13 Festive Zoom Backgrounds For Your Virtual Holiday Parties

Backdrops from your favorite Christmas movies and TV shows.

by Lauren Grant
Paramount Pictures

Once the invitations, icebreakers, activities, and food are good to go for your virtual Christmas party, you may start thinking about how to make your holiday Zoom background look festive as well. There’s a perfect accessory for every occasion and for these virtual get-togethers, a funny, cheery, or festive background from your favorite movie or TV show is a fun way to show off your holiday spirit.

Whether you're attending a family dinner, a happy hour, a Secret Santa, or a movie-watching Zoom party, there are a ton of options for your backdrop. Depending on the party vibe, you can go classic with a screenshot from a signature holiday movie — aka Home Alone — or you can go for something a little more off-beat, like Office Christmas Party. You can also let nostalgia be your guide and capture your favorite Spongebob Squarepants holiday episode.

As there are literally hundreds of Christmas movies and TV shows to choose from, the only problem you’re going to have is keeping the same background for the duration of your party. Here are 13 of the best holiday Zoom backgrounds for your 2021 virtual shindig.

Kevin's Scream

20th Century Fox

Kevin's character from Home Alone has been all of us since 2020, therefore making it the perfect — and most relatable —Zoom background for your holiday party.

A Modern Manger

Paramount Pictures

Recreate a modern-day Christmas manger scene as your virtual backdrop with this hilarious look from Office Christmas Party.

Squidward As Santa


Who would've thought Squidward would ever have enough heart to celebrate the holidays? Pay tribute to this 90s Nickelodeon TV show the festive way.

A Flinestones Caroling Moment


Take the stage with the beloved Flintstones characters in their rendition of A Christmas Carol.

When Tim Allen Finds Santa On The Lawn

Walt Disney Pictures

Need an icebreaker to get the conversation started? This scene from The Santa Claus where Tim Allen discovers St. Nick is great for just that! Well, what would you do if you found Santa passed out on your lawn?

For When You Feel Like Stealing Christmas

Universal Pictures

Not feeling the holidays this year? The Grinch isn't either. But you can still share your feelings and your fun side with this scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

A Scene From The Rugrats Chanukah Special


For a belated Hanukkah Zoom celebration, take a trip to the past with Tommy and Chuckie in this Rugrats special for your next Zoom backdrop.

The Iconic "Jingle Bell Rock" Performance

Paramount Pictures

You can't go wrong with the "Jingle Bell Rock" scene from Mean Girls as your background. Bonus points for matching the attire, music, and putting on a little karaoke show during the party!

A Wintery Scene


This scene from Netflix's Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle, will give your Zoom look all the holiday magic it needs.

When Buddy Gets Hit By A Car

New Line Cinema

Oh, you know, just chilling on the streets of New York City and Buddy the Elf casually gets hit by a car. This hilarious scene from Elf is bound to start some funny holiday movie conversation.

The Home Alone House

20th Century Fox

Want to start the party right where all the action in Home Alone went down? Put yourself right in front of the McCallister's house and see who first notices.

This Hilarious Scene From Christmas Vacation

Warner Bros.

Things finally seem joyous for a moment during this scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but seconds later a SWAT team storms through the windows.

For When You're Over The Holidays


A hilarious conversation starter, this look from Bad Santa 2 perfectly sums up how tired you may be feeling from all the holiday chaos.