46 Home Products With Near-Perfect Reviews That Seem Expensive But Are Actually Cheap AF On Amazon

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When an Amazon product has near-perfect reviews, it’s easy to assume that it’ll cost a lot of money. Contrary to belief, that’s not always the case. This list is full of home products that thousands of customers have given four- and five-star ratings and they’re all pretty affordable. In other words, upgrading your house with new bedsheets, coffee-making accessories, decorations, and more doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. In fact, most of the products on this list are cheap AF.

Let’s start with those sheets that I mentioned. This bed sheet set is backed by over 221,000 positive ratings (and counting) — and it’s available for less than $35. Not only does the set come with two pillowcases in addition to one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, but it’s also available in over 40 colors. I can’t forget about those coffee accessories, either. This durable french press made with stainless steel and borosilicate glass looks like it came from a fancy coffee shop, but it could be yours for less than $25. Not to mention, this five-piece set of decorative, versatile woven storage baskets is also available for cheap.

There are a lot more products to sort through, so get your virtual shopping cart ready for your new favorite products.


This Mood-Boosting LED Therapy Lamp

WFH or dull office space bringing you down? Revive your bleary eyes and reenergize with this therapy lamp meant to improve your focus, mood, and sleep schedule. This 10,000-lux, UV-free, LED lamp provides anyone suffering from a lack of sunshine a pick-me-up throughout the day. Users can choose between three different light settings, and it’s small and lightweight enough to bring with you wherever natural sunlight is scarce.


The Sleek & Effortless Wireless Charger

If you’re tired of repurchasing cheap charging cables that don’t last long, consider switching to this highly-rated wireless charging pad. Not only can it charge several models of today’s popular smartphones, but it can also juice up your AirPods (both the original and Pro versions), all while looking polished on your desktop or nightstand. This charger works through most phone cases and charges your device while you sleep without any annoying lights keeping you from a restful snooze.


A Chic Rug That’ll Last Long In Any Room

If you’re looking to spice up a bland space in your home, this stylish rug is the perfect place to start. It looks cute, is stain-resistant, won’t shed when you run the vacuum over it, and will stay intact no matter where it is in your home. In other words, it’s durable enough to withstand being walked over a million times a day. It’s the perfect addition to any indoor space that won’t break the bank.


An Eco-Friendly Alternative For Dryer Sheets

You’ll never buy dryer sheets again after using these wool dryer balls. These award-winning balls dry your laundry faster, soften clothing in the process — and they can be reused in over 1,000 loads, saving you money and energy with every use. With no chemicals or synthetics, these dryer balls shouldn’t cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. Not to mention they’re ethically made in Nepal and reduce waste (unlike single-use dryer sheets).


A Wi-Fi Extender That Guarantees More Coverage

If you’re tired of spotty Wi-Fi, you need this Wi-Fi extender for your home or office for an extra 1,500 square feet of coverage. This extender boasts an easy setup, is compatible with all standard Wi-Fi routers, gateways, and access points. Plus, it can connect to up to 25 different devices, ensuring a better signal for all of your browsing, streaming, and gaming needs.


This Magnifying Mirror With A Suction-Cup Base .

This mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom, desktop, or dorm room. With 10-times magnification and built-in LED lights, it makes every task from makeup application to tweezing unwanted facial hair seamless. Thanks to its suction-cup base, it can attach to tabletops, countertops, and walls or mirrors, making it an essential for any space you’ve dedicated to getting ready in. It’s even compact enough to bring with you anywhere you may need to do a quick mascara touch up.


A Charming Wall-Mounted Display For Your Favorite Mugs

Give your kitchen or entryway a rustic vibe with this versatile wall rack. Use it for the collection of coffee mugs crowding your cabinet space in the kitchen or in a mud room to hang coats, hats, and dog leashes — it’s durable enough to hold anything that’ll look cute and organized up on the wall. It comes with 13 hooks and extends up to 3.5 feet. Plus, reviewers say it’s easy to install.


An Extra-Firm Foam Roller That Helps Relieve Sore Muscles

Whether you’re dedicated to a daily workout routine or tired of stubborn WFH-induced back soreness, you might want to add this foam roller to your schedule. You can use it to roll out your desired body parts before and after a workout or to relieve tension in bothersome areas whenever it arises. Plus, it’s extra-firm, meaning it shouldn’t lose its shape and stop doing its job after frequent use.


A Collapsible Popcorn Maker That’ll Elevate Any Movie Night

Your movie marathon just got a whole lot better with this popcorn popper. Just buy a whole bunch of kernels, pour them in this popper, and stick it in the microwave for a couple of minutes — voila! You’ll have a whole bowl of popcorn without the waste that regular microwave popcorn comes with. The bowl is collapsible, too, making it easy to store anywhere and everywhere.


This Versatile & Efficient Salad Spinner To Rinse Your Greens

Never deal with soggy greens again with this salad spinner. This device is essential for anyone who loves a big salad for lunch or a side salad for the family with dinner. It dries greens quickly with a push of the button atop the spinner and stops easily with the push of another. The basket and bowl can also detach and be used as a colander and serving bowl, respectively.


A Stainless Steel Bar That Leaves Your Hands Smelling Fresh Again

If you feel like no matter how many times you scrub your hands after preparing pungent foods, you need this stainless steel bar in your kitchen. Use it like you would a bar of soap, rubbing it between your hands to absorb the unwanted odors from chopping garlic and onions, prepping fish, or cooking anything that you don’t want to smell hours later.


These Compostable Trash Bags That Eliminate Unnecessary Plastic

If you’re looking for ways to reduce plastic waste, start with these compostable trash bags, which are completely plastic-free and biodegradable. These 8-gallon trash bags are nontoxic and made completely from plant starches, meaning they won’t leave behind harmful micro-plastics and can compost easily in 90 days in a proper composting environment. They’re just as durable as plastic garbage bags, too, so you don’t need to worry about risking quality for an eco-friendly option.


A Portable Crock-Pot That’ll Keep Meals Warm All Day

Craving a hot lunch but worried your regular Thermos won’t keep it warm by your lunch break? You need this portable food warmer from Crock-Pot. Not only does it look adorable with its carrying handle, but it’s guaranteed to keep your dinner leftovers or favorite soup warm the whole day. All you need to do is plug in the warming base and place the Crock-Pot on top, and lunch or late dinner at the office is served. And don’t worry about clean-up, either — the inner container is dishwasher safe.


This Easy-To-Install Bidet Attachment That Guarantees A Better Clean

This bidet can be easily installed into every bathroom of your home. Not only will it save you money when you don’t need to stock up on toilet paper anymore — but with its posterior and feminine wash features, you’ll feel extra clean after each use. The water pressure is also adjustable, and there’s a self-cleaning feature.


An Electric Wine Opener That’ll Impress Your Guests

This electric wine opener is nothing short of a game-changer for dinner parties or your next wine night with friends. You can open any standard-sized bottle of wine in a matter of seconds (yes, seconds!) with the click of a button. And you won’t have to worry about recharging it all the time if you’re a frequent sipper — it can open around 30 bottles on one full charge.


This Stylish Handcrafted Eyeglass Stand For Under $10

If you’re looking for a new accent piece for your bedroom or office, look no further than this eyewear holder. This beautifully handcrafted piece made from artisans in India is the item for your home you didn’t know you needed. I mean, how often does decor double as something so practical? One customer wrote, “It’s smooth surface [and] good quality wood makes it stand out above the others.”


These Stackable Storage Containers That Make Organizing Easy

Reviewers can’t get enough of these stackable storage containers. This set of three airtight containers are essential in your kitchen or pantry for storing things like dry pasta or baking necessities — and because the glass is see-through, you always know which ingredient you’re picking up. If you don’t need them in the kitchen, you can use them in the bathroom to store things like cotton swabs or cotton balls, or even in your office to keep paperclips and pens all in one place.


A Panini Press That Makes Gourmet Sandwiches At Home

Forget about waiting in line at your local deli or paying for overpriced restaurant paninis with this panini press in your very own kitchen. Just allow the press to preheat for a few minutes, place one, two, or even three sandwiches on the grill surface, and press the lid down. You’ll have perfect, evenly-grilled paninis in minutes. You can even use it for open-faced sandwiches by locking the lid so it hovers above them instead of pressing down on them.


This All-In-One Shelf & Outlet Combo

If you ask me, this shelf-and-outlet hybrid is not a want — but a need — in your home or office. Especially perfect for mini speaker systems, these shelves free up precious space that your electronics take over due to their need to be plugged into a nearby outlet. It’s easy to install and hides unsightly cords in its secret compartment. Plus, its simple design make it suitable for any room.


This Set Of Durable Cooking Essentials Every Home Chef Needs

Whether you’re still learning how to cook or if you’re simply looking to upgrade your essentials, you need this set of silicone utensils. It comes with a ladle, cooking spoon, and spatula — and each are heat-resistant and designed to make scooping, stirring, and flipping easier than ever. They’re also dishwasher-safe.


This Organizer That Conveniently Displays Your Favorite Teas

This organizer is a necessity for tea lovers. With nine roomy and removable compartments in this holder, your endless supply of tea bags can be easily stored and viewed right on your countertop. There are even two larger drawers at the bottom of the organizer to hold accessories like stirrers and filters.


A Case That Makes Traveling With Jewelry Hassle-Free

Don’t stress about packing jewelry in your suitcase ever again with this chic nylon travel case. It’s small enough to fit in any luggage you’re bringing on your trip, and can fit all of your favorite jewelry in its two layers of compartments without it getting tangled.


This Useful Holder That Keeps Sponges Dry & Clean

You could easily prevent bacteria-filled sponges with this sponge holder that fits perfectly around the faucet in your kitchen sink. Place your sponge in this little caddy when you’re not using it so it can properly ventilate, eliminating any excess moisture. This holder is flexible enough to fit around nearly any faucet and is more durable than many of its suction-cup competitors.


A Lightweight Stool To Reach Tall Cabinets, Closet Shelves & More

This step stool is ideal for any room in your house where someone might need an extra boost. Keep one in the bathroom so toddlers can reach the sink, in the kitchen to grab ingredients in a tall cabinet, or in your closet to reach your sweaters stacked on the highest shelf. It can withstand up to 300 pounds.


A Sleek Kitchen Knife Set That’ll Satisfy All Of Your Food Prepping Needs

This knife set is fundamental for any kitchen and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It comes with everything you’ll need for prepping your favorite meals, including a chef’s, carving, utility, paring, and bread knife. It even comes with a safety finger guard for those still wary of their meal prep skills, a sharpener, and sleek stand that’ll look great on your counter.


These Smart Outlets You Can Control From Anywhere

Switch your electronics off and on wherever and whenever you please with these smart plugs. All you need to do is download the Kasa app and you can control your Kasa smart outlets at the click of a button, or connect them to your Alexa or other voice-controlled device to manage your gadgets hands-free. You can even set your plugs on a timer from the app.


These Bamboo Cutting Boards That Shouldn’t Dull Your Knives

Ditch the plastic cutting boards that might be dulling your knives and replace them with these boards made from bamboo. Don’t be fooled by the low price point: These cutting boards are amazing quality and are perfect for cutting everything from meat to bread to little slices of fancy cheese. Each board in this pack of 3 also transforms into a serving platter just by flipping it over.


A Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet That Will Last Forever

If you don’t already have a cast iron pan, try cooking with this Lodge model that reviewers love. This one comes pre-seasoned, which is music to a cast iron lover’s ears — and it’s the best option for even heating when searing, sautéing, broiling — whatever you’re using your pan for.


This Super-Soft Sheet Set That Looks & Feels Luxurious

Give your bedroom a much-needed upgrade with these microfiber sheets. These silky sheets feel bougie but don’t break the bank, and they come in a multitude of different colors that will match any bedroom. They’re perfect for anyone looking for bedding that won’t fade, wrinkle, or shrink in the wash — all while being cozy.


A French Press That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into A Café

It’ll be hard to remember you’re not at an outdoor café after using this luxurious French press to make your morning coffee. You’ll be able to make the most delicious, ground-free coffee with this easy-to-use French press that’s made with borosilicate glass and stainless steel. The large 34-ounce container makes enough coffee for eight 4-ounce cups.


These Clear Floating Shelves Made With Durable Acrylic

If you ask me, these floating shelves are an ideal accent for any room. They come in a pack of four, meaning the options are endless when deciding what to display throughout your home. Plus, they’re made from thick, sturdy acrylic instead of glass, making them the more durable shelving option.


A Countertop Carousel For Your Favorite K-Cups

If you prefer coffee pods, add this K-cup display carousel to your kitchen. It can hold up to 35 different K-cups or coffee pods, making choosing your morning brew as seamless as ever. This carousel is the best way to keep all your pods organized and your kitchen drawers and counters clutter-free.


These Woven Baskets That Can Hold Anything From Toys To Car Keys

These woven baskets are so versatile that they can pretty much go anywhere in your home. Each size basket that comes in this 5-pack can conceal and organize any items or clutter that you don’t want lying around the house. Their neutral color scheme makes it so they can match any room, and they shouldn’t flatten out or sag over time.


An Affordable Surveillance Cam With Clear Night Vision

You can feel extra secure in your home with this indoor-and-outdoor surveillance camera with full-color night vision. Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on your house or check in on family, this camera provides high-quality surveillance that’ll ease your nerves. Plus, you can access two weeks worth of video recording with WYZE’s free cloud storage.


These Satin Pillowcases That Will Better Your Beauty Sleep

These satin pillowcases are the perfect alternative to typical cotton pillowcases if you’re experiencing unwanted frizz. The satin in these pillowcases limits the amount of friction typically seen with cotton, preventing hair from breaking. They feature envelope closures to keep the pillows secure, and they’re available in tons of colors.


These Insulating, Snooze-Inducing Blackout Curtains

If you find yourself waking up too early in the morning from shades that refuse to block out the sun, you could purchase these blackout curtains. These come in three different size options and work wonderfully to ensure sunlight doesn’t creep into your room at undesirable hours. They can even help you save energy while trapping in heat and keeping out the sun rays from the outside.


An Organizer That Keeps Your Utensils & Office Supplies In Place

Keep your desk, kitchen, and vanity drawers from looking cluttered with these bamboo organizers. They’re essential for separating everything from silverware to office supplies to jewelry, all while looking stylish tucked away in your drawers. They’re also expandable, meaning they can accommodate even larger drawers.


A Sleek Electric Toothbrush With Replacement Bristles For Over 2 Years

You’ll never want to settle for a disposable plastic toothbrush again after using this electric toothbrush with enough replaceable brush heads to last you over two years. This isn’t your average toothbrush; it has an ultra-fast motor that allows for a superb brush and different brush modes specialized for whitening and cleaning your teeth. It comes with a charging case and a travel case, so you know you can get a good brush in anywhere you go.


These Eco-Conscious Makeup Removers Made With Cotton

These cotton pads not only help remove makeup from even the most sensitive skin, but they also can help reduce waste. Wash them over and over again after each use and you’ll wonder why you ever spent money on harsh, disposable rounds in the first place. They’re nice to your skin and nice to the planet — a necessity for your skincare routine.


A Handheld Steamer That’ll Smooth Out Every Wrinkle

If you’re looking for a great quality steamer that you can bring with you everywhere (hello, business trips!), look no further than this iSteam model. This quick-heating steamer can hold up to 120 milliliters of water and run for 10 minutes without a refill. Not to mention, it works like a charm to even out even the peskiest of wrinkles.


These Flameless Electric Lighters That Are Rechargeable

You’ll never look at your regular ol’ lighter again after getting your hands on this pack of electric lighters. Perfect for outdoor fire pits, grills, and even the candles in your living room, these rechargeable lighters are flexible and flameless — and they can even withstand the toughest of winds.


This Comforting Weighted Blanket Filled With Glass Beads

This weighted blanket is super cozy and filled with heavy (but not too heavy) glass beads, so it feels like it’s giving you a big, warm hug. The cotton lining is breathable and available in different colors, but you can also use it with a duvet cover. Plus, this blanket is available in different weights and sizes for personal customization.


These Can-Shaped Glasses That Elevate Any Cold Drink

Make your cocktails and beverages Insta-worthy with these fun can-shaped glasses. These sturdy glasses can hold any and all of your favorite drinks and are the perfect accessory for your friend group’s self-appointed mixologist. To make them even better, they’re also dishwasher safe, so you can use them tirelessly without worrying about endless hand-washing.


A Stand For Your Monitor Made With Sleek Glass

If working from home or spending too much much time in the office is making your neck and back sore, you might want this riser for your computer monitor. This stand can change its height from 3.4 to 4.9 inches and tilt forward up to 15 degrees, making it adjustable for whatever you find most comfortable. It can accommodate most monitor sizes, is easy to install, and is a necessity for any office space. Plus, it’s made with ultra-sleek glass and stainless steel.


This Dispenser That Makes Pancake Batter Pouring Effortless

Elevate your breakfast or baking routine with this batter dispenser you didn’t know you needed. This gadget ensures seamless batter dispensing with its leak-proof valve that’s wide enough to allow even the chunkiest of ingredients to slide through. It can hold up to 4 cups of batter and is incredibly easy to clean after each use.


The Adhesive Shower Shelf That Can Hold All Of Your Products

Free up space in your shower with this heavy duty adhesive shower caddy. This easy-to-install, rustproof shelf is an essential for any shower (especially if you live with roommates), and it can hold all of your bathroom products easily. The stainless steel even looks stylish in your bathroom, making it the perfect option for storing all of your shower essentials.

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