Here Are The Home Products People Want The Most Right Now, Based On Amazon Data

Everyone’s got their eye on these popular home items.

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From breakfast in bed to cozy nights on the couch, your home should feel like a sanctuary to you. If you walk into your living room at the end of a long day and your first thought isn’t “there’s no place like home,” a la Dorothy, you may want to make some changes. But, where to start?

Below, find some of the top products that people have been lusting after the most on Amazon. These products are beloved for a reason: From kitchen upgrades to cleaning solutions, they’ll spruce up your space and make you feel more at peace while spending time at home.


These LED Lights Perfect For Small Spaces

If you have trouble seeing under cabinets and counters, especially when you need something late at night, try these LED lights. With the included wireless remote, you can turn them on and off and adjust the brightness at a distance. If you're stepping away, simply use the remote to set a timer for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes, and they'll turn off on their own without you having to lift a finger.


A Milk Frother For At-Home Baristas

Skip the trip to the coffee shop and grab this milk frother instead — you’ll be making the drinks of your dreams in no time. Within seconds, it creates a creamy foam that pairs perfectly with coffee or tea, and you can even use it to whisk matcha, since it's quicker than its manual counterpart. When you're ready to clean it, simply run it under hot water and turn it on for a moment, and you'll be ready to whip up another masterpiece.


This 10-Pack Of Sustainable Swedish Dishcloths

Instead of constantly replacing that one roll of paper towels, grab this 10-pack of sustainable Swedish dishcloths. They're an eco-friendly alternative to disposable options; they're soft and absorbent when wet and coarse enough to scrub when dry. Since they can absorb up to 20 times their weight in spills and liquids, you'll be saving a ton on paper towels every year.


A Splatter Screen That Protects You From Hot Oil

Pick up this splatter screen to protect yourself from splashes and stains while you cook, especially in the form of hot oil. It hooks onto the handles of your pots and pans, preventing blisters and burns on your hands, and keeps your stove and counters clean while you cook. Plus, it allows steam to rise from the top, unlike many silicone models.


This Knife Sharpening Stone With A Nonslip Base

This knife-sharpening stone is a reliable choice when you want to keep your utensils in tip-top shape. With its nonslip base, it helps make the sharpening process significantly safer. It's made from a silicone carbide material and boasts two sides, one of which is for regular maintenance and one that’s for extra-sharp blades.


A Bidet Attachment With Adjustable Water Pressure

Make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa with this bidet attachment. It's super easy to install with its sliding mounting paddles, and you won't need any additional plumbing adjustments to use it. Simply turn the dial as you use it to adjust the water pressure to your comfort level.


These Smart Lightbulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa & Google

With these smart lightbulbs, you can change the brightness and ambiance of your room with just the sound of your voice. You can choose from millions (literally millions) of color options and adjust the light to be warmer or cooler. Sync up the bulbs with Alexa or Google Assistant — no hub required — and speak your truth (or at least your lighting preference).


This Emergency Stain Remover That Works On Most Fabrics

This emergency stain remover is professional grade and powerful enough to tackle even the toughest spots. It's made without peroxide, chlorine, perfumes, or dyes; instead, its biodegradable formula removes stains without disrupting your favorite fabric. Think of the toughest stains you've had to remove, from coffee to spaghetti sauce — this stain remover can handle them all.


An Herb Saver That Maintains Freshness & Saves You Money

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme: keep them all fresher longer with this herb saver. This container hydrates and protects your greens, keeping them fresh for up to three weeks and saving you money in the long term. Its extra-large size fits all your favorite veggies, and its BPA-free plastic cup is breathable enough to keep herbs happy.


A Mattress Protector That Creates A Barrier Against Bacteria

Whether you’re sensitive to dust or simply want to create a barrier against bacteria, you can (literally) rest assured that this mattress protector will stop unwanted substances from creeping in. Its smooth polyester surface repels fluids while allowing air to move through, and it stops dust mites and allergens at the source.


This Wood Repair Kit That Covers Up Scratches & Stains

Parents and pet owners, rejoice: this wood repair kit allows you to quickly and easily cover up scratches on any wood surface. With wood pen colors including Maple, Cherry, Black, and Mahogany, you can cover up blemishes on furniture of any color. Just use the included pens to draw over scratches and allow the ink to dry, and your favorite pieces will look as good as new.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That's A Winter Must-Have

Dry winter air can leave you feeling parched, especially when you wake up in the morning; that’s why this cool mist humidifier is a must-have throughout the colder months. This particular model can operate continuously for up to 25 hours at a time, so you can run it all day and night, and it's BPA-free, making it a safer option than many other models. Just fill up the 1.5-liter tank from your bathroom or kitchen sink to reduce allergies and cold symptoms, and even moisturize your plants.


This Cozy Comforter That Makes A Great Alternative To Goose Down

Avoid purchasing unethically sourced down this winter season and reach for this cozy comforter instead. It's made with a synthetic down alternative that's just as warm as its counterparts on the market, and it's machine washable for convenient cleanup. Choose from gorgeous neutral colors like brown/cream and navy/sleet.


An Electric Can Opener That Works With The Push Of A Button

This electric can opener works in three simple steps: place it on the rim, press the button, and remove the lid — it's really that easy. Power it with four AA batteries and it'll work beautifully without the hassle and sharp edges of a manual can opener. It's an especially great choice for those with arthritic hands or difficulty gripping.


This Digital Meat Thermometer With A Motion Sensor

This might just be the most high-tech digital meat thermometer you’ve ever used. Its motion sensor turns it on and off when the probe opens and closes, and it goes to sleep when you set it down, so it saves battery power when it's not in use. With an incredibly fast response time of three to four seconds, it'll streamline your cooking process and help you master difficult dishes like a pro.


A Surge Protector With A Ton Of Charging Ports

If you never seem to have enough outlets for all your chargers and cords, look no further than this surge protector. With four USB ports, one USB-C port, and five AC outlets, you'll be able to plug in all the devices you need without shuffling them around. Plus, it's designed with outlets far enough away from one another that you can actually use all of them at the same time.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner That'll Remove Lint Buildup

Built-up lint in your dryer is gross at best and a fire hazard at worst — that's why this dryer vent cleaner is a great choice. The flexible vacuum hose can reach crevices that most vacuums can't, and you'll be shocked at how much lint might have been out of your reach. The best part is that it'll fit most vacuum cleaners, so it's sure to be compatible with whichever model you currently have at home.


This Microfiber Bath Mat That's Super Soft & Absorbent

Step out of the shower onto this microfiber bath mat, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud. If after you bathe, you often find yourself tracking water all over the floor, this mat might be a great choice for you, since it’s extremely absorbent. You can machine wash it over and over, and the color will stay just as bright as it was the day you bought it.


A Cute & Compact Personal Blender

Pressed for time in the morning? Simply throw your favorite smoothie ingredients in this cute and compact personal blender, hit the button, grab your delicious drink, and go. Its stainless steel blades are strong and durable enough to cut through even the toughest frozen fruit, and it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Bonus: its small size is a perfect fit for most cup holders.


These Aluminum Baking Sheets That Shouldn’t Rust

For an upgraded version of a kitchen staple, try these aluminum baking sheets — they shouldn’t rust, no matter how much you use them. Therefore, you can feel confident that your food will cook or bake evenly across the board with these sheets. Choose from a variety of sizes to find the best fit for your oven.


An Electric Space Heater With An Effective Safety System

If you want to stay safe and warm this winter, this electric space heater might be just what you're looking for. With two heat levels and one cool air fan, you'll want to keep it within reach all year long. The thermostat control actually turns the heater on and off to keep it in a safe temperature range. It's also made of a flame-retardant material that turns it off if it ever gets knocked over by mistake.


This Fleece Bedding Set That Resists Static Cling

Wrap yourself up in luxury with this fleece blanket set, which is made of a plush microfiber material that's just as cozy as it is breathable. Whether you fold it on top of your bed, snuggle on the couch, or take it to the campsite, it's a multi-purpose cold-weather favorite for a reason. When you're ready to clean it up, just throw it in the washing machine and dryer for a blanket that's as good as new.


This Descaler That Removes Buildup From Coffee Makers

Not only does this descaler eliminate limescale and mineral deposits while preventing corrosion, but it also makes your coffee machine last so much longer while enhancing the taste of your favorite beverages. It's as effective as it is gentle, and you can use it on all kinds of machines, from Keurigs to Nespressos and everything in between. Use it every two to three months for a much-needed reset.


A Dry Erase Fridge Calendar That Helps You Plan Your Life

Stick this dry-erase fridge calendar onto any magnetic surface, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you get organized. From games and shows to family meals, you can track events and keep important information where everyone will see it. Made with three high-quality layers of stain-resistant film, it allows for smooth writing and lets you erase past months with ease.


This Double-Sided Carpet Tape That's Super Strong

If your favorite rugs tend to slip and slide, you might need this double-sided carpet tape. With its super-strong adhesive, it'll stick to smooth and rough surfaces alike, and when you remove it, there won't be any residue left behind. It's an especially good choice for homes with high traffic, as it helps prevent slips and falls.


A Memory Foam Pillow That Reduces Neck & Back Pain

Fall asleep comfortably with this memory foam pillow, and you’re not likely to wake up with neck or back pain. In more scientific terms, it reduces stress in the cervical vertebrae and spine, helping to improve your sleep quality and alleviate discomfort. Whether you're a back or side sleeper, its ergonomic design will keep you so supported, you’ll want to hit the snooze button.


An Oil Sprayer That's A Huge Help In The Kitchen

Have you ever tried to pour a little olive oil on a baking sheet, only to drench it by mistake? If so, you might love this oil sprayer. It's made with a transparent glass bottle and a scale mark so that you can actually measure how much oil you're spraying while you use it. Its nonslip button won't let grease get in the way of a good meal. Use it with soy sauce, vinegar, or condiments to get the right amount every time.


This Eco-Friendly Ice Melter That Works Fast

As soon as this eco-friendly ice melter touches the ice or snow, it gets right to work, melting anything that might stand in your way. Its anti-corrosion formula melts ice effectively without harming concrete or metal surfaces, and it won't dry or irritate your skin if you accidentally make contact. Plus, its environmentally friendly ingredient blend won't leave behind any residue, so you can use it on or around vegetation without causing harm.


This Food Storage Set That Keeps Food Fresh

Keep your favorite snacks fresh with this food storage set. Each container is airtight, preventing ingredients from going stale, and their wide lids make them super easy to carry. The included chalkboard stickers and marker allow you to label and identify each item, so you can skip the stress and get straight to cooking.


A Microwavable Bacon Grill That Stops Grease From Splattering

Cook your favorite breakfast with ease when you buy this microwavable bacon grill. Its ingenious design includes a vented cover that stops grease from splattering and a handle that allows for easy removal. It keeps bacon elevated so that excess grease drips off, and it'll cook four to six strips at a time, all to your ideal temperature.


An LED Plant Light With An Automatic Timer

Demystify the art of gardening with this LED plant light. Made with 10 red and 74 white LEDs, it's meant to mimic the effects of the sun at noon and is specifically designed for indoor plants. With three timer options, you can choose how many hours it runs at a time. It's super energy efficient, costing somewhere around two dollars in electricity per month according to its manufacturer.


This Watering Can With A Long Spout

Hone your green thumb with this watering can, which features a long spout that helps you nourish every part of your plant, even the areas that are out of reach. With a capacity of 1.8 liters, it features a larger capacity than many of its competitors, and its high-quality plastic material won't break, even in the case of drops or spills. Choose between four adorable colors, whether you prefer mint green or sleek gray.


A Salad Chopper With Blade Covers To Protect Fingers

Preparing veggies and salads will be a breeze when you use this salad chopper. All you need to do is put your ingredients in the bowl and rock the blades back and forth, and you'll have a perfectly chopped bowl of greens in no time! The included blade protectors will keep your fingers safe before and after you work. It's dishwasher safe, so the cleaning process is a breeze.


These Nonslip Velvet Hangers That Hold Up To 10 Pounds Each

Superman's got nothing on these nonslip velvet hangers, which can hold up to 10 pounds each. Not only are they classic and stylish, but they're compact and space-saving, thanks to their slim design. The horizontal bar design lets you hang up pants and suits as well, so your favorite pieces will be wrinkle-free and ready to wear.


A Digital Alarm Clock With 3 Brightness Levels

Be kind to your eyes with this digital alarm clock, which features three brightness levels, so you won’t have to wake up to the irritating light of your phone screen. You can sleep peacefully, thanks to its quiet design that won't tick throughout the night, and if you need a little extra R&R in the morning, you can snooze for up to 60 minutes. Plus, its dual USB ports let you charge two devices overnight on your bedside table, eliminating the need for long extension cords.


This Electric Throw Blanket That Helps Keep You Warm

If you tend to run cold, an electric throw blanket might be just what you need this winter. This particular model features three heat settings that warm up fast with the touch of a button, and it's made from soft and cozy flannel. Curl up on the couch without contorting into uncomfortable positions — the power cable is 10 feet long, allowing you to sit further away from electrical outfits than most competitors.


A Strainer That Snaps Onto Your Pots & Pans

Streamline your pasta-making process with this strainer, which snaps onto your pots, pans, and bowls for easy pouring. Other strainers, colanders, and sieves take up valuable counter and shelf space, but this one features a compact design that'll fit anywhere in your kitchen. Its nonstick grip keeps food from escaping, and the built-in spout drains water quickly and efficiently, right down to the last drop.


This Vegetable Chopper & Spiralizer With 4 Interchangeable Blades

Slicing veggies can be arduous and time-consuming — not so with this vegetable chopper and spiralizer, which comes with four sharp and interchangeable blades. The built-in chop lid cuts food into a tray that catches your ingredients, so you can skip the process of sliding chopped veggies off the cutting board into a bowl. Its stainless steel material will last a long time and resist rust, and its soft handle gives you leverage while you work.


A Shelf Rack That Saves Cabinet And Counter Space

If you're always looking for more room in the kitchen, you may want to invest in this shelf rack. It saves cabinet and countertop space by organizing pans into a compact stack you can store vertically or horizontally. Store up to five pans and/or lids at a time, and choose from classic metallic colors like bronze and silver.


A Portable Carpet Cleaner That Eliminates Spots & Stains

Do you get heart palpitations when someone stands on your favorite white carpet with a glass of red wine? With this portable carpet cleaner, you can clean up spills and stains so easily, you'll be encouraging houseguests to walk around with wine glasses and cups of coffee. Its super-strong spray and suction features remove even the toughest stains from carpets, upholstery, and even car interiors, and it comes with a trial-size version of the brand's trademark stain remover.