Here Are 35 Of This Year's Top Home Trends That You Can Get For Under $35 On Amazon

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If you’re moving into a different apartment or simply looking to revamp your already-lived-in space for the new year, there are tons of popular decor items to watch out for — and where’s a better place to look than Amazon? Bonus: You’re shopping just in time to catch all of the predicted home trends for 2022 — and, yes, there are a lot of ‘em.

Between Pantone’s color of the year (hello, periwinkle), and the thriving biophilic lifestyle that people are incorporating into their homes (hello, plants), new design doors are opening left and right. And in case you’re wondering, pearls are having a moment, as well as coziness and cottagecore. See? You’ve got a lot of options — maybe enough to redo every room in your home.

To make your shopping simpler, I’ve referenced various 2022 home trend predictions as well as best-selling products that’ll help you decorate while staying privy to this year’s styles. Plus, the items here are all highly rated, good quality, and under $35.

New year, new you. Right? Scroll for this year’s top decor picks that don’t cost a ton of cash.


These Soft Periwinkle Sheets Made With A Breathable Bamboo Blend

Pantone has named Very Peri (aka periwinkle) the color of the year for 2022. So why night splurge on some on-trend sheets? This breathable sheet set is the perfect option, as it’s made with a bamboo-rayon blend — and it even comes in 40 different colors that suit anyone’s style. Each set includes a fitted and flat sheet, as well as four pillowcases in a soft, lightweight material that will have you sleeping like a baby through the night.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen


This Simple, Yet Stylish Ceramic Mug Painted In Periwinkle

Give your coffee mug cabinet an aesthetically-pleasing upgrade with these glossy ceramic coffee mugs that come in eight different shades, including this year’s coolest color (no pun intended), periwinkle. These chic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and can hold up to 18 ounces of hot or cold liquid (more than the average mug!).


The Vertical Planter That Makes Biophilic-Inspired Garden Walls Possible

Being one with nature (inside your house) is all part of the biophilic design trend, according to Pinterest’s 2022 predictions — and this seven-pocket vertical plant display is a great way to achieve it. The wall-mounted planter has seven waterproof pockets for hanging and growing your favorite indoor or outdoor plants, and its vertical design allows you to maximize your space for other plants that you want to keep around the house.


These House Plants For Anyone Who Needs More Greenery Inside

You can improve the air quality of your living space while keeping up with a biophilic design scheme with this set of three house plants. Each of these plants is specially selected based on seasonal availability and can help filter any air pollutants inside your home. They come in chic decorative planters, too — so your new green companions can work as decor as well.


These Pretty Porcelain Planters That You Can Display Throughout Your Home

You can increase the amount of greenery in your home by hanging these adorable ceramic planters. These two planters have a simple design that will fit in with the aesthetic of any indoor (or outdoor space), and they even come in different sizes so you can put different plants in each for a chic asymmetrical look.


This Stylish Pet Furniture For Elevated “Barkitecture” In Your Space

According to Pinterest, “barkitecture” is also becoming a trend of 2022 — and it focuses mainly on incorporating decorative pet furniture into your home. If you’ve got a dog that lounges around the house all day long, they’ll probably be obsessed with this elevated cot that looks like a miniature sofa. It comes in three different sizes — so little and big pups can enjoy — and is designed with a waterproof mesh bed that’s breathable.


A Kitty Scratching Post With A Whimsical Twist

If you’re the owner of a felines, you probably know how much they love to scratch. Get them a toy they can scratch at all day long and one that’ll look cute in your home with this mushroom scratching post. The adorable post is perfect for small- and medium-sized cats, and it’ll help keep them from scratching all the furniture in your home. It’s available in four different colors, too.


These Pearl-Lined Flameless Candles, Because “Pearlcore” Is Here

A new trend for 2022 is called “Pearlcore,” according to Pinterest — and it’ll bring pearls back to the forefront of home decor. These flameless candles with dainty, pearl-lined exteriors can help bring the trend to your space. They’re perfect for providing the elegant aesthetic of traditional candles without actual flames — just switch them on a watch the LED light “flicker.”


This Antique-Looking Table Lamp, Since Vintage Lighting Is Trending

According to Etsy’s roundup of 2022 trends, more and more people are searching for vintage lighting — and you can easily spice up your nightstand or office space with this antique-looking, touch-control lamp. This lamp has a vintage appearance, and it looks even better with an Edison bulb in it. The wrought-iron base even has a padded bottom, so it shouldn’t scratch up the furniture it’s resting on.


These Edison Bulbs That’ll Give Your Existing Lamps A Vintage Look

Need new Edison bulbs to upgrade your lamps? These will likely do the trick, and they even come in a pack of six so that you can place them all around your house. Edison bulbs can add a vintage touch to any space, offering a warm white light wherever you install them. These are dimmable, too, so you can use them to change up the mood in your home anytime.


A Trendy Sunset Lamp To Bring Colorful Lights Into Your Home

In addition to vintage lighting, Etsy has noted “colorful lighting” as a trending search for 2022 — and thanks to this sunset lamp, you can bring so many magnificent shades right into your room. This tiny tripod projects beautiful colors onto any wall that mimic the shape (and hues) of a real sun setting over the horizon. There’s 16 different colors to choose from, too — so you can choose what shade you want depending on your mood.


These Color-Changing Bulbs That Can Change Between 16 Million Hues

This set of smart bulbs is a cool way to bring colorful lighting into your home, since they can change between 16 million hues. They’ll help set the scene for a fun dance party, romantic dinner, movie night, or any other occasion that takes place in your space — and they’re even compatible with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for easy dimming or color changing.


The Decorative Agate Slices In Etsy’s Color Of The Year: Emerald Green

Etsy named the color of 2022 emerald green, noting an increase in “emerald green decor” searches. These decorative agate slices are the perfect way to add that color to any room in your home. You can make them functional by using them as paperweights or spoon rests in the kitchen, or just place them all around the house to add a subtle decoration to any space. This one-of-a-kind geodes will look amazing no matter where you display them — however, the brand suggests not using them as coasters.


These Blackout Curtains That’ll Upgrade Your Window Drapery

Yelp’s Home Trend Forecast Report for 2022 explained that people have been searching for drapery, and these curtains make following two trends possible: upgrading your window decor and adding some green to your space. They’re also blackout curtains that aim to block out 85% to 99% of light from the outside to help ensure you won’t wake up before your alarm goes off. Plus, if dark green isn’t your color, there are five more to choose from.


The Dusty Blue Throw Pillow Covers Made Of Smooth Velvet

Dusty blue is another trending color on the horizon of 2022, per Yelp — and it can be found on these velvet throw pillow covers. The chic and simple covers are the easiest way to spruce up your space, and you can throw them in the wash for effortless, regular cleaning. Plus, you can choose between 20 different colors and four different sizes with these covers.


These Cotton Bath Towels For Dusty Blue In A Different Room

If you’re trying to bring dusty blue throughout your home, why not add some to your bathroom? You can replace the bath towels you’ve probably had forever with this 100% cotton set that’s available in a subtle blue color that’s similar to the trending hue. This set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths — aka all of the essentials you’ll need in your bathroom to dry you off. The cotton material ensures absorbency and softness, making them feel super luxurious at an insanely affordable price.


A Faux Subway Tile Backsplash That Couldn’t Be Easier To Install

According to Yelp, more people are also searching for backsplashes — and one of the best ways to revamp a room in your home is by adding a fun backsplash like this one. It looks especially nice in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms — and it requires no professional installation due to the backsplash’s peel-and-stick design. Plus, it comes in six amazing colors that allow you to create the wall treatment of your dreams.


A Coffee Table Book Explaining Lagom, A Trend For 2022

Yelp also revealed that lagom living will likely become the norm in 2022 — even when home decor comes into the picture. This book by Niki Brantmark will teach you the Swedish way of lagom, which anyone can benefit from in our fast-paced world. This book demonstrates how to live a life without too much or too little of anything (work, leisure, food, and more), helping readers make peace with this sort of balance in their lives. Plus, it’d be great to keep on your coffee table.


These Natural Coasters Made With Handwoven Rattan

Yelp’s report highlights the trend of incorporating natural materials inside your home, and these rattan coasters are both natural and decorative (plus, they’ll help protect surfaces and look cute while doing it). Perfect for kitchens or living rooms, they’ll help keep your drinks in place and ensure not a drop of liquid escapes onto your tabletop. Plus, they’re handwoven — and one reviewer described them as “exquisite!”


This Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Can Be Displayed Anywhere

Yelp’s report even revealed that bold wallpaper is about to have a serious moment. If you’re trying to revamp your space with dedicating to paint, this peel-and-stick wallpaper can certainly help. It can be applied and removed with little effort (thanks to the adhesive back), and it’s available in three color combinations of brown and white, gray and while, as well as blue and white.


These Mini Storage Jars To Help Declutter Your Space

Yelp noted that there has already been increase in people searching the word “declutter” this year. With that being said, mini apothecary jars can help organize smaller spaces like the bathroom, and they look chic while doing it. This pack of four small jars can hold any small bathroom essentials, like cotton swabs and cotton balls — and the clear design allows you to see exactly what’s in each jar for easy access.


More Handy Organizers For Your Refrigerator Or Pantry

Decluttering your home includes your kitchen, and you can keep your refrigerator or pantry extra-organized with these clear containers with built-in handles. Not only will these bins keep your produce thoughtfully separated from your favorite soda cans in the fridge, but the handles will make it easier to pull each one out to grab whatever you need in a flash.


This Under-The-Sink Organizer To Keep Your Cleaning & Bathroom Products Together

The underbellies of bathroom or kitchen sinks can be messy collections of cleaning supplies, extra towels, or toiletries that are too out-of-reach to keep organized all of the time. This under-the-sink organization shelf makes storing all of this stuff seamless, optimizing the cramped space under any cabinet. By having a space for these items, you’re able to declutter the counter above the cabinet.


The Best-Selling Storage Cubes Lined With Fabric

At the time of publication, these storage containers are best sellers in Amazon’s Home & Kitchen department — and they’ll help you declutter random things in your home (like pillows, throw blankets, and more). They’re made with fabric that’s available in six colors to match your home, and they can be collapsed while not in use. Plus, each one has a handle that makes it easy to move around.


This Marble Contact Paper For An Easy Revival Of Any Room

Bored of your walls and want a quick change? Look no further than this marble contact paper that couldn’t be easier to apply. It’s been reported that marble is an ongoing trend for 2022, making this adhesive accessory a popular decor piece. Plus, the self-adhesive paper is incredibly chic and can stick onto basically any surface, including walls, tabletops, and dressers (practically any piece of furniture or space you’re looking to refresh).


The Coziest Faux Fur Throw Blanket That’s Also Decorative

According to Michaels’ 2022 trend predictions report via Business Wire, hygge isn’t going anywhere — and this super soft faux fur blanket is a must if you’re incorporating the cozy lifestyle into your home. Its 50-by-60-inch design is perfect for sharing when you want to snuggle up next to someone, and its fluffy fabric combination of faux fur and microfiber fleece makes it nearly irresistible. It’s even available in seven colors, making it super decorative.


This Chic Floral Wreath For Channeling Your Inner #Cottagecore

You guessed it: Michaels has predicted that cottagecore isn’t going anywhere, either — and these gorgeous hanging garlands can help bring small pops of floral decor into your home. They come in a pack of three and in different shapes for a unique and beautiful design option that will have all of your guests talking. One customer even wrote that they’re “absolutely gorgeous and stunning.”


This Embroidery Kit That Makes 4 Floral Designs

As Michaels has predicted, along with cottagecore will come embroidery — and this kit makes it all possible (even if you’ve never embroidered before). It includes everything you need to make floral designs with thread, including the actual patterns and hoops. When you’re done, you can display them throughout your home.


A Personalized Art Piece That Commemorates Your Special Day

Personalization is also predicted to be popular in 2022, per Micheals — even when it comes to decor. This personalized star map will have you and your recipient shedding a tear over this special commemoration of your favorite memory. The unique piece of art showcases what the stars looked like during the night of whatever special day you choose, such as an anniversary or birth.


These Soft Satin Pillowcases To Help With The Cozy Factor

Keeping your space comfortable is an ongoing trend, and these popular satin pillowcases with 197,000 popular ratings (and counting) can help. Thanks to the silky design, they’re soft on your skin and hair — and they’re even available in 22 colors, including versions of the ever-so-trendy dusty blue and emerald green. They’re even machine washable and feature envelope closures that keep the pillows in place.


A Comfy Duvet Insert Packed With Fluffy Down Alternative

If coziness is a priority for you, this duvet insert could be a great addition to your room as it aligns with the trending hygge lifestyle. It’s available in four sizes and it’s suitable for all four seasons (thanks to its down alternative filling). Plus, it’ll feel extra comfy within the duvet cover of your choosing — but you can still choose from eight different colors. The comforter is machine washable, too.


A Stylish Floor Cushion For Your Up & Coming Meditation Room

In an HGTV roundup of designer forecasts for 2022 home decor, it was noted that meditation rooms are predicted to become a prominent part of people’s homes. If you’re interested in creating one in your space, these meditation floor cushions could come in handy. The cushions are cute and designed with extra-plush padding and a soft velour exterior that helps ensure whoever’s sitting on it will be totally comfortable.


These Motion Sensor Lights That’ll Brighten The Area When You Walk By

If you make frequent late-night trips to the bathroom or to the fridge for a quick snack, you’ll want these motion sensor lights helping you lead the way. Place these on your stairwell, in your hallway, or anywhere else in your home where you might need an extra guiding light to keep you from stumbling in the dark. They’re battery-operated and can be installed via the included adhesive or magnet.


A Grout-Masking Pen That Saves You From Hours Of Scrubbing

After using this special marker to cover up the grout in your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll never want to scrub your tiles again. This pen uses white paint to mask the old-looking grout stains in between your tiles, giving it a refreshed, clean look in seconds without needing to scrub with cleaning supplies.


A High-Pressure Shower Head That’ll Give Your Bathroom Spa Vibes

Upgrade your shower experience with this high-pressure rainfall shower head with six different settings. Not only does this shower head allow you to save water on your water bill with its unbeatable pressure, but the six settings will have you feeling like you’re in an upscale, expensive spa right in your own home.