30 Gross Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making In The Bathroom

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Out of all the rooms in my home, I most dread cleaning my bathroom. It's by far the most tedious, yet one of the most important places to keep clean and tidy. Your bathroom is one of the most-used and grossest rooms in your house – and it’s easy to make mistakes while you’re in there.

Maybe you consider yourself a pro when it comes to bathroom organization and sanitation, or maybe your skills are a little lacking — no judgement. Either way, there are probably some key things you’re missing (and some hygiene steps you’re skipping). Germs have a tendency to hide in plain sight, so it’s important to tackle these issues as soon as you realize.

Luckily there are tons of easy swaps and ways to make better bathroom habits, well, a habit. Certain products make cleaning less back-breaking and more sanitary, like this pumice stone for cleaning your toilet, and simple changes like swapping out your old fabric bath mat for this bamboo mat can also make a huge difference. All in all, these easy changes will help you correct the error of your ways, and will lead to a cleaner and healthier bathroom environment. Read on to find out which of these 30 mistakes you’ve been making in the bathroom and how to fix them once and for all.


Mistake: You Let Your Shower Curtain Fall Off The Rod

Solution: These Easy-Glide Shower Curtain Rings That Are Sealed Shut

If your shower curtain is constantly falling and dragging on the shower floor, it’s a surefire recipe for mold and mildew. Swap your current shower curtain rings for these stainless steel rings, which look way more polished yet are strong enough to hold even a heavy curtain. The set of 12 are sealed shut and have specially engineered spherical balls that reduce friction, so you can throw the curtain open without risking it falling.


Mistake: You Forget To Clean Drains & Crevices

Solution: This Deep Cleaning Brush Duo That Can Reach Small Spaces

You don’t have to break your back to scrub your bathroom, just use this deep clean brush set. With durable nylon bristles and a non-slip handle that offers a comfortable, steady grip even when wet, the large brush is great for cleaning shower grout while the smaller brush can clean awkward spaces like behind the faucet. The wiper blade is particularly useful for cleaning drains and other crevices, so much so that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these tools.


Mistake: You Leave The Toothpaste Open

Solution: An Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser That Mounts On The Wall

Toothpaste becomes a sticky mess when left open, which also makes it a target for germs and bacteria. This toothpaste dispenser helps keep your toothpaste out and accessible while also keeping it hygienic. The patented hands-free design sticks to the wall or mirror and automatically dispenses just the right amount of toothpaste when you need it. Simply take off the cover and internal components and rinse them clean periodically to maintain it.


Mistake: You Forget To Clean Hairbrushes

Solution: This Brush Cleaning Duo That Effectively Clears Them Out

You’re definitely not getting the most out of your hairbrush if you’re not regularly cleaning it out — in fact, you may just be rubbing greasy, old hair all over the clean locks on your head. This two-piece set of hair brush cleaners make it easy to pick hair out of all your styling tools. First, go in with the plastic end of the black soft brush to reach in between the bristles of your hair brush. Follow with the nylon brush side, then use the pink metal pick to remove pesky clumps of stubborn hair.


Mistake: You Aren’t Replacing Your Shower Loofah Often Enough

Solution: A 3-Pack Of Loofahs That Are Infused With Charcoal

You probably love your loofah for its exfoliating qualities, but if you’re not replacing it every 30 days, it’s sure to become a breeding ground for bacteria. These charcoal-infused loofahs come in a pack of three, making it easy to swap out on time. The charcoal does not wash out of the loofah with time, so you’ll get all the deep cleansing benefits throughout its lifespan.


Mistake: Your Bathroom Drawers Are Overflowing

Solution: These Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers That Give Everything A Spot

The versatility of these clear plastic drawer organizers is unmatched, which is why they have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. The set of 25 various sized compartments is ideal for sorting cosmetics as well as skin and personal care products. You can fully customize the setup to suit your storage, and even stack bins to save space. You’ll be able to easily create and maintain a practical organization system so that you never have to dig around in your drawers for your floss or lip balm.


Mistake: Your Counters Are Stained

Solution: A “Magical” Sponge That Cuts Through Residue

Even the grimiest counters will meet their match in these extra thick magic melamine sponges. Just add water and swipe them across the counter to watch these sponges cut through dirt and mess instantly: No abrasive or corrosive cleaners required. They’re safe to use on tons of different surfaces including marble and steel, so you can put these sponges to work all over the house.


Mistake: Your Toilet Has Unsightly Water Ring Stains

Solution: This Non-Scratching Pumice Stone That’s So Effective

Don’t waste your time scrubbing the rings out of your toilet with a brush and use this pumice stone ring remover instead. It uses abrasive action to scour away mineral deposits, rust, stains, and scale from any porcelain surface without damaging the surface. It goes beyond what any chemical cleaning product can do, with less effort on your part — just add water and gently rub the stain with the stone until it disappears.


Mistake: Hair Clogs Up Your Tub Drain

Solution: The Hair-Catching Protector That Works For All Drain Types

It seems harmless in the moment to let your hair pass down the drain, but over time it can create a huge clog and result in an expensive plumber’s visit. Prevent the expense by installing this easy-to-use silicone drain protector, which catches hair without blocking the flow of water. Unlike other drain protectors, this one’s dome shape fits over both flat and pop-up drains, and it’s flexible design means you can still pop your drain closed if you want.


Mistake: You Let Your Bath Pillow Stay Moist

Solution: A Breathable Bath Pillow With A Hook So You Can Hang Dry It

This bath pillow has two smart features that make it more hygienic than most. First of all, it is made with 3D air mesh technology, so the fabric breathes even while you’re soaking away in the tub. Secondly, this portable option has a hook at the very top, so you can hang it up to dry, which is key for extending its life between uses.


Mistake: Moisture Sits In The Air & Invites Mold To Grow

Solution: A Mini Dehumidifier With 15,000 Five-Star Reviews

This mini dehumidifier is effective at removing excess moisture from the air in small spaces, up to 333 cubic feet, which in turn will result in a more sanitary bathroom. It lasts 20 to 30 days before you need to recharge the silica beads by simply plugging this compact device in. Unlike other dehumidifiers, this cordless object comes with its own hanger, so you can place it on the doorknob or towel rack to conveniently absorb excess humidity.


Mistake: Your Toilet Brush & Plunger Are Out In The Open

Solution: The Toilet Brush & Plunger Caddy That’s Stylishly Discreet

Leaving your toilet bowl brush and plunger out in the open is just plain gross, not to mention an eyesore. This small two-in-one caddy prevents them from dripping onto the floor and keep them discreetly out of view with a surprisingly sleek drip tray. Made of a durable plastic, this holder is easy to clean periodically with mild soap and water.


Mistake: Your Grout Gets Too Grimy

Solution: A Grout Pen & Brush That Restores Its Color

If your grout just doesn’t shine the way it used to, try restoring its color with this five-piece grout pen kit. It includes two large volume white grout pens, a cleaning brush, and two pen nib replacements, which is more than you’ll need to leave the grout of your sink, shower, or floor looking brand new. The pens work on both walls and floors, and you’ll be so satisfied with the results, you’ll want to use them all over the house.


Mistake: Your Makeup Is Taking Over Your Counters

Solution: A Highly-Rated Makeup Organizer That Rotates

If your eyeshadows, lipsticks, and makeup brushes are taking over all your counter space, try this 360 degree rotating organizer. It has a small footprint (just 10 1/3 inches in diameter), but can hold over 30 skincare and makeup products on shelves of various heights. Adjust the layers as needed to accommodate all your products, and enjoy your newfound counter space.


Mistake: Your Bar Soap Gets Scummy

Solution: These Bamboo Soap Dishes With Serious Spa Vibes

Bar soap is often a more sustainable option than liquid hand soap, but using the same bar of soap over and over can make it get soft and mushy over time. These self-draining bamboo soap dishes take care of that. They have hollow gaps built in, so your soap can drip dry directly into the sink in between uses. This spa-like dishes will make your soap look less gross on your bathroom counter and help it last longer.


Mistake: You Never Wash Your Shower Curtain

Solution: A Chic Waffle Weave Shower Curtain That’s Machine Washable

Washing your shower curtain every few months helps prevent mold and mildew from growing in such a warm, damp environment. That task is made easier with this water-repellant, machine washable shower curtain, which features a built-in liner and a mesh upper panel to let light in. The 100 GSM waffle-weave curtain even has magnets on the corners to keep it from flying about while you’re showering, and will last for ages with proper care.


Mistake: You Store Your Bathroom Cleaning Products Wherever They Fit

Solution: This Tiered Organizer With Big Baskets

If you’re anything like me, your bathroom cabinets are small and full, making it difficult to find cleaning products when you need them. This two-tier organizer will simplify your storage needs and maximize the space you do have by making use of vertical space. Use the removable baskets to store all your various sprays and solutions, as well as cleaning rags, sponges, and brushes, for easy access.


Mistake: You Leave Your Toothbrush Uncovered

Solution: A Fancy-Looking Countertop Toothbrush Holder With A Cup

So many germs reside in the air and on your bathroom counters — do you really want to subject your toothbrush to that? This vanity toothbrush holder has space for up to four toothbrushes, and the accompanying cup doubles as a tumbler for rinsing your mouth and keeping your brushes covered while allowing them to dry. This holder also feature a compartment for storing toothpaste, making this an all-in-one station for your dental needs.


Mistake: You Forget To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Solution: An Efficient Brush Cleaning Kit That’s Easy To Use

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a huge chore — believe me I know — but you can make it a much easier task with this brush cleaning and drying system. The three-step process works with any size brush thanks to eight different collars, and all you need is soap and water to remove all the built-up product and skin cells. And best of all, your brushes will be ready to use right away – no waiting around for hours for them to dry.


Mistake: You Touch Your Soap With Dirty Hands

Solution: A Touchless Soap Dispenser That’s Battery Operated

Automatic soap dispensers don’t need to be reserved for public bathrooms: You can have this touchless, water-resistant soap dispenser in your very own bathroom to reduce the spread of germs. Four AA batteries are required to run this dispenser, which has a clear container so you can see when you’re in need of a refill. The infrared sensor detects hands as far away as 2 3/4 inches, and you can adjust the volume of soap it dispenses as needed.


Mistake: You Keep Cotton Swabs In Random Places

Solution: These Best-Selling Apothecary Jars With Labels

Commonly used bathroom products, like cotton swabs, flossers, and cotton rounds, will finally have a home in these vanity storage jars. The pack of four 10-ounce jars are the perfect size for keeping the items you use most accessible and organized. They’re made of attractive clear plastic, and come with optional pre-printed labels as well as customizable labels to up your organization game.


Mistake: Your Mirror & Glass Shower Door Get Stains

Solution: The Squeegee That Has A 4.7-Star Rating

If you’re not using this all-purpose squeegee to wipe down your mirror and shower door, it’ll surely show over time. The rubber blade leaves a streak-free shine, and should be used right after a shower to clean off condensation, soap scum, and limescale. For a deeper clean, spray your mirror or shower with a chemical cleaner and wipe it off the squeegee, then allow it to dry on the included waterproof adhesive hook.


Mistake: You Don’t Brush Your Teeth For Long Enough

Solution: This Smart Toothbrush With A Built-In Timer

I noticed a huge difference in my teeth once I started using an electric toothbrush with a smart timer. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, and this electric brush runs for exactly that long, divided into 30 second intervals so you can concentrate on each quadrant of your mouth. This rechargable brush comes with three brush heads and supports five different brushing modes for whitening, cleaning, polishing, and more.


Mistake: You Have A Dirty Fabric Bath Mat

Solution: A Non-Slip Bamboo Mat That’s Waterproof

If you’re not cleaning or replacing your fabric bath mat periodically, it can easily become a home for mold, mildew, and germs. Swap it out for this non-slip bamboo bath mat, which will not only improve bathroom safety, but also its cleanliness. The slatted surface is more conducive to draining, unlike fabric mats that simply absorb the water. Just allow it to dry in the shower after each use, and enjoy the spa-like experience.


Mistake: You Don’t Hang Up Your Hand Towels

Solution: A Stainless Steel Towel Bar That Sticks To Your Wall

Failing to hang up your towel after a shower or drying your hands with it will surely result in a smelly, mildew-ridden towel. Install this renter-friendly bathroom towel bar to give your wet towel a designated home. It uses a strong self-adhesive to adhere to the wall, and will stay up even in your bathroom’s humid environment. This rust-resistant towel bar is available in five sizes and three metallic finishes, so you can use it for bath towels or hand towels and seamlessly work it into your bathroom’s existing features.


Mistake: You Never Floss Your Teeth

Solution: The Gentle Water Flosser That Works In 1 Minute

Flossing is an important part of any oral health regime, and this cordless water flosser makes it easy to incorporate the habit into your daily routine. It uses pressurized water instead of string, which is gentler on your gums and up to 50% more effective. Use it for one minute a day to remove up to 99.9% of plaque. I like doing so at night to remove any food that may have accrued in your mouth throughout the day.


Mistake: You Let Odors Linger In The Air

Solution: A Toilet Spray That Conceals Unpleasant Smells

It’s the bathroom — smells are bound to happen. I swear by Poo-Pourri’s bathroom deodorizer spray, which really works to trap odors and leave behind a nice blend of essential oils. It’s most effective when you spritz a few sprays into the toilet before doing your business, but it also works afterwards or by spraying it into the air.


Mistake: You Shower With Hard Water

Solution: This High Pressure Shower Head That Clarifies The Water

If you’ve ever noticed white buildup on your shower head, you probably have hard water. It isn’t necessarily bad for you, but having hard water can make it more difficult to get your hair and body clean in the shower, which is where this high pressure shower head comes in handy. It contains pure natural mineral beads, which help purify the water and leave you with softer, more clarified hair and less-dry skin. It’s also 200% more pressurized than an ordinary shower head, so you’ll get the luxurious benefits of that too.


Mistake: You Keep Toilet Paper In Its Packaging

Solution: This Ultra-Slim Storage Cabinet For Toilet Paper & More

Use this toilet paper holder stand to keep your extra rolls handy and make storing them look a little more sleek. The free-standing shelving unit holds multiple rolls and has a convenient toilet paper dispenser at the top, along with a shelf for your phone or extra bathroom supplies. At less than 7 inches wide, you can fit it in your bathroom next to the toilet for easily accessible and small-space friendly storage.


Mistake: You Leave Your Bottles Of Shampoo & Conditioner Open

Solution: A Refillable Dispenser That Mounts In The Corner Of The Tub

Streamline your shower setup with this soap dispenser, which you can fill with shampoo, conditioner, and/or body wash to eliminate cluttered bottles from your shower edges. It mounts directly to the wall with waterproof adhesive, and the pumps dispense the perfect amount of product to reduce waste. This clever device also features some hidden hooks for loofahs or razors

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