Genius, Cheap Ways To Hide Cords & Other Glaring Eyesores In Your Home

Out of sight, out of mind.

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Hiding the items you don’t want friends and family to see (or are tired of seeing yourself) can be simple. It can also be cost-effective and visually appealing — just scroll through this list. Easily camouflaged items range from the tangle of cords snaking through your home office or the entertainment center to seasonal home decor and clothes.

This list is packed with incredible organizational options to keep those less-than-gorgeous things out of sight from guests, and out of mind for you. There are also suggestions that can help repair furniture and other items around your house that could benefit from a little refresher. Take a peek below and you’re bound to find something that will catch your eye and beautify your nest.


This Hanging Cord Organizer That Tidies Loose Cables

These hanging cord bundlers are the key to keeping your electric cables neat and tidy. You can directly mount these bundlers to most surfaces thanks to their extra strong adhesive backing strips. Each one is able to hold up to 2 pounds and still stay securely in place.


A Big Pack Of Cable Clips To Keep Cords From Sliding Off The Desk

The surface of your desk and tables will become much more orderly and functional when you implement these cable clips. This pack of 16 clips comes with different size options that can hold anywhere from one to five cords. They’re made from a flexible material that makes it easy to slide the cables in and out of the slots and simply peel and stick to your surface of choice.


These Wall-Mounted Bumpers That Prevent Doors From Slamming

Protect the paint and integrity of your walls from rogue door handles thanks to these wall-mounted door handle stoppers. They come in other clear or white, which helps them blend into the wall while providing a padded area for your door handle to bump into. This pack comes with six stoppers, each with a 2-inch diameter so they can be used with nearly any door handle.


This Complete Repair Kit To Help Fix Damaged Walls

Your walls will be looking their best with the help of this wall repair kit. It comes with all the necessary tools for a professional repair job. You get spackling compound, an adhesive patch, a putty knife and a sanding pad to take on trouble spots at home.


An Organizational Box To Manage & Hide Your Cords

Keep the cables you use on a daily basis out of sight thanks to this handy cord management box. There are built-in slots on the side of the box that make it easy to put the cords through. It can also pull double duty as a storage container for loose items you want to keep out of sight.


A Set Of Markers That Help Repair Scratched Furniture

Fix damage to your furniture by yourself with the help of this wood repair marker kit. There are six markers and six wax crayons in this set, along with a sharpener. They come in black, maple, oak, cherry, mahogany, and walnut to make a perfect match to most types of wood.


This Cord Cover Kit That Will Blend In With Your Wall

For plugs that need to reach outlets far away, easily conceal those cables using this cord cover kit. This multi-piece set won’t just cover your cords along the flat parts of the wall, but it also has pieces designed to fit in the corners and over the ports. It’s made from a high-quality PVC material that is incredibly durable.


This Beautiful Bed Skirt To Hide Stored Items (& Dust Bunnies)

Whatever happens to be underneath your bed can now stay discreetly hidden thanks to this beautiful bed skirt. With a high-end look and sleek style, you can tap into the typically unused space under your bed for storage and no one will be the wiser. It is made with a 14-inch drop to reach the floor from most standard bedframes.


A Grout Pen That Will Save You Time & Money

The grout of your home’s tilework will look brand new in no time when you use this grout paint marker to spruce up its appearance. Instead of having to painstakingly scrub dirt and grime from your tiles, this pen uses a nontoxic, water-based colorant that makes the grout look fresh and new.


A Wood Polish That Also Functions As A Conditioner

Revamp dull and marred furniture in no time when you give it a once-over with this wood polish and conditioner. This potent polish is made from a blend of protective carnauba and beeswax. It’s great for dry wood that needs a shot of moisture and adds a protective coat to help prevent further deterioration of the wood.


This Wall-Mounted Dispenser To Hold Your Extra Grocery Bags

Using a device like this wall-mounted bag dispenser is the perfect solution to help put those spare plastic bags you bring home from the grocery store to use. You feed the bags into the hole in the top, and it can fit 30 bags. Pull through the front slot to quickly get one on the go.


These Decorative Grates That Will Actually Make You Want To Show Off Your Vents

Make your home’s vents a pretty focal point by putting these decorative grates over them. These vent covers are made from a steel plate that is brushed over with a rubbed bronze finish that gives it a classic, vintage look. They come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any size vent that may be in your home.


A Bean Bag Chair With Storage Perfect For Stuffed Animals

The functionality of this storage bean bag is even better than most thanks to its built-in storage compartment. Around the edge is a zipper — away from the sitting spot — that lets you access the storage area with ease. In total you can fit around 120 stuffed animals inside, meaning there’s plenty of space for spare blankets and seasonal clothes, too.


This Toilet Brush In A Sleek, Stainless Steel Holder

This stainless steel toilet brush and holder has a sleek, modern look without making it obvious that it is meant to clean toilet bowls. Both the brush and brush holder are made from stainless steel with a bronze finish that helps them withstand the duties of their job without sacrificing style. Its base is 4.5 inches in diameter and it’s a little over a foot tall so is easy to store out of the way, too.


These Zippered Bags Made To Store Under The Bed

You’ll love how useful these zippered storage bags are for tucking away off-season items. Each measures 3.5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide, and at just 6 inches tall easily fits under most beds or other furniture. This is the perfect solution to store clothes and home decor while keeping things dust free and still easily accessed.


This Chic Container To Hold Your Most-Used Kitchen Utensils

Keep your trustiest kitchen utensils close at hand by storing them in this elegant stainless steel container. The inside of the canister is sectioned into three parts to separate the tools as you like. Its rotating base lets you quickly spin it to reach what you need.


A Food-Safe Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards That Conditions & Protects

This food-safe mineral oil is so effective at putting moisture back into kitchen items like your favorite cutting board or butcher block. This powerful oil can last you for years — a single ounce is capable of treating an 18-inch cutting board for up to 3 months before needing a refresh. And it’s odorless, has no taste, is clear, and meets gluten-free standards.


This Decorative Window Film For A Touch Of Privacy

Cover your windows with this decorative film to create a nice-looking bit of privacy. One cool feature this window film has is using static technology to adhere itself to the window without any glue. Aside from giving you privacy, it also helps filter out 96% of UV rays, unlike regular glass windows.


These Wire Baskets Made To Hang Under A Shelf

These under-shelf wire baskets are perfect for adding more storage into areas like your kitchen or bathroom. You won’t need any tools as these quickly install by sliding the dual arms onto the base of your cabinet. They can hold up to 10 pounds each and are available in packs of two or four.


A Space-Saving Shoe Organizer That Hangs Over The Door

Keep your favorite shoes right at the front of your closet by storing them in this over-the-door shoe organizer. The hooks slide right over the top of the door for quick and easy installation. It can hold a total of 12 pairs of shoes that simply slide into the slots.


These Reusable Pee Pads That Look Like Little Area Rugs

Potty training your furry friend doesn’t have to cramp your style thanks to these reusable pee pads. They are designed with thick layers that quickly and efficiently absorb accidents your pet may have inside. The nonslip backing keeps them from moving around, too.


A Cute Ceramic Holder That Keeps Your Sponge Dry

Who knew sponge holders could be so adorable? This ceramic sponge holder isn’t just visually appealing, but it’s also functional. The edges of your sink will stay dry and won’t build up soap scum. The integrity of your sponges will also be preserved as they’ll have time to dry and not sit in a constantly wet place.


These Sweet Canisters For Your Pet’s Treats

Keep your pet's treats in a special place just for them using these ceramic canisters. Each one has a bamboo lid with a silicone ring that provides an airtight seal when you give it a slight twist when closing it. They can be ordered in sets or as individuals.


This Organizational Rack On Wheels That Fits Into Narrow Spaces

This narrow sliding storage rack offers peak functionality when it comes to home organization. It has three shelves that are perfect for holding cleaning or hygiene products. The rack is just over 5 inches wide, so it can easily slide into small spaces like next to the washer and dryer, your fridge, or even next to the bathroom vanity.


A Toilet Bowl Scrubber Made From Pumice Stone

This pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner will bring your porcelain back to life. It has the power to cut through hard water rings, limescale and calcium deposits, rust stains, and more. When you’re done using it rinse it off with water and then place it back in its vented storage case.


This Handsome Ottoman Stool With Built-In Storage

The multifunctional use you’ll get from this faux leather ottoman stool might make you wonder what took you so long to get one. Inside is a hidden storage compartment that is great for holding items like spare blankets, toys, or even house shoes. When the tufted lid is on, you can kick up your feet, sit back, and relax.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Will Save You Space

These vacuum storage bags are perfect to use in a wide range of situations. If you don’t have a lot of closet or storage space at home, opt for these. They’re also great to save suitcase space while you’re traveling. Use your vacuum’s hose or the included pump to suck all the air out and compact the items inside as much as possible.


These Gap Covers Perfect For The Kitchen Counter Or Laundry Room

Using these silicone gap covers prevents crumbs and spills from creeping into the crevasses between your counter and stove or between the laundry machines. You get two in this pack — each is 21 inches long and can be cut to size. Thanks to the silicone material, they nicely contour to the space they’re in and are easy to clean.


A Wall-Mounted Holder For Your Brooms & Mops

Hang up your brooms and mops while freeing up floor space with this handy wall-mounted broom holder. The rack is made from stainless steel making it extra durable and strong — it can hold up to 50 pounds. There are three slotted holders and four hooks to hold a bevy of cleaning items.


This Cooktop Cleaner For A Streak-Free Shine

This cooktop cleaner is safe to use on all of the cooking surfaces in your kitchen. It won’t leave behind any unsightly streaks, but does cut through cooked-on residue to give you a polished shine. You can even use it on glass and ceramic surfaces to help your appliances look good as new.


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper With A Chic, Brushed Nickle Finish

You get a real bang for your buck with this peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s made from a blend of vinyl and aluminum that gives it that high-end, stainless steel look. There are gridlines on that back that help you with precision cutting and applying. The adhesive backing lets you apply it directly to just about any smooth surface.


An Over-The-Door Rack To Hang Your Hats

Any hat lover will flip for the functionality of this over-the-door hat rack. Each rack is comprised of an adjustable strap with a metal arm on the end to secure it to the door. There are nine hat hooks on each one, giving you enough hanging room for 18 caps or visors.


A Toilet Paper Holder That Attaches Directly To The Toilet

Have toilet paper always at hand thanks to this nifty toilet paper holder. To install, hang it right over the lip of the tank and set the lid on top to secure it in place. It’s especially handy if you don’t have a lot of extra space in your bathroom.


These Eraser Sponges For A Powerful, Multi-Purpose Clean

These highly durable erasing sponges are so awesome at doing their job you just may use them to clean everything. They can be used on walls, tiles, floors, doors, and more. This pack comes with 20 sponges, and each one can be reused between three and five times.


A Snuggly Blanket For Pets That Is Also Waterproof

Your furry friend will love having a plush new waterproof blanket to lay on and cuddle into. There’s a waterproof coating over the sherpa fleece, which makes it great for puppies doing potty training or dogs who drool a lot. The material won’t pill or shed even through constant use.