40 Genius, Inexpensive Things That Prevent You From Wasting A Lot Of Money

Reusable, refillable, and budget-friendly.

by Alexa Vazquez
40 Genius, Inexpensive Things That Prevent You From Wasting A Lot Of Money
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Splurging on important items is one thing, but paying more than you have to for basics is another. These days saving every penny counts, which is why tossing out a pricey moisturizer because you can’t get out that last bit of product or throwing away leftovers because they’ve gone bad faster than anticipated can be a major bummer.

Luckily, there are plenty of products out there that prevent you from wasting a lot of money. Not only will these things help you save, but they’re also inexpensive to purchase — most items on this list run no more than $35, and there are plenty of options under $10.

So, if you’re tired of overspending on basic household items that can’t help but be repurchased, keep scrolling for a list of 40 genius (and inexpensive) things that can help save you cash in the long run.


These Bamboo Paper Towels You Can Use Over & Over

One of the most-used items in any household has to be paper towels, but instead of tossing out each sheet after one cleanup, you can use these reusable paper towels made from bamboo. Thick, durable, and absorbent, each sheet can be washed and reused up to 120 times and is 100% biodegradable to boot.


A Pack Of Reusable (& Colorful) Silicone Baking Cups

Avid bakers will love these reusable silicone baking cups compared to paper ones that have to be repurchased every time you bake. Even better, they’re nonstick and don’t require any added butter or grease. They’re freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe and come in an array of fun colors.


These Cable Savers That Help Protect Your Chargers

Compatible with nearly any charging cord, these cable savers will help keep them in mint condition for way longer. The helix-shaped savers are made from ultra-flexible silicone to not only protect against future wear and tear, but they can also protect chargers that are already frayed so you can get a little more life out of them.


Some Reusable Coffee Pods That Work With Your Keurig

Disposable coffee pods can be pricey, but you can use this set of reusable coffee pods instead. Best of all, you can fill these durable cups with the coffee or tea of your choice. Not only will they help you save money, but they’re also better for the environment.


These Teeth Whitening Strips That Work For Sensitive Teeth

Whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home (and for far less cash than going to the dentist) with these teeth-whitening strips. The brand says the peroxide-free formula is ideal for sensitive teeth. Many reviewers reported that they saw a big difference after just a week of consistent use, and one happy customer raved, “[My] teeth don’t feel sensitive after at all.”


A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats You Can Use (& Reuse) For All Your Baking Needs

This set of three silicone baking mats includes various sizes based on what you’re whipping up, and each is equipped with handy measurements to help ensure your baked goods are all perfectly equal. They have a nonstick surface for less mess and are heat-resistant so you can pop them straight into the oven. Just rinse with soapy water to clean. Plus, they’re flexible so take up minimal space in your kitchen drawers.


These Flexible Food Covers To Simply Store Leftovers

With five different sizes included, this set of reusable silicone food covers will help you avoid throwing out past-due produce since they’re designed to keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer. Even more, these airtight covers can also be used to seal open cans, bottles, and drinks.


A Set Of Utensils With A Carrying Case That’s Perfect When On The Go

Rather than buying flimsy, single-use plastic forks or spoons for your lunchbox, try these reusable utensils made from sleek stainless steel. This set includes chopsticks, a fork and knife, a spoon, and two metal straws with their own cleaner. All the utensils fit neatly into the zippered carrying case so you can easily take them on the go.


This Best-Selling Spray To Clean Messes Whenever, Wherever

This best-selling stain treater will help rid clothes, carpets, and more of accidental spills and messes. Boasting over 32,000 five-star reviews, this spray is made without any harsh chemicals and is designed to effortlessly lift tough stains. One reviewer even said it “works magic.” This comes with two so you can keep one in your purse and another at home.


Some Cute Food Storage Baggies That Are Reusable

Plastic baggies tend to be an essential part of the pantry, but constantly keeping them stocked can get costly, which is why these reusable ones made from silicone are so useful. They’re double-sealed so you don’t have to worry about spills and they’re dishwasher- and freezer-safe. Plus, they come in cute patterns for a little something different.


This Fan-Favorite Pet Hair Roller That Forgoes The Sticky Sheets

If you have a furry friend, you know how annoying it is to keep buying lint roller refills. Now you don’t have to with this best-selling pet hair roller you can use over and over. With over 113,000 five-star ratings, this fan-favorite roller collects hair and fur into a receptacle that’s emptied with the click of a button.


A Notebook That Digitizes Hand-Written Notes

If you love handwritten notes but don’t love constantly buying (and storing) notepads, then you’ll love this smart notebook that digitizes your notes via a handy app. Once you’re done uploading your set of notes, you can wipe the pages clean and start again, which will save you big bucks in the long run.


The Cutest Mini Spatula To Get Out Every Bit Of Product

If you like to get every last bit of your product, whether it’s a moisturizer or mayonnaise, then you’ll love this mini spatula that helps you use every last drop. Each utensil in this two-piece set is double-sided, with a spatula for scraping on one end and a spoon to scoop on the other.


An Avocado-Shaped Cover To Help Keep The Second Half Fresher

There’s nothing worse than throwing away a perfectly good avocado because it turned brown due to lack of proper storage. These avocado covers help prevent that. They’re made from dishwasher-safe silicone to keep halves fresh for longer both with the pit or without.


A Milk Frother To Make Café-Style Lattes

For about the cost of two (or one depending on your café of choice) lattes, you can buy this milk frother which makes professional-level drinks from your own kitchen. Handheld and battery-operated, this frother creates “barista-quality results in the comfort of your own home,” as one satisfied reviewer put it.


This Tube Squeezer That Gets Out All Of Your Toothpaste

To get out every last bit of toothpaste, use these tube squeezers made from stainless steel. All you have to do is insert the tube and twist the key to fully extract the contents. This squeezer also works well for any other product that comes in a tube, like skin-care products, for example.


This Machine-Washable Facial Towel That Removes Makeup

This machine-washable towelette can save you big on single-use makeup remover wipes. They work to remove every trace of makeup, from eyeliner to lipstick, using just water (though you can add a makeup remover to it if you’d like) while gently exfoliating your skin. Plus, they even work for waterproof products.


A Nifty Container That Helps Keep Your Herbs Fresh For Longer

Tired of your fresh basil, cilantro, and rosemary spoiling before you can use them? That will be a thing of the past thanks to this herb saver. Just add some water to the cylindrical container, store it in your refrigerator, and your herbs can stay fresh for up to two to three weeks longer.


These Reusable Dishcloths You Can Use To Clean Whatever You Want

These reusable dishcloths, which can be used to clean messes on just about any surface, can be used up to 100 times each. They’re made from ultra-absorbent microfiber with a diamond-shaped texture designed to latch onto dirt and grime. After you clean, toss them into the washing machine to use them again.


Some Beeswax Paper To Store Lunch Or Leftovers

From covering bowls to storing leftover cheese and even produce, these reusable wraps come in three different sizes for all of your needs. The plastic-free wraps are made with beeswax and cotton and are super pliable so they can be molded into whatever shape is desired. Just rinse with cold water and soap to reuse.


These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes To Set Reminders

To keep track of your to-dos, use these dry-erase sticky notes that are 100% erasable. They adhere to any surface from refrigerators to monitors and mirrors and promise not to leave behind any residue. Available in a pack of six (which includes a marker), they even come with a handy storage pouch.


This Bluetooth Tracker To Help Find Lost Items

Never lose your prized possessions ever again with this waterproof tracking cube that helps you locate lost items. It pairs with your phone via an app that can determine the location of whatever items you’ve attached the cube to, whether it be a purse, your car keys, or a suitcase. Plus, it doubles as a selfie remote.


Some Wool Dryer Balls That Soften Your Clothes

Instead of using pricey dryer sheets to make your laundry soft, use these reusable wool dryer balls that can last up to five years. Apart from softening your clothes, they also help reduce wrinkles and cut dry time. They’re ideal for sensitive skin since they don’t contain any fragrance or harsh chemicals.


These Squeeze Bottles To Store Homemade Baby Food Or Leftover Sauces

This squeezable food pouch is a mess-free solution to store baby food, condiments, sauces, smoothies, and even water and juice, especially while on the go. It has an insert that creates a steady flow for runny foods and it can be removed to make way for thicker ones. Made from BPA-free silicone, this pouch is dishwasher- and freezer-safe.


These Ice Packs You Can Refreeze As Many Times As You Need

Although this cooler pack is slimmer than a huge bag of ice, it can keep your goods cold for up to 48 hours, not to mention it takes up way less space in your cooler. It won’t melt and fill your cooler with water and you can reuse them for all your beach days and camping trips while saving some extra cash.


An Erasable To-Do List Designed As A Wristband

If you’re the type to write to-do lists and then misplace them, you’ll love this memo wristband that ensures your notes are in sight. There’s a date line and handy boxes to check off each task once complete. Since it’s reusable, you can wipe it clean using the included eraser to start fresh each day.


This Best-Selling Kit So You Can Dry Clean At Home

Spare yourself the dry cleaning bill and do it yourself with this best-selling at-home dry cleaning kit that comes with everything you need to effectively clean your clothes. The kit includes a garment bag for a steam cleaning effect in the washer, a stain and odor remover, and a stain remover pen to take with you on the go.


A Comfortable, Refillable Handle For Floss

Not only does this floss handle help make it easier to floss, it also prevents you from spending money on those single-use versions. Just wrap some traditional floss around the prongs and you’re good to go. Plus, you are able to use just one hand and the handle makes it easier to get to tough-to-reach areas.


These Washable, Multi-Use Rounds Made From Bamboo Cotton

To cleanse your face, remove makeup, or apply skin-care products, try these reusable rounds made from super soft bamboo cotton. Available in a pack of 16, these rounds cost just $9 and can be thrown in the wash when you’re done. The pack even comes with its own laundry bag so they don’t get lost.


A Cold Brew Mason Jar With A Lid You Can Drink From

Rather than buying your daily iced cup of joe, make it at home with this easy cold brew maker. Just put your favorite coffee into the stainless steel filter, steep it in the fridge overnight, and then enjoy it in the morning. The leakproof lid is fitted with a flip-cap so you can even tote this with you on the go.


Some Wipes That Help Your Sneakers Look Brand New

If you’re considering replacing your favorite pair of sneakers, think again. These shoe-cleaning wipes contain a mixture of soap, oils, and conditioners to help clean your shoes without damaging them, and there’s a smooth and abrasive side for tough stains. They come individually packaged so you can easily pop one into your purse or suitcase.


These Reusable Hand & Pocket Warmers To Brave The Cold

These hand and pocket warmers are an easy way to keep yourself toasty while braving the cold. This multi-pack includes two different-sized warmers that you can stash in your pocket or hold in your hands. Best of all, they’re reusable — just boil them in some hot water for 10 minutes and they’re ready to go.


A Pack Of Furniture Repair Markers To Touch Up Chipped Woods

Thanks to this 13-piece set of touch-up markers and crayons that comes in shades to match different shades of wood, you won’t have to replace chipped or dented furniture. Instead, select the shade that best matches your piece, fill it in, and voila — your wood looks refreshed in seconds.


These Laundry Bags To Help Keep Your Delicates In Mint Condition

These mesh laundry bags help protect delicate items in the washer and dryer to keep them in prime condition so you can wear them longer. The silky mesh is breathable enough to allow water and soap to penetrate, while the ultra-strong zipper keeps your belongings secure. Even more, they double as organizers for your suitcase to make packing a breeze.


This Best-Selling Mop You Can Fill With Your Own Cleaner

Fill this best-selling mop with the cleaning solution of your choice and you’ll be able to spray and swipe your floors clean with ease. It has a swivel head to get into hard-to-reach places and comes with two washable microfiber pads that can be used wet or dry on all types of floors from wood to tile.


A Budget Planner To Help Track Your Finances

Since the subject of this article is all about saving money, it’s a no-brainer to include this bi-weekly budget planner that helps you track your finances. Featuring a chic faux leather cover, this planner contains pages to make financial goals, track your spending, note upcoming bills, and plan for future purchases.


This Iron-On Adhesive To Hem Clothes For Less

Rather than pay big bucks for a tailor to hem your new dress or window curtains (or attempt to sew it yourself), you can use this iron-on adhesive that gets the job done for just $2. Strong enough to hem even the heaviest of fabrics, this best-selling tape works in seconds using the heat from a clothing iron.


A Reusable Cotton Swab That’s Easy To Clean

If you use cotton swabs on the daily, you’ll love this reusable swab that can replace up to 1,000 single-use ones. With a sturdy nylon core and flexible silicone ends, these cotton swabs are easily cleaned using soap and water. When you’re done, just pop it back into the travel case for next time.


Some Insulating Panels That Help Make your AC Extra Efficient

To help prevent your air conditioning from working overtime, install these foam insulation panels to your window units for improved energy efficiency. They’re designed to keep out cold or hot air, depending on the season, and are applied using the included adhesive tape. They can be easily cut to size, too.


These Solar-Powered Lights That Help Keep Critters Away From Your Garden

Keep unwanted visitors like foxes or possums from rummaging on your property at night with these nocturnal animal repellers. Weather-resistant and solar-powered, these repellers project blinking, red LED lights that work to scare away intruders and can be hung anywhere you need.