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You might think that after two years of writing articles about genius things on Amazon, I would have seen it all by now. But it's quite the contrary. Amazon is a seemingly endless supply of trending products, recent listings, and epic but low-key items just waiting for someone to find them. With a selection of over 400 million products (and that number is only growing year by year), Amazon always has something new and intriguing to offer — which, if you're as practical as I am, might not be enough to hit the buy button. Of course, once you hear how functional they are, you'll be glad you did.

Even the most practical among us know the products worth spending some money for. They're secret little gems that make life easier, won't just collect dust on your shelf, and will decrease your spending in the long run. From a clip that saves you trips to the hair salon to a set of towels that will cut down on your paper towel use, these aren't just unique purchases — they're smart ones.

Consequently, every week, I'm still finding hidden gems on Amazon that will change your life, especially if you're a sensible shopper. Check out some of the best new finds here.

1. These Cleaning Towels That Work Using Nothing But Water

Because they're made from a proven breakthrough cloth technology, Nano Towels thoroughly clean virtually any surface using nothing but water. It works on glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless steel, chrome, metal, granite, and porcelain to remove anything from dust to serious dirt, and because they're totally free of harmful chemicals, they're a lot safer for children and pets. One reviewer writes: "Got my nano towels today and I've been a cleaning fool. The damn thing really works."

2. A Wrinkle-Removing Spray That Won’t Damage Fabrics

You’ll never be late again thanks to this spray that immediately releases wrinkles with just a quick spritz — no iron necessary. Its formula makes wrinkles disappear without damaging fabric by relaxing the fibers so that they return to their initial shape. While it might sound too good to be true, it has a four-star rating and plenty of rave reviews to back up its claims.

3. These Foot Pads That Encourage Improved Sleep & Detoxification

These foot pads are ideal for anyone looking for all-natural techniques to get a better night’s rest. Made with ingredients like tree extracts and lavender, they aim to soothe the body and promote detoxification when placed on the bottom of your feet. And with 30 pairs in this pack, it’s a great overall deal as well.

4. This Long Shower Scrubber So You Can Reach Your Back By Yourself

This double-sided back scrubber has a long, strap-like shape and handles on both ends, so you can clean hard-to-reach areas like your back and neck. One side is made from a soft massaging microfiber while the other feels like a loofah for easy exfoliation. It's also machine washable and designed to repel moisture, so it'll stay fresh in your shower.

5. A Reusable, Microwavable Heating Pad For Muscle Relief

Pop this heating pad in the microwave (or the fridge) and position it around your neck and shoulders for instant achy muscle relief — or place it on your abdomen to help with cramps. It’s filled with rice and flaxseed to retain the temperature and scented herbs for soothing aromatherapy. It also comes in your choice of five different patterns.

6. A Strong Resistance Exercise Band With Plenty of Stretch

If you’ve never heard of this seven ring resistance exercise band, you are seriously missing out. Made from TPE rubber for maximum elasticity, this band is the perfect complement to any muscle- or strength-building workout. Available in three different resistances (light, medium, and strong), you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your workout style and fitness goals. And fans of this band rave, “I LOVE THESE BANDS… Everyone must try them!!!”

7. This Travel Organizer That Keeps All Of Your Electronic Accessories Super Orderly And Protected Against Damage

There’s nothing practical about throwing a wad of cords in your carry-on, but we all seem to do it. Not anymore thanks to this nylon travel organizer. The padded exterior unclips to reveal a carefully segmented case designed to hold cords, SD card, flash drives, and more. Inside you’ll discover a large zippered pocket, five cord slots, two mesh pockets, and four elastic holders. It measures just under 10 inches by 6 inches and comes in four colors to match the rest of your luggage.

8. This Durable Hand Towel That Multitasks As A Pot Holder

While most kitchen tools feel like unnecessary gimmicks, reviews rave that the Rachael Ray Moppine is an actual “great product.” Hand towel meets pot holder, the 100% cotton is temperature-resistant, padded, absorbent, and has pockets for your hands. It’s also machine-washable and has a built-in loop for hanging.

9. A Handheld Vegetable Slicer And Spiralizer That Makes Healthy Veggie Noodles

This two-bladed handheld vegetable slicer and spiralizer has a flat blade that makes ribbons and accordion cuts and a julienne slicer for strands and noodles. Turn any vegetable side dish into a far more exciting affair using this simple tool that sits in your hand for more precise cutting and slicing. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher friendly and compact enough to not take up space in your kitchen cabinet.

10. This Handy Water Flosser For A Squeaky Clean

Face it; flossing your teeth is a pain — but it doesn’t have to be with this genius portable cordless water flosser, which sprays water at your gums to remove plaque and stray pieces of food. Cordless, battery-operated, and lightweight, you’ll be able to use this water flosser wherever you go. It even has two modes so that you can set the pressure to a level that is comfortable for you. This is one practical buy that will make your next dental checkup way more pleasant.

11. This Powerful Shoe Protectant That Works Like A Charm On Any Shoe Material

If you want your favorite pair of shoes to stay fresh, clean, and dry, you should have a good shoe protectant in your life. This stain-repellent spray from Kiwi provides the protection you need to go about your day-to-day without worrying that your shoes will get scuffed or destroyed. And this protectant goes beyond just shoes; reviewers say this product works wonders on everything from car seats to velvet ballet flats to kitchen stools.

12. A Wallet & Passport Holder Designed With Tech That Keeps Your Identity Safe

Protect your most vital personal information, including your banking cards, passport, and driver’s license info, with this RFID-blocking wallet, which is designed to keep electronic pickpockets from scanning your info. The wallet itself is also lightweight and perfect for travel, but also spacious with enough slots for passports, credit cards, ID cards, money, and coins. It comes in tons of colors.

13. A 2-In-1 Odor Eliminator & Phone Charger For Your Car

This car air purifier has dual USB ports to charge your devices while you’re on the road — but the functionality doesn’t stop there. It also has a built-in ionizer, which eliminates odors, bacteria, and allergens in your car. This reviewer even did the ultimate test: “Bought 70 White Castle sliders at noon [and] left them in the car overnight. In the morning the odor was undetectable.”

14. This Travel Mug That Doubles As A French Press Coffee Maker

This isn't your average travel mug. The Bodum tumbler keeps your drink hot for hours and spill-free with a stainless steel insulation and locking lid — but it also allows you to make French press coffee right in the cup. It comes with a built-in plunger, so all you have to do is add coffee grounds and water for a fresh-brewed cup anywhere. One reviewer calls it "the best travel mug out there."

15. This Motorized Cleaner That Washes And Dries Makeup Brushes In Seconds

This wireless makeup brush cleaner runs on batteries and thoroughly washes and dries all your brushes quickly. It comes with various rubber holders that fit any handle size, and reviewers are raving: "I've never been so impressed with a product... After cleaning, my brushes looked new again."

16. These Durable Waterproof Bags That Protect Your Favorite Shoes No Matter Where You Go

Boasting a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon, these travel shoe bags are a favorite purchase of practical people everywhere. With four bags for just $12, this set is a serious deal that will make it easier for you to travel everywhere, whether you’re planning a trip overseas or just to the gym. These bags will lock moisture (and smell) in so that you can transport your shoes wherever you go. And with the ability to fit up to a size 10, these shoes will work for almost everyone. One reviewer praises them saying, “These bags are the best! Simple. Functional. Durable. You can’t go wrong.”

17. These Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts That’ll Keep Your Hands And Arms Protected

Using the grill can add an extra burst of flavor and satisfaction to your meals, but it can also be risky unless you’ve got a reliable pair of BBQ mitts like these. Built to be flame-resistant up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit and made with the same material that firefighters use for thermal protection, these ultra-strong mitts were designed to withstand pretty much anything. They’re also great to use even for everyday cooking and baking, and can keep your fingers, hands, and sensitive skin safe even when you’re just handling hot pots or cookie sheets.

18. This Sturdy Clip So You Can Hang Your Bag Virtually Anywhere

Never again put your bag on a dirty public floor. The Clipa 2 stores on your strap and opens when you need it, so you can hang your pocketbook over bathroom stalls, on bars, on the edges of tables, and around car headrests. It comes in five colors and is made from triple-plated high-strength alloy, so it supports even the heaviest of purses.

19. These Brilliant Adjustable Clips For Blanket Bandits And Sliding Sheets

Whether you're plagued by runaway elastic sheets or a partner who won't quit stealing the covers, there's Bed Bands — easy-to-install adjustable clips that keep your bedding right where you want it. The cordlock button allows you to control the tension, and the clips stay put on just about any fabric. The Amazon page has over 4,000 reviewers who now can't live without them.

20. This 3-In-1 Tool For The Avocado Lover

Whether you make a lot of guacamole or think any salad is improved with avocado (duh), there's this three-in-one tool. It comes with a stainless steel pitter that's super resilient and is designed to cut, de-pit, and slice safely and efficiently. Another perk? It's also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

21. A Safe Place To Put Your Phone While It's Charging

Whether it's for your phone, electric toothbrush, Echo Dot, speaker, or Wifi hub, the ECHOGEAR outlet shelf is a genius storage solution. It installs just like any outlet cover, holds up to ten pounds, and provides a sturdy surface with a built-in cable management system. One reviewer writes that this is the "best invention since the toaster."

22. This Sleek Automatic Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Tea Or Coffee Hot All Day

Keep your drink at precisely 131 degrees all day with this Nicelucky mug warmer. It ensures that your tea and coffee (or mug of soup, or the office cheese dip) is hot no matter how long you leave it sitting, and it automatically shuts off when the mug is removed. Because it's waterproof, it's also really easy to clean and can withstand spills.

23. This Damage-Free Way To Make Anything A Magnet

Make just about anything magnetic (from posters and photos to letter tiles and crafts) with these self-adhesive magnets. Just peel off the backing and the sturdy glue will stick to almost any material. Reviewers have said they’re great for temporarily attaching things to the fridge, car, medicine cabinet, and more.

24. This Cooling Memory Foam Pillow With Rave Reviews

This memory foam pillow has over 23,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 stars. It’s made from CentiPUR memory foam for support, has ventilation holes for breathability, and is even infused with cooling gel for temperature regulation. Each one comes with a zipper-secured removable cover to keep it clean.

25. A Pre-Diluted Tea Tree Essential Oil Roll-On

Apply this essential oil straight to your skin to soothe irritations, minimize acne, and help with nail infections. It contains high-quality Melaleuca essential oil (or tea tree) diluted in a base of coconut oil, and it’s easy to apply thanks to its roll-on applicator. “I’m telling you this stuff is amazing!” one reviewer raved.

26. A Pack Of Seamless Hipster Underwear That Won’t Give You Panty Lines

You can wear these hipster panties under any type of clothing, including leggings and yoga pants, and they won’t show through. They’re made of a comfortable nylon and spandex blend that makes them extra stretchy, and since they’re totally seamless, they won’t give you any panty lines. They come in various multi-packs and are available in several color combinations, including an all-black set.

27. This Genius Pivoting Power Strip That Plugs Right Into Your Wall

This Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector plugs right into the wall. With 6 outlets not only are you saving space and increasing flexibility, but also protecting your electronics and small appliances from power surges with a 1090-Joule energy rating and 36,000A maximum spike amperage.

28. This Moisturizer, Foundation, And Sunscreen In One

People are losing it over bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, because it's a moisturizer, a sheer-to-medium foundation, and a 30 SPF sunscreen all in one. It's even great for sensitive skin, and reviewers say it's buildable and actually helps to improve complexion over time. Eight different skin tone colors are available for purchase.

29. This Wire-Free Bra That Lifts And Supports Like One With Underwire

The older I get, the more I realize that there's nothing more practical than a wireless bra. Warner's Easy Does It doesn't have any underwire. Instead, it uses seamless all-over stretch fabric and molded cups to shape, lift, cover, and support. It's also designed to look smooth under clothing and comes in a bunch of cute colors.

30. An Innovative Kitchen Tool Set That Stacks Together To Save Space

When it comes to your kitchen, can you ever have enough space? With this innovative kitchen tool set, you’ll have access to everything you need to cook up a storm: a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon and solid spoon ladle, all housed in one space-saving storage stand. You can easily tuck this stackable set in the corner of your kitchen to make room for your pots, pans and cutting board, and then pull it out when you need it. Fans of this product are quick to praise how useful it is: “these are so handy, literally they are in my hand every day.”

31. A Shower Towel That Stays In Place Around Your Body

This shower wrap is ideal for dorm bathrooms, gym showers, and other group scenarios, though it’s plush and comfy enough that you might just want to wear it all-day around your home. It wraps around your body with snug elastic that won’t pinch, so you’ll have peace of mind that it won’t fall. Made of absorbent microfiber, it’s super lightweight and soft to the touch. It’s available in a ton of colors and cute patterns, too.

32. A Portable Blender That Makes Smoothies Or Protein Shakes

Very quiet, completely versatile, and totally portable, this blender is strong enough to pulverize ice, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. It's great for protein shakes, juices, smoothies, sauces, marinades, and salad dressings. It even comes with an ice cube tray, and works in as little as 20 seconds. It's easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

33. A Set Of Reusable High Heel Pads That Prevents Aches And Blisters

These high heel pads can prevent serious aches during a day or night out. The soft, spongy inserts prevent shoes from rubbing against your feet, and while they're great for high heels, they're also suitable for most types of shoes. They're also easy to reuse, with reliable adhesive that keeps them in place.

34. These Packing Cubes That Squeeze The Air Out So You Can Fit More

Save space in your suitcase and keep everything organized with these compression packing cubes. The expandable nylon bags have mesh panels that squeeze all the air out, so you can fit way more, and they've got handles for easy carrying. They come in tons of different colors and set options, and even comes with a laundry bag.

35. No-Show Nylon Socks That Provide Amazing Arch Support And Go With Every Shoe

Not only do these no-show nylon socks provide arch support, but they’re pretty much invisible so you can wear them with pretty much any shoe. These even-lower-than-ankle socks are made with 3-D sponge cushion — yes, actual cushions on your poor, tired feet — and have arch support and a breathable nylon layer to keep feet cool. There’s even an anti-odor invisible silicone patch for heels. Wear these under high heels, loafers, ballet flats, and even ballet slippers — they’re that easy to conceal.

36. These Silicone Sponges To Clean Virtually Everything

Don’t let stains or other stubborn caked-on grime wreak havoc around your home. This three-piece scrubber set is made from durable, germ-resistant silicone, so each one removes bacteria and caked-on food without scratching your dishes — and without falling apart. They can be sterilized in hot water or in the dishwasher, and you can even use them to scrub vegetables or clean your makeup brushes.

37. A Game-Changing Makeup Remover Pen You Can Carry In Your Purse For On-The-Go Touch Ups

Mistakes are a normal part of makeup application, and fixing them can be a pain. But this makeup remover stick from Neutrogena is the secret to touching up on the go, and is a super practical purchase you can carry in your purse at all times. You won’t have to worry about smeared mascara ruining an otherwise flawless makeup look. Just pull out this pen and make any touch-ups you need. Infused with vitamin E, it’s also truly good for your skin.

38. These Silicone Lids For Basically Any Container

A bowl of fruit. A jar with a missing lid. A mug of coffee for the road. Unfinished juice in a glass. These silicone lids come in various sizes to fit just about any container, and when you push down on the top, they create an airtight seal to keep things fresh, spill-proof, and sanitary. They’re also BPA-free and can be put in the microwave to prevent splatters.

39. This Salad Lunch Container That Keeps The Ingredients Separate

Forget soggy lettuce and expensive salads. This brilliant lunch container lets you bring salads from home, but it keeps the ingredients separate in a three-section insert tray complete with a lidded dressing container. It’s also BPA-free, locking, and available in five color options.

40. These Activated Charcoal Bags That Eliminate Odors Without Fragrance

Instead of trying to cover up odors with heavy fragrances, try these air fresheners that attack odors using activated charcoal. The natural ingredient is extremely absorbent, so it soaks up unwanted smells from pets, food, bacteria, cigarettes, mildew — you name it. Since this order comes with four bags, you can toss one in the car, fridge, closet, and bathroom.

41. This 10-In-1 Multi-Tool You Can Attach To Your Keys That Will Make You A Bonafide Handyperson

This is one practical purchase you won’t even realize you need until you start using it. Because, this 10-in-1 key tool serves as a bottle opener, screwdriver, cord cutter, box opener, scoring tool, ruler, and so much more, all in one handy keychain you can carry with you everywhere. For just $12, not only is this keychain a steal, it will literally make you better equipped for so many things you need to do on a daily basis. One fan says, “What a useful, practical tool. I can honestly say that every feature on the tool with be used daily.”

42. This Magic Towel With Special Microfibers That Dries Your Hair Extra Fast

If you’re the practical type that appreciates efficiency, you will be obsessed with this miracle hair towel that reduces the amount of time it takes you blow dry your hair by a whopping 50 percent. This astonishing feat is accomplished via specially designed microfibers that absorb moisture, cutting down on how much time you spend pointing the hairdryer at it. The result is much faster mornings where you’re out the door quicker, on top of reduced heat damage to your hair.

43. These Extra-Large Acne Patches That Sooth And Minimize Acne Overnight

There is no telling when or why a pimple will pop up on your face, so keeping these extra-large acne patches handy is always a good idea. Infused with tea tree oil and calendula, these gentle patches are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. And because they’re made in an extra-large size, these are perfect no matter what size pimple you’re dealing with (or cluster of pimples for that matter). And after using this brand plenty of reviewers agree: they’ll never need to try another brand again.

44. A Phenomenally Useful Strainer That Attaches Directly Onto To A Boiling Pot

Pouring your pasta into a strainer in the sink, letting it drain, waiting for it to cool, pouring it back into the pot, washing the strainer, and finally washing the pot is anything but practical. This brilliant clip-on strainer reduces that process down to one easy move, allowing you to strain your noodles and veggies directly from the main pot. The portable strainer cuts down on steam burns and other hazards that can arise from transferring food while also mitigating splashing and taking up less space in the cupboard.

45. These Ingenious Gardening Gloves With Built-In Raking Claws

At last, a pair of gloves and gardening tools all in one. These genius rubber gardening gloves have built-in claws on four of the fingers, and they’re made with an ultra-durable ABS plastic that makes them perfect for digging, planting, raking, and other gardening tasks. The gloves are super breathable with non-slip construction and a puncture-resistant design.

46. This Bathtub Drainer That’s Shockingly Simple To Clean

Cleaning out the tub drainer is pretty much the grossest job on the planet; however, this genius gadget makes the task infinitely more bearable. Due to the drainer’s mushroom shape, water can flow around it, funneling hair around a lip on the bottom where it’s completely out of view. That means no more wadding up tissue paper and wiping soggy messes up from the bottom of the tub. As a bonus, the device will prevent clogged drains too.

47. This Innovative Clip That Lets You Cut Your Hair At Home With Perfection

Since the average cost for a haircut at a salon these days hovers around a gajillion dollars, this hair clip will save you money while also making your bangs look boss. The clever rotating level switches at every 22 degrees, creating meticulous, even cuts from side to side. The kit comes with two sizes — a small straight one for basic trims and a large curved one for softer styling — both of which have easy-to-follow edges to use as a guide.

48. A Curling Iron That Also Detangles And Can Straighten Your Hair

You can brush, curl, and even straighten your hair with this curling iron brush that has nylon bristles. It can heat up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, so the iron brush can tame even the thickest, waviest hair. Ultimately, using this tool instead of both a brush and a curling iron minimizes heat damage and breakage over time. Plus, it has a long, cool tip to prevent you from burning yourself.

49. A Chemical-Free Hair Clog Remover For Drains

Long hair, don’t care — except for when all of that hair clogs your drain and could damage your pipes. This simple-to-use drain snake has a long 18-inch design and a "hook and loop" technology that makes it practically effortless to clear out your drain. Insert it into your drain and keep going (and going) until it retrieves every clump of hair. Use the FlexiSnake in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and shower stalls.

50. A Cuticle Oil Pen That Makes It A Snap To Soften And Hydrate Nails

Keeping your cuticles moisturized, soft, and healthy is 100 times easier when you know in advance it won’t involve messy oil spills. This cuticle pen is rich in vitamins A and E and is vegan and free of chemicals. It comes in a click pen applicator that delivers oil directly onto your cuticle and nail, preventing cuticles from peeling and splitting, eliminating hangnails, and strengthening brittle nails. Keep this pen in your purse and whip it out anytime your rough cuticles start to get on your last nerve.

51. An Emergency Car Escape Tool That Can Cut Seat Belts Or Break Windows

Almost 2,000 reviewers have given this escape tool five stars with buyers calling it a “necessity for any keychain.” The compact tool, which can attach to any keyring or rearview mirror, doubles as both a seat belt cutter and a window breaker in case of emergencies. An actual life-saving tool, it was initially created for first responded. Now available for the public, it not only works for submerged cards, but children trapped in hot cars or car fires.

52. A Noise-Cancelling High-Fidelity Earplug Set

The world is a loud, loud place — and, too often, when you most need earplugs, none seem to be around. With a practical carrying case you can take with you wherever you go, these reusable earplugs are a fantastic purchase. They’re made with high-fidelity technology, so even though they minimize loud noises to protect your ears, the music, speech, and environmental sounds still come through clearly.

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