This Color-Changing Cat Litter Is Genius (& The Company’s Giving Back In A Major Way)

Get clued in to your cat’s health and feel good about it in the process.

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Cats can be surprisingly stoic when they’re not feeling well, so kitty litters that help monitor their health are becoming a popular way for pet parents to stay on top of things. While most health-monitoring litters work the same way — by changing color to let you know about a potential issue — Genius Litter stands out because the brand gives 10 meals to shelter cats with each bag sold and recently donated $100,000 worth of supplies to local pet shelters. So, the litter can help you make sure your cat is feeling good, and you feel good buying it — it’s a win-win.

The Scoop On Genius Litter

Genius Litter is made of silica crystals that change color when they detect abnormally high and low pH levels — which can be early indicators of urinary tract or bladder problems. From dark green to red, the colors of the gels can be a tool for catching issues and consulting the vet sooner rather than later.

Plus, the super absorbent silica gels trap urine and solid waste quickly, then dry them out without clumping. That means scooping less, better smells around the litter box, and the knowledge that your cat is happy and healthy. And, it’s suitable for households with multiple cats and self-cleaning, automated litter boxes.

Genius Litter works in roughly the same way as other color-changing litters on the market, but the brand also gives back by providing supplies to cats in need and recently donated over $100,000 worth of food and litter to 12 shelters in the Las Vegas area. Additionally, more than three million cats enter the shelter system every year, so Genius Litter has committed to giving 10 meals to shelter cats with each bag of litter sold.

How Much Does It Cost?

One bag of 6-pound Genius Litter costs $24, and you can customize that order based on the number of cats you have and how often you’d like it delivered (every four weeks or every 12 weeks). If you have a medium-sized cat in a standard litter box with a depth of 2 inches, a bag of Genius Litter should last one month.

Delivery is free in the contiguous United States, and you can cancel or amend your order at any time. Plus, you get 10% off your first order with code GIFT10.

What Reviewers Are Saying

After using Genius Litter, cat owners have noticed reduced odor and tracking, and a better awareness of their pet’s health. Here’s a sampling of reviews:

“This litter does not get tracked all over the house. With clay litter when your cat pees it forms just a huge ball of cement that you have to scrape off the litter pan. With this litter it’s like the pee just disappears.” — Shani Harden

“Very absorbent, no urine smell after 3 weeks now and low tracking.” — Bobbie L.

“The detector feature was really invaluable, ended up taking my cat to vet after seeing the change in the litter — turns out my cat was going into distress…probably saved her.” — Jennifer

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