How These TikTok Creators Spark Holiday Joy With Unexpected Traditions

Celebrate the ALL-idays with unique traditions that make this season the most magical yet.

Ah, the holiday season. This time of year sparks a welcome mix of effervescent joy and well-loved traditions, along with the opportunity to make brand new memories. And the best part is, there’s no wrong way to do it! Whether you’re whipping up a favorite recipe, decking the halls, or giving back to your community, however you gather with loved ones to enjoy this cozy, cheerful time is exactly right — and that’s what it’s all about.

That’s why this year, we’re putting the spotlight on unique holiday traditions and honoring some of the many ways people bring the holidays to life. We’ve teamed up with Old Navy to debut the ALL-iday Extravaganza, our modern take on the traditional holiday variety program you remember from yesteryear. Debuting on TikTok across the next six weeks, expect to see your favorite creators share their own dazzling family traditions (dancing, cooking, and all the splendor you’d expect from a festive roundup!). We’ll round them all up right here, but be sure to head on over to TikTok to get the full scoop from the creators themselves — and hopefully get inspired along the way.

And remember: If you’re soaking up the moments and celebrating the season in a way that feels good, you’re doing it right. Happy ALL-idays!

Jake Cohen

A New York Times best-selling author and chef, who’s cooking up something delicious for Hanukkah

Every bit as warm and relatable as he is talented, this NYC-based chef and author of ​​Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes is known for breaking down recipes in easy-to-follow steps. In Cohen’s delicious ALL-iday TikTok video, he invites viewers to ring in Hanukkah with him by making a Menorah-shaped challah. If you and your family are looking for new ways to bring your holiday cheer into the kitchen, take Cohen’s fun and festive recipe for a spin.

Rachel Martino

An NYC-based content creator shows home is wherever your loved ones are (especially during Friendsgiving)

This Brooklyn-based tastemaker with a penchant for playful, romantic style is known for her beauty and fashion chops. Though Martino and her friends are NYC transplants, they remind each other that home is wherever you make it — like around Martino’s Friendsgiving table. At her annual gathering, Martino invites her whole crew to sit, sip, and share in classic NYC dishes (like a quintessential New York pizza slice). After dinner, they pass around the Polaroid camera, take pics, and write down why they’re grateful this season.

Dani and Brody Schaffer

A hilarious dance-driven mother & son duo giving back to the troops

The fun-loving Danielle Schaffer calls herself a city girl-gone-mom, and that includes being Mom to the sassy, spunky Boss Baby Brody, who is known for his killer dance moves. The powerful pair successfully inspires millions to embrace kids for who they really are and see past gender norms, and we’re here for it! When it comes to the Schaffer fam, they’re all about making sure their community feels the magic of the season. They participate in adopting a military family over the holidays, donate Christmas trees to families in need, and they also bake treats as a way to thank local shelter volunteers and even their fire department.

Duana Cooper

A playful family crew takes to the tree farm to chop down their own tree

This dynamic family of five is known as the Curly Coopers, and they share real-life moments big and small, always centered on faith, love, and their close-knit family bond. With an inside look at everything (including morning routines, first dates, and prom dress shopping), their followers feel like full-blown members of the family. If they were, they’d join the Coopers on their annual tree farm trip on the day after Thanksgiving to choose and chop their own Christmas tree. The outing includes family photos, hide and seek, and taking turns carrying the tree, followed by an epic tree decorating and pajama dance party, with a focus on togetherness all the while.

José Rolón

A single dad of three gets everyone in on the holiday decorating and coquito making

This Brooklyn-based dad of three (to Avery, Lilah, and London) is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+, Latinx, and BIPOC communities. Believing families who play together stay together, Rolón makes sure the holidays are extra-magical for his family. Rolón spends the season celebrating togetherness, and everyone who comes over brings an ornament to hang on the family tree. From there, the festivities include music, dancing, traditional Spanish cuisine, and homemade Coquito — or Puerto Rican eggnog — to keep family traditions going strong. Jake, the family’s Elf On The Shelf, also gets in on the festivities by finding a new spot to hide each day!

David and Hana Sim

This LA-based couple shares their Korean American New Year’s traditions

Although David and Hana Sim both grew up in the United States, they were raised with Korean family values by immigrant parents. To ring in every New Year, their families would make a traditional rice cake soup called “dduk-guk,” which is made with ingredients that have a symbolic importance. Another tradition the Sims celebrate is bowing to their elders, called “sebae,” which is all about wishing them health and good luck in the new year.

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