Genius Organization Hacks That'll Finally Get Your Sh*t Together

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Let’s face it: Letting your home get messy takes less effort than constantly tidying up after yourself. That’s probably why I’ve got clothes on my bedroom floor, a cluttered makeup vanity, as well as a variety of other little messes throughout my home. But if you listen closely, I’ll let you in on a little secret: You can find tons of genius organization hacks on Amazon that’ll finally help you get your sh*t together.

The trick to staying organized is to never let clutter build up. That’s why this list is chock-full of items that not only add storage space to cramped homes, but also make it easier to clean up after yourself. For example, my messy bedroom floor is in dire need of the rope basket I’ve made sure to include, as it serves as the perfect place to throw all those clothes when I’m being too lazy to fold them. Or, if your vanity is as messy as mine, make sure to check out this makeup brush organizer. In addition to brushes, it can also fit lipstick tubes, nail polishes, mascaras — or practically anything else you’ve got littered across your vanity.

No matter how messy my home is, Amazon is always my first stop when I’m looking for clever ways to get organized. Keep scrolling for more.


These Wooden Shelves With A Homey, Rustic Style

Made from solid paulownia wood and rustic metal cables, these shelves are an easy way to add storage to blank walls. Each order comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included so that you can hang them up right out of the box. Plus, many reviewers noted how they neatly sit flush against the wall.


A Trio Of Storage Containers With Airtight Lids

Cereal, granola, flour, pasta — these storage containers are perfect for all sorts of dry ingredients. The airtight lids help keep everything fresh, while measurement markings along the side let you see exactly how much is left inside. The best pat? You also get a set of chalkboard labels with every order.


The Shelves That You Can Stack However You Like

You’ve got options when it comes to these shelves. Stack them on top of each other in narrow spaces, or line them up side-by-side to create a stylish spice rack on your countertop. They’re made from eco-friendly bamboo, and the metal legs are so sturdy that they can support up to 33 pounds.


These Storage Bins That Help Tidy Up Your Fridge

Whether your fridge or your pantry could use a little tidying up, these organizer bins are an easy way to get the job done. Each one is made from shatterproof plastic that can hold up against daily wear and tear. And since they’re completely transparent, it’s easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


A Set Of Shelves That Are Perfect For Cluttered Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets looking a little cluttered? This set of shelves is an easy way to get all your toiletries looking neat and tidy. Both levels slide out for easy access to whatever you put inside, all while the dividers help keep everything organized. Choose from two colors: black or white.


The Storage Bags That Stay Out Of Sight & Out Of Mind

Don’t clutter up your shelves with seasonal blankets and bedding — stash all of it inside of these storage bags. They slide underneath your bed so that you don’t have to use precious closet space. Plus, the waterproof zippered lid helps keep everything inside protected from moisture and mildew.


An Adjustable Utensil Organizer Made From Bamboo

Not only does this bamboo utensil organizer just look plain good, but it also expands so that it fits neatly into almost any drawer. While it’s primarily made for flatware, you can also use it to sort art supplies, pens, pencils, or likely anything else you’ve got kicking around in your office desk.


These Sleeves That Bundle All Your Cables Together

Instead of having a mess of cables hanging below your television, why not neatly bundle them all together using this sleeve? It’s made from flexible neoprene, with a handy zipper running along the length that makes it easy to add or remove wires as needed. Use them to tidy up your entertainment center, office space, and more.


A Storage Caddy That Rolls Out From Under The Sink

Dish soap, scrubbers, mouthwash — this caddy is the perfect place to keep all sorts of under-sink items. The wheels on the back make it easy to pull out when you need to grab something, and the dividers on the inside can be adjusted to fit larger bottles if needed. Plus, the entire caddy is so sturdy that it can support up to 30 pounds.


The Stand That Keeps Water Bottles From Rolling Around

Whether you put this stand in your fridge or cabinets is up to you — but either way, it’ll keep all your water bottles from rolling around when you’re not using them. It also works well with soda bottles or cans, and the shatter-resistant plastic is exceptionally durable.


These Storage Cubes That Are Perfect For Hiding Clutter

When you’ve got miscellaneous clutter that needs to be stashed out of sight, try hiding everything inside these storage cubes. They’re perfect for messy shelves, as they’ll fit everything from art supplies to children’s toys — and they even come in 10 different colors to suit any style.


An Organizer That Can Help Declutter Your Vanity

Whether you’ve got makeup brushes or eyeliner pencils strewn across your vanity, this organizer can help while decluttering your space. Three separate compartments are available to keep everything sorted, while the clear acrylic matches just about any style. The best part? It’s so versatile that you can even use it with office supplies if need be.


This Desk Caddy With Space For Practically Everything

With space for sticky notes, pens, pencils, pushpins, and more, this caddy is a must-have for cluttered desks. It’s made form scratch-resistant steel with a reinforced rim for added durability, and the bottom drawer even slides out so that you can easily grab whatever you put inside.


The Storage Containers That Are Microwave- & Freezer-Safe

Not only are these storage containers microwave- and freezer-safe, but they’re also shaped so that you can neatly stack them on top of each other in storage. The lids tightly lock into place to create an airtight seal — and unlike some containers, these ones are also resistant to leaks.


A Utensil Holder Made From Sleek Stainless Steel

Need somewhere to keep all your stirrers and spatulas? This utensil organizer is a total game-changer in any kitchen. It’s made from brushed stainless steel that’s resistant to rust — and since it’s heavier than most plastic organizers, it’s less likely to tip over when full.


These Apothecary Jars That Just Look Plain Good

Made from clear plastic, these apothecary jars work particularly well when it comes to tidying up your vanity. They’re the perfect size for everything from cotton swabs to cotton rounds (they even include labels), though they’re so versatile that you can even use them to hold candy on your desk.


A Helpful Hook That’s Almost Too Easy To Install

With its over-the-door design, there’s no need to drill into any walls when putting up this hook. It’s perfect for holding towels, coats, and everything in-between, as the nonslip tips help keep everything from falling off. Choose from three finishes: black, nickel, or white.


This Organizer That Can Store More Than 20 Pairs Of Shoes

Need somewhere to keep your shoe collection? Hang this organizer over any door, and you’ll instantly have space to store up to 24 pairs. It also works great with toiletries, toys, or even pantry items — and many reviewers raved about how it’s a total “space saver.”


A Rope Basket That Won’t Slump Over

Ever notice how rope baskets can slump over if they aren’t full? That’s why this one is made from heavy-duty cotton that can stand up on its own. It’s perfect for everything from toys to throw blankets — though personally, I use mine to hold underwear in my walk-in closet.


The Pull-Out Drawer That You Can Add To Shelves

If your shelves could use a little extra storage space, why not grab this pull-out drawer? It slides onto most shelves, giving you additional storage in that unused space below your shelf. And since each order comes with 3M adhesive included, installation is a total breeze.


These Storage Bins That Can Help Sort Out Your Closet

When your closet has become an overflowing mess of toys, underwear, books, and more, it might be time to grab these storage bins. Each one is made with breathable bamboo canvas to help keep your items from absorbing unwanted odors — and the walls are even reinforced with heavy-duty boards for added durability.


A Waterproof Organizer For All The Junk In Your Trunk

I have a habit of throwing stuff in my trunk when I’m trying to clean out my car — that’s why I just added this organizer to my cart. Multiple pockets give you tons of space to keep all your items sorted, while the waterproof exterior works to keep everything safe should your trunk start to leak.


The Shelves That You Can Hang In Your Closet

Shelving doesn’t have to be built into your closet walls. If you need more storage space, you can easily hang these ones up so that you instantly have room for handbags, bedding, shoes, and more. There are also pockets on the side where you can stash small accessories — all while the reinforced seams help keep everything from sagging.


This Adjustable Organizer For All Your Pots & Pans

With enough room for up to six pots, this organizer is a must-have if you’ve got a jumbled drawer filled with cookware. The dividers are also adjustable, allowing you to use it with pots and pans of nearly any size. Plus, each divider has a U-shaped design that holds onto lids so that they don’t roll off to the side.


A Set Of Shelves That Fit Into Tight Corners

With a slim design and narrow footprint, these shelves are perfect for adding some storage to that tight corner in your bathroom — or anywhere else in your home. The feet on the bottom elevate your items, and the PVC material it’s made from is waterproof. Choose from three finishes: white, brown, or black.


The Vertical Hangers That Can Open Up Closet Space

With space for up to five pairs of pants, these hangers are easy ways to help save space in cramped closets. Each one is made from tough beech wood — not plastic — and they’ll also work great with scarves, leggings, and more. Choose from three finishes: mahogany, natural, or white.


A Charging Station That Comes With Cables Included

Not only does this charging station give you a convenient place to keep your phone as its powering up, but each order also comes with shortened charging cables to help keep it looking neat and tidy. You get five cables with every order: two lightning, two micro-USB, as well as one type-C.


This Ottoman That Has Hidden Storage On The Inside

Give yourself a comfortable place to sit and add some hidden storage space to any room with this ottoman. The hollow inside gives you tons of space for everything from toys to throw blankets — and the top is even made from gorgeous faux leather that makes it look more expensive than it is.


These Stacking Baskets That You Can Use All Over Your Home

Add these stacking baskets to your bathroom for a quick place to stash toiletries, or put them in your kitchen to hold fruit — they’re truly that versatile. Assembly only takes a few short minutes without any tools needed. Plus, one reviewer wrote that each basket is the “perfect place to store my weekly supplies of bread, avocados, soda, onion, garlic, & potatoes.”


A Caddy For All Your Dish Scrubbers & Soaps

Whether you use this caddy in your bathroom or kitchen is up to you — but either way, it’s the perfect place to keep scrubbers, soaps, and even a small dish or hand towel. The stainless steel frame is resistant to rust. And unlike some sink caddies, this one has an aerated base to help keep mildew from developing.


The Paper Towel Holder That Doesn’t Take Up Counter Space

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Open some up by switching over to this mounted paper towel holder. It can fit underneath your cabinets, on walls, or even inside of a cabinet door. Plus, no drilling is required — just use the double-sided adhesive that comes included with every order.


These Floating Shelves That Are Easy To Install

Cosmetics, books, picture frames, skincare products — these floating shelves are perfect for all of those items and more. Each order comes with all the hardware needed to mount them to your walls. And if that isn’t enough? One reviewer also wrote that “they are super sturdy and can hold a lot without a hassle.”


A Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable With 2 Levels

Not only does this lazy Susan turntable have two levels for double the storage space, but it’s also made from gorgeous bamboo that looks good just about anywhere in your kitchen. It’s small enough to fit into most cabinets — but you can even decorate and use it as a centerpiece on your dining table.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For All Your Handbags

Handbags, umbrellas, scarves, towels — this over-the-door organizer is a great place to stash all of them. Six pockets give you tons of storage space, and each one is completely transparent so that it’s easy to see what’s inside. And unlike regular shelves, these pockets can also help protect your items from dust.


These Adhesive Desk Drawers For Extra Pens & Pencils

These drawers — which are available in packs of two — allow you to add extra storage space to your already-crowded desk. They can be adhered to the underside of your workspace so you have a spot for extra pens and pencils. Plus, tons of customers wrote that they’re “easy to install.”