50 Gifts Under $30 That Are Perfect For The Weirdos In Your Life

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by Madison Barber
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Gift-giving can be stressful when you’re trying hard to find the perfect present for somebody in your life — and it can be expensive, too. However, buying the best product can be even more difficult when the person you’re shopping for is your quirky friend, family member, or coworker that would prefer something cooler than just a candle or pair of socks. Luckily, this list includes various gifts from Amazon that every weirdo in your life will love. Even better? Everything included is under $30.

There are products here that’ll help make any meal way more fun, like a dinosaur-themed chip and dip bowl, a spaghetti strainer with eyes in the handles, and a miniature donut maker that lets you create your favorite sweet treats at home. There’s even a retro tissue box cover, vintage-looking radios that are actually Bluetooth speakers, and a few unique lamps (one looks exactly like the moon and the other looks like a sunset).

See? On this list, there are a lot more fun, hilarious, and even useful gifts that any quirky person will thank you for. Check out all 50 ideas; again, you won’t have to spend more than $30 on each item — and they’re all available on Amazon.


A Silicone Cup Holder That Fits Over Your Sofa Arm

If your space is too cramped to have a coffee table, this silicone sofa arm cup holder attachment is for you. It’s ideal for keeping your morning cup of Joe (or a beverage of your choice) close by when you want to sit back and relax. Plus, it aims to keep your drink secure and your couch spill-free.


This Cereal Bowl That Keeps Your Breakfast From Getting Soggy

Tired of your cereal getting soggy after a few minutes of sitting in milk? This special cereal bowl helps prevent that from happening with its dual-section design, allowing your dry cereal and milk to coexist next to each other instead of in the same bowl. Just get a spoonful of each ingredient one at a time, and your cereal will be soggy no more.


A Vibrating Skin Spatula That Helps Clean Your Complexion

If you don’t have time for a luxe facial but want skin that’s refreshed, this skin spatula will help do the trick. The versatile device has four different cleaning modes and comes with two silicone covers that help deep-clean your pores with vibrations. It comes in two colors and has over 11,000 five-star ratings.


A Pillow That’ll Make You Hungry For A Sweet Treat

Not all decor pieces have to be serious: This donut-themed throw pillow is the perfect fun accent piece to add to your bedroom or living space. It’s super soft, looks just like a real strawberry-frosted sprinkle donut, and is filled with fluffy cotton. There are four donuts to choose from.


This Wine Glass Holder For Those Who Want To Sip & Soak

Take relaxation (or multitasking) to a whole new level with this wine glass holder that you can stick onto your shower wall. This silicone device sticks to bathroom walls or mirrors and helps keep your wine glass secure while you soak in the bath or relax in the shower.


This Cozy Handmade Mermaid Blanket That Ariel Would Be Jealous Of

Get cozy and look like your favorite mythical creature with this handmade mermaid tail blanket. This blanket will not only keep your bottom half warm when you’re lounging, but the pretty blue-green crochet design will make you look like a mermaid resting after a long day (if only... sigh). There are four colors available.


The Unicorn Snot Lip Glosses That Look Holographic

Get this sweet-smelling, moisturizing lip gloss by Unicorn Snot and you’ll have gorgeously glossy lips all day long. There are five shades available, all of which are super shimmery. They’re even cotton candy-scented and go on without being sticky.


These LED Lights That’ll Make Any Room Look So Much Cooler

These color-changing LED strip lights can be stuck onto nearly any wall or flat surface, and they come with a remote that has 44 different controls which allow you to change the color or mode of your lights. Adhere these to your walls and your space will be instantly transformed.


A Stylish Crustacean-Themed Purse That Comes In Tons Of Colors

This crab-shaped purse looks simple, but it makes a bold statement with its vibrant color and realistic crustacean features (even the clasp looks like crab eyes). Plus, many other options are available that you can wear it as a clutch, crossbody, or shoulder bag.


This Prehistoric Taco Holder For Your Next Party

If you ask me, any gathering will instantly turn more fun with this dinosaur-themed taco holder. Made of BPA-free plastic, it can hold two tacos perfectly but the action doesn’t have to stop there. Use it for crackers, grilled cheese, and more. Consider it the ultimate delivery device for chowing down your favorite eats.


These Margarita Glasses With Cacti Bases

Another Taco Tuesday must-have is this set of cactus margarita glasses for your favorite frozen, salt-on-the-rim cocktails. The cactus design adds a fun and decorative touch, while the glass itself is wide enough to hold 16 ounces of delicious, ice-cold margaritas to sip (responsibly) alongside delicious chips and salsa. They’re made of glass and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Some Funky Faux Wall Planters

Add some cool, dangling plant art to your wall with this realistic two-piece set. Housed in simple white ceramic planters, these pearl plants promise to make your space look funky and fun — all while being impossible to over-water. What’s not to love about a plant that doesn’t require green thumb?


These Wine Bottle Stoppers That Look Like Beanies

You can now match your winter beanie to your wine bottle’s with this cute bottle stopper. This silicone accessory looks like a cable-knit pom-pom hat, but it’s actually a wine bottle stopper that helps keep your opened bottle of wine from going flat (or spilling all over the place).


A Smart, Color-Changing Lightbulb That’ll Help You Set Any Mood

No matter the occasion, this color-changing lightbulb will help set the mood. This bulb is controlled by the Govee Home app and can change to 16 million different colors (along with several different brightness levels and modes), making it the perfect addition to any space that could use something other than a standard light.


A Soap Made From Wine That’s Actually Good For Your Skin

Many wine fans will probably love with this wine soap. (Yep, it’s soap that’s literally made with wine.) The beauty product smells like merlot, and it has tons of great ingredients including rosemary leaf extract, cranberry seed, and more. Plus, it’ll help clean your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.


An Attachable Desk That Lets You Work In Your Car During Breaks

If you’re always on the go and need to multitask from time to time, this steering wheel desk attachment can help. The portable desk allows you to WFC (aka “work from car”) or eat a quick lunch when you’re on a break, and it even comes with a handy cup holder for the coffee you’re sipping.


A Digital Notebook That You Can Use & Reuse

You won’t ever buy another paper notebook again after getting this digital notebook that you can use again and again. Just jot down all of your notes with the special dry erase marker, scan a picture of them with the Rocketbook app, and save them to a drive of your choosing. Then erase, write, and repeat.


The Perfect Lightsaber Chopsticks For Star Wars Fans

Lovers of Star Wars will likely enjoy these lightsaber-themed chopsticks that glow just like the Jedis’. They can be used on a regular basis, making them the perfect gift — and batteries are even included. They’re also available in seven colors, including both two- and three-packs.


A Hilarious Strainer For Spaghetti Night

No matter how old you are, you’ll probably love this funny kitchen strainer that looks like a monster. This colander is more than just a silly novelty item: It’s also an essential in the kitchen for straining noodles, fruits, or vegetables. Not to mention, it’s dishwasher safe and BPA-free.


A Bright Clip Light That Attaches To Your Phone

This mini clip-on ring light can help bring your photos to the next level. It’s rechargeable and comes with nine different brightness levels that you can change (depending no your preference). Simply attach it onto the top of your smartphone and snap away. It comes in two colors: pink and blue.


This Container That’ll Help Keep Any Beverage Ice-Cold

Keep all your cold drinks cold for the whole day with the help of this beverage chiller. This container is especially perfect for those who want iced coffee every morning (but don’t want to go out and buy it at a cafe). It’ll help chill your coffee in 60 seconds, so you won’t have to spend money or try and make cold brew yourself the night before.


This Adorable Whale-Shaped Butter Dish With Built-In Measurements

This butter dish will put a smile on your face every morning when it’s time to butter your toast. Not only does it have an adorable blue whale design (with its spout as the handle), but it also comes with measuring lines so you can cut the perfect amount of butter when you’re cooking or baking.


A Reusable Silicone Cotton Swab That Helps Reduce Waste

There’s tons of great ways to reduce waste nowadays, like with this reusable cotton swab. You can use it again and again: Just wash the silicone ends with soap and water in between uses (along with rubbing alcohol to sanitize). It even comes in a case that’s easy to take with you on the go.


This Vibrating Facial Massager Kit That’ll Help Refresh Your Skin

This electric facial massager kit comes in a lovely rose gold color that pops on your vanity, but it’s not just a pretty package. The set comes with a T-shaped roller with 3-D balls, a jade roller, and an under-eye massager — all designed to refresh your complexion. As a bonus, oils and serums should be able to soak into your skin easier. This requires one AA battery but you’ll need to supply it to get up and running.


A Purse That Lets You Bring Your Pup Everywhere With You

If you have a small dog that you’d rather take with you during your daily errands, you can bring them around with you in this adorable dog carrier that’s made with breathable fabric. This satchel aims to fit small dogs and puppies securely, and the strap is adjustable.


This Multitool That’s Disguised As A Snowflake Keychain

At first glance, this device may look like a decorative trinket, but it’s actually a super handy multitool that acts as a bottle opener, screwdriver (slotted and Phillips), box cutter, rope cutter, wrench, and more. It even comes with a key ring that allows you bring it around with you everywhere you go, just in case you may need one of the tools on it.


A Cooler Backpack To Keep Your Drinks Cold On The Go

If you ask me, any outdoor adventure can benefit from this insulated cooler backpack that’ll help keep all of your drinks cold on the go. This lightweight, nylon backpack can hold up to 25 cans and keep them all chilly with its insulated interior, and it’s completely leakproof so that you won’t have to worry about your drinks seeping through the pack if they spill. It’s also available in seven colors.


This Self-Watering Planter That’ll Help Make Plant Parenting Easy

Busy plant parents will probably love these self-watering planters that come in 11 cute colors. They may look discrete, but they have a special internal design that allows the plant to water itself, meaning you should only have to add water to the pot once or twice a week (instead of each day).


This Mini Vacuum That Cleans Up Desktop Messes

This rechargeable desktop vacuum cleaner will help remove everything from pencil shavings to food crumbs. It’s a must-have if your desk or keyboard gets messy easily — and its simple, compact design allows you to keep it around without it taking up too much space.


These Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Shaped Like Tiny Dinosaurs

You can spice up your jewelry collection with these dinosaur stud earrings. These sterling silver, brontosaurus-shaped accessories make the perfect gifts (or addition to your own earring collection), and they’re hypoallergenic.


A Motion Sensor Toilet Light For Late-Night Bathroom Trips

This motion sensor light can be installed in your toilet bowl, and it’s designed to glow when you walk into the bathroom. It essentially makes it so you won’t have to turn on the actual light late at night — and you can change the glow to 16 different colors and five different brightness levels (depending on your preferences).


A Flexible Tripod That Can Bend Any Way You Want

You can upgrade all your photos and videos with this 12-inch phone tripod that has flexible legs. It’ll help keep your phone in place while taking pictures or filming videos, and you can move the legs any way you’d like to get the perfect height or angle you’re looking for. It even comes with a remote that lets you take your pictures without using self timer.


A Glowing Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

This moon lamp is the perfect unique decor item for kids and adults alike. Not only does it have an ultra-realistic design, but it comes with a remote control that allows you to change the light to 16 different colors and activate cool effects like strobing, flashing, and fading.


A Toaster For Everyone’s Favorite Comfort Food

Not only does this toaster have a cool, retro design, but it has a very specific use as well: toasting the best grilled cheese sandwiches in just minutes. It can cook two sandwiches at the same time, making it the perfect thing to keep around the house when you want a quick lunch. Plus, there’s a defrost function if you’re starting with frozen bread.


These Luggage Tags That Will Ensure No One Takes Your Bags

Forget basic, boring luggage tags: This pack of six colorful rubber tags are perfect for distinguishing your bags from everyone else’s at the baggage claim. Each tag has a funny saying on one side and an information card on the other to help ensure no one will grab your luggage by mistake.


These Adorable Socks That Cat Parents Need

These cat-themed socks come in five different colors and have adorable little cat faces on them. In fact, they even have little ears at the top that’ll poke above the shoes you’re wearing — and they’re made from machine-washable and breathable cotton.


This Machine That Makes 7 Mini Donuts At A Time

This mini donut maker will have you forgetting all about your go-to donut shops: Just fill each cavity with your favorite batter and watch how easy it is to make little donuts that you can snack on all day. It even comes with a recipe book so that you can learn how to make your own delicious donuts and glazes.


This Word Clock That Spells Out The Time

You can upgrade any space in your home with this sleek electric clock. It’s a stylish decor item that spells out the time for you in five-minute intervals with glowing LED letters. It’s pretty much perfect for anyone looking to replace an old alarm clock.


This Foldable Blanket That’s So Easy To Travel With

This polyester pocket blanket will probably become your new beach or camping essential when you see how easy it is to tote around. It’s both waterproof and sand-proof, and it measures 60 by 55 inches when unfolded. However, it can quickly and easily be folded right back up into a compact little pouch, making it ideal for traveling.


A Portable Sewing Machine You’ll Need For Those Quick Fixes

So many reviewers are loving this mini sewing machine that’s perfect for on-the-go fixes or for beginners learning to sew. The machine is small but mighty, and it’s equipped with tons of features — like an automatic bobbin winder and a cuff notch — that make smaller projects easy to complete.


The Marshmallow-Roasting Sticks That Every S’mores Lover Needs

In my opinion, no campfire is complete without s’mores — and no s’more is possible without the perfect roasting stick. Each of this stainless steel roasting sticks are 32 inches long — ideal for reaching the fire without getting too close — and have forks at the ends that allow you to skewer your marshmallows. They also have wooden handles that are decorated with color-coded bands.


A Gorgeous Lamp That Will Bring The Sunset To Your Room

You won’t have to drive anywhere to see the sunset when you have this sunset lamp projector in your home. Choose from any of the 16 different glow colors and this lamp will project the light right onto your wall, mimicking the setting sun right in your own house.


A Wireless Charging Pad That’s Compact & Sleek

You’ll probably never use a regular charging cable again after using this wireless charging pad. This device charges your smartphone without needing a cord, and even does so faster than many traditional chargers. Plus, it’s compact enough to bring with you anywhere you go.


This Set Of Coasters That Look Like Slices Of Fruit

These sunny fruit coasters will make you yearn for warm weather again. Each in this pack of seven coasters have different fruit-themed designs, including a watermelon, kiwi, and more. Plus, they’re made of silicone — so they shouldn’t slip around and cause your drink to spill.


A Tissue Box Holder That Looks Like Your Favorite Retro Toy

Most tissue box designs are plain, which is why this retro tissue box cover is a great way to spruce up the cardboard you might have sitting on your nightstand. Once you have this, you’ll remember your favorite toy from the ‘80s every time you need a tissue.


These Cozy Slippers That Clean As You Walk

These microfiber mop slippers demonstrate multitasking at its finest: Not only will they help keep your toes warm, but they also have special cleaning abilities that allow you to dust or mop up messes on the floor as you wear them. When you’re done cleaning, just throw them in the wash to use again and again.


A Vintage Radio With The Cutest Retro Touches

Forget Bluetooth speakers and go back in time with this perfectly charming retro radio that plays AM/FM — anywhere you want thanks to its electric design. It takes four AA batteries (not included) or you can plug it in if that’s your preference. This wireless speaker comes in two different colors and looks just like an old radio, thanks to the adjustable antenna and adorable carrying handle.


This Shiny Silverware Set That’ll Make Setting The Table Fun

Setting the table will suddenly become fun when you have this rainbow silverware set to pull out of the drawer. This 20-piece stainless steel set comes with four dinner forks, four salad forks, four knives, four dinner spoons, and four dessert spoons — all in this shiny, colorful hue.


A Gameboy-Themed Mug With A Screen That Changes Color When It’s Hot

Whether you loved the original Gameboy or are just looking for something with retro appeal, this realistic Nintendo mug nails the game’s inherent charm. When you fill the mug with hot liquid, the “screen” will light up to green. One fane raved, “One of those lovely, nostalgic gifts that make you smile but also serve a practical function - win win.”


This Flannel Blanket That Looks Like A Burrito

Not only does this blanket look exactly like a burrito, but it’s also made of soft flannel that can be cleaned in the washing machine. Its edges are folded for durability, and it’s 71 inches in diameter (however, you can also choose from 60 and 80 inches). The blanket is even available in a pizza design.

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