Here Are The Most Popular Home Upgrades People Are Making, Based On Amazon Data

Tried and true.

by Christina X. Wood
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Upgrading your home involves a lot of decisions. It’s mostly fun, but deciding what colors to use, how to organize things, what tools are worth it, and which are just a waste of money can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you which tool to use or what accessory to buy. That’s one of the great things about online shopping — and the loads of data that shopping editors can access.

Especially when it comes to an upgrade that might take some time and energy to implement, it’s comforting to learn that many others have already done it. Based on Amazon data, here’s a slew of popular home upgrades people are making. Take a peek and see if something might be just right for your own home.


This Outlet Extender That Turns One Outlet Into A Power Center

Turn one outlet into a power center simply by plugging this outlet extender in and securing it with a center screw. That single outlet can now accommodate five standard plugs, three USB plugs, and one USB-C plug. And there is a shelf on top to set a speaker or your phone. It even has a built-in nightlight.

“[It] allows me to plug in multiple small appliances plus our cellphones and tablets without using up valuable counter space,” said one reviewer. “I especially like that I can [...] follow a recipe without the danger of the tablet getting wet or splashed with food.”


The Power Scrubber That’s The Best At Detailing

Get your grout clean. Clean the crud from the corners and crevices of your faucet. And scrub out the baked-on yuck in your oven and stove faster and with less elbow grease with this power scrubber. Reviewers love the oscillating head for getting details clean twice as fast, giving it almost 13,000 five-star reviews.

“Amazing!!! Does a great job cleaning grout. Does a great job cleaning around the faucets... It is small but mighty,” said one.


The Keyhole Light That Helps Get You In The Door More Easily

Make getting into your home easier and safer by sticking this motion-activated keyhole light over the lock so you can easily fit your key into it without fumbling. Since the light only comes on for a few seconds at a time — turning itself off after you get inside — the battery-operated light lasts for a long time. It’s super easy to install. Just peel and stick it over the keyhole.


The Under-Sink Shelf That Expands To Fit

Instead of letting chaos rule under the sink, turn that space into useful storage by installing this under-sink organizer. It fits neatly around the plumbing and adjusts to fit the width, depth, and height of your cabinet to maximize your storage space. It even works with the items you want to store because the height adjustments can accommodate tall cleaning supplies or short personal care items.


These Bamboo Spice Bowls With Rotating Lids

If you love to sprinkle your food with exotic coarse salts or infused sugars — or any spice — these two spice bowls are a great way to store them within reach. The lids keep the spices fresh and clean and rotate out of the way when you want to use them. The bamboo looks pretty on the table and is easy to wash.

“It’s handy to use, the lid can’t get lost, and the salt stays granular in spite of the kitchen being fairly humid,” reported one reviewer.


A Tailored Bed Skirt For A Smart-Looking Bedroom

Instead of looking at the exposed scaffolding of the bedframe — or the storage containers under the bed — install this bed skirt and the room will feel finished and presentable. The box-pleated corners create a crisp, tailored look and there are 12 colors and five sizes to choose from so you can match your decor and bed size.

“Absolutely gorgeous and has a five-star hotel style tailored look,” said one reviewer.


A Collection Of Cleaning Brushes For Every Thermos & Bottle

All your water bottles, Thermoses, and storage jars will need a thorough cleaning at some point. And this set of five bottle brushes has the tool you need for each of them. Long and skinny, fat and fluffy, and several sizes in between, there is a brush here that will get in through the opening and reach to the bottom of your bottle so you can scrub it clean.


This Big Set Of Mixing Bowls With Matching Lids

These five stainless steel mixing bowls — in sizes from 3/4 of a quart up to five quarts — come in handy for everything from whipping up a batch of cookies or an omelet to storing leftovers in the fridge. The flat bottom and easy-to-grip lip make them easy to work with. The matching lids make storing your creations easy. They nest for storage and go in the dishwasher for cleanup.


The Blacklight Flashlight That Finds The Yick That Hides

Not sure if — or where — the dog left a mark on the rug? Grab this blacklight flashlight, turn out the lights, and find that mess easily because cleaning it up thoroughly (and teaching your dog that spot is off-limits) is the way to prevent it from happening again.

“I discovered what looked like a crime scene aired on the television show ‘Forensic Files,’” said one reviewer. “[This] had pet stains glowing that weren't visible to the naked eye[...] I'm highly impressed [...] while also sickened by my beagle crime scene.”


This Stainless Steel Compost Bin With 11,000 5-Star Ratings

If you have a garden, kitchen scraps are a food source for your plants. This countertop compost bin helps you capture them with no mess, smell, or indoor bugs. A filter in the lid traps the smell inside and a big handle makes it easy to carry your scraps to the yard. It comes in eight finishes that look good on the counter.


A Clever Hack For Outlets That Are In The Wrong Place

When an outlet is in the way or placed right where you want to put furniture, this ultra-thin outlet concealer is a nice way to cover it and use that power in a more convenient place. Just plug the cover plate into the plug to cover it up and run the cord — and the attached three-outlet power strip — to a better place. Over 39,000 people gave this clever idea five stars.


These Bins That Bring Order To The Fridge

Organize the interior of your fridge so it’s easier to clean and work from with these refrigerator bins that let you stash similar items together so it's easy to see and find them. Put fruits in one, vegetables in another, sodas in the can holder, and condiments all together in one bin. There is even an egg keeper that lets you stack items on top of the eggs.


A Picture Hanger That’s So Much Easier

Hang pictures — even heavy ones — quickly and easily without leaving big holes in the wall by pushing these weird picture hangers through the plaster. The back grips the inside of the wall, using leverage to hold your art securely.

“These are unique, easy-to-use, picture hangers,” explained one reviewer. “They look like they'd be flimsy, but the way they are engineered, the wall creates the holding power. You don't even need an anchor! I was shown these by a professional handyman who told me he uses nothing else now.”


A Set Of Unbreakable Wine Glasses You Can Take Anywhere

Feel free to take your wine or cocktails out on the deck, to the pool, and on a beach picnic with this set of four stainless steel unbreakable wine glasses. They drink just like your glass wine glasses but you can toss them in a bag and take them along. And you don’t have to worry about broken glass in the sand or pool. They come in 15 colors.


This Clever Trick For Fixing A Sagging Couch

If your couch is starting to sag, slip this cushion support insert under the cushions and bolster it up. This affordable and easy solution will help you get years more comfort out of that expensive piece of furniture.

“Something so simple made all the difference,” said one reviewer. “[It made] my beautiful leather sofa like new again. Before, sitting on the sofa really brought people together. Now there’s comfortable space again.”


The Stain Remover That Gets It Clean STAT

When curry dribbles onto your white shirt, wine stains your couch, or the baby is creating a crime scene with pasta sauce, this stain remover helps erase it. Just wipe away the mess, spray, then wipe up the wetness. The stain will disappear.

“Someone spilled an entire glass of red wine all over [our] beige carpet. [...] Not only did it start disappearing from our eyes like magic but [it] didn’t bleach the carpet and kept the perfect beige color. Looked brand new, and my neighbors all ran home to purchase this.”


A Cute Way To Keep Your Couch Gear Handy

Keep all your essentials with you without cluttering up your living space by hanging this armest organizer over the arm of your favorite chair or couch. The macrame exterior adds a decorative element. The pockets provide a place for the remote, your tablet, glasses, and whatever else you like to keep handy. Just slide the long anchor fabric under the cushion. It works well bedside, too.


These Lights That Fix So Many Dark Corners

Quickly add lighting to a dark closet or boost the task lighting in your kitchen by attaching these wireless LED under-cabinet lights wherever you could use some illumination. You can tap them to turn them on and off. Or use the included remote to control them, adjust the brightness, and set them to turn off after a custom interval.

“I turned my built-before-electricity black hole of a kitchen into a living-beyond-my-means [...] hipster coffee snob's [...] dream...affordably!” said one reviewer.


A Simple Yet Life-Changing Toilet Appliance

After a five-minute installation, this bidet attachment will transform your bathroom so completely, you will not want to go anywhere else. Tap the toilet’s clean water supply to deliver a stream of water that drastically reduces your need for toilet paper while improving your hygiene. The handy dial lets you control the strength of the nether shower.

“Life changing,” said more than one reviewer. “I set up all my bathrooms. You’re gonna feel like some kind of animal when you look back at the days when you still cleaned [...] with just toilet paper.”


The Tidy Hack For Cleaning Up Plugs & Wires

You don’t have to live with the cable messes that have taken up residence under your desk and the entertainment area. Drop the power strip into one of these two cable management boxes and direct the wires out the back. The mess — and hazard to babies and pets — is gone. You are left with a minimalist box. It’s easy to access the plugs and wires, though.


These Drawer Dividers That Create Custom Storage

These bamboo drawer dividers turn any drawer into a custom storage area in seconds. They are spring-loaded and have grippy feet so installing them is a matter of placing them in your drawer to create the shapes you want. Arrange them horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. You can even stack them in deep drawers. They come in three colors to match your drawer interiors.


This Easy Trick For A Cleaner Dishwasher (& Cleaner Dishes)

When the machine that washes your dishes is dirty, your dishes won’t get so clean when they come out of there. These dishwasher cleaner tablets make it easy to keep that machine running clean. Just drop one into the dishwasher and run a normal load. It will help remove limescale and mineral buildup and clean the racks, motor, tub, valve, and drain. Nearly 46,000 people gave it five stars.


A Smart Tool For Dusting The Ceiling Fans

Dusting a ceiling fan might seem like a challenging task involving a ladder. But it’s easy with this extendable ceiling fan duster in hand. The telescoping handle extends from 27 to 47 inches so you can reach the fan blades from the ground. The duster slides over the blades to quickly capture all the dust — top and bottom — without raining on you. Just remove the dust head and toss it in the laundry to clean up till next time.


These Unique Terrariums You Can Hang On The Wall

Hang these glass terrariums on the wall to create a green space in your dwelling with little effort. They are a great way to grow cuttings, display cut flowers, or grow small, lightweight plants. The two-pack of heat-resistant glass vases have a hole in the back for a wall hook and come with two hooks for installation.


These Decorative Floor Registers That Beautify The Vents

These decorative floor registers are a quick and easy way to make your house look way better. Just replace the cheap ones that mar the appearance of your floors with these for an instant overhaul. It’s a small change but makes a large visual impact. The smooth-moving damper boxes also help improve control over your heat and AC. There are seven colors and 10 sizes so you can choose the one that fits and gives your home the look you want.


A Duster That Reaches Into Tight Spaces

Cleaning under appliances or furniture is much easier with the right tool. And this microfiber duster is the slim and grippy wet mop or dry duster for the job. The light, flexible, and slender head slides under the fridge or couch, and goes easily between the cabinet and the fridge or the washer and dryer, to grab dust and dirt. The microfiber cloth removes and can go in the wash and the telescoping handle reaches 55 inches when extended.


These Luxe Bedsheets With Hordes Of Fans

Make the bed in these soft, silky microfiber sheets and sleep in comfort without breaking the bank. Choose from 12 beautiful colors to revamp your room at the same time. The lightweight fabric is woven from an ultrafine thread, which makes for a silk-like fabric that won’t fade or wrinkle.

“I cannot express enough how unbelievably soft and luxurious this material feels!” said one of the 61,000 five-star reviewers. “It is truly heavenly! It feels like silk and cotton combined.”


These Color-Changing Lightbulbs With Their Own Remote

Take control of your lighting by screwing these two color-changing lightbulbs into an overhead light or lamp. You can use the remote to choose the color, brightness, and lighting mode. Take your room from brightly lit for working to soft romantic lighting with a touch of a button. Or turn on pulsing or flashing lights for a party. You can set timers so the lights go off after you go to sleep.


A Slick Shower Squeegee For Fast Cleanups

Keep your glass shower door clean and spiffy by frequently giving it a quick wipe with this shower squeegee. It’s easy to do if you mount it to the wall of the shower with the included stick-on hook. It’s an elegant shape that looks great in the bathroom and comes in four colors.

“Excellent little squeegee that fits neatly into my new shower. Very stylish. Does a great job of getting soapy water off the shower doors,” said one reviewer.


These Pillowcases That Baby Your Skin & Hair

Rest your head on the silky softness of this set of two satin pillowcases and your hair and skin will thank you in the morning. The fine texture of the fabric doesn’t dehydrate your skin or catch your hair so you wake up without bedhead or fabric wrinkles pressed into your face. The vast array of colors makes decorating the bedroom a pleasure, too. Over 194,000 people gave these five stars.


A Modern Hand Towel Holder That Looks Super Cute

Update the old towel ring that came with your bathroom with this modern, triangular hand towel holder and it will give the room a surprisingly different look. It’s easy to hang a towel on it, too, since there is a roomy flat area for it. It comes in four colors and reviewers call it “super cute,” “easy to install,” and “functional.”


The Chic Bedside Lamp That Charges Your Phone

This touch-control bedside lamp is the perfect lighting accessory for your bedroom. The light is easy to dim or brighten, even if you are groggy with sleep. Just touch the base until the light is where you want it. The USB port in the base lets you charge your phone without crawling under the bed or adding a power strip to the table. And the shade comes in eight colors to match your room.


This Quick Fix For Bad Internet Connections

Eliminate hiccups in your WiFi connection by plugging this WiFi extender into an outlet near where you want to connect. If your basement office, for example, is too far from the router to get a good connection, plug it in near your desk but within WiFi range. It grabs the signal, boosts it, and throws it further so you can connect without adding another network. Almost 51,000 people gave it five stars and say the setup is easy, it looks good, and the signal is great.


The Smart Way To Store All Your Knives

Make the knife drawer safer and more organized by setting this drawer knife block insert in it to store all your knives. It’s compact and stores six kitchen knives and eight steak knives blade down so you don’t get accidentally cut while looking for the wine opener. It also looks good and protects the edge on your blades so they don’t get dulled as they rattle around in a drawer.


A Squishy Kitchen Mat That Feels So Good Underfoot

If you stand while cooking, washing dishes, or working at a standing desk this anti-fatigue mat will be your new best friend. It provides just the right amount of springy cushion under your feet to feel wonderful and helps take the strain off your back and legs. It comes in nine colors and patterns and six sizes so you can match it to your space.

“So comfortable on my feet and relieved back tension while standing and chopping veggies for cooking,” said one reviewer. “I wish I'd gotten the longest one. I love it.”


The Makeup Storage Solution That Keeps Everything Within Reach

If you have a makeup collection of any size, storing it so you can find the brush or liner you want in a hurry is a challenge. This makeup organizer rises to that challenge. With seven cubbies on the top and three drawers that are sized to fit palettes and pots, this will keep everything handy, stored, and easy to find. It would also be great on a desk to organize paperclips and other small items.


This Broom Set With A Dustpan That Cleans The Broom

A broom is not that helpful without a dustpan. But when matched with this clever dustpan — that also cleans the debris from the broom, stands up on its own, and has a handle for emptying the bin — a dustpan set is a highly useful cleaning tool that you will reach for often.

“Love everything about this product,” said one reviewer. “The handles are of great length so no more awkward bending. The dustpan sits flat along the floor so minimal debris lines are left behind.”


These Solar Lights For Easy, Wireless Outdoor Lighting

Upgrade the lighting in your yard with no hassle and very little expense. Simply stick these solar pathway lights into the ground to line a path, into the flower bed for ambient lighting, or into a plant pot for a porch lamp. The sun charges the battery during the day and they turn on automatically at sunset so they require almost nothing from you.

“They go into grass and dirt seamlessly and they have great brightness to them!” said one reviewer. “You never have to think about it and you have cute [...] lights to light your garden or pathway!”


A Fabric Steamer That Will Travel With You

Who has time to iron? That doesn’t mean you have to accept wrinkles, though. Just fill this portable fabric steamer with water, plug it in, and steam the wrinkles out of your clothes right where they hang. It will run for 10 minutes on a tank, which is plenty of time to get your dress shirts — or dresses — event-ready.

“This thing is great,” said one reviewer. “Wrinkles are gone [...] and it feels very light and easy to use.”


This Contact Paper That Makes Your Counters Look Like Marble

Turn everything from thrift-store finds to dismal countertops into a reasonable dupe of marble by covering it with this marble countertop paper. The results are impressive and nearly impervious to water and it’s easy to do.

“I used this [...] on my kitchen countertop and I am so impressed with it,” said one reviewer. “It not only looks real and beautiful, but it holds up SO well. [...] Everything wipes off so easily. And it doesn't even scratch! I can't believe how strong it is.”


The Fast Fix For a Dripping Shower Door

Keep the shower water in the shower and stop that dribble that turns the floor into a slippery mess by snapping this shower door seal onto the bottom of the shower door. The hard PVC on the top grips the bottom of the door while flexible lower fins create a barrier that keeps water inside the shower. It takes only about five minutes to install.


A Jar Opener That Assists In Getting Any Lid Off Easily

Mount this jar opener under a counter and you will never have to go looking for someone to open a jar for you again. Just push any size lid into the open jaw until it stops then turn the jar. The opener’s sharp edges grab the lid and hold it so you can use both hands.

“Super easy to install and works like a charm!” said one reviewer. “No more banging on lids and hurting [my] hands.”


This Handy Stand That Stores The Toilet Paper

This toilet paper stand solves for everything TP-related — even if you have no place to mount a roll holder. It gives you a place to hang the roll and a shelf to set your phone or some other toiletries on, as well as a storage spot for three rolls of toilet paper. It requires no installation and brings the paper as close to the toilet as you need it to be. It comes in two finishes and gets over 9,000 five-star reviews.


A Luxurious Rain Showerhead With A Handheld Shower, Too

You don’t have to choose between a handheld shower and a luxury rainfall showerhead. This high-pressure showerhead is both. A 7-inch rainfall will drench you with a soft deluge of water — or change it to a pulsing massage or rain mist. And when you want a targeted cleaning, flip a switch and a high-speed shower comes out of the smaller, handheld head. Or you can have water come from both at once.


This Pro-Level Mop & Bucket With A Spin-Wringer

There is a reason janitors use a mop and a bucket with a built-in mop wringer. It’s effective and fast. This spin mop is the home version of that pro cleaning tool. A foot control squeezes excess water from the microfiber mop so you don’t have to bend over. The mop head is designed to get into corners to get everything spiffy clean. It even comes with three extra mop heads.

“This mop does it all!” said one reviewer. “Baseboards, wood floors, concrete, plank floors tile, linoleum... even used it to [wash] my car. Does a great job... grabs dirt, very easily, and washes out easily.”