Everything You Need To Create The Perfect “Girl Dinner”

Consider your cravings satisfied.

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At face value, a “girl dinner” is basically a cute snack plate for one. It focuses on intuitive eating, leaning into your cravings, and, above all, simplicity. Some TikTok foodies focus on whole foods accompanied by a source of protein, while others stack their plates with whatever’s in the fridge. So if you ate leftover pizza and an apple for dinner last night, consider yourself ahead of the trend. Plus, who has time after a full day of work or school to whip up Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta anyways?

If you want to try the “girl dinner” trend for yourself, look no further than (And if you want to throw in a bit of “girl math” philosophy, you should probably know that you can get free grocery delivery — and other awesome benefits — with a Walmart+ membership.) To help get you started, we put together five “girl dinners” to satisfy any craving, below.

With the perfect mix of grains, meats, cheese, and fruit, this dinner will transport you from your couch watching Love Island to the Italian countryside.

This plate focuses on whole foods and protein and is basically the TikTok dinner that started it all.

This plate is for girls who are always craving a “sweet treat” after every meal. Why not just make it a part of your meal? Here’s the perfect balance of sweet and healthy.

The Nostalgic One

POV: You’re sitting on your parent’s sofa watching Lizzie McGuire whilst eating this iconic childhood dinner. Who says you can’t still have it in your mid-twenties?

POV: You’re sitting on your parent’s sofa watching Lizzie McGuire and eating this iconic childhood dinner. Who says you’re too old for chicken nuggets?

If you’re looking to use up those groceries from last week and the random snacks that have been sitting in your pantry, this “girl dinner” is perfect for you.