and cheek tint is a way better option. It’s not only safe for both your lips and cheeks — it’s also nourishing. The paraben-free pearlescent balm is complete with aloe, chamomile, ginseng, safflower, and more. Choose from six perfectly pink shades of this gluten-free duo stick.


An Adjustable Satin-Lined Sleep Cap That Protects Your Hair

This double-layer sleep cap is lined with satin to protect your hair. Meanwhile, the inside is made of breathable cotton and spandex, so this sleep cap will stretch and fit all of your hair — even if it’s super long. The best part is — you can machine wash this luxurious satin cap on your machine’s gentle cycle for easy cleaning.

  • Available Sizes: Medium — Large
  • Available Colors: 28


A Bulk Pack Of Reusable Cotton Rounds That Are Eco-Friendly

Washing reusable cotton rounds can be a little bit of a pain, but with this 18-pack of fabric pads, you won’t run out of clean ones anytime soon. They’re complete with a gentle texture to scrub off makeup yet made of a USDA-certified organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric that’s super soft. Don’t worry when it is time to wash these makeup removing pads — they won’t shrink up in the dryer.


A Pack Of Tube Squeezers To Get Every Last Bit Of Product Out

These high-quality plastic tube squeezers aren’t only for getting the last of your toothpaste out. They’re also perfect for skincare products, lip balms, lotions — basically, all of your tube-shaped products. You get four colorful squeezers in each pack that promise to save you up to 30% of product in each tube and a bunch of money.


These Soap Pouches That Exfoliate & Extend Product Life

These soap saver bags can hold any standard bar, whether you want to use them for face or body bars. The natural sisal fabric helps to exfoliate your skin without irritating it, turning any soap into a super scrubber. In addition to scrubbing your skin, these bags have convenient loops for hanging dry, elongating the life of your product.


A Bottle Of Hardworking, Fragrance-Free Lotion With A 4.8-Star Rating

Not only does this lotion keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours, but it does so without any annoying fragrances. This extra-large, 24-ounce bottle has a non-greasy formula that’s complete with vitamin B5. Also, with the fast-absorbing moisturizer, you’ll never have to reapply because your product rubbed off on your clothes.


This Root Concealing Spray That Works In Seconds

This root concealing spray is way more cost-effective than a box of hair dye or a trip to the salon, elongating your dye job. The ammonia- and the peroxide-free formula is also smudge-proof and comes in 11 different colors to match your shade perfectly. The fast-drying, water resistant spray works in seconds, so you can be out the door and looking refreshed fast.


This Makeup-Cleansing Micellar Water With A 4.8-Star Rating

This oil-free micellar water has a sensitive-skin friendly makeup removing formula that’s even OK to use on your eyes and lips. It uses gentle micelles and cucumber extract to cleanse and soothe. This trendy product really works — just peek the 4.8-star rating and 24,000-plus five-star reviews.


An Oil-Absorbing Roller That You Can Use Over & Over Again

This oil-absorbing roller is a budget-friendly, eco-friendly alternative to oil-blotthing sheets for those who prefer a matte look. The volcanic stone rollerball easily pops out for daily cleaning with a little warm water and soap. This viral product won’t smudge your foundation or concealer and gives you a little massage like your favorite quartz roller.


A 5-Pack Of Makeup Sponges That Work Just As Well As Pricy Options

This five-pack of makeup sponges has the same precision design as your more expensive go-to’s, but they’re so, so cheap. These latex-free sponges are perfect for liquid or powder products nd can be used to reach small areas with the softly pointed tip as well as blend makeup on your forehead and cheeks. This soft sponge set is also super easy to clean after each use, making them a real affordable bargain.


This Long-Lasting Shampoo Bar With Seriously Fun Scents

Kiwi, oaty delicious, mintasy, and pinkalicious are just a few of the seriously fun scents this shampoo bar comes in. Beyond smelling fab, each of the 12 bars to choose from targets a different hair need, including a toning bar and even one that doubles as a shaving bar. Each pH-balanced bar is complete with cocoa butter and coconut oil to add nourishment. Plus, they’re so long-lasting they equal three bottles of regular shampoo.


A Complete Travel Bottle Set With 2 Small Scoops

This TSA-approved travel bottle set comes with four silicone squeeze bottles, two spray bottles, four small jars, a funnel, a label, a cleaning brush, and two handy scoops. Plus, it all packs away in the included clear zip-up bag. All of the bottles are leakproof (always a must), and the silicone bottles are BPA-free.


An Essential Oil Set With 6 Natural Scents

The six natural scents in this essential oil set are super versatile beyond a diffuser or steamer — but of course, they’re great for those things. You can also add them to your shower products or cleaning routine for a little extra scent of your choice or use them for massages. These easy-to-use oils have over 73,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Foaming Cleansing Oil That Hydrates Extremely Dry Skin

You don’t need a lot of this nourishing cleansing oil, because it foams up as you wash. This non-greasy formula helps your skin stay hydrated for 24 hours between showers. The sunflower and coco biolipid formula is perfect for extra-dry and even itchy skin. Oh, and a bonus: this is also completely alcohol-free.


This Gel Manicure Kit With Everything You Need & Then Some

This gel manicure kit has all of the tools and accessories you need to avoid those nail salon prices. There are six low-smell gel colors, a base coat, cuticle oil as well as a glossy and a matte topcoat. Seriously, I said everything, didn’t I? This kit also comes with a UV lamp to seal your mani or pedi. Plus, there are ten kit styles to choose from with various gel colors to suit your style.


A Variety Pack Of Face Masks That Are Infused With Collagen

Each one of these 24 cotton sheet masks is infused with different nourishing ingredients, but they all have skin strengthening and plumping collagen in common. A few masks in this variety pack are classic favorites like soothing green tea and cucumber, but there are plenty of unique ingredients, like red wine and snail extract. No matter which individually wrapped mask you choose that day — they’re all complete with moisturizing, strengthening, and soothing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.


This Lash Kit With An Extra-Large Tube Of Magnetic Liner

This reusable at-home lash kit makes lash extensions seriously easy and cheap. It comes with seven faux-silk magnetic lashes, a magnetic liquid eyeliner that’s super precise, and a metal applicator wand to easily grab the lashes. These lashes last for 24 hours per wear and work for various eye shapes.


A Face Mask Mixing Kit That’s Easy To Clean

This aesthetic pale green face mask mixing kit has everything you need to mix, make, apply, and even save your own face masks. It even includes measuring spoons so you can easily recreate natural mask recipes you find online and a silicone bowl so you don’t ruin one of your soup bowls. If you have a little leftover, use the adorable little container to save your favorite masks and the spray bottle to keep your handmade tinctures.


An Exfoliating Foot Mask That Gives You Super Soft Feet

Instead of using way too much of your of your lotion, use this foot mask for baby soft feet. It helps exfoliate dry skin, cracked heels, and more with with a mix of natural ingredients like papaya extract, salicylic acid, citric acid, and aloe vera.


This Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You A Flawless Cateye

Stop wasting pricey eyeliner to get a cateye when maybe your hand-eye coordination is lacking. Instead, use this smudge-proof eyeliner and eyeliner stamps to get a flawless winged look in less than a minute. With a waterproof formula that lasts for a long time, this eye makeup duo will make it look like you’re a certified MUA even if you’re just a beginner.


These Aesthetic Shower Bottles With Long-Lasting Labels

The labels on these aesthetic shower bottles are extra-long lasting (even if they get wet) because they’re actually printed on the bottle. You can choose from white or contrasting black pumps to match your bathroom’s decor. These BPA-free bottles are also built for small shower shelves because they’re only 2 1/4 inches wide. Don’t worry — they’re 6 1/2 inches tall, so they’ll still hold plenty of shampoo.

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