Genius Things For Dogs & Cats You Didn't Know You Needed Off Of Amazon

Grooming tools, treats, and so much more.

by Lauren Moison
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When you’re a pet parent, you’ll do almost anything to support your pet’s health and happiness. And while you probably already have the usual accessories, there are some pretty genius things on Amazon that make taking care of your cat or dog so much easier. Some of them are nice additions to the things you already use, while others are upgrades you never knew you needed. Best of all, most of the products on this list fall under $40 (with many of them costing much less) and they’re all backed by rave reviews from fellow pet lovers.

Ready to shop for your new favorite pet accessories? Scroll on for some genius cat and dog finds on Amazon.


An Incredibly Effective Pet Hair Remover That Some Reviewers Call “Magic”

With over 133,000 reviews on Amazon, this pet hair roller has a devoted following from fans who claim it’s the “best pet hair remover on earth.” It uses a reusable, non-sticky material to capture lint and hair and deposit it into a chamber for easy disposal. It won’t snag or pull on surfaces, and it can be used on carpets, furniture, blankets, and more.


This Powerful Stain & Odor Eliminator That Can Be Used On All Kinds Of Surfaces

Get your home clean and smelling fresh again with this professional-strength stain remover that uses enzymes to break up and destroy tough pet stains and odors. The chlorine-free and color-safe spray can be used on a bunch of different surfaces, including upholstery, hardwood, tile, and litter boxes, and it’s even effective on stubborn cat urine odors.


A Set Of Finger Toothbrushes For Easy Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your pet’s teeth and gums just got so much easier with these finger toothbrushes that provide a thorough cleaning in just seconds. Each one is made of a stretchy silicone material and has a bunch of soft bristles to effectively brush away food and plaque. Use the brush with a small amount of pet toothpaste for the best results.


These Plastic Furniture Shields With An Adhesive Backing

Keep your pets from chewing or scratching furniture with these clear plastic shields that adhere easily to fabric and acrylic surfaces. The transparent material blends in seamlessly with the color of your upholstery and each sheet can be cut to fit. Tiny twist pins are also included for extra hold. However, this product isn’t recommended for leather and faux leather furniture.


A Pack Of Natural Cheese Chews For Dogs

These long-lasting yak cheese chews are a welcome change from the usual rawhide bone and are great for intense chewers. They include simple ingredients — yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice — and contain 68 grams of protein each. Plus, they don’t have a strong odor and are lactose, grain, gluten, and preservative-free for sensitive tummies.


An Allergy & Immune Support Chew To Combat Itchy, Sensitive Skin

If your dog has allergies, consider these allergy relief chews that may reduce itchy, irritated skin, and red, watery eyes. They’ve been specifically formulated by vets to support normal histamine levels and are made of a holistic blend including omega-3 fish oil, grapeseed extract, turmeric, and pumpkin. They’re also dairy, sugar, and wheat-free and are great for all breeds and sizes.


This Litter Trapping Mat With A Waterproof Bottom

Keep litter in its place with the help of one of these litter trapper mats that feature a two-layer design. The soft top layer has small honeycomb-shaped perforations that help capture litter from your cat’s paws, while the waterproof bottom layer traps the litter for easy dumping. Plus, it can be easily washed with soap and water to clean.


A Grooming Comb For Removing Matted & Tangled Fur

Remove tough tangles and matted fur with this grooming tool that features curved blades for comfort and safety. Each of the 10 teeth in the comb has a fine blade on the inside that thins out any fur that doesn’t slide through. Many reviewers note that it’s easy and quick to use, with one fan writing, “Within 3 minutes the tough matting was gone.”


This Car Seat Protector To Keep Your Ride Hair & Drool-Free

Pets are notorious for leaving drool and fur wherever they go, but this backseat protector can help keep your ride a little cleaner. It’s made of a durable and waterproof fabric, can be used in either bench, hammock, or trunk styles, and has a nonslip backing to reduce shifting. Choose from two sizes to fit your car, truck, or SUV.


A Cozy Cat Cave Made From 100% Natural Wool Fibers

Give your cat something fun to hide, sleep, and play in with this cat cave made of 100% natural wool. The soft and pliable material can roll around and even flatten for naps on top, and it measures 20 inches wide and 9 inches high with a 7-inch opening to crawl through. Choose from 15 colors and patterns.


This Ear Cleaning Solution To Relieve Itching & Remove Gunk

Keep your dog’s ears clean while reducing redness, odor, and irritation with this veterinary-strength ear cleaner. The pH-balanced formula is infused with salicylic and benzoic acid to help prevent itchiness and clear out bacteria and wax, while aloe vera helps to soothe and moisturize. Simply fill your dog’s ear canal with the solution and gently massage the base of their ear.


A Pooper Scooper To Make Waste Collection A Little Easier

Make poop duty a little easier with the help of this pooper scooper that has a clip-on rake and easy-to-wash aluminum construction. The long, 36-inch rake is the perfect height to reduce bending, and the large-capacity tray means fewer trips to the trash can.


This Organic Cat Grass Kit That Can Improve Kitty’s Digestion

If your cat has developed an appetite for grass or plants, consider this cat grass growing kit that provides nutrients and fiber for your feline friend. Simply place the soil disk in the growing container, add water and seeds, and place it in a well-lit area. The kit comes with three soil discs, three packs of GMO-free organic seeds, and three BPA-free containers.


A Set Of Can Covers For Easy Wet Food Storage

Save the unused portions of wet cat or dog food conveniently in their cans with a set of these pet food can covers. Each one is made of BPA-free silicone and features rings on the inside that allow them to fit over cans that are 2.5, 2.9, and 3.3 inches in diameter. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This Adorable Sling Carrier For Trips & Adventures

Take your pet wherever you go with this sling carrier that can hold animals up to 12 pounds. It’s made of soft and breathable cotton with a reversible design and a pouch that measures 14 inches deep, and it also includes a safety latch to keep your pet securely inside. The sling is machine washable for easy cleaning and comes in six colors to choose from.


A Foraging Mat For A Fun Challenge

Reduce boredom and give your dog a fun challenge with this snuffle mat that hides treats within the blades of fabric “grass.” Made with organic cotton fibers, the machine-washable activity mat stimulates foraging and sniffing instincts, provides stimulation and enrichment, and may even help stop destructive behavior in some dogs. It’s also great for slowing down fast eaters.


This Cat Water Fountain With Ultra-Quiet Operation

Make sure your kitty always has clean water with this fountain bowl that boasts replaceable filters and two fountain settings: a free-falling stream or a light bubbling fountain. It has a 2.1-liter capacity, includes a dishwasher-safe stainless steel water tray, and runs quietly so you won’t be bothered.


A Bath Brush That Sprays Water For Easy Rinsing

Your pup’s bath time may be easier with this handy scrub brush. The two-in-one tool has soft silicone knobs for massaging and combing, while the water sprayer provides ample pressure for rinsing. It slides right onto your hand via an adjustable strap, has a long, 8-foot hose, and comes with adapters for use either in your tub or outdoors.


An Easy-To-Clean Brush For Grooming & Lifting Pet Hair

This grooming brush features a slide-off panel that lifts hair out of the silicone bristles for easy cleaning every time. It’s great for dry and wet use, works well on short and medium-haired pets, and can also remove hair from clothing and furniture. One fan wrote it’s “the "magic" wand for removing dog hair from my car seats, dog pillows, and sweaters.”


This Light-Up Collar For Nighttime Safety

For added safety on nighttime walks, this light-up collar features bright LED lights that can be seen up to 1,000 feet away. The USB-rechargeable collar boasts a waterproof design, provides up to eight hours of light on a single charge, and has three modes: constant, strobe, and blinking. Choose from 11 colors and four sizes.


A Slow-Feed Bowl That’s Designed For Dogs With Short Snouts

This slow-feed bowl features shallow compartments and a slight incline for easier reach, making it perfect for pups with short snouts. The BPA-free bowl has a 1.5-cup capacity, nonslip feet on the bottom, and can be used with both wet and dry food. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.


This De-Shedding Tool For A Sleek & Soft Coat

Capture your pet’s excess fur with the help of this de-shedding tool that’s a best-seller on Amazon. Great for all types of pet hair, this slicker helps create a soft and sleek coat, and one of the most favored features is the easy-clean design that pushes captured fur up and off the bristles with the push of a button.


These Probiotic Treats That Support Your Pup’s Gut Health

These chewy probiotic treats help support your dog’s gut health, immune system, and digestive function with a blend of six different probiotics and come in either chicken or pumpkin flavors. One fan wrote, “Our Lab has had gut issues since he was a pup, and these really help him stay normal - no more loose stools.”


A Handy Treat Bag That Clips Onto Your Waistband

Leash-training your dog can be a challenge, but using this dog treat pouch to store yummy incentives can make it a little easier. It attaches to your waistband via a metal clip or fabric loop and features four pockets to stash treats, poop bags, and other necessities. The bag is 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide and comes in four colors.


This Plush Pet Bed That Helps To Soothe Anxiety

Whether your pet fears thunderstorms and fireworks or just needs a soothing place to sleep, this plush bed is a comfy pick. The fluffy, nest-like design cushions and cradles your pet to help reduce anxiety, while the fur lining creates ultimate softness. It has a cotton filling and nonslip plastic base, and it comes in three sizes and four colors to choose from.


A Pair Of Doggie Nail Clippers That Comes With A File

Keep your pet’s nails nice and trim with this nail clipper and file set that has a safety guard to prevent over-cutting. The clippers are made with a sharp, stainless steel blade for precise and easy clips and have a rubber handle that’s comfy to grip. When finished trimming, use the file to smooth rough edges.


This Gentle Bristle Brush That Removes Dirt & Loose Hair

Use this soft bristle brush to gently smooth your pet’s fur, capture loose hairs, and remove dust and dirt. The flexible round-tip bristles are soft to the touch, suitable for delicate face and neck areas, and work well on all types of fur. What’s more, the grippy handle is comfortable to hold and it has an eyehole in the end for hanging when not in use.


These Hypoallergenic Wipes That Keep Your Pet Clean & Smelling Fresh

Keep a pack of these convenient plant-based wipes on hand for anytime your pet needs a little freshening up. The 100% natural and hypoallergenic wipes work to deodorize, condition, and clean using natural extracts and aloe vera. They’re also completely compostable and safe to use all over, including your pet’s paws, face, and ears.


A Pair Of Towel Gloves For Easy Drying

These super-absorbent towel gloves make drying your pet a bit easier. They’re made of a soft, microfiber material that the brand notes can absorb up to seven times its weight in water, and there’s an elastic band around each wrist to keep them in place. The best part? Your furry friend will think they’re just getting some nice pets while you’re drying.


A Waterproof Bowl Mat To Protect Your Floors

Avoid water splashes and food spills all over your floor with this waterproof bowl mat. It’s made of nonslip, BPA-free silicone that helps keep food and water bowls in place, and it boasts a raised edge on each side to keep spills contained. The mat can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, and there are five colors and three sizes to choose from.


This Pet Water Bottle With A Built-In Bowl

Always have water available for your pet with this leakproof water bottle that has a built-in bowl. The bottle features a unique lid that can be flipped inside out to hold water for your furry friend — simply squeeze the bottle and the bowl will fill with water. There’s also a lid lock to prevent spills.


A Hammock That’s Great For Cats & Small Dogs

Create a comfortable lounging spot with this chic pet hammock that’s great for both cats and small dogs alike. It has a modern, freestanding frame that’s easy to fit anywhere, measuring about 17 inches wide and long, and boasts a breathable yet durable fabric to keep your pet cool and comfortable. Choose from gray, black, and pink.


This Pet Carrier With A Bunch Of Helpful Features

TSA-approved and also perfect for use in the car, this carrier can help take your pet wherever you go. It features anti-scratch mesh on two sides, a cozy mat for them to lay on, and a safety leash inside. There are openings on four sides including the top, plus sturdy hooks and a padded strap for comfortable carrying.


An Indoor Camera With 2-Way Audio

Keep an eye on your pets while out and about with this indoor camera that connects to your Wi-Fi to deliver 24/7 recording and motion notifications straight to your phone. It has two-way audio so you can talk to your furry friends, night vision for a great view in the dark, and optional SD card storage to save video clips.


A Pack Of Washable Pee Pads With Fun Designs

Instead of tossing your pet’s pee pads after each use, grab a pack of these machine-washable pee pads that look like regular mats. Each one features highly absorbent fabric, odor-controlling materials, and waterproof layers to contain your pet’s messes. They measure 37 by 29 inches and come in five fun designs.


This Poop Bag Dispenser That Comes With Scented Bags

Make cleanup easier with this cute poop bag dispenser that clips onto your leash or belt for easy access. The enclosed design keeps bags from unrolling and has a screw cap for easy refilling. Plus, the bone-shaped dispenser measures just over 3 inches long and comes with 60 leakproof, lavender-scented bags to get you started.


A Pet Feeder With A Splash Guard & A Drainage Tray Underneath

If your dog or cat has a habit of making a mess when they eat, consider one of these dishwasher-safe pet feeders with a splash guard to protect surrounding surfaces. The feeder includes two stainless steel bowls and has a raised design for more comfortable eating. Also helpful: Splashed water drains into a tray underneath for easy cleanup.


This Squeeze Tube Treat That Cats Love

Give your cat a special treat with this highly rated snack that’s intended to be hand-fed for extra bonding time. The tubes are available in salmon or chicken flavors and come in creamy, gravy, or jelly consistencies to suit your cat’s preference. “We have a very picky cat who rejects most treats, but he goes crazy for these,” raved one reviewer.


A Dander-Reducing Spray For Moisturized Skin & Fur

Reduce your cat’s dander and flaky skin with this moisturizing spray. The pH-balanced formula is infused with colloidal oat flour and aloe vera to condition fur and skin and is free from sulfates, parabens, petroleum, and fragrances. Simply spritz your cat all over (avoiding their face) and brush through.


This Hanging Scratcher That’s Infused With Catnip

Redirect your cat’s scratching behaviors to this hanging cat scratcher that’s infused with catnip for extra attraction. It’s made of recycled corrugated cardboard for a satisfying feel, has a scratching surface that measures just over 15 inches long and 5 inches wide, and can hang easily over a door knob for use in almost any room.