45 Home Upgrades You'll Love Because They're So Cheap, Yet Look So Good

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by Madison Barber
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Have you ever gotten the urge to totally revamp your space, but felt like you didn’t have the inspiration nor the funds to do it? Whether you’re in a tiny apartment with roommates, residing in a home with your family, or live completely in your own space, sometimes you can find that your living situation looks too blah or is getting too cluttered. Fortunately, Amazon has tons of amazing products with affordable price points that will help you breathe new life into your home.

Sometimes, all it takes to make your space feel brand new again is to add a new, luxe-feeling sheet set or some satiny smooth pillowcases to your bed. Or maybe you put your produce into convenient, clear storage bins to make your fridge look Pinterest-level organized. Amazon is the place to go when you need inexpensive but still high-quality items that make your home look better and be more functional.

Luckily, I was able to find 45 great Amazon products for your home, with everything from small bathroom essentials, to amazing storage options, to fun items like a super cozy cable knit throw blanket. Check out all the items I found here, and why I think these are must-haves in your space.


A Faux Leather Ottoman With Hidden Storage Inside

Not only does this faux leather ottoman act as a sleek accent piece for your home, it doubles as a secret storage bin that is ideal for keeping things like toys, magazines and books, and blankets tucked away when you don’t need them. This ottoman has tons of useful features, including a lid that can double as a coffee table and a structure that can hold up to 300 pounds, making it a great seating option as well.


These Silky Pillowcases That Can Help Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

With over 169,000 five-star Amazon ratings, you can trust that these satin pillowcases are the real deal. In your order, you’ll not only get two of these silky smooth pillowcases with tidy envelope closures, but you might just get better hair, too. The material of these pillowcases is way less harsh than traditional cotton ones, which can help keep your hair frizz-free while you sleep.


These Glass Jars That Keep Your Bathroom Items Stored & Looking Cute

Who says your bathroom can’t be cute? These mini glass apothecary jars will bring much-needed style to your bathroom counters or medicine cabinet. This pack of two jars can hold cotton balls, Q-tips, plastic flossers, hair ties — you name it. Buy a few two-packs, which are available in seven different finishes, and give a proper home all of your tiny necessities.


These Under-Cabinet Lights That Give Your Home A More Sophisticated Look

Not only will the under-cabinet lights help illuminate your kitchen, closet, hallway, or other shadowy spaces, but they can add a subtle sophisticated touch that will look great over paintings, vases, and other nice decor in your home. These long lasting, battery operated, remote controlled lights are also easy to apply wherever you desire with the included heavy-duty tape or screws.


A Farmhouse-Inspired Ceramic Soap Dispenser That Won’t Rust

This refillable soap dispenser would look right at home in any kitchen or bathroom, thanks to its simple, white design. It's made of ceramic with a chrome-plated pump, so you don’t have to worry about rust buildup. The generous, 13-ounce capacity means you can go a while before needing to refill. One satisfied shopper raved, “The white color looks so elegant. Soap dispensing is just perfect and no mess on the tip like others.”


A Set Of Adjustable Bamboo Dividers To Keep Drawers Organized

If your silverware, underwear, or bathroom drawer is a cluttered mess, it’s time to use these bamboo drawer dividers. This set of four dividers is adjustable and stackable, too, so you can ensure they’ll fit in your drawer so long as its 17 1/2 to 22 inches long. They’re easy to install, too, just stretch them out and slide them into your drawers; the soft foam on the ends will keep your furniture scratch-free.


A 50-Pack Of Velvet Hangers That Keep Delicate Tops In Place

Tired of your tops falling off of their hangers in your closet? This 50-pack of velvet hangers add extra texture and grip, keeping silky tops, delicate camisoles, and off-shoulder sweaters hanging neatly in your closet. Each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds, so you can be confident these hangers won’t let you down, even with thick jackets and pants.


The Marble Cheese Board That Makes The Most Elegant Serving Platter

Using a marble serving platter for cheese and charcuterie boards is a simple way to elevate your dinner party and wow your guests. This board measures 16 by 12 inches so it’s large enough to serve everything from sushi and flatbread pizzas to your favorite assortment of meets and cheeses. One reviewer raved, “Beautiful piece of marble. Looks so nice on the counter too. I can see it would last a lifetime.”


A 6-Tier Rack That Turns Your Towels Into Spa-Worthy Decor

Make your bathroom look like a fancy hotel or spa with this tiered towel rack. This durable wire rack mounts onto your wall and can hold up to six rolled towels, right next to your shower or bath for convenience. One happy Amazon reviewer gave this product five stars and wrote in their review: “I liked this so much for our kid's bathroom that I got a second one for our basement bathroom. Towel space has been a struggle and this is great installed on the inside of the door.”


A Set Of Velvet Pillows That Will Make Your Space Look Luxe

Although they look ultra-luxe, these velvet throw pillows are super cheap, and you don’t have to invest in separate covers and inserts like other velvet pillows make you do. These 18-inch-by-18-inch decorative pillows can add some glam color to your home, whether you need new pillows for your living room or want to add some brightness on your bed.


These Clear Bins That Help You Keep Your Fridge Neat

Foraging the fridge will be much easier with these clear organizer bins that keep your refrigerated foods neat, organized, and visible. Your order comes with a set of six different-sized bins: one for your eggs, one for canned drinks, two wider bins for produce, and two slimmer bins for condiments and snacks. These bins are stackable, which can help you make use of otherwise unused vertical space in your fridge.


An Italian Decanter & Tumbler Glass Set For Cocktails In Style

Your bar cart is begging for this decanter and tumbler glass set. The cut crystal decanter and glasses look way more expensive than they are, and shoppers rave about the quality. Made in Parma, Italy, this affordable set lets you bring some Italian sophistication into your space to make playing mixologist all the more fun. “This Decanter set is quite beautiful. It was purchased as a gift but, I'm keeping it for myself!” one shopper confessed. “The design is stunning! Has a good weight to it and the design is wonderful!”


This Knife Block That Fits Inside Of Your Drawers

Knife blocks are a great way to store all of your knives, but they can take up precious counter space. If you want as much workspace in your kitchen as possible, this in-drawer knife block is a much better option for you. This bamboo block can hold up to 14 knives (eight steak knifes and six larger knives), keeping your cutlery organized and out of the way.


A Contemporary Lamp That Can Charge Your Phone

This sleek lamp will not only look fantastic on your nightstand, but it can also charge your phone and other electronics, giving your home the amenities of a hotel. Equipped with two convenient USB ports, an LED bulb, and three different lighting modes, this best-selling lamp is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional.


A Clip-On Side Table For Your Sofa That’s Perfect For Small Spaces

If you live in a small space that can’t fit side or coffee tables, don’t fret — this clip-on side table for your couch or chair is the perfect remedy for this issue. This device requires no assembly, just attach it to any sofa arm up to 9 inches wide and grant yourself easy access to your morning cup of coffee, your phone, a bowl of snacks, or whatever else you want by your side while lounging.


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Won’t Shatter

If you love to break out a bottle of vino for nightly dinners or special occasions but have broken more glasses than you can count, these stemless stainless steel glasses might be for you. This set of four 18-ounce glasses won’t break or dent, and they’ll keep your drink at the crisp temperature you desire. They’re dishwasher safe and available in over a dozen different colors, including classic gray, trendy olive, and party-ready ombre shades.


This Hanging Closet Organizer With Convienent Side Pockets

These durable and roomy fabric hanging shelves can hold six tiers worth of clothing and are especially useful for storing tees, jeans, leggings, and even some of your favorite pairs of shoes. This lightweight yet sturdy organizer even has pockets on the sides to store smaller items like slippers or belts, truly maximizing limited closet space.


An Ergonomic Kitchen Mat That’s Comfortable & Non-Slip

If you find your legs and feet are totally fatigued from too much time spent standing in the kitchen, this anti-fatigue kitchen mat just might be the thing you need. This extra thick ergonomic mat gives your feet much-needed cushiony support, while also preventing you (and the mat) from slipping while you stand on it. And it’s water resistant and helps soften the blow when dishes fall, so you don’t have to worry about water ruining your mat or plates while you wash a sink full of dishes.


These Fun & Funky Floating Shelves That Make Use Of Your Corners

Don’t settle for boring shelves in your home, consider these fun zig-zag shelves ones instead to display your favorite decor items. These two-tier floating shelves will add a unique, contemporary spin to any space in your home while making use of your unused corners. Plus, and they come with the necessary hardware to build and attach to your wall.


A Simple Paper Towel Holder That Works In Every Kitchen

Everyone needs a good, sturdy paper towel holder to keep their rolls off of the counter and at arm’s reach. I love this simple bamboo option, which works in every single kitchen (no need to worry about hanging this up or matching it to your mixer). It keeps your roll upright and ready to grab whenever you need to dry your hands or clean up a spill.


A Bamboo Lazy Susan To Keep Your Kitchen Essentials Within Easy Reach

Here’s a practical and attractive way to keep your most-used kitchen essentials within easy reach. Just place this tiered lazy Susan on your kitchen counter, and stock it with salt, pepper, and your other favorite spices or seasonings. They’re also great inside a pantry or medicine cabinet to hold other small items, like canned goods or pill bottles. And since it rotates, you’ll never have to dig to find what you’re looking for.


These Fabric Storage Bins That Help Organize Any Room In Your House

You’ll be grateful you invested in this four-pack of fabric storage bins for your home after you see how easy it is to organize your space with them. These bins come in a variety of different sizes and colors, so it’s easy to order the set that works for you, whether you want to use these to store children’s toys, blankets, sweaters, towels, or anything else under the sun. They’re even collapsible when not in use so you can tuck them away, but I have a feeling you’ll always be using these.


This Set Of Fairy Lights That Make For Gorgeous Decor

Adding fairy lights to your space is one of the easiest ways to give it a much-needed upgrade. This set of 300 tiny, LED lights have eight different modes of warm light, including twinkling, fading, waves, and always on. These lights look beautiful on their own or against a sheer curtain, and are especially great for decorating for special events like bridal or baby showers and birthdays.


This Cosmetics Organizer That Can Fit Everything In Your Collection

This cosmetics organizer truly can hold everything in your collection, from palettes to serums to smaller glosses and compacts. It has both drawers and shelves, so you can tuck away the products your use less often in the drawers, and leave others on top that you want easy access to. Plus, this organizer comes in three clean colors (white, light pink, and spring green), and the plastic material is easy to wipe clean.


A Bamboo Mat That Needs Less Maintenance Than Regular Bath Mats

While traditional bathmats can get damp, dirty, and just plain icky, this bamboo mat will stay dry and remain grime-free for longer due to its elevated slots and three protective coats that prevent dirt and mildew build-up. This mat can be used for indoor or outdoor showers/baths, and its chic, simple design makes it the perfect addition to any space.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Bowls With Lids That Are Great For Food Prep

A set of various sizes of stainless steel bowls are a must-have for any home chef. This ten-piece set comes with five bowls that range from 3/4 quart to 5 quarts and matching airtight plastic lids, making it easy to prep and store food all in one container. Plus, the stainless steel ensures your bowls are dent and shatter-resistant, and they stack neatly together to make for compact storage.


These Mirror Lights That Will Make You Feel Like You’re A Star

Feel like a Hollywood movie star with these fun mirror lights. This pack of 10 LED bulbs can be stuck onto any mirror in your bathroom or bedroom in a few minutes, giving you better lighting while you do your makeup or hair. You can adjust the brightness to your exact desired level with the smart touch dimmer.


This Wall-Mountable Rod With So Many Clever Uses

For less than $15, you can give your kitchen a serious upgrade with this handy pot and pan hanger rack (though it’s also great for culinary utensils). Both practical and attractive, it can be hung nearly anywhere to hold anything with a slot or handle (like under a cabinet for mugs, or in your mud room for garden utensils). It’s great for small spaces, but even if you have a bigger home, you’ll likely find a clever use for this versatile rod.


This Mail & Key Holder That Can Clean Up Your Entryway

Spice up your entryway with this convenient key holder and mail organizer. This super cute, rustic organizer will keep your mail and magazine collection in one, neat place, while also serving as the perfect pit stop for your keys, umbrella, scarf, or jacket. The wide shelf is also the perfect spot for storing sunglasses, wallets or anything else you like to grab on your way out the door.


These Airtight Containers That Keep Your Food Organized & Fresh

Not only will these pantry storage containers keep your dry foods neat and organized, but they’ll help them last longer too. This 15-piece container set with airtight lids has all of the different-sized storage options you’ll need to keep your favorite cereals, pastas, and baking ingredients tidy and fresh. Your order even comes with adorable reusable labels you can stick onto each container.


A Stylish Faux Sheepskin Rug That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Have you ever seen a more fabulous floor covering than this faux sheepskin rug? This rug adds a simple, chic touch to small spaces, and you can even drape it over a chair or use it in other ways for a unique decorative touch. It’s super soft, and the long fibers are surprisingly easy to clean, according to reviewers that are totally and completely obsessed with this piece. “They are great...for use as a bathroom rug, and for draping across the back of a sofa (when you don't want the bulk of an actual throw). They are well-made and look like the real thing. I highly recommend them,” one happy buyer wrote.


This Toilet Paper Stand That Has A Place For Extra Rolls & Wipes

I actually have this exact toilet paper holder in my bathroom at home, and let me tell you, it’s the best one out there. Not only is this storage tower ideal for small spaces due to its slender design, but it can store extra rolls and tissues or wipes up top, too. If you’re on the hunt for a toilet paper holder that will do it all, look no further than this one.


A Set Of Matching Silicone Utensils With Everything You Need To Cook

Whether your kitchen is missing a set of utensils or you’re looking to replace some old ones with a fully matching set, consider this 17-piece silicone utensil set. This set of spoons, spatulas, tongs, and whisks are ideal because they won’t scratch your beloved pots and pans like metal utensils yet are heat resistant up to 410 degrees. Plus, they’re super easy to clean. This set even comes with a handy crock to keep all of your new cookware in one place.


These LED Strip Lights That Make Anything In Your Space Look 10x Cooler

These LED strip lights can spice up anything from your television, to your mirrors, to your walls — they’re incredibly versatile and easy to install with the included double-sided adhesive tape. In your order, you’ll also get a handy remote control that can change the hue and brightness of your lights whenever you want.


A Bathtub Tray That Can Hold A Book & Glass Of Wine While You Soak

Stressed out and need to relax? Bring this bamboo bathtub tray (along with a good book, a candle, and a glass of your favorite vino) into the bath for a soothing soak. This sturdy, extendable tray can rest across the length of your tub so you can enjoy sipping or reading without getting anything wet. It even has clever features, like special compartments to hold your glass, your phone, and tablet.


These Soft, Cooling Bedsheets With Over 200,000 Five-Star Ratings

Looking for a new luxe sheet set to transform your sleeping experience? This set has over 209,000 (!!!) five-star ratings, because they’re incredibly soft and cooling for hot sleepers. They also have extra deep pockets that can fit on mattresses up to 16 inches thick, so there’s no need to worry about the corners riding up in the middle of the night. These stain resistant, wrinkle resistant sheets are available in 15 sizes and 40-plus designs for all kinds of bedrooms.


An Aesthetically-Pleasing Storage Cart That Has So Many Uses

If you’re low on cabinet or counter space in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hobby room, office, garage, or anywhere, this slim storage cart has got you covered. This cart is equipped with three tiers of storage space for food, toiletries, cleaning products, cooking supplies, or whatever else you need stored and can’t find the space for elsewhere. Plus, it has wheels for easy maneuvering, meaning you can use this wherever, whenever with ease.


A Chic Tray That Can Hold Your Jewelry & Cosmetics

Have you ever seen a decorative tray as pretty as this marble one? This 5-by-7-inch tray is perfect for holding jewelry, cosmetics, keys, and any other trinkets that don’t have a home, and it’s chic design is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, entryways — really anywhere. It’s made from exceptionally durable and thick glossy ceramic, so you can trust it will hold up no matter what.


This Bamboo Shoe Rack With A Useful Shelf On Top

If your entryway or closet is crowded by a pile of your shoes, keep your everyday pairs better organized with this bamboo storage rack. This rack has two tiers for you to stack your sneakers, flats, sandals and booties neatly in one place, as well as a top shelf that can either hold more shoes or act as a drop spot for your purse, backpack, or grocery totes. In addition to being highly functional, the bamboo design adds a stylish touch to your entryway or bedroom.


These Color-Changing Light Bulbs That Respond To Voice Commands

Smart bulbs actually make shopping for lighting fun and stress-free — not only do these bulbs change to 16 million different colors (that you can adjust whenever you feel like it), but they can even be controlled via your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Yep, that means voice control for setting timers, schdeules, and various lighting modes.


A Pack Of Sleek Handles That Give Your Cabinets An Easy Upgrade

Looking for a simple, painless upgrade for your kitchen or bathroom that will make all the difference? These sleek cabinet handles will surely do the trick, and they couldn’t be easier to install thanks to the included screws. You get 30, 5-inch handles in your order in either a black, brushed brass, or satin nickel finish to suit your style.


The Modern Floating Shelves That Beautifully Display Your Knickknacks

These funky-looking floating shelves are a great unique decor option for your space. These will look great in pretty much any room in your home or apartment and can display your favorite small plants, picture frames, or other decorative items that could use a little showing off.


These Canisters That Keep Your Potatoes, Onions & Garlic Fresh

Storing potatoes, onions, and garlic can be a task, considering how often we tend to reach for these ingredients and how much space they can take up in our pantry. These special canisters are perfect for keeping these ingredients stored away neatly and with good ventilation, which keeps them fresh for longer. Each canister comes with a cute farmhouse chic label printed on it for each veggie.


These Hanging Wire Baskets That Can Store Anything You Need

This hanging wire basket is a great addition to your kitchen, entryway, garage, office or any place you could use a little extra storage. Each of the three tiers on this wall-mounted basket is roomy enough to hold things like produce, books and magazines, and tools. When used together, they can hold up to 50 pounds. But you can also hang these chalkboard labeled baskets on their own.


A Farmhouse-Chic Storage Box For Your Favorite Tea Bags

Tea lovers will be obsessed with this wooden box that can store all of their favorite tea bags. With eight adjustable compartments and a clear cover that lets you see all of your bags before you choose one, this box is a countertop essential for those who can’t go a day without a piping hot cup of chamomile. As a bonus, the sliding drawer is an ideal place to keep your sweeteners of choice.

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