15 Hanukkah Games For Adults That Will Be A Hit At Your Party

From dreidel to Hanukkah-themed Mad Libs.

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If you grew up Jewish, you probably know all too well the extent to which the holiday season tends to leave Hanukkah behind. Even if you're not offended by an innocent "Merry Christmas!" It's more likely than not that you have at least a moment or two every December when you can't help but wonder, Can't we get a little bit more Hanukkah talk up in here? After all, the full Christmas-celebrating world would just plotz if they could taste a latke or enjoy some gelt or enjoy any one of these Hanukkah games for adults. If they only knew what they were missing out on!

You may have been under the very mistaken impression that the only thing to play on Hanukkah is the dreidel — and while this seasonal icon does make an appearance in the list of games below (how could I possibly leave it out?), it's only one of a slew of things you can do to stay entertained as you celebrate eight crazy nights this year. Your Hanukkah celebrations will likely look a bit different this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends staying home this holiday season and limiting your gatherings to only the people in your household. However, you can still take part in plenty of the festivities virtually.

In 2020, Hanukkah begins on Dec. 10 and ends on Dec. 18, and the game suggestions you'll find if you keep scrolling will give you plenty of laughs whether you're celebrating with the people in your pod or extended family over Zoom.

1. Dreidel

The dreidel is a basic symbol of the Hanukkah celebration, but you'd be amazed by how many ways there are to play with one. A quick Google search will give you tons of ideas for adult dreidel games, many of which include a fair amount of drinking.

2. The Chosen One

A la Cards Against Humanity, in each round of this game, one player picks a question card. Then, everyone selects an answer card from their hand. The funniest answer wins and low-stakes arguments ensue.

3. Drink If

The Star of David-shaped cards in the Drink If game can work as coasters if you're looking to spice things up over dinner, or you can break it out after the meal for a round of boozy fun. Each player starts with a full drink, then takes a drink if the statements on each card (which are all relevant to Jewish culture) apply to them.

4. Chanukah Checkers

This festive take on a classic board game takes advantage of the alternative spelling of Hanukkah for an alliterative bonus. The game pieces are blue and silver Hanukkah coins.

5. Drinking Dreidels

Drinking Dreidels is a fast-paced dreidel game. Its speed — and its drinking, of course — should make it feel a little like quarters.

6. Hanukkah Mad Libs

Mad Libs are pretty much the ultimate word game no matter when you play them, and Hanukkah is no exception. This version includes 21 fill-in-the-blank stories that will give you plenty of content to spread over eight nights of latkes and candles.

7. Apples to Apples Jewish Edition

The cards in this edition of the much-beloved Apples to Apples game all relate to Jewish themes, so breaking this out for Hanukkah will keep with the flow of the festivities.

8. The 8 Drinking Games of Chanukah

This all-in-one package includes eight rule cards, two dice, one chip, one dreidel, and one spinner, plus all of the instructions you need to turn those supplies into eight different drinking games. Cheers to that!

9. Taboo Jewish Edition

Use funny phrases or one-word clues to get your team to say the right Hanukkah-related word (think "dreidel" or "Maccabee!") and you get a point. Mazel!

10. Sing-Along Chanukah Microphone

Use this microphone as intended to sing a classic Chanukah song (a song book with transliterated lyrics is included), or turn the celebration into something slightly rowdier with a night of festive karaoke.

11. Schmear Build-A-Bagel Card Game

Test your memory — and your knowledge of bagel sandwiches — to the test with this highly appetizing card game.

12. Chanukah-gories

This festive twist on Scattergories from Etsy seller Favors & Stuff Design is downloadable, making it easy for everyone to play wherever they are.

13. Hanukkah Bingo: 2020 Edition

Etsy shop Happy Moments Paper has turned our collective COVID-misery into a game where you and your family can commiserate. Bonus points if you teach your family the TikTok dance you learned over Zoom.

14. Brain Teaser

If your family is a fan of trivia, this is the perfect game to play over Zoom. This card game comes with over 130 different brain teasers, all with a Jewish spin.

15. Movie Watch Party

Gather 'round the laptop screen to watch a Hannukah movie of your choosing. I recommend the buck wild Disney Channel Original Movie Full-Court Miracle. Plus? You can turn most any movie into a drinking game.

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