The 13 Gifts TikTokers Want Most This Year

From a mini espresso machine to USB-powered hand-warmers.

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Screenshots of gifts for TikTok lovers, recommended by TikTokers
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While you might still be reaping the benefits of last year’s laidback holiday season — clad in your matching tie-dye sweatsuit underneath your weighted blanket — prepare to be wooed by some very exciting gift ideas from TikTok this year. On TikTok, creators are sharing their holiday wishlists, using hashtags like #christmaslist (460 million views) and #gifttok (120 million views) to post slideshows of their most sought-after items. While some items — like fancy candles and mindfulness journals — might not be surprising, other asks — like portable hand-warming battery chargers and levitating globes — may inspire you to spice up your list, too.

The main reason why TikTok has become a hub for wishlist fodder is that, according to its creators, product reviews and promotions are more trustworthy than on other apps. “People are very honest on TikTok,” creator Janette Ok, who posts as @inmyseams on TikTok, tells Bustle. “It's almost like QVC where the unique gifts go viral,” she adds, pointing to the various small businesses that have blown up on the app by ending up on the For You Page with their products. Creator Drea Okeke, who posts as @dreaknowsbest, tells Bustle that if you really want to know if a gift is as good as someone is claiming it to be, “check out the comment section, people will expose the product.” Assuming the product is up to commenters’ snuff, though, here’s what some TikTokers are adding to their wishlists this year.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle’'s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

1. This Professional-Grade Hair Tool

Yes, the coveted, uber-expensive, multi-finish blowdryer bundle is still a fan favorite. After a few years of watching other TikTokers master the technique, videos with the hashtag #DysonAirwrap are convincing people the dryer is worth the splurge. Ok says it’s a hit for all. “I already gifted to my mom last year — it’s a universal gift that’s back on the For You Page, and great for all ages,” she tells Bustle.

2. A Diagnostic Car Gadget

Creator Alexia Del Valle, who posts as @lexdelvalle, is all about tech gifts that solve actual problems. Fixd is a small plug that connects to your car’s port under the driver's side dash and reads service codes so that you don’t have to take your car into a shop just to know what’s going with it. For example, instead of paying hundreds of dollars just to find out your tire pressure is low, you can find out at home and then go fill up your tires at the service station for a few bucks. “It’s cool because for people like me who know nothing about cars, it can protect them from unnecessary car repairs,” Del Valle tells Bustle.

3. At-Home Photo Booth

Creator Sofia Bella, who posts as @iamsofiabella, is all about Polaroid’s answer to an on-demand party photographer. “The at home Instant Photo Booth allows you to take Polaroid selfies and print them instantly,” she says of touch screen device that also offers filters, stickers, and 16GB of storage space.

4. A Pocket Printer For Photos And Labels

Gen Z might use their phones more than any other generation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate analog novelties. This mini printer syncs with an app that lets you hold onto the images, designs, labels and notes IRL. Ok says wants it because she has a soft spot for scrapbooking and visually pleasing organization. “I’m really into going all out with my agenda and customizing labels, this is a great gift for any stationary girl who loved gel pens in middle school,” she tells Bustle.

5. A Virtual Reality Headset

Okeke stands by her VR headset as a solid holiday gift.Now even though the neighbor that lives below me probably hates me now from all the stomping I'm doing when I’m playing different VR games, it's worth it because it's a whole new experience,” she says. “Plus, has me getting a workout in without even trying to work out.”

6. A Coded Musical Keychain

This futuristic and yet unassuming keychain has been making the rounds on the For You Page. The #Spotifycode tag itself has 20 million views, as Taylor Swift fans are particularly fond of its sentimentality. The sound bar scans on your phone and plays the song or playlist engraved, making it an especially personal gift to commemorate a meaningful tune.

“Music is one of the best ways to connect with people and everyone carries their keys, which makes this so personal,” Ok tells Bustle. A bonus: “If you make a public playlist and you add the person you gift it to, you can update it together,” she adds.

7. Espresso To Go

Though coffee snobs might have you thinking that you need to spend hundreds of dollars and donate lots of counter real estate to get a fine cup of espresso, creators Lisa & Pope, who post as @lkbphotography_, tell Bustle that this “outrageous” game changer gift is on their wishlist. The mini press is less than a pound and makes one shot of espresso at a time — perfect for camping or experimenting with flavors at home.

8. A Hand Warmer That Charges Your Phone

The solution to frigid fingers that slow down your typing speed in the winter and a phone that dies too fast in the cold is this portable USB charging hand warmer. Plug it into your phone to juice up the battery, then hold onto it for some relief from the cold. Ok likes it because it’s super practical. “Hit two birds with one stone, it’s perfect for traveling, or being out and about during the holidays,” she tells Bustle.

9. A Gadget That Bakes Dog Treats

Ok calls this non-stick, dog-bone-shaped hot press that makes eight bones at a time, the most outrageous thing she’s seen on GiftTok, but notes it’s worth considering if you’re a dog owner who only wants the best for their pooch. “I would never have thought of buying a something like this for myself but it makes so much sense,” she says.

10. A Near-Instant Translator

Have a techie traveler in your life? del Valle recommends this device that can translate 43 languages live, with only a 1.5 second lag. In almost real time, you can chat with locals on the go without having to look up key words or fumble with an app. The battery is good for up to four days, or about the length of an extended girls’ weekend.

11. Headphones That Warm Your Head

Worried about dropping your AirPods on the slopes? The Bluetooth Beanie eliminates the need for airbuds at all, while keeping your ears warm and comfortable. Ok wants this because it’s fashion forward in a literal sense. “You already have a hat on your ears and I think fashionable tech wear is the future — plus, I love a multifunctional item.”

12. Wearable Speakers

Who ever said clutch bags are useless can eat their words. This gift is a clutch with enough room for some small personal items, and a Bluetooth speaker in one. “I think it's so cool because if I go out to an event and the music is wack, I'll just turn on my clutch speakers — I no longer have to bother the DJ with my long list of Afrobeat song requests because they always get mad at us when I do that,” Okeke tells Bustle.

13. A Floating Desk Globe

This is probably the kind of gift you might stumble across back in the day when you frequented the Sharper Image store at the mall. It’s an electronically controlled magnetic system that when plugged in, floats a small illuminated globe in the air between two magnets. “It's such a futuristic type of gift — I wouldn’t have known something like that existed if not for GiftTok,” Okeke says.

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