30 Gross Problems Around Your House That You Didn't Realize Have Cheap & Easy Solutions

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Non-Stick Oven Liner and Super Sonic Scrubber as two of many the cheap and easy solutions for gross ...

Who can’t relate to that moment of discovery when you inspect an oft-forgotten part of your house to discover crud that might have been there since the last century? You may throw your hands up in despair, deciding it’s too disgusting or overwhelming to deal with. Well, hopelessness be gone: if you suffer from even one of the 31 gross problems listed below, there are cheap and, above all, easy solutions to be found.

From cleaning gels that literally form to the shape of the object you’re trying to clean to cleaning brushes made specifically for your electronics, there are tons of tools that leave no speck of dust behind. Some products are designed to even prevent gross problems from starting like stove burner liners that protect your cooktop from grease, a toilet spray that deodorizes before there’s even a chance for odors to develop, and a cleverly designed drain protector that nips clogged drains in the bud.

No matter if it’s a dirty microwave or a dishwasher with major mineral build-up, there are lots of solutions listed below that are affordable and, best of all: won’t cost you precious time.


A Microfiber Hand Duster That’s Machine Washable

For less than a mere $12, you can banish that nasty and unrelenting layer of dust that seems to form the moment you turn your back. This microfiber hand duster doesn’t require any chemicals to get the job done, comes with a flexible and slim body that allows you to get into tight spaces, and best of all, the microfiber itself can be unsnapped from the handle to be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleanup. A large dust-catching surface area and fully reusable? You: one, dust: zero.


These Stove Burner Covers That Keep Your Cooktop Mess-Free

Nothing can feel more frustrating than using valuable elbow grease to rid yourself of the actual grease splattered on the stovetop after a cooking session. These affordable stove burner covers easily fit around your burners to protect the surface from errant oil splatters and all manner of messes. Made of glass fiber cloth and coated with high-quality Teflon, they clean up in a pinch using soapy water or the dishwasher. Heat-resistant to 500 degrees, they come with a pre-cut inner circle, but are fully cuttable to fit your burners’ exact dimensions.


A Dryer Vent Brush That Removes Loathsome Lint

Not only improving the performance of your dryer but also doing the important job of preventing potential house fires, this dryer vent brush cleans out trapped lint in both the dryer vent pipe and dryer gap. Coming in a pack of two, the cleaning brush is designed with a wooden handle and flexible stainless steel wire shaft with extremely thick and sturdy bristles to find and extract any wayward piece of lint. Perfect for those with budget-conscious pockets, this simple but powerful tool will cost you less than $10.


This Laptop Cleaner With Both Brush & Microfiber Pad

Perfect for the oft-experienced “let me house a few Cheetos while I knock out this project,” this double-sided laptop cleaner comes with both a brush on one side and a microfiber pad on the other to effectively sweep away crumbs and clean up smudges. Conveniently compact, the brush fully retracts and there’s an included cover for the microfiber pad, so each tool remains clean and protected while stored away.


A Cleaning Tool That Lets You Get Into Every Crack & Crevice

With a brush on one end and a scraper on the other, this gap cleaning tool allows you to access the toughest of crevices, so that rather foul gap in the shower door track won’t give you trouble every time you go to clean the bathroom. With a hanging hole for convenient storage and an ergonomic elevated handle for increased comfort, the narrow brush helps to sweep away dirt and the scraper removes difficult trapped debris.


This Pumice Stone That Cleans Your Toilet Without Chemicals

Feeling tired of constantly combatting a dirty toilet, but loathe to clean it with harsh chemicals? This all-natural pumice stone miraculously rids your toilet of stains, hard-water deposits, and other residues without leaving a scratch. Perfect for any porcelain fixture in addition to other household products (such as even a barbecue grill), the stone is made of recycled material and features a durable, fine-grit texture. Non-toxic and odorless, it’s safe around kids and pets.


A Microfiber Cleaner Made Specifically For Your Blinds

For that one day out of the year when you notice all of a sudden that your blinds haven’t been cleaned in, umm, since you moved in, this window blind cleaner will fix that right up with ease and affordability. Coming in a pack with two handles and six microfiber sleeves, use these in conjunction with a cleaning spray to rid those hard-to-clean blinds of years of dust and grime. Each handle features three vertical arms to clean the tops and bottoms of blinds at the same time so you can knock out that dust in record time.


This Cleaning Brush Specifically For Your Electronics

As slim in profile as a sharpie, this electronics cleaning brush features a small retractable brush on one end and a silicone wiper on the other. Great for tiny spaces such as between the keys on your laptop, the soft brush sweeps away dust and the silicone wiper cleans hard-to-reach dirt and grime. Perfect for cell phones, laptops, or delicate spaces on cameras, the fine tips of the brushes gently clean and then store away simply and conveniently with your other pens and pencils.


A Microwave Cleaner In The Shape Of An Angry Mama

When the crud from one too many microwaved pizzas reaches a breaking point, that’s when an angry mama comes to the rescue. Simply fill this microwave cleaner with vinegar and water, pop her in, start the microwave, and five to seven minutes later it will look sparkling clean. The cleaner is made from non-toxic PP material and releases the steam from the vinegar-water mixture to effortlessly clean the interior. Available in four different iterations.


This Drain Protector That Prevents Clogs

A great solution to dealing with the nasty problem of not only cleaning hair build-up but also the more involved problem of unclogging, this award-winning drain protector fits inside the drain and collects errant hair to be easily removed at your convenience. With no need for harsh chemicals, this protector catches every hair to save you the cost of a plumber or tons of liquid drain cleaners. Each purchase comes with two adapters, one for larger drains and one for smaller drains, so you can be sure to make it work with what you’ve got.


A Stove Gap Cover To Keep The Sides Of Your Oven Clean

If your stove is nestled in between counters but features that delightful tiny gap between the two, you may relish this stove gap cover that will save you from the painful process of cleaning those impossible-to-reach sides. Heat-resistant to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, the matte finish covers are made of food-grade silicone and easily wash up in the sink or dishwasher. Available in black, clear, or white, and customizable with a pair of scissors, they feature a non-slip extra grip on the bottom to stay in place and prevent nasty drips and spillages, saving you lots of clean-up time.


This Cleaning Gel That Forms To Objects To Remove Dust

This ingenious cleaning gel comes in a material that allows it to shape itself to the object at hand to effectively draw out otherwise impenetrable dust. Biodegradable and with a light lemon scent, it can be used on repeat until the color turns dark or becomes sticky. Use it on your laptop keyboard, car vents, cameras, air conditioners, instruments, and much more, to keep your things in tip-top, dust-free shape.


A Dishwasher Cleaner That Removes Mineral Build-Up

With over 52,000 reviews on Amazon, this dishwasher cleaner is a super-popular choice for effectively ridding your dishwasher of mineral and limescale deposits. Pop one of these tablets in the detergent tray or bottom of the washer and run a normal cycle. Able to be used in both stainless steel as well as plastic tub dishwashers, use a tablet once a month while running the cycle with or without dishes.


These Air Purifying Bags Made Of Bamboo Charcoal

When odors cross over from annoying to offensive, these air purifying bags come to the rescue with the use of activated bamboo charcoal. Coming in a pack of 12 in several different sizes, they are encased in breathable flax fabric and you can put these in any place where odors lurk (such as your car, trash can, or athletic shoe). Reactivate them under sunlight for two hours every month to keep them good as new.


An Ultrasonic Pest Repeller That You Can Plug In

Nothing is truly as foul or demands such immediate attention as having to deal with pests. For less than $30 this ultrasonic pest repeller uses a specific range of ultrasonic frequencies to keep your space pest-free. Plug it in any outlet and select from three different modes (green, blue, and red) depending on the level of infestation you have (slight, normal, or heavy). Each pest repeller covers an 800 to 1200 square foot area, and requires one unit per room, due to the fact that ultrasonic waves can’t penetrate walls.


This Sterilizer Box That Uses UV Light to Sanitize Your Phone

A great way to keep objects in high rotation appropriately free of accumulated grossness, this sterilizer box sanitizes the contents within it using UV light. Pop in your smartphone, earbuds, glasses, or even makeup brushes, and with the press of a button the UV light will go to work. The sterilizer has a high 4.6-star rating and more than 4,000 reviews.


A Pro-Level Carpet Cleaning Brush

When that delicious pasta tomato sauce hits the floor, you may cringe in fear of permanent damage, but with the help of some cleaning liquid and this carpet cleaning brush, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Constructed with two different brush settings, light blue for easy and dark blue for aggressive, you can scrub out persistent stains, spills, dirt, and debris. A removable telescopic handle is also included so you can customize it to clean comfortably.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths That Won’t Scratch Surfaces

For an all-around cleaning tool that has limitless possibilities, look no further than these microfiber cleaning cloths that can be used on numerous surfaces without fear of damage or leaving scratches. Able to absorb up to eight times their own weight, use with or without cleaning liquids for a finish that remains streak and lint-free. They’re available in packs of 24, 36, 48, or 144, and can be reused endlessly by tossing them in the washing machine.


A Coffee Machine Descaler For Great-Tasting Coffee

When your single-use coffee or espresso machine starts to stutter or your coffee takes on a less-than-delicious taste, this descaler could make all the difference. Appropriate for a variety of single-use machines in addition to both automatic and manual machines, the descaler works to dislodge hard mineral deposits and prevent possible corrosion. Use every two to three months for better-tasting coffee and well-running machines, noting that each pack comes with two bottles and four total uses.


This Window Cleaning Kit For A Professional Touch

If your windows are starting to look less-than-transparent, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to easily rectify the situation. This handy window cleaning combo provides you with both a rubber squeegee and an attachable microfiber window scrubber to create a professionally cleaned look. The squeegee will wipe any smooth surface down with precision, and the machine-washable microfiber scrubber works to absorb lingering water.


A Scrub Brush That’s Battery Powered

Taking the old toothbrush method to new heights, this scrub brush is powered by four included AA batteries and oscillates 60 times per second to provide powerful cleaning power to tight spaces. Water-resistant and with an ergonomic grip, choose between either a pulse or continuous setting to clean areas like grout lines in the shower or fixtures on the sink. A half-inch cleaning head is provided to tackle most general-purpose cleaning jobs.


An Oven Liner That Catches Drips And Spills

A perfect way to prevent those bits of food from falling on the oven floor and causing major smoking for days on end, this oven liner sits below your baking dish to catch any drips and spills. Saving you lots of time on cleaning as well as lots of money, this affordable liner is made of non-stick PTFE which is BPA and PFOA-free, in addition to being safe up to temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Conveniently dishwasher safe, it can also be used as a pan liner or even a baking sheet.


A Beard Bib That Catches Hair As You Groom

This clever beard bib saves you major time in the cleaning department by attaching to the mirror via suction cups and catching all falling hair within. If you need to step away for a moment, you can even attach the neck straps to the suction cups to prevent any messes. It comes with a self-packing pouch for portable convenience, so wherever you go no hair-clogged drains will follow.


This Cult Favorite Pet Hair Remover

With over 92,000 reviews on Amazon, this simple pet hair remover really works to gather up all kinds of pet hair from sofas, beds, blankets, and many more surfaces. Totally reusable, there is no battery or power source required. Simply go back and forth in a vigorous fashion and, through the use of static electricity, the roller will pick up pet hair and deposit it into a container within the roller that can be easily emptied.


A Stain & Odor Eliminator For Fresh Rugs And Surfaces

Your pet may be your best friend, but may also produce the grossest of stains and stinks. Thank goodness an easy and affordable solution exists in this stain and odor eliminator that uses a bio-enzymatic formula to feed on ammonia residue, destroying the odor to the deepest layer. Spray it on multiple surfaces including carpet, hardwood, and even concrete, knowing that this is color-safe and chlorine-free, therefore gentle and safe enough to use around pets and kids alike.


This Mini Dustpan For Quick Clean Ups

This mini dustpan is the perfect size for quickly cleaning up small messes, anywhere from the kitchen table to the bathroom. A silicone rubber edge helps to collect debris and with an aesthetic bamboo handle, the small brush sits precisely in its accompanying dustpan. Taking up little space, it can stand up or hang from the handle for storage.


A Portable Bag Sealer To Keep Snacks Fresh

There’s never a sadder moment than the one where you reach into a previously opened bag of chips to extract the stalest of snacks. Well, for less than $20 you can have this mini bag sealer that, in addition to being able to use it to cut, heats and seals, thereby allowing you to reuse the same bag over and over again. It requires two AA batteries (not included) and even has a hook for easy storage.


This Toilet Spray That Absorbs Bathroom Odors

Never again try to hide what’s already occurred. This toilet spray spreads the scent of flowers before odors even have a chance to live and breathe. With a choice of 13 different available sizes, the non-toxic and chemical-free formula deodorizes bathrooms in addition to nursery or trash bin odors as well. Choose from over 20 scents including lavender vanilla, apple cider, and pumpkin spice.


A Pack Of Magic Cleaning Pads That Just Require Water

Using premium and dense melamine, these magic cleaning pads only require water to start working their…um, magic. Non-abrasive and non-corrosive, they can be used on almost any kind of surface where dirt is found. Coming in a pack of 20, use these 1.25 inch-thick sponges on oven tops, leather, marble, or steel, to name just a few, and see the grime disappear before your eyes.


These Microfiber Brushes Specifically Made For Bottles

Feel like you’ll never get that residue out of the bottom of the wine decanter or baby bottle? These microfiber bottle brushes are designed to do just that. Each brush is dishwasher-safe and comes with rust-resistant stainless steel, a durable handle and neck, and tough nylon bristles. Every kit includes two brushes for water bottles or tumblers, a narrow brush for long neck bottles, a small baby bottle brush, and even a straw cleaner. With these kinds of tools, no dirty-bottomed bottle stands a chance.


A Bamboo Bath Mat That Repels Dreaded Mildew

For some, mildew is one of the nastiest of bathroom offenders, and this bamboo bath mat deals effectively with that problem by keeping air and water flowing via a lattice design. With rubber pads underneath that grip the floor and keep it in place, it is protected with a three-layer waterproof and stain-resistant coating. Lightweight and durable, roll or fold it up for easy portability.

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